Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Four The Way of Becoming Citizens of Cheon Il Guk
Section 5. Life of Owners of Cheon Il Guk

5.1. One heart, one body, one mindset, one harmony

You and I are in the position of mind-body unity, that is, husband and wife, parents and children being of one heart. Oneness in mind cannot be achieved in a state where one stands above and the other below. If parents are above and their children are below, they cannot be of one heart. Only when both are positioned on the same level of equal footing can they be one in mind. In other words, only when both their internal and external relationships are in one plane can they become one in mind. This holds true for a couple as well: they can be of one heart only at a place where their internal and external, front and back relationship is horizontal, but never if it is vertical. (41-30, 1971.2.12)

Everything is to unite in oneness of mind: the eyes, the nose and everything else should become one in mind. Body and mind should be as one, as should man and woman. Tribes and nations should become one in mind. The people should achieve oneness of mind as desired by their king, become of one heart with the presidents of the world, then with God, the president of heaven and earth. When this comes to pass, the world will become one nation, and that united nation will not be someone else's, but ours. (284-76, 1997.4.15)

Had Adam and Eve fulfilled their responsibility before God, He would have blessed them. From the place of this blessing, goodness would have started, and unity of truth, substance and heart been attained. Unity of truth means that when God says, "Do this!" we answer "Yes" and follow and fulfill what He commands us to do. From the perspective of God's will, Adam and Eve are essentially not two separate beings. Lured by Eve, Adam broke heavenly law and thus they separated; originally, they were united. After unity of truth and substance are attained, unity of heart should be attained. When this happens, we can become as one with God, and He has ventured forth hoping for that day. (15-263, 1965.10.17)

Heaven is the place a couple completely united in God's love can enter along with their children born of this complete union, that is, the family, tribe and people united in God. (18-331, 1967.8.13)

The very first condition of the Unification Church is mind-body unity. Thus, at the time of the Creation God enjoined absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. What we say is manifested according to our faith. If it does not come to pass, we have to invest ourselves and effectuate it. However great a task maybe, it is carried out and fulfilled as we command, for we invest ourselves more than we hope. (400-203, 2003.1.1)

Eve's fall was due to her failure to pursue absolute faith and absolute love. Thus, the principle of restoration through indemnity dictates single-hearted devotion of one mindset for the sake of God to restore absolute faith and absolute love based on conscience. Everything in the world goes against God, and so we need to cut ourselves off from and deny them absolutely. (275-30, 1995.10.30)

Il hwa (one harmony) is made up of the Chinese characters il meaning one and hwa meaning harmony. It does not use the Chinese character hwa meaning to become. As it stands, the character hwa, meaning to harmonize, contains the meaning that people of different personalities should become one even though their characters differ, and similarly, peoples and nations with different characteristics should join together as one. (68-232, 1973.8.3)

The character hwa in the word Il hwa (one harmony) does not signify having to change essentially in order to harmonize. Whether man or woman, they should harmonize without changing. Of the two, harmonizing without going through any changes rather than harmonizing at the cost of changes in essence is more highly valued. (173-241, 1988.2.21)

It is one heart, one body and one mindset: one heart stands for loving God. In short, we are asked to love Heaven. One body stands for loving humanity. Isn't that so? One mindset stands for loving one's nation, which is the expanded version of the family. In other words, we are asked to love our families. The essential mainstream of the desire of men and women is the ideology of one heart, one body and one mindset! Do you understand?

The title for today's sermon is "The Settlement of One Heart, One Body and One Mindset..." It is all right to say one mindset. "One heart, one body and one mindset are to God and the cosmos..." You know what the cosmos signifies, don't you? It is God's home, and so encompasses all creation and heaven and earth. "It is the mainstream ideology of the people of the cosmos!"

Do you understand? Say it after me: "One heart, one body and one mindset are the mainstream ideology of God and the people of the cosmos, of His home and the people in heaven and on earth." Everything is included, not excepting any form of creation. It is the mainstream ideology of all people. Is that clear? Repeat after me: "One heart, one body and one mindset are the mainstream ideology of God and the people of the cosmos!" There is nothing else. (381-106, 2002.6.11)

Heavenly Father, the source of all blessings! You sent True Parents to earth, and had them indemnify numerous peaks of resentment, and now heaven and earth can commonly stand on the same horizontal line, following the completion of the Rallies for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth, and the Holy Burning Ceremony of Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth, and as we herald the Age of Equalization of Harmony, Peace and Unity of Heaven and Earth, heaven and earth can commonly be on the same level standard based upon the ideal of oneness, from the individual all the way up to the cosmos, advancing toward the one purpose.

In order for mind and body to become as one, giving way to individual perfection, and for the ideal of love to be fulfilled to bring about the perfection of the reciprocal ideal desired by God, based upon the one harmony in substantial form of one heart, one body and one mindset, Adam and Eve, created with the reciprocal standard, were absolutely necessary. If the incorporeal Parent of heaven and the corporeal substantial parents did not have an ideal partner of love, based on the unifying standard of harmony of one heart, one body and one mindset, the purpose of the mainstream ideal of God's attributes, namely absolute love, unique love, unchanging love and eternal love, cannot be fulfilled. (400-189, 2003.1.1)

5.2. Eight stages of purity

The providence of salvation is the providence of re-creation, which is also the process of creation for the establishment of all pure things, pure people, pure lineage and pure love in accordance with God's principle of creation. As the establishment of all pure things, pure people and pure love on pure land is the ideal of creation -- the purpose of creation -- we need to be freed from ourselves in order to achieve this goal. To recover pure bodies, it is essential to tear down our current bodies which are serving as the foundation for Satan, in order to drive him out.

Thus, your pure mind, body, substance and mindset should be unified, and next you should escape from the satanic realm to the place that is like the stage of engagement and stay there for three years, after which you can form Blessed Families in the realm of perfection. In the light of the Principle, this process is the ascension to the position wherein you can completely fulfill your human portion of responsibility. You need to know that this is the course of restoration through indemnity. If you do not fulfill this, there is no other way for you to ascend. (268-114, 1995.3.31)

Eight stages of purity signify fulfilling the duties of chastity, pure lineage, pure love, pure filial piety, pure loyalty, pure saints, pure divine sons and daughters, pure marriage and pure family. Through them the order of eight stages from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God can be established in complete form on earth through the True Parents. This gives rise to unified horizontal relations between individuals, families, tribes and peoples.

Thus, centering on the incorporeal God and the love of the substantial Parents of Heaven and Earth, the starting form of the family can be expanded to be the basis for the global ideal. Thus it can be completed in the form of a family, and God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven can be liberated and the path leading directly there can be opened. To fulfill this is the mission of God and the True Parents.

Unless your mind and body are unified, and you can stand in the form of one heart, one body, one mindset and one harmony and become truly filial sons and daughters to God and the loyal subjects of His kingdom, discharging the duties of saints to the world and of God's divine sons and daughters, and preparing to claim with a mind of pure filial piety, "I will live serving the True Parents forever," you cannot become citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

Discovering that you cannot think of living comfortably all by yourselves, you should be willing to go anywhere in the world, whether under circumstances of hardship or happiness, or even of the greatest misery, and be prepared to stand in God's stead in the position of His pioneering princes and princesses. Only then can you be the heirs eligible to inherit Cheon Il Guk.

Since the True Parents are going through hardships to live together with you, you should resolve to work harder than anyone, to gladly endure hardships thousands of times more severe and to give everything you have to set up a reciprocal standard within that living environment, in order to enthrone the True Parents on the liberated seat of greatest joy.

Only when you have become people who can persevere through suffering in the most extreme conditions, and yet be grateful and can praise and return the glory of service before God, to be handed down as a source of pride to your descendants forevermore, can you become the owners of Cheon Il Guk. (400-155, 2002.11.5)

In order not to be caught up in habits and leave any loose ends by which you can be dragged towards Satan, you should think of this as a good thing for God's providence. To bequeath a pure lineage, you must persevere on a path that traverses mountains, anticipating the joys of the day on which you can sow pure seeds through pure love and have pure descendants on the clean foundation of having inherited the True Parents' lineage. I ask you to surmount this path with your hearts filled with hope, understanding how serious this is. Do you understand? (183-86, 1988.10.29)

The True Parents must bear responsibility for Adam and Eve's failures and settle the matter. Otherwise, there is no way back to the position of true parents. Since it was the parents that sowed, it should be the parents that reap, and burn away what is bad and store up what is good, so that they can later share out the seeds desired by all peoples. This is the Word of the Principle of true love, pure lineage and ideal conjugal love. No other path exists for humankind to seek. Though all else fades away, this will accompany the lives of human beings everlastingly. That's how precious it is. (256-28, 1994.3.12)

The lineage, the undefiled pure lineage must be maintained. Just as God banished fallen Adam and Eve, when the lineage is defiled one needs to remove oneself completely and fall in line behind fallen humanity to return after them. In the future, only those who have lived their lives safeguarding this purity can take charge of the Kingdom of Heaven. Such people will need to succeed to and inherit the mainstream traditional ideology. Blessed families who fall again cannot be forgiven. (268-110, 1995.3.31)

When you return home, it is the tradition to greet your parents and practice filial piety before anything else, a tradition that is emphasized more to women in particular. Why do we tell the story of Shim Chung? It is because it was woman who did not show filial piety. To indemnify world history, one woman should be established in the number one position in establishing the tradition of filial piety. This is the very first clause of indemnity in building the restored Kingdom of Heaven, and so women should take pride in becoming daughters who establish the tradition of filial piety, practice chastity and maintain purity. (286-103, 1997.8.9)

You can speak of becoming the owners of God's Kingdom only after becoming filial sons and daughters. Following that, you become patriots, saints, and lastly families of divine sons and daughters, namely true families. Only when you have formed true families can you become owners of the Kingdom of Heaven. (400-204, 2003.1.1)

Without unifying your mind and body, you should not even think of entering heaven. If you had only wanted to unify your body and mind after listening to the Word of the Principle, you would still have to go to the next world and wait there unless you had already become as one. (400-205, 2003.1.1)

You need to become filial sons and daughters, sons and daughters-in- law and saints. Next, based on purity, pure lineage and pure love, your families need to be filial before God on the family foundation. Not just you alone, but your whole families should practice filial piety. Then your families should become filial families of patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters. In such a position, you need to become the representatives of the owner, not lacking in any way as the princes and princesses who will inherit kingship from the individual level to the cosmic level, and even to the world beyond that is heaven. We should always train ourselves to do so, for that is what it means to be the owners of Cheon Il Guk. (406-316, 2003.3.12)

The True Parents must bring everything under control and dedicate them to the position of the owner. This is because Adam and Eve are meant to inherit everything after they are married. Having something in one's possession before one is married is like having purchased stolen goods. It is the same as if you have bought or borrowed and used what is stolen, or stolen it yourself for your own use; in short, the one who is not the owner has acted as one.

All together, based on families of purity, pure lineage and pure love before the True Parents, filial families of patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters should be offered and brought under control in God's presence. In that nation all should have their marriages and births registered. (406-320, 2003.3.12)

Blessed families based on pure lineage and pure love should form families, nations, a world and cosmos of filial piety and claim God as their Father. They should take after Him both inside and out, resembling His mind, body and even cells, and become as one in mind, body, mindset and harmony.

However, God does not have an object partner. In the position of one harmony, they should invest love, and continue to climb from the age of all things to God in the end. From there the origin of liberation based on the perfected and completed original ideal of creation can begin.

Through this, the cosmos can rejoice when God rejoices, and resonate with Him. We need to reach that place as soon as possible, faster than lightning. (406-322, 2003.3.12)

5.3. Life of serving God and the True Parents

Today, even though fallen people have parents, those parents are not true parents recognized by God. Then what is it that we need to do in the Last Days? At this time, while we are still alive, we should serve the universal parents, the parents of the religion and the parents of the family. In short, we need to serve those three sets of great parents.

The family is the representative form of the citizens, and the church that of the children, and the universal parents stand in the place of the true parents. People living on earth today are not within the realm of true parental love approved by God. The sad fact is that the flesh and blood relationship connecting us to our parents does not extend from our births to the eternal world.

Hence, we must understand that only when God's love is harmonized through the parents of the family, parents of the religion and universal parents can we enter His realm of love of the six thousand years of history and stand in His presence and lift up our faces before Him. This is the course we are bound to take. (5-122, 1959.1.4)

Had people been born without the Fall, they would have come into being from the seed connected to God's love and life, which would have nowhere else to go, but to return automatically to His presence. It can be likened to a magnet whose north pole is automatically drawn towards its south pole. Then there would be no need to question God's existence. Though we cannot detect the presence of air, without it we would suffocate. In the same way, though we cannot detect God's presence, if we do not live by His love and life, we would suffocate. (104-45, 1979.3.28)

Only by being reborn through the True Parents can you become the citizens of heaven. Then how can we be reborn? It is by making a condition to be reborn. That condition is to unite with them completely. Hence, women need to obey the commands of the True Mother absolutely. The deplorable matter of not having abided by the commandment in the Garden of Eden must be resolved. You need to practice absolute faith! Further, children must absolutely obey their mother. Who teaches them to do so? It is the Father, the perfected Adam who teaches them. (237-301, 1992.11.17)

It is true that you will reap what you have sown. What seed did Adam and Eve sow in the Garden of Eden? It was that of free sex. Thus, they covered their lower parts. Young children caught sneaking coveted cookies or some other delicacies that their parents have kept somewhere will hide them when they see them coming. It is human nature to cover that which offends.

Since fallen people have dropped into hell, they need to go the diametrically opposite way in order to get to heaven. Born of the wrong lineage, they fell into hell. Their lineage was changed. Hence, the Messiah must come. He is sent as the owner in the position of one who has not fallen to form a family in the Garden of Eden created by God. This must be logically correct. Through his family serving God, he should establish a nation through an engrafting process, by which all families can have their lineage reversed back to God's side. (279-118, 1996.8.1)

You can gain free passage only through the name of the True Parents; otherwise you cannot get it. It stands to reason that what the father possesses should be bequeathed to his children. Thus, you are undertaking Home Church activities in the place of the True Parents as their sons and daughters before God. (117-158, 1982.2.28)

If your sons and daughters have not united with the will of the True Parents concerning God, they cannot be said to be your own children. Only when they have become one in heart as the sons and daughters of the True Parents can they succeed you as your children. Fallen people should give birth to and raise children who do not belong to them, and through such children be elevated to a higher position. When such a concept is established, there can be no unrighteousness. (205-274, 1990.10.1)

To become God's children, you need to act like Him. By the same principle, if you do not model yourselves after the True Parents, you cannot become their sons and daughters. Even I do not like the word indemnity. Then why is it that I have to base all my words on it? This is because it is the formula course. If you cannot resolve it, you will fail in it, not just after a decade but even a millennium. (246-42, 1993.3.23)

When God is enthroned as the Universal Parent, His love will reign on earth. On that day, receiving His love, all would come to love their siblings and not fight with each other even if incited to do so. How abominable was the Fall in the Garden of Eden? How abominable is the course of bloodshed that has been trodden till now commenced by the conflict there? Individuals cannot go to heaven alone. United with your siblings, you should take your parents along with you to God's Kingdom. (105-339, 1979.10.28)

In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve fell of their own accord and lived within that fallen realm, being thus unable to experience a life of serving God. Those who have not served Him have no right to enter His kingdom in heaven. Though you have inherited the fallen lineage and lived as such, you have indemnified a course of restoration and have served God and the True Parents on earth, whom not even Adam and Eve had served. On this condition you have become eligible to enter heaven, for only when you have done so can you be granted citizenship in God's Kingdom. (150-233, 1961.4.15)

I will proclaim "the Peace, Unity and Equalization of Cheon Il Guk." Peace, Unity and Equalization of Cheon Il Guk means that it is the same everywhere -- there is not one place that is different from any other. In other words, I am proclaiming the "Age of the World of Equalization." "Announcement and Proclamation of the Coming of the Age of Peace, Unity and Equalization of Cheon Il Guk!" What this means is that it is the same both in heaven and on earth, that they are equalized.

If you have faith in the leader of your religious order, when that religious leader is called upon he should respond. When the ancestors are called upon, they should respond as well for their descendants are truly the Blessed Families of the peace and unity of Cheon Il Guk.

Therefore, "I am speaking of the era wherein spirit people can freely return to earth, and the desires of the people on earth can freely reach their ancestors and God! Hereupon, I declare the Coming of the Age of Equalization!" Say "Amen." You should remember this day. In the midst of my early morning prayer, the realization came to me, "Such a time is now upon us!" and that is why I am making it public. So today I will briefly talk about how we should live now that we have entered such an era.

Our desire is to stand in the same position with God. Having the same status! Cohabitation means to live together. Next comes participation, which can also be said to be companionship. We should move and act together with Him. Thus, we should possess the same love, that is, live for the purpose of love together.

Thus, Jesus also said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." In those words, he did not mention the word "love." The Unification Church, which came later, establishes Cheon Il Guk through love.

So your desires are to reside in the same position as the True Parents. Isn't that what you wish for? You wish to live together with them, to join in and do all their work. What do you hope to achieve by that? To live together eternally in the place of liberation in freedom and happiness based on love! Amen! In this sense, I have announced that the Age of Peace, Unity and Equalization of Cheon Il Guk has arrived. Hence, when you move, you do not move alone, but your nations are following you about. The entire spirit world and God's entire kingdom are also following you, and escorted by the physical world and all people living in it, you are living in the capacity of the owner. Therefore you need to become owners who can serve the tradition of God's love throughout your clans as the ideology that is like the backbone of the traditions of a nation. (396-151, 2002.11.5) 

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