Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Four The Way of Becoming Citizens of Cheon II Guk
Section 6. Inheriting the Realm of Victory of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth

6.1. Name

Go through my collection of sermons: the things I said from forty years ago until now are all coming true. Well, you have all read those books, haven't you? I am someone who knows a lot about Jesus. The name "True Parents" has existed from the year 1960. The fact that it entered the picture in this historic age is truly remarkable. There is no need to even speak about this, though. (168-259, 1987.9.27)

What will happen when the teachings of the Unification Church become a world ideology? The people in the spirit world will not remain there. Since they need to fulfill their purpose on earth, they will all return to earth and start their activities. It is the desire of billions of spirit people that Unification Church members around the world become the vanguard and to have them cry out, "Move! Move! Move! Move!" So, when spirit people complete their purpose on earth and return to the spirit world with their achievements, they will come under God's dominion. Then the one unified world will last eternally in the name of True Parents. (161-222, 1987.2.15)

If I were to go to Korea, all Unification Church members worldwide would already be united in their concern for Korea. Isn't it uncanny? In this sense, when President Chun Doo-hwan goes to Africa, will people follow him there? They wouldn't, would they? The Unification Church, on the other hand, is rather peculiar, is it not? Whites and blacks alike all follow me. Why? How come? It is because of love. What is my name? I have two names: my ordinary name is Sun Myung Moon and the other name that represents love is "True Parents."

You should know that it is not just "True Parents." It is "True Parents representing love," because that is the key in spreading the ideology of unity across the universe based on God's unified love. (164-101, 1987.4.26)

Our Unification Church members are all alike, be they Westerners, Orientals or Africans. That is how we differ from others. Would you like being married to Westerners? Those who are here, will you accept it if I married you to Westerners or not? Will you or not? Why? For what? We do this because in our endeavors to unify the world, we discovered that Adam and Eve's illicit love and wrongful premarital union destroyed everything, and so the world can only be unified when man and woman live together in perfect unity within God's love, transcending the world, in God and the True Parents' names. Rather than having Koreans marry just among themselves, I marry them to people from nations that were once Korea's enemies. (164-159, 1987.5.10)

How much have you welcomed the man sent to earth by God amid His hopes and deep longings? It is not just him. It is truly amazing that he took root on earth in the name of "True Father', and together with the True Mother came to have the name "True Parents', and that the white-clad folk were chosen for such a glorious position. How can that be compared to Korea hosting the 1988 Olympic Games? (172-293, 1988.1.24)

Based on what can Rev. Moon take pride in the name "True Parent" on this day? It is on account of the fact that the internal realm of heart, which can bring down barriers blocking the way and open the gates through all horizontal and vertical stages and spheres in history centering on love, has been laid down. Not only I, but also heaven and earth, history, and this age should rejoice over such a victorious foundation. It is only in that stage that we can rejoice; we should not rejoice denying history and the past. We should be able to find joy in it in the past, present and future alike. (174-189, 1988.2.28)

In order to establish this in preparation for the realm of the fourth Adam, we have risen above the time when we prayed in the name of Jesus or that of the True Parents, and ushered in a new era wherein Blessed Families can pray in their own names. Therefore, the age has arrived in which blessed couples will not fall like Adam did, and can bless their own children in their own names. On account of this, on this day we can surmount this peak that will bring us to the original realm of the fourth Adam and the liberation of God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven, and we have named this day Double-Ten Day (ssangship jeol) and have come here to report to You, Father.

In order to set apart and establish this day, we have gathered here on Double-Ten Day to proclaim this day with the hope of surmounting the peak of the realm of the fourth Adam. At this place where heaven and earth are unified, and Blessed Families have come together as one, I pray all forms of creation, the entire universe and the entire satanic realm will adapt themselves with the institution of this day, done in the name of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. I proclaim the liberation of the realm of the fourth Adam on Double-Ten Day in the True Parents' name. Amen! (304-157, 1999.10.10)

God and Satan are engaged in battle and the question is: who can put an end to this fight? Neither God nor Satan can stop it. Why? Since it was the false parents who brought about this fight, only when those who are more entitled to the position come forth and stand before God can He claim, "I will end it because you are what I wanted," and then Satan can also say, "Since you have triumphed, I will withdraw myself," thus putting an end to the battle. You should realize that because not even God Himself could do it, it has taken such a long time in history. Do you understand?

Hence, just as Moses had to pass through the course of wilderness together with the Israelites, leading them back to their homeland, the True Parents too had to tread their family course in the wilderness for forty years within the eighty years of their lifetime in order to enter God's Kingdom. That is what we are doing right now. To enter the blessed land of Canaan, the Israelites had to be circumcised, but as we are doing this on the family level, we are engrafted through the Blessing in the Unification Church.

Based on the Blessing, though we have been opposed and gone through all kinds of hardships, we need to surmount that last peak and become able to welcome any and all races. (298-192, 1999.1.2)

Parents would volunteer to take the bullet on behalf of their child who is about to be executed by a firing squad. Considering this, we should think about what the heart of God, the Parent of parents, would be like. If you got to know that, you would never be able to find even a trace of the term "filial impiety" in your lives. The True Parents came and toiled arduously in order to liberate such a God, and are continuing to do so.

Look at my calves: how can the founder of a religion have such calves? Just by themselves, they could be mistaken for those of an African. The True Parent must also be a father to Africans, as well as fishermen, farmers and herdsmen. If he can do so at least in heart, he would be able to take them to God's Kingdom. When I tell you to follow my heart of love for you, because the world will follow closely on the heels of the True Parents, we are establishing the name "True Parents" on earth. Hence, the True Parents are essential to the individual, the parent-child relationship and the conjugal relationship in the family, as well as the tribe. Otherwise the nation cannot be saved. (296-204, 1998.11.9)

6.2. The Word

There are three great judgments in the Divine Principle, namely those of truth, character and heart. The Fall violated these three conditions. I can teach you now because I have passed through them. We must first complete the path of restoration before we can teach others because therein lies the Principle. Since the false parents were the first to fall into faithlessness and ignorance, the True Parents must now be the first to know the truth. Since the former were the first to fail to put the truth into practice, it is now the latter in principle who must be the first to do so. Therefore, unless I have already established the standard by practicing it first, I cannot teach the Divine Principle.

You must pass the standard of the Principle, and not fall short of it. Thus, you should embody the Principle. Those going against the principle of indemnity cannot be substantially restored. If there is any such condition still remaining, Satan can always drag them back into his realm of dominion. Therefore, to establish the substantial standard we must confront Satan face to face and be victorious. (1973.7.8)

The Bible contains God's command not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It concerns that which can break our relationship with Him. Thus, it has become a problem. The Divine Principle explains this fact explicitly. It is a great gospel to those who are ignorant of the facts of the Fall, and can save all human beings living in suffering. The fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil cannot be regarded as literal. It is not a fruit borne on an actual tree. Why would God have created a fruit that could consign humanity into the throes of conflict and destruction for untold generations? My explanation of all that being the result of an act of illicit love is the most logical thing you could ever think of. (128-86, 1983.6.5)

The Principle is the law of restoration, and differs from scientific principles taught at universities. It teaches the formula course for restoring the parents that humankind lost through the Fall. Yet that cannot be achieved without knowing the Principle, and, if one does know about it, what should one do? Should one keep the knowledge in one's head and just remain an onlooker? That knowledge must be put into practice. One ought to familiarize oneself with it and practice it by oneself. In order to put the Principle into practice, one needs to be convinced of it. Then what must one do after hearing the Principle? It became the law because the Parents personally put it into practice, and so the children should also practice it. (26-289, 1969.11.10)

What is taught in the Unification Church is called the Divine Principle. It teaches the principled path that everyone must follow, whether believers or non-believers, whether a thousand years ago or ten thousand years from now. On that basis, the truth as taught in the Unification Church contains the underlying principles that can resolve all complicated affairs and bitter feelings between God and the human world. It is not a dogma. Dogmas were for the era of the restoration and liberation of the arch-angelic realm; they cannot establish or restore families. (286-107, 1997.8.9)

We need to draw a conclusion on the question of where to find the point of origin to which we must return in order to restore ourselves to the ideal. For us to do so, we must be convinced that the Unification Principle is the one and only truth. It is the truth that does not change with the passage of history. It cannot be modified by the influence of any great person or the power of any state, or the world or even God Himself. If it can be said to be the truth that has remained unchanged from the past through the present to the future, it must surely have the value of the ideal desired by humankind from the very beginning. (1975.7.13)

While claiming to have learned the Principle, you stowed it at the back of your minds and did as you pleased, and consequently have not embodied it. You should not go out witnessing in such a state. Doing so would only make you a fraud, for you are not working with God. Your actions should conform to the Principle.

In the Divine Principle you can find God's heart of six thousand years, as well as the history of my lifelong bloody struggles. It has so much hidden content unknown to you. Reading such a book that is the Divine Principle, as you turned page after page, have you ever stayed up all night praying, reciting and seeking the ladder that would lead you to God's heart? Have you ever underlined any passage, wondering what history lay behind that word or phrase? If you haven't, how can you come here complaining God is not helping you? As such, I cannot but institute a new system. From now on, everything will have to be radically reformed. You can never afford to be ignorant of the sacredness of the vocation of a church leader doing God's work. (68-101, 1973.7.23)

The Principle is a storehouse containing the words of life. Listening to it is like attaching a rubber hose to a big cistern to be supplied with the water of life through it. Once you get a taste of that water of life, you will go crazy for it and could never tear your lips away from it even if you tried. If someone pulled you away, your lips would be torn from your face. It's just like a bee sucking on honey: if you were to pull at it with tweezers, it would stay in the honey, even if its tail came off. Similarly, you will find something in the Principle that is sweeter than even honey. (90-197, 1977.1.1)

You should talk about the contents of the Divine Principle of the Unification Church so much so that the mere mention of it would sicken you. Until you become resolved to do so, you will have no idea how interesting and exciting it is. You should know for certain that the Word has creative power. Since you know that God is with you wherever you go, your heart will have the power to influence your audience directly. (107-252, 1980.5.19)

In connection with witnessing about the Word, all Unification Church members do not understand the Divine Principle. You should witness while fully equipping yourselves with the Word and emphasizing the need to witness. You cannot deeply experience God's heart alone by yourself. You must witness! How? Through what should you witness? You should read the "Exposition of the Divine Principle" until you know it by heart; you should be able to say throughout on which page you would find which text. (96-318, 1978.2.13)

6.3. Actual accomplishments

In the past, people could only meet the founder of their religion through prayer and devotions, and thereafter parted once again, as the founder had to re-ascend. Yet now the time has come for all of them to return to earth to their adherents. Since such an era is now upon us, if you do not have actual accomplishments that can move the ages of the past, present and future, you cannot enter heaven. You need to realize this. The age of the past was one of angels and good spirits that are now in the spirit world, the age of the present is that of the parents, and the age of the future that of God.

Hence, those who lack actual accomplishments that can mobilize the spirit world, the Parents and God, cannot enter heaven. It is similar to the angels and God being moved to aid Adam and Eve, who would then have to govern the universe thereafter. (161-199, 1987.2.3)

People without actual accomplishments in love cannot be used by God. You must have some achievements. Hence, you can enter heaven only when you have your tribes of 36, 72 and 120 families. Without them you cannot be registered. That is how the Divine Principle works. The 36 Couples insist upon their dignity as such, but can they do so simply as of right? It is a fearful position. You don't know who Satan will grab hold of and attack. (303-166, 1999.8.17)

The perfected True Parents have made many proclamations, which can be read in Hoon Dok Hae sessions. I have conducted numerous ceremonies such as the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Declaration of the Settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Resolution of Indemnity. This cannot be helped as the path to liberation must be paved, leveling down mountains to build the global foundation as originally intended. Without such actual past accomplishments, I could not be the True Parent, Messiah and returning Lord. You need to understand this clearly. As such is the way of the Principle, the True Parents would like to bestow the victorious authority they have established after fulfilling indemnity conditions and breaking down barriers, but you have no foundation upon which you can proclaim these achievements. (289-64, 1997.12.30)

You must make amends for your ancestors' wrongdoings. Thus, you should realize that testimony sessions such as these are very important, and not disregard what you hear. Let it be a reference to you in your minds to check up with others, and help you to grow. Yoo Jeong-ok has had many experiences. He has been taught a great deal by the spirit world and followed these teachings; people with such achievements will never be abandoned by the spirit world. Moreover, I too recognize such people. Even without explanations, I know in my heart. It is with such people that I should work, for those who work based on secular external considerations are bound to come to grief. Since you need to purify your inner character and can learn a lot from these testimonies based on such experiences, I ask you to pay close attention. (284-322, 1997.4.20)

I have told you, "A time will come when you will pray in your own names." What this actually meant was that rather than praying, one should report what one has done in one's name. First one should say, "I will do something," then accomplish it and make a report of it. If you do not have anything to report, you should all kneel down and repent. Repent! You should even repent your sinful thoughts. You should report, "I have done this much," and pledge your word. (304-130, 1999.9.14)

Even if you go to a place that could be considered central in the satanic world, you should be able to swallow and digest it all. Thus, Unification Church members are sent out to the worst places in the world.

I was born in Korea, and passing through Japan, the United States and the Soviet Union, I have walked the path of restoring the world; you too have the responsibility to follow this path. Hence, you must leave behind historic achievements of having served at least four nations.

As such, you should have trained yourselves to be able to follow in the True Parents' footsteps, and seek out and overcome opposition in four nations. To fulfill your parental responsibilities in such nations, you need to learn their languages, and attain actual results of having raised people of those nations as your own children, without which you cannot enter heaven.

I have sent missionaries to 120 nations, and had them learn the languages of those nations on my behalf and establish a movement to sow the seeds of the parents of heart. All this I have done. Therefore, you should set the standard of having at least been my representatives. Hence, you need to pass through the four nations in which you can lay these foundations. (162-90, 1987.3.29)

Am I a great man? What have I done to be a great man? Is a man who makes others understand him great? To be so, he must work and bring results. Ability alone cannot move the universe. There must be results. Even the greatest of men having achieved everything they set out to do have not accomplished a tenth of what I have done. Thus, the situation is unfolding in which people can come to agree, where, in the United States and in the West people are recognizing that, "Rev. Moon is the Lord of the Second Coming both in name and reality!" The man who liberates communists, suffering humanity and this world is the Lord, the Messiah to the world.

Hence, we have reached the stage where people will agree that Rev. Moon is the Messiah. Even in the corridors of power in Washington, there is talk of what I have been doing. We have entered such a stage. We need to have real achievements. (163-29, 1987.4.18) 

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