Sun Myung Moon's Photos from the Early Days

Part 1

True Father visiting a children's music school (1957)

True Father with members on a church outing (1960s)

Father prays at the Headquarters Church, then in the Heung-in dong (district) of Seoul in January 1955, eight months before the Cheongpa-dong Church was acquired

Outings and outdoor services in the hills and mountains close to Seoul were a feature of Father's early ministry (This one was held August 31, 1958).

During an outdoor service, a member sings while True Father and True Mother (sitting nearest him) look on

Walking across one of the many streams that run through Korea's hilly countryside

An undated photograph

With children at a music school (1957)

Father offers a prayer during an outdoor service with members after they have hiked up a mountain. 

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