The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Become Able To Testify That We Are Your Children

Sun Myung Moon
February 11, 1971

Beloved Father! We know that if we search and go up and up, and up some more, the outcome will be none other than the place where we meet with you, Father.

If we consider what the final, conclusive words might be, what you might say, and what we might say, they would be, "You are my son," and "I am your son." We know that those are the conclusive words which are the words of hope humankind has pursued, and the words for which you have sought and met humankind.

This is not to end by meeting with you as son and daughter, rather those sons and daughters should be able to transform into the bone of your bones, and the flesh of your flesh, and internal hope should appear to us, and the individual aspiration which appeared to us should appear to a family, and the family's aspiration should go beyond the society and nation, and beyond all the people of the world, and it should become an emotion felt through the experience of your innermost heart, and it should be able to overflow to a world level of universal validity. We know that world is the world of hope you are seeking, and it is the one world humankind is looking for.

When we look at things from this position, we will have to look and see whether there is in reality a group which is looking for this kind of path in this historical period today. We will have to check into this. We must reveal the origin of the truth taught by Jesus and all the saints, and in relation to ourselves, we must find how much priority we give the value of heaven, and we must analyze and critique in what kind of equal situation heaven and we must stand. And then we must understand at this time that it will not do unless we take a stand on a decisive position that it must be this way, and unless, having appeared before all the people and the entire world and the new trends of thought, we establish a standard of truth which can cope with them.

Father, you must be able to prove that we are your children, and we must have faith which can vividly testify that we are your sons and your daughters. Please allow us to prove, not only by faith but from a position of experience, the fact that you and I have a relationship extending front and back and a relationship extending right and left, and please allow us to discover our own selves who are able to establish on our own the origin of proof which can say that from that kind of position without change we have been together eternally; we are living together eternally, and we will live together eternally. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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