Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Part 36: Fighting Evil, Promoting Goodness

Father writes in calligraphy to mark the founding of International Federation for Victory Over Communism in January 1968.

First God's Day, January 1, 1968 (proclaimed by True Parents at 3:00 AM)

You must know that now that your first seven-year course and my twenty-one-year course are over, with the establishment of God's Day, a new age has begun in which God can directly guide us, centering on Heaven's family, in the second seven-year course in this country and in the world. To save a people, the tribe is established. This is God's mission.

January 1, 1968 is a joyous day, because God can come down to earth based on the love emanating from Adam and Eve's God-centered oneness, for the first time in history; this has been God's hope according to the ideal He held at the Creation.

Thwarted assassination attempt

The so-called "Shin Jo Kim incident," the infiltration of armed North Korean commandos on January 21, 1968 was as an opportunity for South Korea to pull itself together and to reach a new level. Shin Jo Kim belonged to North Korean Army Unit 124. You all heard the kind of training the commandos were made to go through. It was rigorous -- ordinary people would have fallen down and given up, on the verge of death. By having gone through that training process, which gradually grew more severe, they would later be able to overcome situations that are even more difficult.

Nevertheless, why did North Korea attack the South Korean president's residence? The numbers actually add up. It was January 21. The Unit consisted of thirty-one soldiers. January refers to a new beginning. The twenty-first signifies three times seven, and the thirty-one soldiers symbolize the number four. It is all based on the Divine Principle. The fact that they attacked the external president signifies that Cain attacked Abel externally. From the viewpoint of God's side, we are Abel whereas North Koreans are Cain, so it is almost as if Cain struck at Abel. However, because the time has come, Cain could not kill Abel. Through the incident, the Korean people united. When faced with an attack from Cain, you need to unite with Abel.

Winning (sometimes reluctant) respect

It seems that Christian ministers now tell their believers that even if they think the Unification Church teachings are wrong they should nevertheless model their activities on our members' work. Why would they say that? We do things that members of other churches could not even dream of doing. Having carried out our activities in the rural districts, counties and provinces, we are now moving them into the central city areas.

Our Nongdowon won a 5.16 Citizen Award. A great number of our church members have received individual awards. The world probably did not imagine that the Unification Church would do so well. We love our country more than anyone else does, and we work harder than anyone else to stop the communists.

Dow-soon Urn gives an outdoor VOC lecture in the late 1960s

Working to drive out communism

The people know they need Unification Church lecturers, so they come to us in their cars` to invite our lecturers to their halls. They have learned that the Unification Church wants to win against communism, so they have given us the name "Victory over Communism Enlightenment Group"....

Our church has many anecdotes to share. One church leader went to a village as an anti-communism lecturer. Everyone of importance came to listen to him, including government officials ranging from the police chief to the county magistrate. They had heard that an anti-communism lecturer was coming, but the only person they saw was a young man with unkempt hair walking toward them. At first, they thought he was the lecturer's assistant, so they asked him, "Where did you come from? When is the lecturer coming?" The lecturer hesitated to answer. They said," We heard that Mr. Kim from the Unification Church was coming today to give a lecture, and we want to know where he is."

He replied, "1 am Mr. Kim," They hadn't realized that the young man with disheveled hair was the lecturer and began to mutter among themselves. No doubt, they were embarrassed to learn that a man young enough to be their son was the lecturer. Nevertheless, they had no choice but to give him the podium because they had officially invited him. He gave a two-and-a-half-hour lecture. By the time he finished, their way of looking at him had completely changed.

Our anti-communism lecturers are all young people in their twenties. They are friends with county magistrates and police chiefs, so you could say they have gone up in the world after joining the church. Has listening to and putting my instructions into practice ever destroyed anyone? No matter how great an ideology is, if you fail to practice it and your results do not reach the standard, the ideology will not properly manifest its value.

Victory Over Communism activities in Shizuoka, Japan in August 1969

The founding of IFVOC in Japan

In 1965, I visited forty countries and reexamined the problem of communism. I examined to what extent it was expanding. I thought then that we did not have much time. Therefore, I made a plan to send forty-seven leaders to Japan in January 1967, but the South Korean intelligence agency blocked it.

Behind the government were prominent members of Christian churches, who said "Moon, with his Unification Church foundation, will disgrace our country." As a result, I had to postpone implementing the plan.

We had no alternative to working quietly behind the scenes. Finally, on April 1, 1968, the Japanese chapter of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism was founded. I held a meeting with the Japanese leaders and said, "From now on, we must promote anti-communism, VOC activities, here in Japan, which is a free land." In the beginning, none of them welcomed what I said. I had to persuade them by explaining why it was historically necessary.

A Japanese university student giving a VOC lecture in 1969

I armed them with theoretical weapons. I trained Japanese members so that they could give VOC lectures and sent them out. They went to areas where many communists could be found. I sent them to Chosun University.

I prepared one bold Japanese woman and commanded her, "You are to stand in front of Chosun University and give VOC lectures for three years, at the risk of your life! You could be shot, or run over by a truck; death will follow you wherever you go, no matter what. You must still go!" I could tell you many stories about that. Chosun University tried to put pressure on us through the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We, however, continued to fight them at the risk of our lives. We carried out an active campaign against communism in famous areas throughout Japan, including Tokyo Station.

In 1968, 436 couples took part in the 430-Couple Blessing Ceremony in Seoul.

The 430-Couple Blessing Ceremony (February 22, 1968)

When I blessed the couples, I told them to become tribal messiahs. I meant that they should not live in comfort by themselves.... I want them to become tribal messiahs and as the embodiments of the resurrected Jesus and of the Holy Spirit save their clans.... The date of the Blessing Ceremony marks the twentieth anniversary of my imprisonment in Hungnam Special Labor Camp....

Church president Osami Kuboki represented Japan. I had originally wanted to bless him when I visited Japan in 1967, but I could not do it. For that reason, when I blessed the 430 couples in 1968, I invited Kuboki to come to Korea as Japan's representative and I blessed him.

I invited Ryoichi Sasakawa, a rich Japanese, to our large wedding ceremony. I sent him an invitation that read, "Sir, I believe you should come and offer your congratulations this time." Rev. Kuboki and his wife were blessed in the ceremony, and Mr. Sasakawa actually came. In other words, Adam, Eve and the Japanese archangel have been restored. When you think about Sasakawa being the Japanese archangel, you realize that this year's Blessing Ceremony served as a good starting point. At the end of the seven years, people such as Osami Kuboki were restored, which served as an important turning point in Japan's restoration. Sasakawa came to the ceremony and thus established a standard on which we could begin to carry out our plan to put an end to communism.

President Osami Kuboki speaks at the Asia Christian Anti-Communism Convention, November 3, 1969, in Japan

Continuing to reach out

You must make your best effort. Israel defeated a coalition of nations that had fifteen times more military power within the space of a week.`' By the same token, you should arm yourselves internally and externally and make and carry out plans to achieve your goals in a short time even if you are small in number. The time has come when the Unification Church must implement that kind of operation. The purpose of the one-hundred-day prayer condition this time is to bring us to have the heart to fight a spiritual war.

If I announce that all of you will be sent to out to provincial areas from July 20 and push you to go, will you go? Are you going to run off and go home, or are you going out to the world?

Our final battle has come. Since it is time for the final showdown, all of you must mobilize. You must realize that you should shed tears today not because you are sad over your opponents' ridiculing you, as in the past, but because you represent the sorrowful nation from the position of chief priests....

President Kuboki came to me saying, "How about concentrating the forty-day witnessing campaign on the Tokyo area this time?" I replied, "Tokyo is not the issue. Tokyo is only one part of Japan. If you want to be loyal and faithful to God's will, you must train your members by sending them all over Japan."

I told him that it is necessary to revive the entire population of nearly 100 million Japanese people, and I instructed him to expand the campaign across the nation.

True Father with church officials at a factory operated by our church members, January 11, 1969

The twentieth training session April 5 -- May 18

In this training session, unlike past ones, many lecturers were invited to speak to you. I thought it was necessary to show that the Unification Church is worthy to be publicly recognized by the outside world.

By listening to lectures by people regarded as prominent leaders in Korea, I am sure you had an opportunity to make comparisons, to criticize their lectures, to observe and to examine them. As a result, you learned many things. Another benefit was that we were able to inform them about Unification Church activities. Before they spoke at the training session, they must have regarded the young people of the Unification Church as good for nothing. When they came, however, they must have been impressed by the quality of the questions raised by our members. They told themselves, These young people are well educated and disciplined. When I think of these things, I can say that this time we were able to give these leaders clear information.

The quality of Japanese members

I have brought foreigners to this land that have shed tears, standing where their teacher was born. They miss this nation more than their own fatherland or hometown.... When I see these people studying the Divine Principle, I perceive that many of them have memorized the Divine Principle book. I was amazed when I saw them studying our New Counter-Proposal to Communism. When they ask questions, it is always about the critical factors that troubled the writer the most. That shows that their knowledge is more extensive than yours. The Unification Church members I would wish for are different from the members you dream of becoming.

Nationwide movement for the unity of the churches

We are carrying out inter-religious outreach to set the condition of Abel becoming one with Cain.... Some time ago, we had a week-long prayer meeting centered on our nationwide church-unification campaign. The campaign was centered on the Roman Catholic Church, but I guided the entire campaign, and all churches in Korea followed along. Now we are closer to the Catholic Church than to anyone else. A famous Catholic priest is actually listening to our lectures now. In this way, I plan to win all the young Koreans, especially Seoul University students, to our side. That is why I spend more time on the inter-religious movement's development than on our church's.

True Father attended a conference, Research Meeting on New Religions, at Academy House in Seoul in September 1968, at which he spoke and spent time with other religious leaders.

Research Meeting on New Religions September 9-10

I have tried to fulfill God's will by uniting, centered on Jesus, all the Christian denominations, which are now all separate from one another, but they refused to unite. However, I was not discouraged. Instead, I created a new denomination that is more than equal to them all. Thus, I built a foundation on which people can receive and carry out God's providence. That is, I founded the Unification Church in Korea.

In September 1968, we had a chance to hold an official dialogue with other churches at the Christian Academy House.) Some forty leaders from other churches, including famous scholars, participated. They had all opposed Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. When I walked boldly into the hall filled with such prominent people, I didn't feel bad at all.

To them, I might have looked insignificant, as if a whiff of wind could blow me away, but as the times change they come to realize that I am not who they thought I was. Now, in fact, I was in a position where I could feel sympathy for them. The fact that they received me and are now even recommending the truth of the Unification Church to others shows that they have as good as bowed their heads before us.

The Sunhwa Children's Dance Troupe (later known as the Little Angels) during their tour of Japan in 1969

Little Angels' performances in Japan January 4 -- February 3, 1969

It was an adventure for the Sunhwa Children Dance Group" to give performances in Japan. I made the arrangements and gave detailed instructions. Even Bo-hi Pak, who was in charge, did not know what to do. I pushed this project along so that there would be nationwide performances within two months.

In the beginning, they had to sell 45,000 tickets but one week before the performance they had only sold 4,000. The other day, President Kuboki of the Japanese church came to me and proposed to reduce the number of performances in Japan to a minimum. I told him, "President Kuboki, even in Sumo wrestling, victory or defeat is decided only after the match is actually held, isn't it? Retreating without even having a match is a defeat. You are making this proposal because you are not strong enough." In that way, I suppressed all his pessimistic feelings. He seemed very weighed down, perhaps because there were many problems. He must have been very worried.

They came again and asked how much they should sell the admission tickets for. They felt that the hall might not be filled, but that if the admission tickets were cheap we would have a large audience. Yet, I felt that we would not be disgraced even if we ended up saying that not that many people could come because the tickets were expensive....

President Kuboki had to follow my instructions. I told him to mobilize all CARP members to sell the tickets. If there were ten thousand tickets for three performances, all of them had to be sold. Struggles should erupt among those who want to get the tickets.... Actually, everything went all right. The performances were very successful.... By sending the Little Angels, we have been able to influence prominent leaders in business and political circles of Japan.

The second world tour -- instructions before departing

Before I leave, I will sing a song for you so that you may sing it often until I come back. It's a song for unity. You must sing it in order to promote our work. All Unification Church members must pray at the holy ground. I hope you will pray at the church headquarters when it rains and at the holy ground when it does not rain. Please pray about unification.

The thirteen couples blessed on February 28, 1969, in Washington DC in the 3-stage, 43-Couple Blessing Ceremony -- which included 22 couples blessed in Japan and 8 in Germany.

The blessing of forty-three couples

During my world tour, I blessed many couples in America, Germany and Japan. Why did I give the blessing during my tour in my second seven-year course? I did it in order to indemnify the failure of Jesus, who could not fulfill his worldwide mission even though he came as the second Adam. So, I established forty-three blessed families representing the world. The number forty-three includes the number forty, which symbolizes the standard of four thousand years, the period prior to the time of Jesus.... Forty-three couples correspond to the four hundred and thirty couples. In other words, I connected the four hundred and thirty couples with the forty-three couples from ten countries. By doing that, the environmental foundation corresponding to the world was established.

For the blessing this time, I had married almost everyone as international couples. Americans were matched to Germans, French people to British people. I married the couples in that way. I did not match people of the same nationality. In order to restore the world, people must have a global sentiment that transcends love for a particular race. That is why I made them international couples this time. They all were happy and I was happy seeing them happy.

Women over forty-two years old are usually already married. Yet, a thirty-three-year-old bachelor volunteered to marry one woman that age. Western members cherish honor and achievement very much. He is that type of man. To him, a person's personality depends on how much honor and achievement he or she has. They differ from people in the Orient in that respect.

This man, Teddy Verheyen, pioneered the Netherlands. He used to be a lathe engineer who graduated from a technical school that is famous in America. After he joined our church, he went to the Netherlands for pioneer witnessing. He established a church center there and became the spiritual ancestor of the Netherlands.

When I asked him, "With whom do you wish to be blessed?" He said, "When I was in America, I worked with a woman truly faithful to God's will. I want to be blessed with her." He told me her name was Pauline. She had joined the church eight years before, when she was thirty-two years old. She was in a trinity with a woman named Doris. To establish the Unification family tradition in the Netherlands, Teddy insisted that he would need a woman like his mother, who would genuinely love the country and could embrace everything, good and bad, internal and external. When I held the first holy Blessing Ceremony in Europe, I told [one couple], "Make effort to live an interesting life, and you will surely have good sons and daughters." The next time I visited England, the woman brought her baby to me. As I predicted, the baby looked so smart and cute that I would have liked to take him for myself.

Welcoming Father back to Korea from the second world tour, May 2, 1969

Instructions during a visit to Japan April 18 -- May 2, 1969

When I visited Japan in 1965, I spoke with a high-ranking government official. I strongly asserted, "If you continue to have a feeble attitude, as you do now, in the end you will not be able to stand up to the communists." In fact, with the beginning of the 1970s, the communists will begin preparing for a revolution centering on university campuses across the nation. Even as we speak, they are creating confusion, not only on the campuses but also in the Japanese society, with the university students at the front of their activities. This fact tells you plainly that they are aiming for more than just creating confusion on campuses.

Places like Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto are now under communist influence. Our CARP students have risked their lives in carrying out desperate activities in these cities. As a result, all Japanese economists have come to realize that they need to fight against the communists. Thus, they have formed a nationwide supporters' organization, remaining in the background, but providing funds for CARP activities. There is a world of difference between the activities of communists and of CARP, which both take place on university campuses in Japan. Indeed, God's work and Satan's work are being carried out simultaneously. Therefore, we need to confront communists, even if it means sacrificing ourselves in the process.

Considering this, we need to realize the urgency of the situation. If Japan is communized, no matter how much Korea may boast of being an anti-communist kingdom, Korea would be no better than a rat in a trap....

I visited a diplomat in charge of public information at the Korean Embassy in Japan and told him, "I know that you have criticized the Unification Church, but Japan is now in need of us. Nevertheless, you are still opposed to our church, aren't you?"

He replied, "That will not be the case from now on." We are now preparing to organize nearly 60,000 to 70,000 healthy young people into a strong organization to fight the Japanese Communist Party. During my stay in Japan this time, I talked with prominent leaders and exchanged opinions on how to bring down the Communist Party. I made plans for that pure Communist Party. During my stay in Japan this time, I talked with prominent leaders and exchanged opinions on how to bring down the Communist Party. I made plans for that purpose and came home....

The United States cannot even think about retreating in the fight against communism. I have emphasized the need to work in every way possible to defend the battle line in America. It is up to CARP and the Federation for Victory over Communism to carry out this work.

Won-pok Choi, Father and Mother, Hyo-won Eu and Osami Kuboki on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, during the second world tour

In Israel

When I visited Jerusalem during my recent tour, I went up the Mount of Olives and saw a three-thousand year old olive tree. Two-thousand years ago, Jesus took three disciples, Peter, John and James, with him to the garden of Gethsemane and prayed three times. It is most likely under that very tree that the three slept while Jesus prayed. This is an incredible place. Jesus rebuked his disciples there, and there Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. Yet, the people who come there simply think that the lord came in order to die, that he came to die for my sake and that his death was a victory. I was at a loss for words at seeing that site.

True Father riding a camel in Egypt, True Mother by his side, during the second world tour in 1969

Overcoming hardship

I went through major battles and struggles during this world tour. I could not be more exhausted. Since most members met me for the first time after longing to see me for many years, they had no time limit. No matter how late at night, whether it was midnight or 1 o'clock in the morning, they wanted to be with me for as long as possible. Since I knew what they had in mind, I could not neglect them and go to bed even though I was exhausted. I visited the United States, Germany and other countries in Europe. I visited and Asia and ended in Japan. I was able to complete the tour because I was supported by spiritual forces. Otherwise, I would have collapsed in the midst of it all.

True Parents in Vienna, Austria, during the second world tour in 1969

A global prayer condition June 1 -- September 30, 1969

Currently, the Unification Church is in Abel's position facing a danger of being struck. So, we must invest all our sincere heart into our work before being struck. Accordingly, you must understand that it is urgently necessary for you to offer special prayers, bearing responsibility for this nation's destiny, with the heart of praying for Cain's good fortune. That is why I came back in a hurry as soon as I had completed the world tour.

For four months, from the first day of June, you must invest your sincere heart for Korea's sake, which is the fatherland of faith for our members around the world....

You should also know that our Japanese members in CARP and the IFVOC are fighting at the risk of their lives. You must pray and begin anti-communism activities in Seoul from June. We cannot avoid doing these two kinds of activities.

Everyone should witness

If you are a Unification Church member, what kind of responsibility should you bear? You must bring one new person each month. Do not bring in two. Just focus on bringing in one person a month and set conditions. Don't go to other houses, just focus on one house. Set conditions daily and convey the Principle every day to restore one person a month. If you can do that, how many will that be in a year? Isn't it twelve? I am saying you should bring in just twelve people.

I will prevent anybody who fails to bring in one person a month from corning here. Some may say that they are in charge of a company and therefore are unable to do this, but I will not accept that. Managers here today are no exception. You all must take responsibility and do this. Rev. Yo-han Lee must also do this. You can sit here and give sermons but you should make time to witness. I have already given the order worldwide to witness to one person a month. I will collect statistics to see what percentage of its goal Korea achieves. 

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