The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Search For Your Course Of Suffering

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1959

We know that the place where you dwell, Father, is the world of infinite patience, and it is a place of infinite toil.

We, who know your heart and Will which dealt with all the sins committed until now since our ancestors, can not help but bow our heads with ashamed hearts before our father who has walked a path of so much endurance and a path of so much toil in order to find a being of the original creation. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow us to be able to broaden our minds at this time and bowing down our bodies, attend you in our minds and hold on to you with our bodies, oh Father, who has struggled in order to hold on to humankind, who has gone forward fighting together on the side of our ancestors, and who has endured together with our ancestors, during the long ages as though they were a day.

We have come to know that among the many people who are living on the earth, while there are many people who avoid the path of toil, there are extremely few people who seek and go forth on the path of toil knowing your situation in order to have your heart in their minds and bodies, When we come to realize that there are very few people who offer loyalty for your sake, who prepare an altar for you becoming sacrifices for your sake, or who reveal your enduring heart on the earth, we come to realize that you are terribly miserable, Father. We can not help but feel that you are a father who toils and worries about humankind, and even while loving humankind, you are lamenting.

Oh, my Father! Now please let the day come soon when you can convey that your situation is like that to humankind who are living on the earth. We are earnestly looking forward to your situation which is like that being able to be sink deep into the hearts of each and every person.

Father! On this day, on this holy day there are many people who are looking forward to receiving blessings bowing their heads and kneeling down to you, but please let us become people who know that blessings belong to heaven and humankind must take responsibility for the course of toil, suffering and endurance.

If we have joy, please let us return it to you as yours, Father, and if we have hearts of happiness and gratitude, please let us return them to you as yours also, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become your sons and daughters who take charge of your sorrowful course filled with sorrow and enmity as though it were our own. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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