Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Four The Way of Becoming Citizens of Cheon II Guk
Section 1. God's Hope for Humankind

God's original intent for creation was to live with humanity centering on one purpose in harmony with one love, to have all of heaven and earth enjoy His love and to have everything live as one with His love established as the actual center of life. Yet due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, God's love remained His. He was to establish it in His relationship with humankind. Yet He was unable to do so and it departed from them and from the entire world of creation.

Consequently, God has spent the last six thousand years hoping for the day when, centering on the love He wanted to establish, He could bring together all the things of creation and live in joy with them. However, they have still not been united through His love, and accordingly His ideal and the love of His hope which should have been established remain unfulfilled. Thus, God has been guiding the providence to this day in order to accomplish His will at all costs. Ever since the Fall, He has been doing so for a long time until now, regardless of the ages, in order to fulfill His hope and recover His trust and love towards humanity; yet even now He has been unable to do either. (1-88, 1956.6.6)

God, who has not been able to enjoy a single day of universal victory since the Creation, desires to usher in that day through people on earth. Hence, if they do not bring about that day, Satan who has trampled on them cannot be eliminated. Moreover, the satanic powers that accuse humanity before God in heaven cannot be driven away. Thus, God does not mind any hardship or sacrifice or struggle. He has been a protective shield to this day in order to find and select each and every one of you.

When we consider this, we can know God's desire. He has chosen each and every one of you and has separated you from the enemy Satan -- who brought the Fall upon humankind -- in order to terminate the evil history of satanic dominion.

We should fulfill God's desire and become people who can stand proudly before Him and all the things of creation, and return the glory of victory to Him. Only then can the purpose of the providence which He has pursued by dint of unremitting toil be fulfilled. (2-301, 1957.6.30)

God created Adam and Eve and fervently desired that they would become the people of character of His hope, but, they fell as the ancestors of humankind, thereby betraying the desires and hopes which He had cherished since long before the Fall, and causing Him tremendous grief.

You all should think about how God, who suppressed His heart of sorrow and indignation towards Adam's family, yet chose Cain and Abel for the purpose of recovering that longing heart. You should think of how instead they compounded His grief and how His hope still remained unfulfilled.

Sixteen hundred years later God chose Noah but the outcome was the same. He then chose Abraham after another four hundred years but once again the outcome was the same. God wanted to meet a person of His longing and to share His heart but Abraham too could not fully release God's heart of longing. Then through three generations God chose Jacob's family for the purpose of having people become aware of His yearning heart that He had harbored for thousands of years. His will, however, was yet again not fully realized through this family.

We should understand God's situation where He was forced to run after the Israelites -- even though He had chosen them -- without being able to reveal His heart of yearning to them, through which He would have educated and led them.

We should know the fact that God raised on this earth a singular race of His yearning, and that whenever they fell into distress, He suffered, felt sorrow and went through difficulties in proportion to the intensity of His yearning heart.

God had endeavored throughout the long course of history to plant that yearning in our hearts, into history and into this world. Hence, we should bear in mind that every object we deal with is soaked with His longing. We should bear in mind that the members we deal with, and even the nation and this world in which we live, are also steeped in His longing.

For this reason when we lift our faces and gaze at God's creation we should feel that they are all objects of His fervent longing. If that is the case with all the things of creation, how much more so would it be for human beings who are their lords? You should truly offer thanks to God when you become aware of the fact that He has always longed for people based on a certain standard, though they were evil in form. (8-93, 1959.11.22)

Why was it that God couldn't forsake humankind, but rather clung onto them, undergoing continuously the historical course of countless sorrows to this day? It was because He wanted to be able to say to them, "You are my begotten sons and daughters." He has been battling until now to realize such an ideal.

In God's garden of goodness in which He stood in glory, Adam, in the capacity of the lord of creation, could stand before Him amidst creation which was harmonized as one centering on His love saying, "My Father! Please be glorified!" yet due to his fall lost that value. You should understand that God wants to hear the sound of His original son and daughter, who emerged after the Creation, calling Him Father.

The Father that we call upon today cannot be addressed from a position of sin and evil. Accordingly, we must escape from this sinful and evil world and enter the ideal garden of goodness, which is a world where humanity can manifest God's glory while living enraptured in joy. In other words, it is a world where all the things of creation move and rest in sync with humanity, and God the Creator with them both. Not only that, but it would also have been the ideal garden enabling oneness transcending the reciprocal relationship between God and humanity.

In this way, God had wanted humanity to become as one with Him, and created such a world while visualizing that situation wherein they could be enraptured in joy through such amazing love amidst that unity. Yet through their fall, human beings caused not only their own anguish but also that of God, and since then have compounded it through the continuance of that sorrowful history to this day.

Then what is God's greatest hope as He guides the providence in relation to the earth today? It is to bring people born from fallen parents back over to His side and say to them "I am your eternal Father and you are My eternal sons and daughters." You should realize that the historic hope of fallen humankind and the original hope of God are to be able to welcome such a day. (3-26, 1957.9.15)

There are many people living on earth today, each with their individual visions, opinions, sets of beliefs and assertions, yet none of them bows before God with a true heart, testifies to Him and confidently stands before heaven and earth claiming to be sent from Him.

What is it that we should ultimately seek? Countless people who have come and gone throughout history have been waiting until now for the earthly appearance of a person who can put aside his own set of beliefs and assertions and all his proactive behavior and come forth claiming to embody God with his mind and body and acting on His behalf. While longing for His representative to appear, God has endured endless hardships in guiding His providence over a long period of time.

What is the source of earthly sorrow? It is neither the absence of any set of beliefs nor that of anyone who could take action, but rather that of a set of beliefs that could claim to embody God's heart and will, and that of a person who could act on His behalf. These must appear so as to remove all grief, pain and resentment that fill the earth and the human world today. Thus, you should remember that the time has come for you to understand that the purpose of providential history was the emergence of that one person. (3-317, 1958.2.2)

You must have a friend whom you can trust with a sincere heart in God's stead. Furthermore, you need siblings, parents and spouses whom you can trust on His behalf. In so doing, you are to transcend the family to embrace the society, nation and world. This was God's cherished desire, yet He drove individuals into situations of mutual distrust and despair of humanity in order for them to find faith in Him. In this way, He wanted believers to come together as siblings and friends to forge bonds enabling them to trust each other on His behalf. It is none other than this that was His greatest hope. (4-146, 1958.3.30)

If I were to ask Satan, "Hey Satan, did I or did I not meet all your demands?" he would reply that I did. As I laid a sturdy foundation for entering heaven by loving everything including even Satan with God's original love, Satan must bless me saying, "The world you are going to is liberated. All of your desires have been fulfilled. Everything you wish for will be fulfilled wherever you go and everything you desire will belong to you."

If I were to say, "In the names of God, the True Parents and True Family, the world shall be liberated!" he would reply, "Amen!" Spring has come. However strong the snow and ice may be, all will melt away because it is spring. Thus, we must sow seeds in spring, to the ends of the ideal world and in America where Satan scattered the seeds of evil! A good seed is the family. Satan planted just one: fallen Adam and Eve. Now we must grind and polish it wherever we go in order to make a new family. There we can cultivate everything. This must be done in the land of America. That is God's desired objective. (189-65, 1989.3.12)

After creating man and woman, why did God want them to grow? It was so that He could love them. If it was to love them, would He have wanted that love to increase or decrease? Would He have said, "Hey, you! Your love for me should not surpass my love for you"? No, He would not.

If you were to wrestle with God, would He be more or less determined than you? He would be more determined. God has everything. There is nothing He lacks. When is God more ardent? If a new man or woman were to appear and make more passionate love than our ancestors of the past, God would also be out of breath.

If God had met such a passionate couple, would He have wanted to live apart from human beings or with them? He would have wanted to live with them. Therefore, you should know that eternity can be found centering on love and only in love. It makes sense to say that the concept of eternity is established in true love. (195-312, 1989.12.17) 

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