Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Four The Way of Becoming Citizens of Cheon II Guk
Section 4. Witness in Order to Win the Heavenly Right of Ownership

You should be able to think: "We are the ones who have come forth in search of the people of hope. We are the ones who are needed to revive the nation of hope. The day we set to work will be the day when the citizens who can become constituents for reviving the nation will be revived. We are the ones who have inherited the traditional ideology of this nation and stepped forward to rebuild the nation of our desire. Therefore, we should unite with them through this traditional ideology and find the right nation. We are the ones in charge of recruiting such a group."

There your heart should be overflowing with love for that nation and its people. It should be a different place from when you loved the nation as its citizens. It should be a different sort of love than that you had until now for your own relatives, parents, siblings, spouse and children. You should love the people and nation in a different way. Unless this happens, the ideal world of God's hope that He has sought until now cannot be realized. When we fully represent God to them they will follow us to become heavenly citizens. When these people who have gathered are solidly connected, the restoration of God's will be initiated. (57-179, 1972.5.31)

The term "one people" includes the black, white and yellow races, and should have the capacity to digest all cultures as well as all habits and environments throughout history. We are saying that we are going to become one people and siblings centering on the True Parents. The world, however, is not like that yet. We should completely make it one people. If left as it is, evil people would always remain. Through our Home Church activities we can create one people. You should know that the way to do that can only be through the Home Church activities. There is no other way. Even if there are numerous tribes, we should establish a movement to unify them. (116-215, 1982.1.1)

By receiving the Blessing you can be treated as regular Unification Church members and citizens of the heavenly nation. We thus come to the conclusion that Satan will be automatically separated based on that logical standard. God's love is higher than Satan's, and you have stood as men and women blessed on that foundation of a principled love. You are therefore above rather than below that standard for being accused by Satan; hence he cannot accuse you. It is because the True Parents have established the original standard for the lineage through their bloodline. Therefore, if you are within that realm of lineage, Satan will never appear. Thus, you will have completely crossed over to the realm of separation from him. (172-66, 1988.1.7)

The Unification Church is a representative church marching forward for the ideal of the family Kingdom of Heaven. You should know that the nation, world, cosmos, and God are embedded in this family. You have been bonded to the True Parents' lineage; therefore, from now on, you must not become wild olive trees. You should take the seed of the true olive tree and bear its fruit wherever you take root in the world. You should bear the same kind of fruit regardless of your nation or location and be accepted as the holy people of the heavenly nation. You should be aware that this was God's ideal of creation.

Unification Church Blessed Families have the responsibility to increase the population of God's Kingdom -- within the free and liberated realm that has no history of indemnity. You must never forget that this is your mission.

Now the tribal realms will be inaugurated. God will no longer govern you. Your tribes are entering the age of becoming the tribes of heaven. Hence, through the works of their ancestors, people are joining the Unification Church without knowing why. When spring comes, leaves are not induced to appear; they do so naturally. A world where the morning sun rises slowly is right before our eyes. Do not forget that our duty and mission is in going forth boldly and in high spirits as great owners of heaven and earth and God's liberated children. (202-256, 1990.5.24)

My desire is to restore citizens to heaven. Yet, how can we transform the citizens of the satanic world? This is the question. They should deny it and turn around 180 degrees. Currently Satan is positioned higher and God lower. How should this be changed? It should become a zero point. How many citizens of heaven you restore will be the most precious thing for you.

Haven't you all become citizens of heaven through me? By the same token, in order to make your children heavenly citizens you should educate them so that you can take them with you and have them live in the heavenly nation even at the risk of your life. That is your asset. You should systematize this and educate your children; only then will they go to the same place. How great it would be if everyone became a citizen of heaven instantaneously? That should be done. They will be your assets in the other world. That becomes a gift when you go to the next world; it is similar to the dowry and gifts a bride brings when she moves in with her in-laws. If you bring the people of your nation as well as those from many other nations there will be a banquet prepared in heaven. (215-182, 1991.2.17)

The greatest gifts you can take with you in entering the Kingdom of Heaven is its citizens from, for example, the field of business, through the words of the Divine Principle. What should you bring with you when you enter heaven, God's Kingdom? You should not just bring your family with you. If you do, who will save Cain's children in the satanic world? Hence, to this day, nobody has entered heaven centered on true love. That is why it is empty. Thus, you should know that restoring many citizens of God's Kingdom and entering heaven with them is a gift that allows you to be rewarded by Him and draw near to the heavenly nation. This cannot be done through knowledge or any other activities or results. (216-135, 1991.3.9)

Without a foundation for eternal life you cannot fight for a long time. Without results you will just fade away. I have remained to this day because I fought for eternal life. It is the same for me. It is a serious issue. You don't know the strength of this. We all eventually die. You don't know when you may drop dead in a corner. Someday we will all go to the spirit world. When you do, what will you bring with you before God? You cannot go with your body. You should all go there leading the citizens of heaven. Won't there be a lot of people behind me? That is what you should do. (230-61, 1992.4.15)

Your proprietary rights in the spirit world will be determined by the number of citizens you have brought into the Kingdom of Heaven. They will be your assets. The time has come to take stock of this. A time will come when millions will be witnessed to in a day. The Unification Church has such tremendous potential. Look at the world: how many people are drifting around like raving lunatics, agonizing whether to live or die, questioning life and committing suicide?

We are now entering an era of transmigration, in which Unification Church members move across borders, within a region of three or four adjacent nations, between continents and furthermore between East and West. When such exchanges take place our domain will change. Why is this necessary? Neighboring countries became enemies due to frequently conflicting national interests. Hence, people who lived during the dark ages are surrounded by walls in the spirit world. How will such walls be torn down? Their descendants on earth should tear them down, thereby bringing about their collapse. In order to do this, those who hated the Japanese must now love them with an even greater intensity. That is Abel's mission. The first person to understand this must be the first to bear the cross. (218-227, 1991.8.19)

When you go to the next world, your assets will depend on how many citizens of heaven you engrafted while you were on earth. Religion should implant this awareness. As Unification Church members did not instill this awareness among our second generation, they want to go elsewhere. They are all being swept away saying that they are going to find a job or do other things in secular society. The citizens of heaven are produced on earth, not in the spirit world. They are reborn in the physical world. Thus, if Adam and Eve had originally produced people according to the Principle, then they would have all belonged to heaven, but because they fell, everything was turned upside down. (230-24, 1992.4.15)

More important than eating is harvesting the citizens of heaven. That is the main occupation of us who live on earth. Among the things we should do in our lifetime, there is nothing more precious than that. The money you accumulate after landing a job and getting promoted in secular society will all be water under a bridge. Money will be useless in the other world. Material things and knowledge are unnecessary there. Even without being taught, your mind will already know things. You will be familiar with everything within a week.

When you go to that other world someday, what will you say to God who has been guiding the work of redemption and who took great pains to this day to find one Adam? Hasn't God been seeking the perfected Adam by Himself since the Creation? Yet you have come to know the Principle. This is the weapon that will enable you to save thousands and myriads of citizens. Until now, God could not educate human beings and had to guide the work of redemption amidst their ignorance. What we are doing is taking on His sorrow and doing more things in His stead on earth than He has done.

The Principle provides us with a path to enlighten and assemble a following of hundreds and thousands of Adams. How many sons and daughters have you assembled who will follow you to heaven? You shouldn't be doing anything other than that. Even if you had billions in gold and lived affluently, all that would pass away. Invest all your material things, your knowledge and even your fallen life for this work. Don't invest them separately, but rather all in one go with the heart to create the citizens of God's Kingdom. As your investment accumulates its value appreciates proportionately. (230-28, 1992.4.15)

How much you are going to be praised eternally before God depends on how many citizens of heaven you will have harvested. In the past, there wasn't even a spade to harvest them: incapability resulted from ignorance; however, you now have an A-frame rack on your back. If you passionately convey the Word you can bring in an explosive harvest. (230-32, 1992.4.15)

You should engage in many activities to multiply the citizens and families of heaven through your own efforts. Your status by which you will be designated in the other world is determined on earth. Isn't it stated that what is bound on earth is bound in heaven, and what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven? This is what it is referring to. (235-58, 1992.8.28)

The north and south poles of a magnet do not tell each other to be mutually attracted. This process comes about naturally. A typhoon is coming. This must be brought to settlement, centering on the realm of Eve and the mother we should firmly plant the realms of Cain and Abel in the family along with the fortunes of the world that come rushing in like a typhoon. It is like giving birth to a baby; that's what you are doing; it is for the mother and the children.

On this path women are liberators. Men live without any concerns in a free realm of heaven and earth, which is why they are unable to interfere in their children's ways. Women should be grateful before heaven and earth and the True Parents for the amazing realm of time that they have entered in which they can have dominion twenty-four hours a day. Hence, the question is: how many people are you harvesting and bringing to the heavenly nation as its citizens?

There is a lot of commotion in Korea about dowries. That is the kind of time it has become. The question is how many citizens and families you bring with you to the heavenly nation. There are no families or citizens in heaven. How grateful God would be if we can create citizens and families! When you look up into the dark sky at night don't you see stars shining? Among those stars what kind of star would you like to become? You would want to become a large star. Whether you become a big star or not depends on how many citizens and families you bring into heaven. (235-119, 1992.8.29)

Women who go into the mountains in search of herbs stay there all day bustling about in search of the good ones, but by the end of the day they come back with empty baskets because they had become hungry and ended up eating all the herbs they had gathered. Yet those who steadily and patiently gather herbs can take those energetic women who had been bustling about to their households as helpers.

Currently, God's Kingdom has no citizens. Heaven is empty. Consequently, we must fill up that vast and empty heaven with people through the doors of the Unification Church. As such an age has come, you should think of the world rather than yourselves. You should not have your hair hanging out like a quail's or let your hair turn gray like a wagtail's. Do not be like wagtails which fly about pitiably with their tails waving. You must become noblewomen. (237-303, 1992.11.17)

God created Adam because He needed the horizontal realm. Many men and women marry and form families so that their children can be transferred to heaven to fill it up. Hence, each family is a production line that creates the citizens of heaven. Being a production line, it should churn out many children. People's rank and position of glory in heaven are determined by the number of citizens they bring into the heavenly nation. If you raise many children, and if you raised twelve or even twenty-four types of people, you would stand in a position of having loved all types of human beings. (256-238, 1994.3.13)

The last time I was leaving Hawaii, I talked about the Coronation for God's Kingship and then about His hometown and the settlement of His Homeland and then the declaration of Cheon Il Guk and its citizens. Sovereignty is needed to establish a nation. That is the establishment of kingship. There must be a nation. That is the settlement of God's Homeland. Next, there must be citizens. That is how you get the registration card for the heavenly nation. In this way, the foundations for Cheon Il Guk have all been prepared on which the sovereignty, citizenry and territory can be prepared centering on God's supreme authority. What definitely determines your value here depends on how many kinfolk you have brought to God. You must go the opposite way. You have to ascend from here. (364-131, 2002.1.1)

Now is the time to mobilize your ancestors. You must mobilize them to cooperate with you, and in order to do so you need to clearly understand the contents and structure of the spirit world and how returning resurrection takes place. Then you should become the flag-bearers to set the direction and become an example for your ancestors who are devoting their utmost sincerity. The physical world stands as the elder brother -- it must become the example. Do you understand? Hence, do not think that you are doing this alone. If you mobilize your ancestors they will help you. (370-132, 2002.2.19)

In relation to the Fall, God was responsible for the Creation and Adam for the Fall. The Fall destroyed the family, nation, world and the entire universe. This was brought about by the false parents, whose ringleader Satan came into being, united with them and banished God. This destroyed the world that God had desired. Hitherto, the political world had sacrificed the religious realms, but henceforth this will be reversed.

Thus, I launched a supra-denominational, supra-national and supra-NGO movement to establish the reversed order back to its proper way, thereby bringing about a unified liberation to heaven and earth. I did not do this in the spirit world but on earth, transcending and liberating everything by burning away all the tainted bloodstains and marks left behind by Satan. You should burn away everything connected to the individual, family and possessions, and transcend them through this Holy Burning Ceremony.

In doing so we are passing over to become Blessed Central Families. Since human failure occurred in the family, you cannot transcend this without having a family. Individuals cannot transcend that. Hence, the spirit world is in an uproar now to complete the Blessing. They are making demands of the earth.

Thus, your ancestors as well as religious founders and leaders will descend upon the earth to carry out the task of helping their descendants and followers respectively to fulfill their responsibilities as the owners of each clan or religion. This is why I have now asked Unification Church members not to witness to outside people. They should save all people in the position of servants, adopted children, children by concubines and begotten children in their clans and families, become as one and serve the Parents to be educated by the husband of the original family, the Messiah. Then the realm of liberation for heaven will be completed through that individual who is liberated on the new earth. (396-127, 2002.11.5) 

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