Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Three - God and True Parents
Section 3. True Parents Who Liberate God

Tragically, the true family idealized by God was not realized. In the Garden of Eden the serpent seduced Eve, she in turn seduced Adam, and thus selfish false love was sown in this world. Human sin and misfortune resulted from the illicit love shared by our first ancestors Adam and Eve, by Satan's action.

We need to restore the individual and the true family and expand true love and goodness globally. Knowing that this truth alone could unify conflicting denominations and establish God's Kingdom on earth, I disclosed this revelation to Christians fifty years ago. I had no intention of creating another separate denomination.

Nevertheless, God's message was rejected and opposed by established religious groups. I was left with no choice but to lay another foundation through the toils of the last forty-three years. Setting out in 1954 in Korea under the name of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, I dispatched missionaries to Japan, the United States, and European and other countries throughout the world. On that foundation, my wife and I have founded many organizations so that the principles of the True Family could be examined and utilized in the fields of academia, media, religion, the arts and industry. These organizations create examples and models by which the world could be restored through indemnity. (288-168, 1997.11.27)

How can you restore everything lost in the Garden of Eden? You can do it through my idea of returning to your hometowns. You must return to your hometowns. In this same vein I dispatched tribal and national messiahs. God was able to send only one messiah, Jesus, and he was to liberate his tribe. At this point in time, on behalf of God I have dispatched national messiahs to 185 nations. These national messiahs are working on a level higher than the tribal messiah level at the time of Jesus.

Such a concept did not exist at Jesus' time. Everything was lost on the cross. With no family he could not enter heaven and instead had to stay in paradise. In God's original kingdom, the connection extends from the family to the tribe, people and nation. Jesus was unable to form a family. Adam was driven out of the Garden of Eden, so the family could not be established there. In order to restore this, the True Parents came forth and dispatched messiahs on the national foundation, a level higher than the lost family level. (282-29, 1997.2.16)

God and the positions of the true man, true woman, true couple and true children were lost through the Fall. Everything was shattered to pieces. Fallen people cannot become as one with God. Therefore, the true man and true woman who can serve Him must come together in oneness, become a true couple that cannot be separated or divided by anything, and give birth to true sons and daughters. That is to say, they must become God-centered True Parents, true spouses and true children and achieve the four-position foundation.

Thereupon, the True Parents should have God come and dwell with them and become the center of the whole family. The lifestyle they set up in the family should be one that everyone in the world can follow. The view of the nation perceived there, the view of the world discussed there, and the ideology taught there, should be the views of the nation and world and the ideology that become commonly shared by all peoples of the world.

Because this did not come to be, however, the world became the scene of confusion we see today. Humanity has nonetheless moved towards the one door, hoping for the time of the Last Days. The desire of the True Parents is for humanity to establish the God-centered True Family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. When that is done, even God's love can be restored. (19-205, 1968.1.7)

What is the source of God's bitter sorrow? It lies in the fact that, though He has shed tears for His people and the earth, He had no occasion to hold on to and shed tears of joy over His victorious son, the son for whom He always yearned. God's anguish and sorrow stemmed from not having anyone whom He could acknowledge as His victorious son. Not only that, though He wandered endlessly to find His lost sons and daughters, none came to God and wept together with Him. (4-290, 1958.9.14)

On God's Day, God wants humanity to fulfill the perfection of His true love. To do this, humankind needs to stand in the position of the perfected object before the perfected Subject. The True Parents stand in this position. God needs to be liberated by true love. Through whom is this to be achieved? It is through the True Parents. Knowing this, I am able to liberate Him. Just as I, taking the position of minus, attained oneness with God as the Subject partner, you too should also occupy the minus position and attain oneness substantially, with the True Parents in the plus position. You will thereby become free to advance to the position of oneness with God. Such is the way of the principle of re-creation. (275-333, 1996.1.1)

Through the Blessing, I can put up a protective fence around the one God-centered clan, nation, world and cosmos, and thus liberate God. Who is in charge of pulling out the nail driven so deeply into the hearts of God and the True Parents on earth? The True Parents are in charge and the individual who will complete that work in the end is the True Mother. A world tour is being conducted with her at its head. All women should now stand in her place. (301-169, 1999.4.25)

History today is flowing in the direction of establishing the Parents. As God exists, there must be True Parents who can practice filial piety before Him and fulfill His purpose of creation, that is, the purpose of salvation. At the same time angels should pledge loyalty to the sons and daughters of these true parents. Such were the original rules of creation, but they were broken. Therefore, we need to redeem and indemnify that. What was lost should be recovered in its original form. (15-242, 1965.10.17)

Rather than belonging to your parents as their sons and daughters, you should first become God's. Were it not for the Fall, that would have been natural, but the order was reversed. At present, we have not yet become His children. Although we sprang from a different root, we must be cut off from that root, at the very base of the trunk, and a new bud attached or engrafted in. That must be centered on True Parents. Then, on the conditional basis of having become the sons and daughters of the True Parents, God can be liberated. (166- 306, 1987.6.14)

Christianity is divided into hundreds of conflicting denominations. Can such a body of strife become God's limbs and His foothold? No. From this perspective, there is not one denomination with which He can do as He pleases. Then where would God go with the idea to establish His kingdom on earth? We come to the conclusion that He would have no choice but to seek out a family. If, in that family, the parents united directly with Him, and their children completely united with them, then God would be the sole owner of that family. The members of that family would be the members of His family and the possessions of that family would belong to Him. The question, however, is whether there is such a family. (96-15, 1978.1.1)

The event that overcomes and terminates Adam and Eve's historic failure to marry in the Garden of Eden, that actualizes the True Parents, is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. When the True Parents are wedded in that most sacred ceremony, their sons and daughters will also be able to get married within that tradition. Everything of the world of love desired by God would begin to flow, encompassed in the ideal of the True Parents. The family in which we can reside as the liberated princes and princesses of love, as the link from the center to all other environmental elements, is our family - the family of God, the family of humankind, our family! As that family grows and flourishes, it will come to represent the nation that can love God and humanity and grow to become His kingdom of love, peace and equality. (296-237, 1998.11.10)

Did not false parents emerge from the Fall? Thus, true parents must appear. Because the false parents came into existence based on Satan, the original ideal of creation and the coming of the God-centered true parents, still remains to be fulfilled. Fallen Adam must be redeemed in order to realize the original ideal of true parents on earth. What would it take to accomplish this? If humankind had not been born from the false parents who fell, they would have become God's sons and daughters and original true parents. God, in accord with His principle of creation, will not abandon the human race that came to its fallen state due to false love. (208-303, 1990.11.21)

You may be a member of a family of patriots, but that would be of no use without God's Kingdom. However loyal a subject you might be to your country, if God's nation is not established, there would be no foundation for you to settle in history. Hence the nation should be restored through the family, the world through the nation, and the cosmos through the world. When this is done, you will be the masters of the cosmos.

Thus, individuals must invest themselves in their families, giving and forgetting, while sacrificing themselves for the sake of others. They are to sacrifice themselves for their families and their families for their tribes; similarly, tribes for their people, people for their nation, nations for the world, the world for the cosmos, and the cosmos for God. Once this cycle reaches God, He will sacrifice Himself to requite us. What we give is not lost. When we have given everything for God and forgotten,

He will take possession of it and add on His love, and afterwards recompense us with the heavenly and earthly worlds. (297-211, 1998.11.20)

We need to know that human liberation is God's liberation. The liberation of your families, clans and nations consoles God who sorrowed over the loss of His family, clan and nation. In my life, I will recover the lost cosmos and dissolve God's anguish. I have no wishes or thoughts for myself, except to practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. If asked to die, I will head straight for death. Even at the risk of my life I will not turn back.

In this way, I must fulfill God's desires and liberate Him forever from Satan. I must become the son who can liberate Him from His bondage, from the prison where He is entrapped. Only then can our piteous God, who suffers the bitter anguish of not having achieved liberation in the family, finally achieve liberation in the world and cosmos. Only then can He be restored to His position and establish His sovereignty based on the laws of the love of the family, tribe, people, nation and cosmos. (300-72, 1999.2.21) 

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