Sun Myung Moon's Photos from the Early Days

Part 2

An outdoor meeting for all members, held on June 29, 1958

Father, virtually alone on a Korean hillside; he would go on to influence his nation and the world.

True Father visits members at Muju Church, in the southern part of South Korea, probably in the late 1950s.

Father speaking at an outdoor meeting in 1957

True Father's fortieth birthday celebration, held January 1, 1960, the last birthday he would celebrate as a bachelor.

At Dr. Sang Hun Lee's clinic; left to right are Do Wook Song, Sang Hun Lee, True Father, Jeong Og Lee, Han Sook Kim

True Father with followers on Baeg-un Peak, Bukhan Mountain, at the northern tip of Seoul, on September 29, 1956.

An outdoor service at Donggureung Royal Tombs, in the city of Guri, near Seoul, April 17, 1967; Father and Mother are seated in the middle of the photograph with Hyo Jin nim. 

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