The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Stand As Fitting Children Before You

Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1970

Father! We know the truth that no matter how much we call out to you if you do not call out to us we can not have a destined relationship with you. We must once again feel from the depths of our hearts that you have called out to us over and over again from a position of suffering, from a miserable position, with an earnest mind throughout the long course of history. When we think that without having the attitude of fitting sons in your presence, we can not call you our father, we can imagine how very much you must have longed for those kinds of sons! How much you must have longed for a place where you could meet sons who were filled with longing and where you could share the circumstances that occurred along the way of your course! How much you must have looked forward to the place where you could give orders about all the missions and give final instructions!

We will have to prepare a place where you can do that. And having become beings who are able to adjust completely to all your commands, we must become sons and daughters who are able to say, "Oh Father! Do as you will!" And we must become sons and daughters who are not inadequate to inherit the spirit of our ancestors who shouldered the mission of indemnity for the historical age. In this age how much you must have longed for sons and daughters whom you could praise and boast about! Father, you promised, blessed, and commanded internally, but our ancestors who came and went in the course of history always pounded nails into your heart, and when we realize that it was not just once or twice that they banished you to a lonely place, our having the destined relationship of being able to become your sons is a joyful thing, but in relation to the aspect of the mission, each time we look back on the grief-filled path of restoration walked by our ancestors, we can not help but think that it is accompanied by many sorrowful things.

We are able to call you Father internally, but we know that at the same time, externally we must be able to receive orders about our responsibility from you. And we have come to think that you are not commanding and giving us orders about our responsibility and mission from a joyful position; rather, you are in a miserable position where you have to command and give us orders from the sorrowful, lonely crossroads of death.

Please allow us to realize that in order to meet such a father, we must heal the misery of that father, or we can not meet him, and in order to have a relationship with that father, we must go beyond all our worldly relationships, or we can not have a relationship with him. When we consider who was the cause of this kind of relationship, and we realize the truth that it was not because of you; rather, it was because of our human ancestors, humankind, we realize we must become your sons and daughters who are able to feel ashamed.

And when we tell you that we are beings who deserve to die millions of times over, we will be able to communicate with your pitiful situation up until now, and when we stand in a position which is similar to yours or in a position which is even more miserable, our father who has been so sorrowful will be able to comfort us. We know that if there is such a time, it is from that point that we can form a relationship with you, Father. Please allow us to realize that a destined relationship is not realized from a position of asking things from you; rather it is formed from a position where you are able to hold on to us and share about your situation with us. We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

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