Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Three - God and True Parents
Section 4. True Parents Are the Way to Heaven

If Adam and Eve were to be the parents standing in God's stead, then even I am spiritually the parent representing the earth in His stead. All the people who died and went on to the next world followed in Adam and Eve's foot steps. From their place in the angelic world they could freely support you, but as they were born from false parents rather than true, they could not directly assist the True Parents. However, as the failures of the archangel have been indemnified, they may now step into the position of children, similar to the time when Adam and Eve were still in their growth period. From there, they are free to provide support at will. Hence, the spirit world will help to hasten the coming of the day of the collapse of this world. (146-312, 1986.7.20)

Mothers and fathers should love each other and their children and educate them by manifesting themselves as representatives of the nation, the cosmos, their relatives, their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. This must take place on earth. They must set an example of how to love the cosmos, world and nation. They must be the textbooks that reveal the future.

That is not all. To become owners you need to learn the heart of parents, teachers, and God, and inherit the right of ownership. After joining the church, we are reborn, educated, and finally perfected. When we are fully matured, we will be able to understand everything. You will then say, "I want to stand in the position of the owner." You will inherit everything, for that is what being the owner means. Wherever it is, it comes to the same thing. Such is the mainstream ideology. If you go this way, you will meet the true teacher, and if you go that way, you will meet the True Parents.

All is the same. Hence, the Kingdom of Heaven is the same everywhere. (205-21, 1990.7.15)

After inheriting true love and simultaneously true lineage from the True Parents, you must pass on God's true love. This is your pride. Those who lack this ability cannot go to heaven; they won't get in. Through marriage itself you may inherit your parents' love. Due to the Fall, however, you didn't inherit the true lineage. This is possible only through the Blessing. The root of the fallen world is the fallen parents. Thus, you need to be grafted anew to the True Parents to inherit a new true lineage. You should realize that it is through the Unification Church Blessing that you can do so. (162-63, 1987.3.27)

Have you heard of rebirth meaning to be born again? When Nicodemus came one night to Jesus and asked him about the meaning of being born again, Jesus asked in reply, "Are you Israel's teacher and do not understand rebirth?" Rebirth means to be born again, to be reborn. What does that mean? It signifies a person born of false parents being born again through true parents. To inherit God's love, life and lineage when being reborn, one should be totally void of relationships to the love, life and blood ties of the satanic world -- so much so that one is completely unconscious of them. (211-306, 1991.1.1)

In reversing the Fall, Adam and Jesus must unite with the True Parents to restore the positions of formation, growth and perfection. The spirit and physical worlds must unite Adam's children and Jesus' children; together they must all enter the realm of Christ at the Second Advent where they can become the perfected Adam's children. (219-241, 1991.9.8)

You have parents, children and all the things of creation and Home Church is the expanded version of all these together. These three were lost by Adam through the Fall and must therefore be restored simultaneously and offered to God. What was lost should be recovered and dedicated back to Him through the True Parents; it would then pass through Him and come to us. That which was lost must be recovered, offered to Him and bequeathed back to us by the True Parents. Only then can you have your own homes and world. The foundation for it is the Home Church. This is the offering. This is the altar on which the three sacrifices are offered. (101-338, 1978.11.12)

You cannot regard any of your possessions as belonging to you. Those who do are Satan. Those having such a mind are Satan. Everything must be returned to God as belonging to Him originally. They cannot however be returned as they are. They can only be returned to Him after passing through the archangel, Eve, and Adam. What this means is that they must be returned through the True Parents. The clothes you have on now are not yours either.

To form a family you should not claim any rights, or harbor concepts, of ownership. You should rise above the feeling of ownership, that you are the parents of so-and-so. You should rise above the concept of ownership over what you have. Everything should come under God's ownership, and since He originally created human beings to be the lords of creation, centering on and passing through the descent of ownership of the True Parents, at each of the three stages you need to be certified by God to be able to inherit the right of ownership from the True Parents. Know that only then will the era of your right of ownership come. (120-208, 1982.10.16)

In order for you to belong to God's Kingdom, you need to offer Him everything you have: your assets representing the Old Testament, your children representing the New Testament and even yourselves before. Let Him choose to have ownership over you and let Him tell you, "Your family, belongings and children are mine," and then receive His acknowledgment that indeed they are. Next, He can claim "I have no more need of them!" and bequeath them all back to you through the True Parents. Then your right of ownership over the spiritual and physical worlds can be determined, not the right of ownership of love, but the right of ownership over all things. Just as everything fell into fallen ownership through fallen love, the right of ownership over everything will be determined through original love. (121-254, 1982.10.27)

To return the right of ownership to God, you need to go through the True Parents' name. There is no other way back. Hence, only the Unification Church can unify the world. Even without our prompting, people will line up to be the first to register. The time will come when they will fight among themselves to decide who will be first, second or third. (198-242, 1990.2.3)

The path that individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the physical world, and even the spirit world must follow has to pass through the True Parents. You need to realize that in order to pave such a way, they have had to tread the path of suffering throughout their lives. (129-18, 1983.10.4)

True Adam is the True Parent. The True Parents will pass down their language to the True Children. That is the Principle. The True Parent did not come down as Rev. Moon. He came from heaven sent by God. Hence, it can be presumed that those who do not know God cannot recognize the True Parents. (129-20, 1983.10.4)

The sons and daughters born from you could be superior to the Messiah Jesus, and yet God prepared for four thousand years for his birth. Did Jesus' parents have him after their marriage was blessed? You had your children after being blessed by the True Parents. (146-22, 1986.6.1)

It is not I who insist on the Blessing. I have done everything as instructed by God and then made this logical system indirectly. Had it been my idea, I would have told you so through my own lips. There is no way to deny it. (231-155, 1992.6.2)

For humankind to be restored, the women of the world need to unite absolutely with the True Parents in the mother's womb. Through Eve's fall, humankind lost their true parents and God. Through their restoration, they came to know about God and the True Parents and must now unite with them. All human beings should have been born from true parents, but were instead born from false parents and consequently became false parents themselves. The world will be resurrected and liberated only when a movement is created where all women can love the world as the True Parents do. That movement is the Women's Federation for World Peace.

Through it families can be dealt with globally. Within the family, children should unite with their mother, and then with their father, but the father is a false father. Therefore, when the True Father comes, the mother and children must unite with him and educate the false father. In this way, the whole family can be unified and the original family restored. The mother and children must save the father. (244-161, 1993.2.1)

Of all human beings born on earth, not one was born from true parents. There is no way for those who were born without inheriting the True Parents' linage to enter heaven. From the perspective of God's ideal of creation, heaven is reserved for those who have inherited the True Parents' lineage, served them as the owner of the kingship of God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven, lived together with them in a love-centered, blood-related relationship, and married and had children. Conversely, those who have not experienced the love of the realm of God's imperial family cannot enter heaven. (250-49, 1993.10.11)

When the victorious True Parents and the Blessed Families in a nation become one, that nation will be restored. If the member states of the United Nations were to unite with the True Parents in a decision at the UN, they would be restored overnight. All that would remain to be accomplished would be their blessing. The Fall came about through a wrongful marriage. Therefore, if a rightful marriage were conducted by God and the True Parents, the couple would be completely restored. As the messiah at the Second Advent has triumphed over all, Satan has no power whatsoever to cross over this horizontal line. (255-20, 1994.2.27)

What mortifies Satan most is the fact that you have seen the True Parents and that they have taught you that you are their children. Education like this is what he loathes and dreads the most. The question then becomes how to pass on the tradition. (66-142, 1973.4.22)

Your hope lies nowhere other than in becoming the True Parents' sons and daughters of true filial piety. The True Parents will become the king and queen of all kings and queens under heaven. Hence, this is the place where the centers of all hope -- past, present and future -- can be brought to fruition. (46-167, 1971.8.13)

From the perspective of the Principle, all forms of creation are to be brought under dominion on the foundation where true parental love has been fulfilled; the most important question therefore is whether you have definitely fulfilled that love. (67-148, 1973.6.1)

For adopted children to advance to the position of begotten children, the jealousy the archangel felt at the time of Adam and Eve must be indemnified. To do this, spiritual children should value and love the physical children of their spiritual parents more than their own lives. Next, they should restore the satanic world. These are essential points.

What this means is that you cannot enter unless you have loved my children. Ask yourselves whether you loved them from the time they were in the womb. Have you loved me, God's will and the children of my body even more than yourselves? The question is whether you loved them more than yourselves. Jesus asked, "Did you love me more than your own sons and daughters, your family?" If you have not done so, you cannot proceed, and should indemnify this failure for three years starting now. (127-128, 1983.5.5)

The families of Joseph and Zechariah should have united to lay the foundation for Jesus to stand on as the tribal messiah. If they had done so, the nation was to be restored through indemnity; but this did not happen. The Unification Church is currently laying the people- level foundation to restore the nation. We stand on the basis of having passed through the tribal age. You are serving the True Parents and are called their children. You can now be their children -- not their legitimate children (in the traditional and legal sense), but also not adopted children (for adopted children have no blood relationship with the parent). You now stand in the position of the child by a concubine. If this position were not established there would be no way for us to save this world. We have crossed over the tribal realm and are heading towards the realm of one people. It was within that realm that you were blessed. (141-209, 1986.2.22)

Though He created all things, God is not in the position of the owner. Originally, all forms of creation were destined to become God's possessions at the time and place where they attained oneness through love. The True Parents, established as belonging to God, have established ownership over the children of the True Parents, by virtue of their birth through the love of the True Parents and on the foundation of connection to the love of the True Parents. When the foundation of all things is similarly connected to love through that ownership over the sons and daughters, the creation would then belong to them. (166-286)

The bitter sorrow of Jesus and Adam must be dispelled. Through human error, Jesus and Adam could not attain true parenthood and their anguish over this must be dissolved. To do this, three generations, starting from the grandfather, must be served. The realms of three generations, with Adam in the formation stage, Jesus in the growth stage, and the True Parents' children in the third stage, need to be connected. This task is inevitable. (212-54, 1991.1.1)

With the institution of True Parents' Day, the commemorative Days of True Children, True Family, True Nation, True World, True Cosmos, and the liberation of the True God can be connected. You should understand that in any given era nothing can be connected without association with the True Parents' name.

Your eyes yearned to see true parents before anything else. You have no idea how many tears they have shed. Your noses desired to inhale their scent in their embrace. You cannot fathom how they lamented meeting false parents. Your mouths longed to speak their words and suckle their breasts, but instead learned the false words of false parents and set up a false tradition. Your ears longed to hear the words of true parents. Your hands yearned to touch them and to draw them to you, but they were instead shackled by false parents and the enemy, and instead became hands harboring bitter feelings. They became hands of anguish and sorrow that can neither open nor clench at will.

Our bodies and minds should have been serving true parents forever, and at the same time inherited a tradition that would never allow their division. United, mind and body should have lived deriving satisfaction from their unity and service, but the reality has been that they contained within them the sorrows of history, wretchedness and bitter anguish. They existed without a path of escape from the realm of lamentation. Every inch of the planet Earth also had its hope: to be trodden upon by true parents and children. (268-164, 1995.3.31)

God wanted true parents because He devised a plan to fulfill His desires from within the family. He created them with His thoughts on them, and hoped to become as one with their love. Passing through the processes of formation and growth, and finally reaching full maturity, Adam and Eve were to be married. Their wedding was to have been God's own wedding, setting the one focal point where the love of humankind and God could come and settle together. (282-290, 1997.4.7)

No other fathers but Father Moon have the quality of true love. This is why white and black people, creation and even heaven and earth all like him. You should understand that true parents, children, family, society, nation, world and God can be found in Unification Church families. The eternally unchanging true lineage can also be found there. Through the bridge of true lineage everyone is connected to each other in love. Beginning from this point, we are connected all the way to God in love, through the true lineage. The true family has but one language and culture. Culture signifies language, for it is formed through the words of a language. (162-138, 1987.4.5)

You need to be aware of the fact that true parents must be found even if it means having to discard the Old and New Testaments. True parents are necessary for the emergence of true siblings, a true nation and everything else. When the True Parents emerge upon the global foundation, children can emerge. A cosmic signing ceremony must be held that God, Satan and the True Parents recognize officially. From that point in time, the True Children's Day can be instituted globally. (95-173, 1977.11.11)

Our responsibility living in the era of the historical transition is to stand in the place of God and the True Parents, in the representative position of the true nation and world. By fulfilling this responsibility we can become the most filial sons and daughters of all filial children in this historical era. We need to become the sons and daughters of filial piety of God's Kingdom that even the past children of filial piety in history can praise. From there we can go on to become the patriots, saints, and the holy sons and daughters of God's Kingdom. (214-306, 1991.2.3)

Satan's love caused the false parents to fall, but the True Parents are elevated through God's love, and so can proceed into the world of love. Love is mighty and eternally equal. The very mention of love gives everyone the right to participate and rise even to the highest positions. An illiterate person can rise to the highest position through the love relationship with the spouse who was the world's greatest scholar. Likewise, no matter how much human beings may be lacking, when they have formed a relationship of love with God, they can be elevated to His position. Since we know how great the value of love can be, all our hearts desire to have the very best. Even after we have the whole world in our possession, if there is something better out there, we would still want to own it. (144-241, 1986.4.25)

In order to restore through true love what is currently in the position of false love, you must deny everything. After learning about true love from the True Parents, you stand in the liberated position of having been born as their children, whose entire debts have been completely cleared away. You will have no barriers in the past, present or future, and without barriers you can marry and live with your spouses. Otherwise you could not even dream about such things. Even Jesus has been unable to live with his wife till now.

Families, tribes and peoples in the world are all bound to perish because they have no center. Satan caused that. God sought after the central figure for the individual, family, nation and world and blessed them through the Unification Church. You should know that in this satanic world where five billion people are perishing away, others have been called upon and established with superior rights, namely those of the Blessed Families.

Within Christianity, if the United States is Abel, then this place (Brazil), representing the Catholic realm, is Cain. The Latin cultural sphere, which is Catholic, is the Cain realm. It is like the elder brother and should go through Protestantism, the younger brother. The younger brother should help Catholicism.

In the United States, Protestantism, in the younger brother position, and the North American Abel national realm must be unified. The True Parents should come to the United States on that basis and, through all foundations of power laid in that nation, digest the many nations in South America, this Catholic cultural sphere. I did not come here to assimilate into this cultural sphere and the Unification Church does not intend to follow it either. As the Unification Church has emerged, the Catholic cultural sphere should go through it and Brazilians should go through the True Parents. Otherwise there will be no path for them to take. (268-196, 1995.4.1)

The 180 families that form the tribal foundation for the tribal messiah should all be dedicated to God. Everything you possessed before receiving the Blessing -- whether a house, land, things or property -- originally belonged to God and with the Blessing should have been handed over to Adam. Such is the principle, but because of the Fall, God could not stand in the position of the owner, and neither could the True Parents. Though in the past they could not stand in the position of the owner, at this time, through someone who can fulfill the mission of the archangel in the satanic world, everyone centered on their tribal leader should offer everything they have through the son, mother and father. The restoration of the lineage, right of ownership, and realm of heart should be offered and returned over seven generations. (285-231, 1997.6.5)

There are two hells: one on earth and one in the spirit world, but there is only one gate to heaven. So even if both the gates to hell were opened, that does not mean that they would lead straight from earth to heaven. You can only enter through the True Parents; you need to pass through them to enter that one gate into heaven. (294-103, 1998.6.14)

We need to return to God the right of ownership, the realm of heart, and the realm of substance. The family, nation and world together need to be returned to Him. We need to give them back to Him as an offering through the True Parents and clear all our debts.

On that basis, the horizontal foundation of the right of ownership of parents, children, and your family and all things is connected through the True Parents. Where that takes place becomes God's Kingdom on earth. From the un-fallen position, the right of ownership must be connected to earth, but due to the Fall this connection must be made through the path of indemnity. Once established, we will usher in the era of the sovereignty of absolute love and the right of ownership of the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to welcome such a liberated realm, we declare in Family Pledge number eight, that we will perfect the realm of liberation in God's Kingdom on earth and achieve that goal. (295-243, 1998.8.28)

However much we yearn for the ideal family, parents, couple and children, they do not exist, for their overall perfection can only take place through the True Parents. From a traditional position, as the heirs standing in the place of God and True Parents, you need to reach the value of the seed which is equal in value to the highest level of oneness ever seen among brothers and sisters, and similar in value to the oneness between God and Adam and Eve. Coming from such a world, if you were to harvest a family that can be expanded to produce new descendants for all human beings, then this family -- having the same value as that of a unified God and True Parents -- will then become successors able to inherit the record of champions.

It has been said that those with power will rule the world. We should not compete with others on the basis of power. Those with power have created environments, in which they can become more powerful, and they have swept away those that are weak; they act as champions and record-breakers. This is not the result of victory won through a competition of goodwill, as desired by God. Hence, all this must be cleared away from the face of the earth. (301-19, 1999.4.16)

At the time and place that the reawakening takes place, when all families in the world can claim to be the sons and daughters of the True Parents, the global Kingdom of Heaven will be manifested. When the world becomes one family, we will enter the new world of God's Kingdom on earth. (146-132, 1986.6.8)

The Completed Testament Age signifies that the entire world can receive grace from the True Parents equally. For that to happen, cause, lineage, right of ownership and realm of heart need to be converted. That is the responsibility of the tribal messiahs. Indeed, this has been made possible because we have entered the era of women. (251-286, 1993.11.1)

God's right of ownership was completely snatched away by this fallen world that inherited the devil's love, life and lineage. Now the time has come for us to retrieve it, to become sons and daughters who can receive God's true love and bring this world under control. Finally, as such, we need to redeem the blood ties in the family lost by Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. On the foundation of all nations being liberated and welcomed, the right of ownership currently belonging to the devil and the satanic world, should be returned to God, the owner of true love, through the number one man and woman, the number one son and daughter, the beloved of God.

All peoples in the world need to go through the True Parents' love. Without passing through that gate, there is no way back to the original homeland in the heavenly world. The only path open before them now leads to hell. We need to trace the path back. We need to fight and triumph over nations opposing us. By so doing, the Unification Church of today has inherited the victory of the global messianic realm, passed through the national messianic realm and traced down to the tribal messianic realm. Through the tribal realm of the satanic world, we now need to enter Satan's family and change his world. (210-42, 1990.11.30) 

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