Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Sixteen - True Families And The Family Pledge
Chapter Two - Explanation of the Family Pledge
Section 1. Explanation of Family Pledge Number One

Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to seek our original homeland and build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation, by centering on true love.

1.1. The owner of Cheon II Guk

1.1.1. The meaning of Cheon II Guk

It was not God who established God's kingship. It was True Parents. It was True Parents, not God, who established Cheon Il Guk. Cheon Il Guk means the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. When you write separately the parts of the Chinese character for Cheon (Heaven), you have "two people" This means two worlds. They are level. The character has a dual structure: a person of heaven and a person of the earth. Your mind and body constitute a duality, don't they? Are your mind and body united or not? People who are fighting cannot be citizens of Cheon Guk. (364-101, 2002.1.1)

In Cheon Il Guk, sovereignty, a nation, and people are needed. The Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God last year was the restoration of the sovereignty. Next, the rallies for the settlement of God's constituted the restoration of the land; and next you are to register as the people of Cheon Il Guk. Do you understand? That is why you must have the Cheon Il Guk identification card in order to become a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. (364-275, 2002.1.3)

Cheon Il Guk is the nation in which two people become one. Heaven requires that there be two people. To be parents, there must be two people. All the things of creation are in pairs, aren't they? What is Cheon Il Guk? Even the entire insect world and animal world are in pairs. Each pair must become one. Only when the original foundation is laid through the unity of two things, two people, two parents, two characteristics, and subject and object partners can God take His rightful position. This is also in the Bible, isn't it? When two or more people pray... doesn't that make three including God? It is the same. Those two or three people are the basis of a nation. They are the basis of a family, a nation, and the world. From that point, a family is formed, and the tribe begins to form. It works like this when there are at least two people. (2002.2.19)

Do you have a country of your own? We must come to an overall conclusion about everything in relation to this country. Now what I mean to say is that the pledge starts with "our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk"; you are the owner. "Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk... centering on true love" is the core content. That is how it is to be done. Do you understand? The pledge is changing. The concept of "the owner" has come into the pledge. No one can just sell off the words of the pledge! However, for all eternity, the term "Cheon Il Guk" will have come into existence through the True Parents.

Now we have established God's Kingship, and by establishing the Realm of Life of the Completed Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, we have held the Special Rallies for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth and have completed the Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity, and Liberation of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, we need a new nation. (396-149, 2002.11.5)

1.1.2. The attitude and lifestyle of an owner of Cheon II Guk

When we say a husband and wife are one in heart, and a parent and child are one in heart, we mean two people are united in minds and bodies. Oneness in heart cannot occur when one person is in an upper position and the other is in a lower position. If the father is in the upper position and the son or daughter in the lower, they cannot become one in heart. Only if the two are equal, on the same level, can they be one in heart. Therefore, only when the internal and external relationships are level can people be one in heart.

It is the same for husband and wife. Only when they have a horizontal relationship of inner and outer and of front and rear can they be one in heart. When their relationship has one of them in an upper position and the other in a lower position, they can never be one in heart. (41-30, 1971.2.12)

The important thing is oneness in heart. The eyes must become one in heart; the nose should be one in heart; everything should be one in heart. Mind and body are one in heart, too, and man and woman are one in heart. The tribes of a nation must be one in heart, and the nations should also be one in heart.

You must become one in heart in the way that a king would want. What is more, the world can become a single nation when you create oneness in heart with the presidents of the world's nations, with God, and with the presidents in heaven and on earth. That unified nation is ours not someone else's. (284-76, 1997.4.15)

The very first condition of the Unification Church is the unity between mind and body. That is why God has commanded absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience when He created heaven and earth. If we speak, things happen substantially according to our faith. If they do not happen, then we can make them happen through investing effort. No matter how great they may be, they all come about as we command. They are accomplished because we invest more than is hoped for. (400-203, 2003.1.1)

Unless you have fulfilled the way of true children of filial piety in front of God, of patriots in the nation, of saints in the world, and of divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth; unless you have an attitude of one heart, one body, one mindset, and one harmony based on mind and body unity; and unless you all can determine with a pure mind of filial piety, "We will live attending True Parents eternally," you cannot become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. You must make the discovery that you should not think you could live well alone. It does not matter that there are certain difficult or happy circumstances in this world. You must go beyond them and go even to a place of misery. You can be the person who is to inherit Cheon Il Guk only when you determine to become God's representative in the position of a pioneering prince.

Because you desire to live with True Parents, you should be determined to bring them to a position where they can be more liberated and happy than anyone else. Because True Parents are suffering, you should be willing to suffer thousands of times or more. You should gather everything together and establish an environment that you can relate to in your daily life. You can become an owner of Cheon Il Guk only when you become a person who can overcome hardships in the most extreme circumstances and still be eternally grateful, offer praise and the glory of attendance to heaven, as well as leave your descendants something to be proud of. (396-157, 2002.11.5)

You become an owner of heaven after you become a child of filial piety. After becoming children of filial piety, you become patriots, saints, and families of divine sons and daughters. A family of divine sons and daughters is a true family. You become an owner of heaven only when you form a true family. (400- 204, 2003.1.1)

You should become sons of filial piety, daughters-in-law of filial piety, then saints of filial piety. Next, you have to become sons of filial piety on the family level before God, centering on purity, pure lineage, and pure love. Your whole family must become children of filial piety, not just you as individuals.

Then become families of patriots who are filial, families of saints who are filial, and families of divine sons and daughters who are filial. From that position, you should become representatives of the owner, representatives who are fully capable of becoming princes and princesses who can inherit the kingship of heaven from the individual level up to the level of the cosmos. You should always train yourselves that way. That is what is meant by an owner of Cheon Il Guk. (2003.3.12, Hannam-dong International Training Center)

Our hope is to stand together with God in the same place, to have the right to be in the same place. The right to dwell in the same place means to live together. Next is the right to participate together. The right to act together and the right to participate together are the same things. You must participate and act together. Next is the right to share love together, which means that you live together for the purpose of love! That is the meaning.

That is why Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me." Although he said he was the truth, the life, and the word, he left out "love." The Unification Church and Cheon Il Guk will make progress centering on true love.

Your desire is to stay at the same place, together with True Parents. That is what you desire, isn't it? You want to live together with True Parents; you want to participate in everything and act together with True Parents. What is it that you want from doing this? May you live together eternally in a liberated place of happiness and freedom with love as the center! Amen!

This is what I mean when I say that the tranquil age of peace and unity of Cheon Il Guk has come. Thus when you move, you are not moving alone; your nation follows you. You are living with the qualification of an owner, followed by the entire spirit world and heavenly world and escorted by the earthly world and all its people. That is why, through your tribe, you must become an owner who attends God's tradition of love, which is a philosophy that is the core of the nation's traditions. (396-152, 2002.11.5)

1.2. Centering on true love

1.2.1. The primary premise of the Family Pledge is "by centering on true love"

From the point of view of God's providence, we can see that the age of the providence of restoration is over. When the age of the providence of restoration is over, we enter the world of the original ideal of creation. The end of the age of the providence of restoration means that the fallen world under Satan's power has come to an end, and the age of God's direct dominion on earth and in heaven is beginning. The Unification Church has proclaimed the Family Pledge because of the coming of such a time. The Family Pledge is not for ordinary people.

The Family Pledge is not meant for just anyone to say. All eight pledges have the phrase, "Our family... centering on true love." What does this mean? The words true love are spoken on a foundation that has no relationship with the satanic world. (263-194, 1994.10.4)

To overcome and go beyond the world that is connected to false life and false lineage based on the false love that resulted from the Fall, we must have a place of true love, true life, and true lineage. Unless we do this, we cannot overcome it. You must know this clearly.

The reason true love is the prerequisite condition of the Family Pledge is to tell you what existed in the original world, when there had been no Fall in the Garden of Eden. If the ideal of oneness had been accomplished with true love, true life, and true lineage together with God, there could not have been any false love, false life, or false lineage. Though we live on earth, that life itself becomes God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven, and it becomes the beginning of the eternal world. However, this was all lost due to the Fall. (263-194, 1994.10.4)

Pledges one through eight of the Family Pledge state: "Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk... centering on true love." You will not be able to live in attendance to God when you go to the spirit world if you do not become one centering on true love. (268-98, 1995.3.12)

In the course of history, numerous religious founders, saints, and sages have appeared; however, they have had no relationship with true love at all. To solve all this, Jesus came to the earth as the Messiah to make the foundation of the bridegroom and bride. Then what must the Messiah do when he comes?

He must establish a new realm of a royal family moving toward the new family, new tribe, new nation, and new world. He must create the realm of the royal family. Who is the direct ancestor of the royal family? He is the one, who as a child of God's direct lineage with original, unfallen love has centered himself upon true love and upon the foundation of true life and true lineage.

He is the seed. If a root comes from that seed, it will be the central root. If a stem appears, it will become the central stem and eventually grow to become the central trunk. To the extent that it grows vertically, it will proportionally grow horizontally out into the world. This will join together the families and the tribes, and also the peoples, the nations, and the world. (263-194, 1994.10.4)

What are the first words of the Family Pledge? It starts with "Our family... by centering on true love." True love means to act in true love. Owing to the Fall, those without true love cannot establish families. You must understand this. Originally, those who do not have true love cannot have families in front of God.

The Fall signifies the corruption of true love. Then what is true love? It is a love that has a relationship only with God. You have yourselves, your nations, the habits of the secular world, and the customs and traditions of a nation's people; however, true love does not have anything to do with them. It is a love that creates relationships only with God.

Owing to the Fall, this love related only to God could not come into being. You have made relationships with satanic love. This is true not only within the family, but it has also expanded beyond satanic families to the level of a tribe, a people, a nation, the world, and even to the earthly and heavenly worlds.

All the habits and traditions that have stained the environment into which you were born as fallen people, and in which you have lived, have nothing to do with God. You do not realize how hard it is to deny all of these things and solve the problems. How can the pure and original love of God be restored to its original standard? In order to touch God's love, you must reject the habits and traditions based on self-centered love.

The pledge talks about the duties of filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, saints in the world, and divine sons and daughters of heaven and earth centering on true love. All of these are connected through relationships of love; however, it is not false love.

Owing to the Fall, false love has spread to the ends of the world. Countless complicated situations of love abound. Since the beginning of history, life and death have been connected to complex situations of love, and nations have been ruined. All of the complicated situations connected to false love exist here now. Think about how difficult it will be to go looking for true love starting from here. Thus, it is written in the Bible, regarding the search for true love, that those who seek to die will live. You cannot reach that place unless you are determined to die. No one has known about this until now. (274-195, 1995.11.3)

The reason God cannot live together with people on earth is that a unified view has not been established in the families. Once a unified view is established, God can come back and live together with them. When you say "true love," there should be one integrated concept of the oneness of minds and bodies, of husbands and wives, and of sons and daughters.

If these three can create unity, the family of true love will become the starting point of God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven. When you unite into one centering on God and True Parents, you can build God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven. Where does God's Kingdom on earth start? It starts from you and your family, and from your children. (260-185, 1994.5.8)

1.2.2. True Love is the love connected only with God

The Unification Church is the place that unites God and humankind and unites mind and body through the ideal of true love. God has true love, true life, and true lineage, and we came from Him. We, therefore, should also have true love, true life, and true lineage. Since humankind was born with a relationship of unity between parent and child, centering on God's true love, the mind and body of each person should have been united into one naturally, just as God's mind and body are naturally one in true love. However, human beings are still continuously struggling on the frontline, with their bodies on the side of Satan connected to satanic love, life, and lineage and their minds on the side of God. (201-354, 1990.4.30)

God, who is the origin of true love, wanted to bequeath absolute and unchanging true love to human beings from the position of a Father. In true love, perfect harmony and unification are attained; through this, God's true love is fully bequeathed to His partners, human beings. Furthermore, through the attributes of true love, the right of inheritance, the right of dwelling together, and the right of participating together naturally arise.

That is why human beings, as God's children, were meant to act together and work together with Him. Moreover, people can naturally enjoy the right of inheritance, the right of dwelling together, and the right of participating together among themselves, centering on true love. Therefore, in the original world of creation, people were to each have their own ideals and happiness, centering on God's true love, and transmit these to both their ancestors and descendants. (205-156, 1990.8.16)

Human beings, as they were originally created, were to live with God's true love within their minds and bodies, and thus they were to respond to His love directly. In other words, the mind would respond to God centering on true love and the body would automatically resonate with the mind. The origin of true unity in which the mind and body are not in conflict begins with inheriting and experiencing God's true love just as it is.

The ideals of people whose minds and bodies are united can be realized when they can completely possess God's true love. When mind and body are united centering on true love, the ideal of genuine freedom and peace can begin. On the foundation of the unity of mind and body, free and peaceful individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, and a world can be established. (234-270, 1990.9.2)

True love is connected to God eternally. The root of true love is not connected to the tribe or the universe centering on oneself. It is fundamentally connected to God. Because God is an eternal being, when we connect to true love, we can automatically become eternal beings. This is all very logical. (229-45, 1992.4.9)

Where does true love come from? True love comes into existence when one serves others, and not when one wants to be served by others. Why? The fundamental foundation for the creation of heaven and earth in the beginning was not the action of drawing things in to oneself. Catching hold of something and drawing it to oneself can create only one entity.

Everything in this world requires investing oneself. The axis for the creation of the universe belongs to God, who has been seeking the ideal of love. It did not begin with drawing or pulling things in, but with investing. You must understand that the way of true love is found by investing even your life and being able to forget about it. (284-71, 1997.4.15)

What is true love? It is to give and give, even investing your life completely and then investing it again. True love begins only when one can give and give and forget what one has already given. True love can penetrate heaven and earth. It can even pierce through the world of death. In the world of life, it can find its way through anything, even melting a strong heart. There is nowhere love cannot penetrate. Love can even enter secret places. (256-179, 1994.3.13)

What is true love? True love is giving and forgetting what you gave, and giving and forgetting again. What kind of parents are great parents? They are parents who invest and invest and then forget. If parents were to keep a record and prepare an account saying, "I put you through college, so you must pay us back by taking care of us in our old age," they would be false parents. Unlike God, such parents cannot have ideal children of filial piety. (239-62, 1992.11.23)

What does true love do? What does true love do really? It can unify your minds and bodies that are in conflict. The reason that your minds and bodies could not unite until now is because you did not have true love. Because false love came into existence, there is no way other than true love to bring about unity. The Fall came about due to false love; therefore, we cannot create unity without true love. (259-292, 1994.4.17)

What is true love? It is investing everything, then investing everything again, and then determining to invest everything again. By unceasingly investing everything, you find the path to unite with the true partner of true love in the center. (268-13, 1995.2.7)

True love exists to establish the heavenly way. Therefore, love should be based upon the tenets of the Principle. Love is above the Principle, isn't it? Freedom, too, is above the Principle, above the realm of the dominion of the Principle; but it does not deny the Principle. (303-165,1999.8.17)

1.2.3. The foundation for true love is a true family

The first hometown of true love is a true family. A true family! There, you will find a true father, a true mother, a true husband, a true wife, and true children. That is the foundation for a family of true love. (215-243, 1991.2.20)

In a family, there is a man and a woman. What kind of man and woman are they? From the viewpoint of the ideal of creation, the man and woman must fit with the process of re-creation. They are to unite mind and body. It is the same for everything. Mind and body must be united. Once a man's mind and body are united, he becomes a subject, the plus, and wants to become one with a woman, the minus, whose mind and body are united.

In so doing, the husband and wife either become a big minus or a big plus, and they try to become one with their children. Following this principle in the family, the man and the woman become one as the subject and object. The unity of this plus and minus becomes the parents; the brothers and sisters have the three stages to unite into one as plus or minus, and that entire union is the family. (268-13, 1995.2.7)

What is the power that enables mind and body, husband and wife, and parent and child to be united? It is the power of love. It is the power of true love. Where does the power of true love begin? When you marry, you want your spouse to be 100 times, 1,000 times, 10,000 times, and even infinitely more wonderful than you are yourself. Infinitely.

Where did such a heart come from? It came from God. Just like human beings, God also desires His object partner to have infinite value. His desire is for the love of His object to be absolute, eternal, and unique. The power of that love wants to increase continuously. It wants to start small and grow bigger. Only true love can grow bigger. Only through this love can we connect to the entire universe. The same formula works for everything. (268-13, 1995.2.7)

For what are we born? It is for love. It is for the sake of true love. What is true love really? It has such value that it cannot be obtained even if you give everything in the universe. If you catch hold of true love, you can catch hold of God. You can grasp God Himself. Marriage is therefore something magnificent. It is not a vague concept. It is realizing the perfection of the vertical and horizontal, and becoming one with God. The perfection of the vertical and horizontal, the perfection of front and rear -- everything -- is fulfilled there. (249-294, 1993.10.10)

Have you become a true person? Do you have true children? Parents must invest, forget, and invest once again for the sake of their children. Husbands should invest for the sake of their wives and forget what they have invested, and vice versa. Also between brothers and sisters, you should create the standard of investing and forgetting. This was the ideal starting point that the true God desired centering on the love of the ideal of creation. (253-66, 1994)

Parents are the king and queen of the household. The center of a tribe is its king. The center of a people is also its king. The center of the world is the king of the world. Adam and Eve were to have been that center. As God is the subject partner, people are the object partners; so if a person becomes a king on the family level, or a king on all levels, God also becomes the king there, too. God is the plus and the subject. No matter how big God is, He has to follow this formula. (268-13, 1995.2.7)

God created the universe for the sake of His object partner. If God is alone, even He feels lonely. Don't you feel lonely if you are alone? That is why you need an object partner. You need to be in a partnership. What kind of partnership? A partnership of love. God, who is the subject of love, started out on the basis of investing and forgetting, investing infinitely and then forgetting. Therefore, His partner must also be an object partner who can infinitely invest, infinitely give and offer stimulation.

To sum up, God's love contains the concept of investing and forgetting. Because this concept exists, the entire universe began to emerge on the basis of the spirit of sacrifice and service that consumes God Himself. That is how the universe began its perpetual existence. God needs His partner in love. You also need your partner for love, too, don't you? Because God is the true God, He wants to settle down on earth where He can love His true partner with true love.

That is the beginning of settlement. The foundation for this settlement is the family. This is the basis, the fundamental unit. The formula connects everything unit by unit. Where is the starting point of settlement where God can be joyful, dancing, smiling, and singing? It is not a nation, the world, or any one man. It is not just a man. It is a family where a man and woman unite and can settle as God's object. Everything begins from there. All ideals, freedom, and happiness start from there. The same formula works with everything. (268-13, 1995.2.7)

You must share true love. You must say the Family Pledge on the basis of unity between mind and body, unity between husband and wife, and unity among the sons and daughters. Because false love began, the mind and body were separated. The husband and wife and brothers and sisters were also separated. Therefore, you can connect to God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven through reestablishing the point where mind and body can be united, husband and wife can be united, and brothers and sisters can be united in order to find the family that can be one with the principles of restoration through indemnity. (260-317, 1994.5.19)

1.3. Seeking our original homeland

1.3.1. The true meaning of our original homeland

What kind of place is the original homeland? It is the kind of place that we want to go to, that we want to see, that we want to live in. It is the kind of place that our mind wants to go to, and our body wants to go to together with our mind. We must seek out the original homeland that our mind and body both miss simultaneously; a place where we can rest forevermore and feel proud that it is our foundation of happiness.

Because of that, throughout the course of history, numerous people have longed for this kind of original homeland, have pursued it, and have revered it, and then passed away. We need to be aware that numerous people of deep faith and people of great wisdom have been making tremendous efforts until today in search of this homeland. That is why the original homeland must surely come into being. (23-74, 1969.5.11)

The original garden is the ideal garden. It is a world where everyone ministers to each other's needs; a world where a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood penetrates all parts of the universe. It is not a world of ideals and ideologies like today where people discuss the differences between the feelings held by peoples or the differences between the sovereignties of nations. It is not a world where the differences between people based on economic circumstances or culture are discussed. It is a world where discussion reaches beyond the distinctions between peoples or national sovereignties. It is a world where people discuss matters of the heart. (7-37, 1959.7.5)

If the ancestors of humankind had not fallen at the outset, where would the original homeland have been? There is no doubt that it would have been the Garden of Eden -- that village, those mountains and rivers -- where Adam and Eve lived. Today, when the people born into the lineage received from the fallen parents say "original homeland," they think of their place of birth. The ideal homeland that all humankind have been seeking and longing for seems to be so unbelievable.

What is the highest calling our Unification Church is seeking to fulfill today? We must go out and seek our lost original hometown. Our parents, our siblings, and our relatives will be there in that original hometown. They will be able to welcome us not in sadness, but in eternal joy and happiness, and their joy will not be short-lived but will endure forever. That is the original place that we must seek. (23-74, 1969.5.11)

In the original land, there is no place where evil dwells. It is the everlasting, unified world where people have broken off their connections to evil and, centering on an overflowing original love, sing and live in joy eternally. (18-102, 1967.5.28)

The original homeland is where we want to live forever amid the joy of heaven and earth, singing joyfully, while taking dominion over all things immersed in the love of our parents and family. (18-100, 1967.5.28)

We long for the original hometown because it is where we can meet our parents, siblings, and relatives, who are closer to us than anyone else, and who will always guide us and welcome us with an unchanging heart any time we go to see them. They greet us joyfully and offer us sympathy and comfort when we have difficulties.

If there were no one like that in the original hometown, even if you went there with a fervent heart, you must understand that on your return, your heart of deep yearning would disappear and you would feel grief. There absolutely must be people who welcome you in the original hometown. (23-80, 1969.5.11)

What comes to mind first when you think about the original hometown? Your loving parents, beloved village, beloved house, and beloved siblings are there in the original hometown. If we leave our hometown and are away in another country, the scope of our original hometown expands to become a homeland, a nation. From the perspective of the universe or cosmos, this world is our original homeland. As your perspective becomes broader, you will feel clearly throughout the course of your life that the scope of your original hometown will also expand proportionally. (7-22, 1959.7.5)

Who is the ancestor that can find the true original homeland? It is God. It is God and True Parents. If you are the true individual who is to be connected through the true ancestor, it cannot happen without meeting the True Parents and the True God. Therefore, God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven, where God and True Parents can dwell, can be realized on earth by restoring, through the True Parents, all the mistakes perpetrated by the false parents throughout history. (267-321)

When we cherish the joy of experiencing hardships and pleasures in oneness with God's love, we can have the honor of attending and living with God in glory as a citizen of the world of God's love, as a member of God's family and the royal family centering on eternal life; this is our original nation, our original homeland. You are seeking that place. (264-155)

We must seek the original homeland. We have to seek our home in our original homeland, that place where our ancestors could have become perfect if they had not fallen in the Garden of Eden, and could have shared hardships and pleasure with God. We are going the heavenly way on our own to that place without the guidance of religious leaders, parents, or teachers but rather according to the commands of our inner consciences. Have you ever heard of someone saying that we should educate the conscience? Throughout your life, your conscience knows everything. (262-117, 1994.7.23)

You all have a hometown, don't you? However, where could God's original homeland be? If God had his original homeland, the clans of that original homeland would form there, and from the clans would come peoples, and from these peoples there would emerge nations and a world. Through this process, the heavenly kingdom on earth would be established. If God had a homeland on earth, would we want to go there or not? We would. People even want to go to their own hometowns where their humble parents and siblings are living. Then, wouldn't you want to go to God's original homeland? God's original homeland is everyone's homeland. Therefore, someone who says he does not want to go is not being truthful. (23-152, 1969.5.18)

If there were somewhere on earth where God could settle down, have a family, and experience daily life, that family would represent all humankind. For this reason, the base of that family, upon which God has begun His experience of daily life, becomes the original homeland of all humankind. Therefore, the root and starting point of God's life is the hometown.

Owing to the Fall, humankind could not begin from that starting point with God as the center. The family could not become such a place. There is no such hometown. It was only after I came that the original foundation was established whereupon God and True Parents could settle and make a beginning, united together through true love. That place automatically becomes the original homeland for all humanity. As this restored place is the same as the starting point in the original form of creation, this place is where all people can share God's love and the base of true love that God wants as a starting point. Thus, it is the original homeland for all humankind. (289-142, 1998.1.1)

Where is the nation, the homeland that God desires? Where is the homeland for all humanity? The country where the True Parents of humankind appear is the homeland. Isn't this logical? Where did you say the homeland is? It is the country to which the True Parents of humankind come. Where is the original homeland for humanity? There are many nations in the world, such as those in Africa. However, the original homeland of humankind is the country where the True Parents of humankind were born. This is the original homeland of the entire universe and of this historic world. (156-233, 1966.5.25)

Where is the homeland God desires? Where is the original homeland of all humanity? The hometown where True Parents were born is the historic, universal, and global original homeland. You must inherit your ancestors' thoughts and traditions; otherwise you will be treated as stepchildren. Korean people must become the chosen people. For this to happen, I have to turn things inside out.

If Korea is the fatherland and the original homeland, all civilizations of the world must bear fruit in Korea. In order to make Korea into the original homeland, we have to determine to become sacrificial offerings of loyalty, devotion, love, and sacrifice. Otherwise, Korea will lose the qualification to be the original homeland. It requires substantial action to create something good. You must accomplish this through your blood, sweat, and tears. (15-283, 1965.11.2)

If Korea is God's desired original homeland for the world and for all people in the universe, it would create within itself a new civilization that would sway the whole world. Its language would become the world's language, and its men and women would become world-level people. If all people had been born centering on the original parents, there would have been only one language. Due to the Fall, there are many languages. If, in the future, Korea becomes the fatherland, the original homeland, and the nation God desires, then Korea will be lifted up. God will dance while embracing Korea. To this day, God has never had a day to dance or smile. (156-233, 1966.5.25)

Korea is the original birthplace of love. Korea is the original homeland where people can realize the home of love, the hometown of love, and the country of love for all people. For this reason, I, as the True Parent, have pioneered a direct road that is able to connect the nation, the world, and heaven, God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven, centering on absolute and unchanging family ideals based on true love. In other countries people know this well. That is why they want to leave their countries and settle down in Korea. (290-287, 1998.3.2)

Those who have lived as God's family in God's Kingdom on earth go to God's Kingdom in heaven in the spirit world. Heaven is our original homeland. That means that God's Kingdom in heaven is our original homeland. However, owing to the Fall, God's Kingdom on earth has still not been established; therefore, God's Kingdom in heaven is uninhabited. No one has ever entered God's Kingdom in heaven. (161-12, 1987.1.1)

1.3.2. The original homeland we must seek

Where is the original homeland that you have been longing for? It is where your mother and father are. That is very certain. The present human world is made up of five billion people who are descended from the children of Adam and Eve, who married after they had been chased out of paradise, away from God after they had fallen. No one can deny this. Because there is something wrong with them, they do not know where to go.

A calamity happened, and people have been living like orphans. The starting point is unclear and so is the destination. Humankind has not known where it is heading. No one knows what will happen in the future. God wanted to teach the five billion people of the human race who were in ignorance, and so He taught me first. Once people join the Unification Church they all come to know God. (228-220, 1992.4.3)

Owing to the Fall, we lost our original homeland and hometown. If there had been no Fall at the outset, and we were born, lived, and died, where would we have died? In the original homeland. Even if we die, we want to be buried in the original homeland. Where would you want to live? In the original homeland. We should have lived in the original homeland, but we were born, and found ourselves in the land of the enemy, in a land of sorrow.

Can the place where we live now be made into our original dwelling place, the land that we can sing of as our happy environment? The answer is no. That is why all things must pass away. Families, nations, the world, communism, and democracy should all pass away. What I desire is the philosophy of love of the original homeland, the philosophy of a brotherhood and sisterhood that shares the parents' love and shares their flesh and blood. Jesus cried out for such a world in some form, but now things are more specific. (155-32, 1964.10.6)

You must seek the original homeland. Where is the original homeland? Where is Jesus' original homeland? If Jesus had not died, the nation of Israel would have been his original homeland. The beginning of the global homeland would have occurred centered on Israel. What was the responsibility Jesus had and the mission He was to fulfill on earth? He was to establish the original homeland.

The Parents that Heaven has found and established must appear so that the original homeland, the original hometown, can come into being in front of all fallen humankind. Otherwise, the original homeland cannot appear. Without parents, can there be brothers and sisters? There cannot. Who is there in the hometown? There should be relatives, siblings, and parents. There should also be possessions held by your family. Why do you long for your hometown? This is because the bonds of heart of the relationships in your lives began there. Therefore, you must never forget your hometowns as long as you value your lives. (155-321, 1965.11.1)

May the time of the homeland of hope come soon! Through establishing one nation of heaven, we must judge the enemy of Heaven, Satan, eliminate evil, and attain the heavenly kingdom of peace on earth, centering on goodness alone. This is the hope of God and of Jesus. It is also the hope of our ancestors who have contributed greatly in the course of the providence to this day. You must understand this clearly. (155-321, 1965.11.1)

No one has ever thought of God as being full of bitterness and sorrow. This was not known. All the people in the world should have been His sons and daughters, but they have been caught in the enemy's trap. They are crying out "I'm dying!" in grief to heaven and earth. Then would God answer, "How can you cry out loud for help? I am just going to go to sleep," and then just rest and sleep comfortably? You must understand that God never rests, but is constantly working to restore this land. (156-233, 1966.5.25)

The Family Pledge says, "to seek our original homeland." In the world of religion all people were commanded to leave their homes and lead celibate lives. However, the Unification Church is the opposite: return to the hometown; go back to the hometown. The message of returning to one's hometown is the best news of all good news. It was never heard before in the history of religion. This is the one-time joyful news of all joyful news. Yet, there have been so many sinners who were reluctant to return to their hometowns! (264-187, 1994.10.9)

What is pledge number one of the Family Pledge? "Seek our original homeland... by centering on true love." We must seek out our original homeland. We are not pledging to perfect "the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation..." We must build it. We must do so with our own hands. We must recover it entirely from the world of the devil. We must completely regain the realm that is under Satan's dominion. Therefore this is not perfecting it, but building it. That is different. (261-88, 1994.5.22)

We should have built God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven by having gone to our hometowns and having become the filial sons and daughters and patriots, establishing a model family and nation according to God's ideal of creation, and establishing kingship. Owing to the Fall, a different world came about, and so we must make this world into one centering on God's ideal of an extended family. But once we have made it into one, we cannot just let it be. We must link that unified world with the heavenly world and with God's Kingdom on earth. You must be excited about shortening the amount of time needed and fervently work to make progress in this. (267-153, 1995.1.4)

Centering on our original homeland, our family will build the original ideal of creation, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, by centering on true love. This means we should create the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. That is to say, because of the loss of the family we must make families.

I am saying that, centering on our original homeland, our families will build the original ideal of creation, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, through true love. It should be the original homeland -- the original homeland centering on families. It is not to a nation, but to your hometown that you must return.

If you have such a family, you must go back to your hometown and establish God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven. Once you find your hometown, the nation and world will naturally come into oneness. There will be no need for you to worry. The Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will be established naturally. Everything develops from families. (260-156, 1994.5.2)

What does it mean to return to your hometown? As God is the root of true love, we must return to the original land and live together eternally with the roots, branches, and fruits of true love together. The reason for returning to our original hometown is to live eternally in peace and joy centering on love. It is very simple. (252-269, 1994.1.1)

How can we connect ourselves to the original homeland and to God? Your hometown is your birthplace, isn't it? Everyone connects to the world horizontally, starting from the hometown. None of the people of the world could have hometowns on the side of Heaven.

The hometowns were lost. People could not find the original position of Adam. We must find that position ourselves. We must get back there. Beginning from that point we should start our families and our tribes and continue on to the nation and the world. That is logical. This is not just some notion.

If you do that, the way that you can go is already prepared. On the individual foundation, you must restore the position of Adam, our ancestor, and that of Jesus. Then you will be able to enter the original homeland centering on the True Parent, the returning Lord. Once you are there, everything belongs to you. That will be the kind of position you hold. If you have that idea firmly in your mind, Satan will retreat. Therefore, you must complete your mission as a tribal messiah. (248-27, 1993.5.30)

As you are settling, what do you bequeath? It is the family, not the individual. You must understand this. That is why we have the Family Pledge. We must have thorough education about the Family Pledge. If you look at the Family Pledge, the first pledge says that we will seek our original homeland and build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation, by centering on true love. With that alone we can achieve everything. (268-226, 1995.4.2)

1.4. The original ideal of creation

What is God's will? It is true love. It means to accomplish the ideal of creation. What does it mean to achieve the ideal of God's creation? It means to complete the four-position foundation. If God and humankind had become one through the marriage of Adam and Eve, all things could have united together on that foundation of love, and humankind could have had God to themselves as well as all things of creation, thereby becoming the second owners. God is the invisible owner, and we are the visible owners. God is the inner God, and we are the outer God. Everyone has the desire to become God. (276-253, 1996.2.24)

The perfection of the four-position foundation, which is God's ideal of creation, comes when Adam and Eve are one with God. God is then present above and below, to the left and to the right, and in the front and in the back. Then what has to be accomplished? First, God's love and human love are to be perfected. This is the perfection of the love between God and humankind. They become one body. When they become one through love, ownership is decided. In eternal love, the ownership of love is decided. In relation to her husband, a woman belongs eternally to her husband. In relation to a woman, the man belongs to his wife in eternal love. You should know this. (276-253, 1996.2.24)

What is God's will? It is to accomplish the ideal of creation. What is the ideal of creation? It is to complete the four-position foundation. What does the four-position foundation signify? It means perfecting the ideal of love and the ideal of unity. That is it precisely. We can see that everything came about because of love. Then, what kind of love? True love. Where does true love begin? It begins when one invests oneself fully. Investing and forgetting. When God created, He did so on the foundation of absolute faith. (276-299, 1996.3.10)

God is the vertical Father and the vertical subject. And human beings are the horizontal subject. Only when the vertical and horizontal become one is a being completed. To make a three-dimensional being, the vertical and horizontal must be united and so must the front and the back. What is the vertical relationship? It is the parent-child relationship. The horizontal relationship is the relationship between East and West and the relationship between husband and wife. The relationship of front and back is the relationship between brothers and sisters. God's ideal of creation is to create the spherical form of the ideal of love in each family.

Where is God in such a family? He is in the center. God's ideal of creation is for Him to be there as the central being who can be represented by the father, husband, mother, wife, son, elder brother, and younger brother. What I mean by that is God wants to live together with man and woman for eternity. If people become parents, God wants to be with them forever in the position of a parent. If people become husband and wife, God wants to be with them forever as a husband or wife. As God is the Parent, He wants to live with humankind together eternally as our Parent; and the foundation for that is the family! (267-224, 1995.1.8)

Originally, God's ideal of creation was established according to the standard of true parents. I am saying that from the beginning of creation, God created all things according to the standard of true parents. When true parents, that is, Adam and Eve, had reached the perfection level, it would have been possible to hold their holy wedding, and that moment would have been like God's own holy wedding at the same time. Because God is the owner of true love and the root of true love, the ideal of creation is for humankind and this root to become one and to expand this root of true love throughout the horizontal world, human world, and earthly world.

However, owing to the Fall, through their lineage, humankind inherited Satan's flesh and blood. Even if Satan's blood, Satan's lineage, and hell were all cleared away, it still would be very hard to enter heaven. Even if people got rid of all these things, humankind still would have no relationship with the world that could have been, the world of the lineage centered on the true love that God and True Parents have, centering on the ideal of creation God had from the beginning. (266-58, 1994.12.11)

Our consciences want the highest ideals and we have the greatest ambition in the physical plane. Accordingly, when you think about what any man or woman desires, it is to become the king or queen of the world. That is God's original ideal of creation. Horizontally, people become the infinitely great central beings and vertically, they become beings like God. Is there a supreme being that is higher than God? So women and men are the temples of God. They are the internal substantiations of the invisible God. (272-277, 1995.10.8)

At first, God's ideal of creation was to plant a single seed. This is the formula. It is to plant a single seed. That one single seed represents the absolute man. Not two. It is the same for a woman. Such a woman is a queen, and such a man is a king. The ideal is that such a king and queen create unity based on love. When they are connected like that, God can dwell with them. In the fallen world, there is no foundation based on this ideal formula. (271-328, 1995.9.3)

Love creates unity. Without love, there is no unity between parent and child, between husband and wife, or between brothers and sisters. The body of a man or woman is the body of God. When they become one, they are reaching up toward the vertical standard. They can meet at one point. The connection with the vertical standard comes first.

Due to the force of gravity, something that is vertical is pulled down faster than something horizontal. It comes down naturally and the vertical standard becomes the exact center. If these become one and rotate together, then the whole will create a spherical form centering on one center.

This becomes the nucleus, and Adam and Eve become secondary beings and perfect one sphere of love. That place is where sons and daughters become the embodiments of perfect love. It is the perfection of the ideal of love of families in the heavenly kingdom. It is the very place that causes the explosive expansion of the fruit of the original nucleus that was God's ideal of creation that man and woman held as the ideal. (262-189, 1994.7.23)

What is the source of a world of peace? God is the center. Through accomplishing unity of direction and purpose centering on God, centering on God's will and His ideal of creation, that is possible; that is how it is. What is God's will? That is an important question. In our Unification Church, what do we say God's will is?

First, it is to complete the ideal of creation. That's simple. What, then, is the completion of the ideal of creation? It is the completion of the four-position foundation. What is the completion of the four-position foundation? It is the ideal family. It is as simple as that. The question is whether you have become ideal families. (261-289, 1994.7.24)

From the perspective of God's ideal of creation, God longs for a true man and a true woman and connects true love, true life, and true lineage to them. If they begin their family from that place of safe settlement, God's love, life, and lineage come down vertically; heaven and earth become one, and they settle on the land and expand outward. When there is a family centering on love between partners, then centering on individuals and families, a tribe will emerge, a people will emerge, and they will spread out in all four directions. (259-192, 1994.4.10)

God's ideal of creation was the ideal of parents. That is how important parents are. Since parents are the central beings of heaven, they are to be the king and queen. The king and queen begin from parents on earth. They are the center of everything. They are the center of heaven on earth and of the heavenly world. The kingship in heaven is inner, and the kingship on earth is outer. It is the same relationship as the relationship between a person's mind and body. Because of that, mind and body become one. Ultimately, the ideal of creation -- the purpose of all of heaven and earth -- is to establish a family centering on parents.

A family unit is formed from the unity of three: a true man and woman, the true couple, and true children. This is just like a formula. They cannot be broken up by another, nor can they separate. Why is that? No matter how great a power is applied, it cannot break apart a family that has become one centered on true love. Even God Himself cannot. That entity is one for eternity; it is absolutely one. (265-288, 1994.11.27)

The mainstream of providential history is the ideal of creation. Yes, you must know the will of God. Although everyone talks about the will of God, no one knows what it is. You must know this clearly. When I asked a renowned theologian about this, he answered, "Oh! The will of God is simple and at the same time very difficult." How can someone say such a thing? Even theologians are incapable of defining God's will. That is why the number of denominations has increased. The number has increased because Christianity could not give a definition. It could not come to one standard conclusion.

What is God's will? God's will is the perfection of the ideal of creation. Isn't that so? Is God's mind divided into two, or is it one? Just as God is absolute, it can be logically concluded that God's will, too, is absolutely one.

Then what does completion of the ideal of creation mean? It means accomplishing the four-position foundation. What is the completion of the four-position foundation? It is the perfection of the ideal of love. What kind of love is that? It is true love. Then everything is included. (247-116, 1993.5.1)

In the future, we will be the center of God's Kingdom in heaven and the center of God's Kingdom on earth. God's Kingdom in heaven is the vertical standard, and God's Kingdom on earth is the horizontal standard. Through the vertical and horizontal standards becoming one, God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven will unite. This sets the pattern for forming a great, unified family centering on God's true love. This is God's ideal of creation. (269-80, 1995.4.8)

Based on true love, God will perfect humankind as beings having infinite value. Through that He will also perfect true love and the world of the ideal of creation that is the home of eternal ideal love. (254-106, 1994.2.1)

God's ideal of love cannot be perfected on one's own. It can be realized only through families and the marriages of couples. Because people have not understood this point, however, they could not find the solution. Because the false parents fell, their descendants have not been able to enter the heavenly kingdom even to this day. People have not been able to enter the heavenly kingdom that God established as the ideal of creation. They are staying in the middle realms. Even Jesus is in the same situation. Why did Jesus go to paradise? It is because he was not able to marry.

That is why all the ancestors in the spirit world are separated from one another. Where do they go? No matter how loving a couple they are, when they go to the spirit world they cannot go into God's Kingdom, into the heavenly kingdom. People enter the middle realms of heaven, and go to a place that matches their spiritual level. That is why if there are ten members in one family, they are all in different places. (272-289, 1995.10.13)

It is God's ideal of creation to perfect a model within the family as the substantial core that can assimilate the world. This ideal will be realized through married couples. That is why if something goes wrong in a couple, it creates disorder in the four realms of heart. Perfected families are to enter the heavenly kingdom; however, the couples that have gone wrong will go to hell rather than heaven. You must know how precious first love is. Through knowing this, how great can the families of the Unification Church become? (257-216, 1994.3.15)

God's will is to perfect His ideal of creation. Perfection of the ideal of creation is perfection of the four-position foundation, and perfection of the four-position foundation is perfection of the ideal of true love. As this was lost due to the Fall, what must we do in order to go back?

We must restore the right of the first son, the right of the parents, the right of kingship, and the right of the royal family. By living in that way, we must establish the original standard based upon which we can enter heaven. This is the mainstream of the providential history of the Unification Church. Although the providence of creation should have been the mainstream, due to the Fall, the providence of restoration became the mainstream. (247-143, 1993.5.1)

1.5. Building the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven

1.5.1. The starting point for the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven is the family

Adam's family should have created a family of true love that was one with God's ideal. Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, were created in the expectation that they would convey God's will and love to the universe after becoming perfect as the substantial manifestations of God's invisible characteristics.

Adam, Eve, and their children would have established the fundamental principle in their lives that all humanity could follow. Adam and Eve's descendants were to attain unity of their minds and bodies, and thus become individuals who were one with God, couples united in families, and families with unity between the parents and the children. In that way, they would have created a stable foundation that is full of freedom, peace, happiness, and hope throughout the earth.

God's ideal was that this model would not stay in the family or nation but spread out to the world and the entire universe. The model of the Kingdom of Heaven realized in the family can spread out to the entire nation; the Kingdom of Heaven in the realm of a nation can spread out to the entire world; and the Kingdom of Heaven in the global realm can spread out to all of heaven and earth. (288-167, 1997.11.27)

A person's fundamental heart and character is formed in the family. The family is the starting point of love, character, and life. It is the fundamental basis. We start our lives as children who are born on a family foundation through the love of our parents, and we are meant to grow to be husbands and wives, and then parents and grandparents, and perfect ourselves as beings of loving character that pass through all the different levels.

Ultimately, we go to the spirit world surrounded by the love and affection of our descendants. That is the principle of creation. Through families, history and nations come into existence and the ideal world begins. Without this, there is no meaning to life as an individual, and there is no continuation of the bloodline to other generations. Therefore, the family is the fundamental base for human love and life which are more precious than and are superior to all values, ideologies, systems and organizations. (288-167, 1997.11.27)

Through your life on earth in which you welcome and attend God and live together with True Parents centering eternally on the family, you can go beyond being a family on earth and become a family of God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven, and everyone can enter the unified world. Therefore, God must be able to live in your families. You must create the family of Eden where God wants to live. Because God could not dwell in Adam and Eve's family, you must attend God and live together with Him in your families.

Your clans must attend God as tribal messiahs. Your nations must live in attendance of God. Your world must live in attendance of God, and heaven and earth must attend God. So the family is the starting base that can attend and live together with God. You have to know that the family is the starting base of the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. (270-103, 1995.5.7)

Since God is the essence of true love, if we become connected to true love, we all become one body with Him. As representatives of God, our parents are the living God. Our husband or wife is the other half of God. Our sons and daughters are also small Gods. In this way, a family structure comprising three generations centering on true love is the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Without such a foundation, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be built. Families are the center of the universe. The perfection of families is the foundation for the perfection of the universe. That is why if you love the universe as you love within your family, you can freely go anywhere. In this case, God is in the conglomerate central position of love, as the Parent of the entire universe. (298-306, 1999.1.17)

Once you become one centered on God, circular motion manifests in all kinds of forms and figures. That is why the older sibling must love the younger, following the example of their parents loving the children. In a family that is united into one in love in that way, the love within the family blossoms. That love can become the love for a society, and then that love can become the love for a nation. In this way, it later becomes love for the entire world. However, these days, this has become so obscure. (28-170, 1970.1.11)

What would God have done for Adam and Eve had they not fallen? God would have married them through the Blessing, so that they could have borne children and created a family that would bring joy to God. Then He would have expanded this to create a tribe and a people. When this had developed further, upon what philosophy would that world have been based?

It would have been a world based simultaneously on Godism and on the Adam-centered ideology. If that world had had an ideology, it would have been the Adam-centered ideology, the Way of Adam. If there had been a concept of the universe, it would have been the concept of the universe based on the Way of Adam. If there had been a concept of the cosmos, it would have been based on the Way of Adam, and the outlook on life would have been based on the Way of Adam.

The five races of humankind would have made a colorful world, and people would have thought that was fine. Since the differences occurred depending on the environment, the different skin colors of the numerous races would have been fine with everyone. Then, how did the languages of all the many nations become different? Due to the Fall of our first ancestors, God separated the people. (156-202, 1966.5.25)

The family is the horizontal foundation that is a microcosm of the world. From the family stem the nation and the world. What is the family? As the horizontal microcosm of the world, the family is the reciprocal standard to the absolute center. Then what are we? We are the footholds where the absolute center can reside. (26-258, 1969.11.9)

A nation's citizens and all humankind come into being from brothers and sisters. Siblings represent the front and back, but that becomes the flesh. This is flat and then becomes fleshed out, and from there a sphere is formed. The round shape is formed by the siblings and the citizens. The siblings expand to become the citizens of a nation. That is why brotherly love leads to love for the world. A family that raises many siblings is like a model that embraces the people of the world and creates the ideal heaven -- the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Consequently, siblings expand in number from here. (235-268, 1992.10.11)

What kind of family are we talking about? God is in the position of the grandfather. Adam represents the family of the present, and his sons and daughters represent the future. God symbolizes the past; mother and father symbolize the present, and their children, the future. Centering on this idea of love, the four realms of heart and the three kingships must develop in the family. What happens once the heart is perfected? God can appear on earth and manage the family in the position of Grandfather, and He can work to perfect the unified Kingdom of God in heaven and on earth. Then the sons and daughters who have multiplied are connected as the inheritors of these two kingdoms. (236-259, 1992.11.8)

The family is the model for the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. There are four different generations formed by the grandmother and grandfather, the mother and father, the couple, and the babies. If this can be expanded, in each nation of the world there will be the same four generations of a grandmother and grandfather, a mother and father, one's own couple, and the babies.

Individuals must make sacrifices for their families, families for their tribes, tribes for their peoples, peoples for their nations, and nations for the world. Based on the principle that one should sacrifice for something greater, when one goes to another country, he must lift up their people more than his own grandmother and grandfather, mother and father, couple, and children; and he must lift up the their people more than his own nation's people in front of the global nation. If one does so, one can go anywhere in the Kingdom of Heaven through perfecting oneself at the place that is one with the original palace of heaven. (252-265, 1994.1.1)

You must love the people of the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. They are your brothers and sisters. The three loves begin from there. The kind of model of siblings being able to love one another is the axis of the heavenly kingdom. It is an axis for the construction of the ideal Kingdom of Heaven. It is the axis on earth. It also becomes the axis of the heavenly world.

If the heavenly kingdom is expanded through the give and take between the earthly realms and the heavenly realms, heaven will develop. The reason that God created human beings was that He wanted the ideal structure of horizontal and vertical. God needed children because the spherical form centered on front and back, which is a horizontal relationship, had to be established. That is the reason God created His children. (219-168, 1991.8.29)

Centering on God, the Kingdom of God on earth and the Kingdom of God in heaven will be unified. Cain and Abel become one horizontally centering on God and True Parents who are in a vertical line. Because God created the Kingdom of God on earth and the Kingdom of God in heaven out of love, they should become one in love. Moreover, subject and object partners centering on God's original ideal will unite into one centering on the ideal of love. This universe, the created world, began from love. That is why even God has to be in oneness centered on love. The core essence that corresponds with the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven is love. (243-323, 1993.1.28)

The perfection of a person occurs when mind and body are united into one eternally centering on true love. When such a man and woman establish the eternal bond of love as a husband and wife, the parents that they become are true parents. Because the history centering on such parents continues on from those ancestors without change for thousands and thousands of years, it is carried out vertically and then expands horizontally. The world that emerges becomes the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. That is where the unity of heaven and earth is achieved. (207-58, 1990.10.28)

What is surprising about the principles of the Unification Church? Until now people have not known the theoretical basis of how the Kingdom of God on earth and the Kingdom of God in heaven can become one. This would have begun with Adam and Eve centering on true love. God represents the inner nature of Adam, and Adam represents the outer nature of God. They are to become one. That is why God's love started together with Adam. One was a vertical beginning, and the other was a horizontal beginning. Logically speaking, that is perfectly correct.

That is how the Kingdom of God on earth and the Kingdom of God in heaven become one. A logical explanation is possible. The theology of the established Christian church cannot explain it. They believe that the Creator is holy and all His creatures profane. If that were the case, how could a theory of love be established? Right away there is a problem. Can God do whatever He wants to do, as the Christian theologians insist? No. There are things God cannot do as He wants. Even God cannot do whatever He wants in relation to love. (226-169, 1992.2.4)

A family is an encapsulation of all the men and women of humankind. By "humankind," we mean men and women. A family is the seed that can expand to every level. A seed can multiply into a family. The family can multiply to become more families. These families join together and expand their numbers, and form tribes, peoples, nations, the world, and heaven and earth. (273-48, 1995.10.21)

The family is like a railway locomotive. When it runs toward its destination, passing through tunnels on the way, your nation and the world hanging on at the end can automatically arrive in the Kingdom of Heaven. (269-291, 1995.5.1)

1.5.2. Building the Kingdom of Heaven is the mission of Blessed Families

Number one of the Family Pledge is about the restitution of the environment. We must restore through indemnity everything that was lost. Until now, religions have asked people to leave home and to live celibate lives. However, the Unification Church instructs people to return to their hometowns, to their nations. A remarkable thing has occurred globally. There can be no higher happiness than this in the religious world. This is not just idle talk. (269-105, 1995.4.9)

After we "seek our original homeland," what comes next? We must build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Because Adam and Eve were driven out, they lost everything, didn't they? After you find it, what should you do? You must build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. You must create it. Because it was lost, we must recreate it all. We must find and rebuild the things that were stolen, even if it takes thousands or tens of thousands of years. That is why the Unification Church has asked you to return to your hometown. This is something unprecedented in the religious world. (288-323, 1998.1.1)

Because Adam and Eve lost the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, if we do not restore it, God will not be able to, either. The devil has a strong desire to destroy it. We must restore the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. The Family Pledge says, "seek our original homeland." In the religious world, people were all commanded to leave their homes and lead celibate lives. However, the Unification Church is the opposite: it says to return to one's hometown; to go back to one's hometown. The message of returning to one's hometown is the best news of all good news that has never been heard in the history of religion. This is the one-time only, joyful news of all joyful news. (264-187, 1994.10.9)

How happy God, True Parents, and Blessed Families will be with the proclamation of the Family Pledge! "Seek our original homeland!" This earth is the original homeland. It means completing the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation, in our original homeland. Through what? Through love. All have followed the path of love that can return to the original homeland. We are to re-create that by seeking and restoring the original love within fallen people. (297-209, 1998.11.20)

People who have lived on earth as a unified family centering on God's true love, where the Kingdom of God on earth and the Kingdom of God in heaven are one, move to become a family of the heavenly kingdom. This is not the age of individual salvation. Christianity talks about the salvation of the individual, but that is not it. God's will is family salvation. Because the Fall happened in the family, restoration must occur in the family. That time has come. This has not happened on earth in all of history. Finally, the family has entered the settlement age anew. (260-304, 1994.5.19)

You must know that being able to recite the Family Pledge is the best news of all good news in all of history. That is why we say "Our family." The words "Our family" are there. "Our family... centering on our original homeland... centering on true love..." That is the original homeland where you were born. The land of one's hometown is the most precious. "Our family... pledges to... build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation."

The ideal of creation refers to the ideal of creation centering on God. It was the ideal of creation that was to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Since the ideal of creation could not be attained due to the Fall, we must restore it. We must build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation, centering on our original homeland. (260-188, 1994.5.8)

You must build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation. That is to say, because the family was lost, our families must restore that. The original homeland is the original homeland centering on families. It is not to a nation but to your hometown to which you must therefore return.

If you have such a family, you must go back to your hometown and establish God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven. Once you restore your hometown, the nation and world will naturally come into oneness. There will be no need for you to worry. The heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven will be naturally built. This will develop from within the family. (260-156, 1994.5.2)

"Our family pledges... to build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation." Here we say, "build." Why do we use the word "build" here? It is because we must create this anew. It will not come about by itself. We must make it. As hell on earth and hell in the spirit world have come about, we must work to re-create the Kingdom of God.

"Our family... pledges to seek our original homeland and build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation." We must make this. Even for the individual, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven is to be established through a family. Because we must create it in our families, we have the Family Pledge. If we cannot do this, it will not come about. This is something we ourselves must do. (260-304, 1994.5.19)

Pledge number one of the Family Pledge is about returning to our hometown. That means returning to our hometown environment. That is why the pledge says, "seek our original homeland and build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation." It was lost, wasn't it? Who will create it? Even if God does not do it, we will. I must do it! Adam's family must do it. Because the Blessed Couples could not do it, I have already laid the foundation myself. If you do not receive opposition, with these teachings and this content it is automatic that, wherever you go, you can become the leader.

Everywhere you go, open your mouths and speak. Go around your neighborhood, wake people up and gather them together. If they will not gather, however, then even if you have to chase them with a rolling pin, even if you need to use force, you must gather them and speak to them for half an hour, one hour, two hours.

Tell them to go ahead and oppose you if you say something wrong. In the end, they will thank you for it. With that kind of absolute authority, even if you push them in a one-sided way, we have already created the circumstances where there will be no negative reactions. If you see this clearly and yet cannot act on what you see, you are foolish. Such foolish people will have their positions taken away by beggars and end up like servants. (283-75, 1997.4.8)

What is our sincere, unchanging heart? It is to seek for our lost original homeland, to establish the original native land. These days, people are talking about rebuilding, aren't they? Rebuilding means tearing apart that which already exists and making it anew.

The Unification Church does not want to rebuild, but to create. We do not have any resources. We have only our bare hands. Do we have an original homeland? Do we have an original home nation? No. Because we have neither of these, we must create them. With what materials can we create them? Your hands, your bodies, and your bones are the materials. When you really put your bodies into it, grinding down your bones and investing your flesh and blood, the treasures of the world will fly to you. Through that, we will be able to purchase materials. (155-53, 1964.10.6)

Having the Family Pledge is something to be grateful for. It is telling religious people who have been wandering around on foreign soil to return home, to go back to their hometown. How wonderful it is to be able to return home! These are unforgettable words. (283-77, 1997.4.8)

1.5.3. The return to one's hometown and the completion of the tribal messiah mission

You must go beyond the individual Golgotha, the family Golgotha, and Golgotha on the tribal, people, and national levels, and then move toward the worldwide Golgotha. God does not want us to stand in front of Him and then go forward. Instead, God has stood in the forefront up to now. He has pioneered the path we are to walk and then has called us to come. If you are unable to walk this path, you will perish. You are bound to perish. Even if you should die thousands or ten thousands of times, you must go this path. On the day that the original homeland is created by the hands of Koreans, the people of the world will look up to us as the people of the homeland.

We are continuing on, even today, toward the garden God desires to see. We have joined together to prepare to continue on our way to that garden tomorrow. Therefore, you must clearly know that going this way by offering our strength and sincere dedication, and considering it more precious than anything in the world, is the purpose of our lives that we received at birth. (155-53, 1964.10.6)

You must go back to your hometown. You have all been driven out. Because you were forced to leave your hometown, you must restore it and return. You can seek it out as a perfected family. What should you do once you find your original homeland? You are not supposed just to live there. You must restore and build up the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven that was lost.

Because Satan dominates your homeland, you must build the heavenly kingdom yourselves. Why do you have to do it? Because True Parents want to bequeath to you all that they have achieved. True Parents have come, and on the worldwide level they have found and restored the original hometown, which was lost in Adam's family, and they have laid the foundation to complete the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven. Because I have laid the worldwide foundation, you must lay the tribal-level foundation. (266-144, 1994.12.22)

Why should you fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs? The first reason is that you need to save your parents. Your parents stand in the position of the first Adam, and you stand in the position of the second Adam. You must fulfill the mission of Adam by restoring and recreating your parents.

The second reason is that you need a hometown. By fulfilling your mission as tribal messiahs, you will come to have your own hometown. In the end, the reason you need to fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs is to perfect Adam's family. In concrete terms, you need to educate your tribes. (217-126,127, 1991.5.12)

If there are no tribal messiahs, connections between all the levels cannot be made based on the family standard. Without this, you cannot have your hometown. I have my own hometown, but you do not have one. After we restore the families, in the future the age of registration will come. Once the age of registration comes, I will organize the tribes. The order in which you register will determine your position. Those who register first will be the elders and a new system will be developed so that they can be attended in the same manner as you attend your ancestors. Only when the whole world is transformed accordingly will the heavenly kingdom on earth be realized. (210-273, 1990.12.25)

The members of the Unification Church comprise a tribe. Our blood is connected. If one cries, others must also cry. If one feels joy, others must share in that joy. We are related by blood. We are one people. We have gathered as one, transcended the five races of humankind, transcended the different national standards with different cultural backgrounds, and broken down all these barriers.

We will create the new heavenly kingdom. When this people becomes a holy people, the heavenly kingdom can appear, and when you live as the divine sons and daughters of that nation, the heavenly world will be established. On the foundation of that world, the cosmic Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will be built. (168-136, 1987.9.13)

I have given you the title of messiah. Tribal messiahs! What should you do now? What should you do as messiahs? I have prepared the foundation for you to be national messiahs, worldwide messiahs, and cosmic messiahs. I have prepared mountains of treasures for you.

Once you become messiahs, every part of this mountain of treasures will be bequeathed to you. A water pipe will be connected between the treasures and you, and they will flow down the pipe right into your laps as naturally as if they were flowing water. (189-247, 1989.4.9)

You should know that people who have lived in the Kingdom of God on earth go into the eternal heavenly kingdom in spirit world when they enter there, and you should think about how to unite with that place. From now on, there is no need to think of anything else. Each of you should know that you are at the final destination point where you can fulfill and solve all these matters; the question remaining is how you can accomplish this.

For each individual, it is the issue of mind and body. In each family, it is the issue of husband and wife, and if there are children from the parents, that is an issue of an upper and lower relationship. You must understand that this is the title of perfection that has connected your entire family together. You should also clearly know that if any one of you leans to one side, everyone will become unbalanced. (298-53, 1999.1.1)

What does it mean to say that the Last Days have come? It means that the day when the human race can find its original homeland has come closer. It means that the time is near when people who can live in the original homeland can establish their historic fatherland.

Because of that, Jesus, who came with the ideal of founding something, was given the title of King of kings. That is rather strange isn't it? Why was such a title given to him? This is not a lie; it is the truth. Without a motive, no result can come. If you investigate a result closely, you will absolutely find that there is a motive. However, that motive is something human beings cannot know. God is moving everything. (155-32, 1964.10.6)

I would like to be able to make all the young men and women of the Unification Church today into people who can go out in every direction. I must raise up people who could fulfill their roles no matter what position they were given, should the nation meet with an urgent situation.

If you just want to live quietly as a farmer and till the soil, what would it matter if you died? Why would you do that? Even if you have to sell your land, if you go away even for just a short time before returning to your hometown, you will accomplish things your neighbors cannot even imagine. They will come to know ten or twenty years later. That is how we work.

We are the people who prepare ourselves to do extraordinary things that others cannot do. Let's go! Let's go! Hurry. Let's go to our original homeland. Let's go to our original homeland! Let's do it! Let's do it! Let's hurry up and do witnessing! Let's fight with all our might! Let's do it! Let's do it! Let's hurry up and do it! Let's unite our hearts together and do what? Let's accomplish the true will. (155-51, 1964.10.6)

We should go forward today and tomorrow. As the one who is leading you, I have been beaten severely in the cause of walking this path. I have been imprisoned several times. If you count all my years in the prison, how many do you think it will be? I have been imprisoned. I have been beaten until I vomited blood. Amid sorrow and persecution, and in various ways, I have been treated with contempt and placed in miserable situations. I came to understand the sorrowful heart of my parents, of my relatives, of the nation and its people, and of numerous religions.

However, as I knew that the path I was walking was greater and more precious than these problems, I could not dwell on them. Since I have come this far today, I have to continue on tomorrow; and if I continue on tomorrow, I will have to keep going the day after tomorrow. If I continue this path for the present year, I will have to continue next year. If I have walked this path for ten years, twenty years, forty years, I must continue on to the last day of my life because the original homeland that I must reach still remains to be achieved. What kind of place is the original homeland? It is the place where everyone wants to go, and once there, everyone wants to meet others and to live there.

You need to know that this path is far more precious than all the things of this world and your surroundings. It is more serious than anything else; therefore, you are fated to abandon everything in order to continue. This is the Unification path that we are going. You must understand that it is the path of your teacher. You must walk this path until the end of your lives. (155-53, 1964.10.6)

You must build a family that has established the ideal family of beauty as the final destination. You should build a family that attends God and that God and True Parents never want to leave once they have come. It is our responsibility to establish model families in which the leaders of all peoples, direct sons and daughters of True Parents in the heavenly kingdom, or any royal families of the heavenly nation would want to live.

You must clearly understand that God is proposing this to you as a pressing task in the present time! You must accomplish this! Become responsible central figures! In this way, the beginning of the heavenly kingdom on earth and of the eternal families that God desires will be accomplished. (298-54, 1999.1.1) 

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