The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Become True Sons And Daughters Who Serve You, Father

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 1965

Father! We really want to know your hope, your situation, and your heart. From that kind of position we can call you our father, and we know well how much you have longed for and sought for sons and daughters who pledge to find and establish the nation where we can serve you eternally. And we also know that it was only Jesus Christ, who lived and died on this earth, who called you "Father" from that kind of position of hope.

He knew your hope, and knew your situation, and knew your heart. He knew that your hope was destroyed in the course of history, and and it was ostracized in the circumstances of the ages, and it remains as a difficult hope while pioneering the circumstances of the future. Your situation is a situation of pathetic tears, and it is a situation placed in an environment no one can sympathize with even if they want to, and he went the path of death together with humankind, and he felt from your position that it was a situation he had to struggle with, and he felt your indignant and angry heart at the time you lost Adam, and your frustrated heart when you sent the messiah. And we know that he did not lose your hope, your situation or your heart, and while hoping for your mighty will and doctrine, he quietly went through a period of preparation, determined to die, pledged before you, and went forth on the path of the pioneer.

We have come to know about the heart of Jesus who faced the cross with the hope he could not realize remaining in his heart, and even though feeling his situation was bleak, in order to not be called an unfilial child he sought to fulfill the duty of loyalty and to carry out completely the duty of filial piety. How much have you longed for true sons and true daughters who can call you father from that kind of position? How much have you longed for true sons and daughters who subjugate the enemy through the hands of those sons, and who bring the enemy to ruin through the hands of those daughters, and for children who gather together serving you and singing praises of your victory, "May the resolution of your grief and your hope for this land of great grief be realized! And may you receive glory!"

We know that you have looked forward to having those kinds of sons and daughters call out to you in your name from that kind of position. We all hold on to you alone, Father, and we hope to become loyal subjects and faithful women who establish your dignity by offering all our filial piety and by offering all our loyalty to you. We are earnestly hoping that we will be able to call you our father from that kind of position, and be able to attend you as our father.

We want only to become true sons and daughters who can really call you "Father", and true loyal subjects and faithful women who are able to really love you. This alone is our treasure; this alone is the purpose of our lives. Until now for the sake of this way we have lived dealing with all kinds of trials, and we are going this way today as well. Since from now we must go forth again, please let us become people who do not pass our sorrow on to you even if death blocks our way.

When we are in a sorrowful position, we should consider that as your sorrow, and we will have to be able to embrace and comfort each other, and we will have to become people who are able to long for and find such a father and such a son. Even if a person like that is dressed in ragged clothes, and he disappears through meeting his final death from a position where he is being ostracized, he can not but be your son. Therefore we know that the appearance in heaven and on earth of that son and the father whom that son calls, is the end of the fallen history, and the hope of the course of restoration.

We have realized that it is the ideal of the second coming to have one son come to the earth who can be established as a world-level son and who can take responsibility for all of heaven and earth as unfinished works. Therefore from that kind of position, please let us be able to inherit your innermost heart to inherit all your external circumstances, and to inherit your all of your unfinished work as true sons and daughters, and please allow us to be able to direct the world here on earth, lead the rest of the people, and guide them to you, and please let us be able to sweep away the remaining enemies and to be able to judge again. Earnestly hoping for and desiring this, we have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the Lord. Amen.

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