The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Welcome In The Original Spring Together With You, Father

Sun Myung Moon
April 21, 1968

Father! Since spring indeed symbolizes liberation, we will once again have to long for the joy of being held in the embrace of your love. Since spring promises a new beginning, we will have to make a new beginning while held in the embrace of your love. Just as all things in nature are in harmony in spring, please allow us to be able to restore the nature of the subject partner which is able to harmonize with the entire universe while being held in the embrace of your love, Father. Just as spring evokes relationships of song and dance, we too will have to long for the time that we are able to do that centered on your love in the bosom of your love.

As though this spring were a foundation for rest, centered on your will, please allow us to be able to long to become people who rest held in the embrace of your love, Father,

Father! By inheriting all your internal circumstances in that way, please let us once again internally long for the original human beings who could have made a new beginning with hope in the Garden of Eden, and who could have been immersed in your love with hope. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to feel that kind of destined relationship as we welcome in spring, and please let us offer eternal thanks to you, and let the gardens of our minds be like that.

Father! Please cause all the essential conditions of spring to appear once again in the gardens of the minds of each individual, and please allow our minds to be places where you are able to personally dwell.

It is not the liberation of humankind alone; it is not the beginning of humankind alone, and it is not the harmony of humankind alone; rather you must be liberated, Father; you must make a beginning, and you must become the central being of harmony, Father. Indeed, we must raise you up as our father who can extend out his arms and dance and sing. Since we must become people who are able to prepare an eternal foundation for you where you can rest, please allow this to be a time when we are able to learn this kind of wisdom through this spring. We have humbly prayed in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

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