Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Four The Way of Becoming Citizens of Cheon II Guk
Section 2. Cheon Il Guk, Our Original Homeland

We must become somebody's child, which means becoming God's child. We must become somebody's sibling, which means becoming a sibling in His family. God created Adam and Eve in order to substantially see and be stimulated by all His internal aspects. They were to be the second substantial gods because He created them out of His need for love partners. A monkey cannot be God's partner in love; only human beings can. (258-274, 1994.3.20)

God has until now been unable to hold His right of ownership. Satan has possessed everything -- the nation, people and all things. Satan stole God's right of ownership. The True Parents, too, have never possessed the right of ownership over true children, a true nation or a true world. As there has never been a true person -- a true man or woman -- to possess these things, no one could hold the right of ownership. (186-118, 1989.1.29)

To this day, God has been unable to hold the right of ownership. The devil has been the owner. God's children were unable to take ownership. The devil and his children have posed as the owners of God's creation and caused great harm. Everything must be reclaimed. All things of creation must return to the original parents -- to the True Parents and the True Children, true nation and true tribe. (203-185, 1990.6.24)

Now we must no longer think that we are someone's child or sibling. We are God's children, True Parents' children and people who can receive the rights of inheritance that can emancipate the world and cosmos. Our families have shot arrows at us from a satanic position. Even so, we are not simply passing through several millennia of history, but rather will prepare everything in our lifetime that is required in order to become messiahs and enter an era that permits our second coming on a horizontal level. This is so we can go to and save our clan and parents, who previously opposed us. Based on this, the earth can become the Kingdom of Heaven for the first time.

In that sense, the deeds and lifestyle of Blessed Families today fall short of an acceptable standard. You should be aware that you have been within the devil's lair, and now you should strive to create your own realm of liberation. Otherwise, if you embrace your children merely out of habit and just long to be happy, everything will perish. (203-180, 1990.6.24)

When Jesus went to Jerusalem he looked at a fig tree on the road and, seeing that it bore no fruit, cursed it. Immediately, it withered away. That is the kind of consequence you would face if you are without fruit. What have you prepared for God in building the future nation? It is the fruits of your work, the central core and realization of this nation. The citizens of God's nation are not the fruits of an apple or peach. To this day, God has been unable to have citizens in His Kingdom. Thus, He is now seeking His original citizens, the perfected citizens He could never have. (215-339, 1991.3.1)

The true nation is called God's Kingdom on earth. Only by establishing it can we fulfill His will that was behind the blessings He gave to the original Adam and Eve when He said, "Have dominion over creation when you have perfected yourselves!" and human beings can finally emerge as the true owners of the earth. When that happens, people can finally become true brothers and sisters; then we can become God's true children for the first time. We can become true sons and daughters of filial piety to the Heavenly Father, loyal subjects to our Lord, and true lords to the creation and universe. When that happens, God will not only externally delegate full powers, but also internally bestow even the innermost core of His heart to us. We thus become children to whom He can safely entrust everything. (5-329, 1959.3.1)

Human history has emerged out of the dark night into the dawn to greet the new bright sun. Then what does the sun represent? Humanity's sun means the Parents of Humankind. Humanity's hometown -- the original homeland -- cannot emerge without the emergence of these parents. (16-258, 1966.6.19)

It is good news and glad tidings for tribal messiahs to hear that they can possess the hometown of love. Next, the lineage will be converted through the Blessing. Now your hometown can become yours. Your lineage has been flowing from there. That lineage will widen and the current of love of all nations will become like pure water and flow into the great ocean called heaven in the spirit world. The spirit world is connected to the great ocean of love on earth, and is God's Kingdom in heaven. Hence, in the other world, you cannot survive without a heart that has experienced love.

The heart of love refers to a filial and then a brotherly heart. Fraternal love is its expansion and conjugal love its synthesis, thus occupying the center. Marriage unites men and women based on the concept of God's original love, and through maturing and uniting in love, they unite with God as substantial beings.

Love is vertical here. Therefore, from here, centering on the vertical God, the horizontal Adam and Eve can finally enter this entity of love that moves vertically. In this way, a point of settlement for the family can be created for the first time. The individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world can be completely settled at this one point. This is the axis.

God is the masculine subject partner, isn't he? Thus, man is at the center because he has the baby seed -- the seed of life. Women do not have that. They are the core. The seed of love exists to come in contact with the core of life, and to become as one with God. Isn't He the seed of life? Thus, the logical and central point of settlement is the place where we can unite with His love. (226-173, 1992.2.4)

Heaven is the intended destination of human beings who are currently within the fallen realm. In other words, we must return to our hometowns. You must go back to your hometown. You cannot do that alone. Since there is a purpose for creation, you must return to your homeland after fulfilling it. If they had not fallen, Adam and Eve would have passed on to the next world with just the two of them representing the cosmos, the world, the nation and the family. That was the responsibility given to them as God's originally created children. (113-162, 1981.5.3)

The question is how to transform and expand the hometown of your birth into a heavenly hometown, which is why I designated you as tribal messiahs, whereby your parents embody Adam's family, you embody Jesus, and I embody Christ at the Second Advent. The third, second and first generations are horizontally connecting the realm of the True Parents with your ancestors who represent the source of history. Hence, your birth parents embody Adam and Eve. You embody Jesus, and I embody Christ at the Second Advent. In this way, your parents and birthplace become part of the hometown of God's Kingdom. The position of the hometown that is within heaven's domain has been restored. (215-129, 1991.2.6)

Your birthplace is not your hometown. The time has come when the whole nation can become your hometown. Thus, when you go to the other world, all the borders that existed until now will disappear. Currently there are limits to your hometown but if you restore it, once you pass on to the spirit world you will be connected without any borders. It becomes the basis for God's Kingdom on earth, which can connect to the hometown anywhere. Hence, once this is connected, everyone registered in the family register of all the nations will be transferred intact to the heavenly nation.

Since the hometown of people who did not fall and multiplied would be transformed into that of God's Kingdom, everybody would be engrafted and enter heaven from a position of having been born in the kingdom. That is how the restoration of the hometown will take place. Once that hometown, that nation is restored the cosmos will be restored. On that foundation, the restoration of the True Parents would be completed. Once restored, once the True Parents have a foothold, they can accomplish their mission when all the conditions for God's Kingdom and cosmic restoration have been met. (216-131, 1991.3.9)

Your hometown is God's Kingdom where the True Parents were born. Is Seoul God's Kingdom where the True Parents were born? How are you going to overcome this concept? How will you transcend it? God does not want people to think, "I'm from Jeolla province." "I'm from Gyeong-gi province." "I'm Korean." "I'm American." Adam and Eve did not have such concepts in the Garden of Eden. (169-174, 1987.10.31)

The last condition that should be fulfilled in order to inherit God's legacy is to do with possessing God, true parents, true siblings, true citizens, the true nation and the true world. You should become people who can live as members of the heavenly family through an inseparable fraternal heart that enables you to feel that all people are your siblings and that your relationship to them is eternal and unchanging. You should be able to establish a true nation on earth and inherit God's legacy based on a true family in which we can say that heaven and earth are ours and that Heavenly Father is our Father. (10-354, 1960.11.27)

When we examine our life of faith and Christianity, which advocates belief in God today, how many people would be worthy to be citizens of His kingdom? Furthermore, where is the race that God can eternally claim as His? Where can we find the land that He can claim as His kingdom? Where can we find such things or people? You must understand these things. (5-17, 1958.11.9)

However wonderful a husband you may have and however comfortable a life you may lead, you will go to hell if you do not know God. You must be registered as His citizens. However famous the president of Harvard University may be, he will go to hell if he is not registered as a citizen of God's Kingdom. You enter heaven after being welcomed by the family, society, nation, world and humanity. (278-263, 1996.5.26)

The Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity (Cheon Il Guk) needs sovereignty, territory and citizenry. Thus, the Coronation for God's Kingship last year was the restoration of sovereignty. Next, the rallies for the Settlement of God's Fatherland (Homeland) constituted the restoration of territory. Then you are to register as the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Do you understand? That is why you must have the Cheon Il Guk identity cards in order to be its citizens.

Sovereignty, territory and citizenry are necessary for creating a nation. You must believe that the eternal settlement of Cheon Il Guk was declared on the foundation of all its constituent parts. Have confidence as God would and when you push forward with all your strength with confidence equal to that of Rev. Moon, the True Parent, nothing will hold you back. (364-87, 2002.1.1)

It was not God who established His kingship, but the True Parents. It was the True Parents, not God, who established Cheon Il Guk Cheonju Pyeonghwa Tongil Guk, the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. Breaking the Chinese character for cheon meaning heaven, into its parts, it signifies two people. This means two worlds. They are equal. They are a person of heaven and a person of earth; the dual structure of a spirit person and a physical person. Your mind and body constitute a duality, don't they? Are your mind and body united or not? People whose mind and body are in conflict cannot be citizens of Cheon Il Guk. (364-101, 2002.1.1)

What did I do in Korea after the Coronation for God's Kingship? Didn't I hold the rallies for the Settlement of God's Fatherland? It was to have you inherit the lineage of true love. I did this worldwide. What did I do after that? Have I not proclaimed Cheon Il Guk? The Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity; this is Cheon Il Guk.

Cheon Il Guk is the nation where two people become one. Heaven must hold those two people. There must be two parents. Everything in the created world is made within the framework of the pair system, isn't it? What is Cheon Il Guk? All things were created in pairs from insects to large animals. They must become one. Where two things, two people, two parents, two characters -- subject and object partners -- become one, a foothold for God is created.

Doesn't the Bible explain this as well? When two people pray, three people are actually praying if you include God. It is the same. Two or three people become the foundation for the nation. They become the basis for a family, nation and the world. The family emerges and the tribe begins from there. That is what happens when there are two or more people. (370-88, 2002.2.19)

Today is November 5 in the second year of Cheon Il Guk, the forty-third True Children's Day. We have brought together God's Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things to announce the era of equalization for peace and unity centered on Cheon Il Guk which was not achieved in the family in the Garden of Eden. This era can bring to a conclusion the perfection of the family of Eden centered on humanity that expands to the heavenly world.

After the completion of the Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth, we are now in an age when God can freely and easily visit each family and live together with them in joy. I fervently pray that You bless us so that we can be in the same sphere of life. The hopes of the heavenly world can be found on earth and the hopes of the earthly world can be found in heaven. May the hopes of heaven and earth become one, forming a standard where the two are in balance. May the liberated path of loyalty and filial piety remain, and may the ancestors centered on heaven remain on earth.

Today I have announced the arrival of Era of Equalization for Peace and Unity in Cheon Il Guk. We have now entered an age when we can build and officially create the initial stage of the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, let the anguish of the spirit world be dissolved and let the ancestors come down to earth to assist their descendants. Let the heads of denominations cooperate within this world through their followers. May they be free to take action in completely resolving and fully unblocking any unrighteous thing that had given concern to Heaven. (396-158, 2002.11.5)

What was the motto today? Through true love let our families realize the true families of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters in Cheon Il Guk. Everything from God's ideal of creation is included in this. We become patriots when the individual, family, tribe, people and nation all inherit the tradition of filial piety centered on the true family. Saints inherit the tradition of patriots, and divine sons and daughters that of saints. Kingship is established by inheriting the tradition of God's divine sons and daughters.

Inheritance is realized on the foundation of having acquired kingship. The right of ownership belonging to you and everything that belongs to your nation will all be denied. Those things are the results of the fallen world, which we would have to part with anyway. God does not even want His shadow to overlap with the world that He never desired -- the world that was defiled and connected to the lineage of the enemy. Therefore, He could not govern the evil world today in which countless people died and perished in wars, and which had continued to this day through the rise and fall of nations. (400-192, 2003.1.1)

Don't you want to become a family of one hundred percent truly filial children before God? What else could you ask for? That should be your single desire. You should become such a family even if it means offering all your ancestors from seven generations back. You have to attain this even if it means selling the record of your ancestors' achievements, or even your nation. Despite all this you still hesitate to donate your Total Living Offering to the church and instead just donate leftover money. Don't you know about the couple, Ananias and Sapphira, who had done just that in the presence of Peter? They ended up in the graveyard having died on the spot. You should be aware that a time more fearsome than that has come. (400-220, 2003.1.1) 

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