Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Three - God and True Parents
Section 1. True Parents: The Cherished Hope of God and Humanity

For humankind, God is the greatest Teacher of teachers. He is the King of all teachers because there is nothing that He does not know. Of all parents, He is the first Parent, that is, the True Parent. Among kings, He is the King of all kings. (41-307, 1971.2.17)

The hope of today's fallen humanity is to meet God's Son. God's Son exists on the level of the individual, family, tribe, race and nation. Human beings need to restore all these levels, but wouldn't that be too much of a task for them? Thus, God sends the Messiah, representing the realm of the son on the national level. The day he is established as the Messiah would be the day God's Son is established on all levels: individual, family, tribe, people and nation. You need to realize that with the advent of the Messiah, this good news will be delivered to the world. Fallen people need to meet God's Son, he who has escaped from Satan's realm of accusation. They must then seek the Parents whom God can love, and after that, the family of such Parents. When they have found that family, they can then go on to reclaim God's love and meet Him. (114-29, 1981.5.14)

Only the perfected Adam can form a perfected love relationship with God and he is the True Father. If I am in the position of the True Father, who would be my partner? It would be a woman, the absolute woman. The global woman has been represented by the bridal church of Christianity. Christianity represents the bridal religion with the central idea being that it is waiting as the bride of the returning Lord, the Messiah. There cannot be two sets of true parents. There can only be one set, just as there is only one absolute man and one absolute woman and not two of each. When these two unique beings meet to become the True Parents they become the true ideal couple of God's ideal of creation. (248-138, 1993.8.1)

The True Parents are the one absolute model for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world, and represent the one central form of God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven. God's purpose for establishing the True Parents is to unite the physical and spirit worlds and thus realize the ideal of creation based upon God's love. As the True Parents become the unified center at all levels from the individual through the global and on, all the way to the cosmic level, the time has come when the individual as well as the family, tribe, people, nation and world can be engrafted to them.

I have been preparing for this work throughout my life with the purpose being to establish God-centered individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations based on His true love. We should set about our work from now on with the understanding that this is the purpose towards which we should be heading. (266-112, 1994.12.22)

The one day that God promised in the Last Days is Parents' Day, the day on which we can serve True Parents. It is the day on which the countless numbers of people on earth who lost their parents through the Fall, can welcome back their original Parents who bring God's blessings. Human beings can only advance towards God with the purpose of restoration, by passing through the gate of the Parents; prior to passing through this gate they cannot have their hearts connected to God.

In this age one race cannot communicate with another through the heart; neither can the religions, or one family with another. To enable such communication, we must know and form a connection to God's heart, through the connecting intermediaries, the True Parents. Only after finding the original True Parents can we be connected to God's heart. (11-59, 1961.1.1)

Adam and God were driven out of Eden. This meant that the spiritual Father and the earthly father were separated. For this loss, first initiated in the family, to be restored on the global level, there must first come into existence a global extended family. The Christian cultural sphere, in the position of bride and mother, must embrace in its bosom all the sons and daughters, unite Cain and Abel from the East and West, and bond with the returning Lord. Had that happened, the world would have been unified within seven years. The returning Lord is the True Parent. With the emergence of the True Parents, the True Children and the True Family had to come into being. True families that form through the Unification Church need to be organized. (278-79, 1996.5.1)

The failure of Adam and Eve to become true parents in the Garden of Eden was due to the Fall. When all traces of tribulation and persecution disappear through the coming of the True Parents, the world will come seeking their way. The lifestyle of the sons and daughters of the True Parents will be seen as entirely different from that of others. Despite appearing poor they are at peace, despite appearing pitiful, they have hope, and despite appearing to be in difficulties their lives are filled with joy. (201-330, 1990.4.29)

Adam and Eve should have become the true ancestors and the parents of humankind fervently desired by God, and we human beings should have been born as their descendants. The True Parents of humankind, at the beginning of history, should have manifested the glory of God, and presented themselves in victorious, eternal and substantial form before humanity. Adam and Eve, however, failed to manifest in such a form.

We know only too well that their failure laid the ground for the bitter anguish of a sad history. Through the Fall we became distanced from God's laws, lost our true selves and trampled upon God's heart. And so, to recover our true selves and the world of heart, we have been groping to find our way back through the course of restoration according to the Word.

Fallen humankind fell to a position more evil than that of any other form of creation, a sorrowful position wherein we cannot freely communicate with God. Human beings cannot recover from this fallen state on their own, so God has enlightened them as He carried out the history of re-creation. You should know that by passing through the positions of servant, adopted son and son, victorious dominion was attained and that even the position of the True Parents was restored. (14-239, 1965.1.1)

You are from tribes of the Fall, without notions of God or true family, society, nation and sovereignty. Then how should you act from now on? You should know about the God of glory rather than the One who has been battling with Satan, shedding countless tears for six thousand years since the Fall. You should know the Jesus and Holy Spirit of glory rather than the ones who have been battling for two thousand years.

You should know the myriads of believers living in and enjoying glory rather than those battling in the spirit world. You ought to know the believers living amidst glory rather than those persecuted and in pain on earth. Have you seen such believers? You couldn't have. Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Jesus all came to introduce the God of glory yet died in their attempts. They made effort to introduce the glorious True Parents and glorious true sons and daughters, and to create true heavenly citizens of glory. (10-354, 1960.11.27)

From God's point of view, this is a fallen world where no patriots, filial children, saints or divine sons and daughters have existed. Hence, the Messiah must come to the earth and form God's family; children of filial piety will emerge from that family, patriots will emerge from the national foundation, saints from the global foundation, and holy sons and daughters from the cosmic foundation.

It is my calling to restore what was lost by the first and second Adams. I need to restore that nation at all costs. If you are indeed Unification Church members, you should be able to say, "We will establish God's Kingdom. We will become patriots, saints and God's divine sons and daughters" even if it means having to give and sacrifice everything spiritually and physically. Only then can God bless you and say, "You are really my true filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters. I will bless you." Thence will you inherit everything; that place is the homeland of all Unification Church members. (293-217, 1998.5.26)

In essence, the term "father and son" refers to the original parents and children. If there are no such parents and children, the nation cannot be established. Everyone in the world is yearning for a world of peace, but that world cannot be brought about through the cultures being pursued by today's developed nations. It can only come into being through the True Parents. Even if they were covered with straw mats, carrying bundles of tattered clothes on their backs, dressed in faded, worn-out garments, having just climbed doggedly out of an abyss, fallen human beings need to learn from them, the heart of God.

Then to what degree should the hearts of fallen humanity be engrafted? They must first lay a base where they have been engrafted to their Father, having lived with and inside of him; then they must grow in the womb of their Mother and be born and serve their Parents. It does not end there however. While living together with their Parents, through them they need to form a connection of love to their clan, who in turn connect to their tribe, the tribe to the people, the people to the nation, the nation to the world, the world to the cosmos, and finally the cosmos to God. This basis must be laid. Only then would God acknowledge, "You are My children!" for He would not call anyone who formed a connection of love centering only on themselves, His children. (17-129, 1966.12.11)

Rebirth does not mean that we must be reborn through the bodies of parents who are the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, but through the bodies of parents who are not in any way connected to the Fall. Otherwise, we cannot return to God.

The root of sin started from Adam and Eve and unless we step over this -- by which I mean that unless we are born in a position not in any relation to the original sin -- we cannot return to God's presence. No matter how much He tries to save us, if we remain in the fallen realm, we cannot be saved.

That is why God must send to earth True Parents, a pure, unstained Adam and Eve. People can be reborn through them and sever their connection with Satan forever so that he can no longer accuse them. Then God alone will have complete dominion over them and intervene in their affairs. Human beings, with original sin still embedded in them, cannot be restored to positions free from original sin until they are reborn into such a position. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

This world, through its ties with the fallen parents, became the way it is, by inheriting the tradition of separating from God. Therefore, the True Parents must come and establish a new tradition, the way centered on True Parents. Unless this ideology centered on True Parents comes forth first, globalism cannot emerge. The representative of this ideology centered on True Parents should be God's true son.

He should be the internal heir inheriting every aspect of God's heart, as well as the external heir inheriting the right of ownership over all things. In other words, he should be someone who can inherit God's heart and body, and all forms of creation. Only such a son can become God's representative, and only when such a son comes can the Kingdom of Heaven be established.

This ideology centered on True Parents is an ideology centered on God's love. Without love, a person walking around, their chest puffed out -- claiming to be the greatest in the world -- would be an unhappy person. The tradition of the ideology centered on true love has children follow in the footsteps of their parents eternally wherever they go; younger siblings will follow their elder siblings, and the elder will follow the younger when it is called for in the tradition. Younger-brother and elder- brother nations would relate in the same manner.

Then what sort of a tradition is the ideology centered on God's love? It is one that transcends all national boundaries and the entire horizontal world, and in the act of giving and taking, causes people to be eager to give first and slow to take from others. A world with such a tradition is the ideal world to come. The ideal world is not one where dictates are made on some great authority. Rather, it is a world having the tradition that all human beings are brothers and sisters and where the hearts of all are moved naturally to blend together in the love of God. That is the way the world will be in the future. (21-49, 1968.9.1)

In God's ideal of creation, the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships would blossom and flourish in our families and serve as the base for us to marry and move as one into the state of the original homeland. Everything is encompassed there: True Parents, grandparents, couples and children. This state is not attained in the spirit world. We first attain unity here and then move on to the next world. The educational materials, the textbook guiding us to form the family of peaceful humanity, the royal family, can be found only in the Unification Church. The True Parents have brought this textbook.

The True Parents' family would include grandfather and grandmother, and sons and daughters. What are the True Parents to do? All nations in the world are destined to perish. Aren't America, Britain and Korea all showing signs of perishing?

The True Parents bring the family and the nation under their control. These two responsibilities lie with them and can be accomplished by them sharing true love and sowing true love's seed of life among those who are prepared to be engrafted into God's family. Due to the Fall, people inherited false love and the seed of false life and thus became wild olive trees. They must, therefore, be engrafted to the true olive tree and true love in order to inherit life based on true love. Otherwise they cannot belong to the True Parents' lineage. (238-73, 1992.11.19)

Don't the established churches of today maintain that Christians will go to heaven just by believing in Jesus? We say that we will build, and then go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is empty at present. Since the ideal form of family as originally intended has not been realized and all attempts to create the ideal family have failed, the Messiah must come and complete the family ideal at his Second Advent. The Messiah at the time of the Second Advent is the True Parent. Next, he comes as the King of the true nation, of heaven and earth. (238-44, 1992.11.19)

I am the True Parent who has pioneered as the representative of all of heaven and earth, but that has been only like a seed. When a seed is sown, roots grow, then the stem, and finally buds emerge. It will not grow continuously, for thousands of years. It will grow only as much as nature allows, and then it will begin to wither. The seed allows the fruit to be born. (300-246, 1999.3.23)

You have been given the victorious authority to restore your hometowns -- the places to which you had been unable to return -- a place where the true nation has now been established through the True Parents. You should know that this is something to be truly grateful for, which cannot be exchanged even for heaven and earth. You should follow that path back to your hometowns with tears in your eyes. If you complain, you will be cursed. Your ancestors would strike you, and your sons and daughters would know no moment of peace. The time is coming when it is up to you whether you will be afflicted or cured. (219-220, 1991.8.29)

Fallen human beings were born from Satan and originated from his love. Consequently, they could not be bound to the love of God and True Parents, and as a result could not become their sons and daughters. When all is said and done, who is the Messiah? He is the True Parent. Then why is the True Parents' love essential? Because life cannot begin until people are reborn through that love. Life commences through love. Since human life first began in a fallen state, that life must be denied and a connection made to the True Parents. True Parents' love is thus required. This is why fallen humankind needs the Messiah. (65-314, 1973.3.4)

Were the Savior to come to the earth, the individual, family, people, nation and world, sought after by God, can be restored to life in his presence. For this reason, the many races looking to the world of faith are yearning for him today, crying out, "Our Savior, please come!" This is because he is in the position of the perfected global True Parent and by attending him; they will become his sons and daughters. Raised by him as such children, they can in time become true parents themselves when married. (151-194, 1962.12.15)

Unification Church members can think of the world as their nation and all humankind as brethren sharing the one common lineage from God. This is the Unification Church movement. I did not perish in my forty-year course of struggle because the ideas and principles I cherish are those that God cherishes. Since we share the same position, He upholds them, and thus I have not perished. In this vein you should not harbor self-centered thoughts. If you can live in the place of the sons and daughters of God and the True Parents, transcending all national boundaries, all accomplishments of the future will be yours. (224-338, 1991.12.29)

Those who do not know God's ideals or Unificationist concepts will fall into hell. They will be disgraced. At this time and age you are in the position of children. In the Old Testament Age people were brothers and sisters, but the era of restoring the birthright of the firstborn as siblings has passed. The messianic heart is parental. After receiving the Blessing, look around you at the fallen people. Satan is perishing. (189-278, 1989.5.1)

Relative to any of the saints, sages, filial children and patriots in history, in loving God, I am fundamentally different. I am not based on this world. In today's fallen world you cannot find even one family that can boast of having parents who have bequeathed God's original love, life and lineage to their sons and daughters on a completely new dimension. The Messiah was sent with the mission of making God's dreams of such a family come true. (206-59, 1990.10.3)

The True Parents are essential for bringing the family under control. Since Satan has completely destroyed the family, there must be a Savior to bring the chaotic family under control. Satan has brought the nation to ruin. His ultimate purpose is to destroy the family and bring down the nation so that God's own family and nation can never be established. The True Parents are needed to take the family back from Satan, and the Savior is needed to recover from Satan all that he has destroyed, and create the nation desired by God. (237-21, 1992.11.10)

As you are well aware, Rev. and Mrs. Moon are known across the world as the True Parents. If it is true that our couple is connected to God as the True Parents through true love, true life and true lineage, please remember that, beginning from "the True Family and you," God's Kingdom of liberation, freedom, unification and happiness will blossom forth upon the earth. (270-246, 1995.6.7)

In order for God to stand proudly in the liberated position based on the ideal of love and cry out, "I am the owner of the liberated creation in heaven and on earth!" the True Parents must form ties of love -- a blood relationship -- on earth. Moreover, sons and daughters should be born from that blood relationship. You must know that the Creator's hope and the hope of all human history has been to establish the one nation and world through the family, based on such blood-related sons and daughters. (202-198, 1990.5.24)

The True Parent of all parents is God. He is our True Parent. The King of the true family, nation and world is our Parent. We need to usher in an era of everlasting peace and prosperity in which we serve Him. Like the Korean song that begins "Moon, Oh Moon, you bright Moon, Moon loved by the poet Lee Tae-baek..." our hope is that humankind will attend our True Parents on earth as the millennia unfold. You should realize that it is the mission and purpose of us all in the Unification Church to fulfill this hope. (277-89, 1996.3.31)

The core and the center that determine the standard of value, for the innumerable forms of existence in motion in heaven and on earth, are the True Parents. They are the key figures against whom all things of creation measure their hope so as to determine their value. God is with the True Parents at all times, for He too is a similar being. He is the Cause of the Principle in pursuit of the historical fruits of history, the Center of this era, and the Master of the future. The True Parents are the central headquarters where God can indwell. (30-237, 1970.3.23)

The True Parents are God's body, just as we have a conscience and a body. The point of origin of the universe and the very first starting point are God and the True Parents. True love starts from that point. What about humankind? God is the mind of Adam and Eve. This is a multi-dimensional mind and not a two-dimensional mind. It is impossible for either a multi-dimensional mind or a two-dimensional mind to decide their positions for themselves. Their eternal positions are determined by the power of love. With the unity of God and True Parents everything becomes unified. If the conscience is in pain, the body will also be in pain; this is unavoidable for they are as one. (192-200, 1989.7.4)

The man called the True Parent is the greatest son of all in God's mind. He is the son who has perfected His eternal counterpart and who will leave behind a life history that is like God's textbook, demonstrating what the life of such a son should be like. (232-138, 1992.7.3)

There is a world of difference between the value of Rev. Moon, the True Parent, in God's perspective and yours. From the Principle's point of view these perspectives are poles apart. God has been yearning for the True Parent from the time of creation throughout history. Before fallen people ever began wishing for True Parents, it was God, their Creator, who wished for them. They were His cherished goal before the Creation.

This created universe is said to be about 25 billion years old. Based on that time span the mainstream of religious history continued until today, flowing toward the earthly realization of the ideal conceived by God even before the Creation. Judaism represented the first chosen people, Christianity the second and now the Unification Church the third. In the course of that protracted history, many were sacrificed to achieve that singular purpose.

In the True Parents dwells the love of God, a love that was never before imagined or thought of by humankind. Centering on God's love their parent-child relationship is established. When praying to God, you cannot call upon Him directly. You have to go through the True Parents. And end your prayer by offering it in the name of the True Parents. This is not as simple as it seems. It is not as simple as adding on the words out of habit. The starting point where these ideals are realized is on earth, not in heaven.

You should know that a new heaven and earth will come into being in the physical world. The relationship to the True Parents is formed, not in a vague world like the spirit world, but in the physical world. The True Parents come to the earth in substantial form. Thus, they can answer when we call upon them and sympathize with us when we face difficulties. You have no idea what a blessing it is for humankind to be able to meet with the True Parents on this horizontal plane. (31-77, 1970.4.19)

Originally, those living on earth would have been born from God's true love, experienced the blood relationship of true children born from True Parents, and spread this lineal foundation worldwide vertically. Based on such a central family, others would have been connected as reciprocal families and shaped the world; the physical and spirit worlds would have been established in such a fashion. That would be the world of the ideal of creation based upon God's love. (184-195, 1989.1.1)

Your center is the True Parents; they in turn are centered upon Jesus. All peoples in history must become as one centering on the True Parents. From there the traditional origin of the future bringing about unification is set up. It is also the central point of the number three. Then what sort of a group are Unification Church members? They are the ones who will be taught the doctrines of the True Parents and become their sons and daughters. The doctrine that you need to become the sons and daughters of the True Parents is taught only in the Unification Church.

The Unification Church is also the place where you can serve the True Parents, the very center sought after throughout history and required by this era. You are able to inherit this bond with the True Parents who are the origin of the future. Accordingly, you are their historic fruit and the historic center. You will be the origin, the ancestors, of the future. You need to realize, however, that this can only come to be when you establish a relationship with the True Parents that can unite your heart with theirs. If you have offered prayers like this with such a heart, you will not be disgraced.

Through what means will this unification come? It will come through true parental love. With what should it be unified? It should be with the sons and daughters. Who are these sons and daughters? They are those centered upon true parental love. To put it in another way, they can be likened to the sons and daughters born of the Adam and Eve who have not fallen.

In unity we can become the sons and daughters of God's Kingdom. The place wherein one is born today from the love relationship of the three ages is where one becomes a child of the True Parents. Because humankind is fallen, it must trace back the course of history and restore that position. (26-199, 1969.10.25)

What would happen if you lived with the True Parents? Individual, familial, tribal, national, and global life and cosmic life as well as the life of attendance to God are all interconnected. Centered on the True Parents' family, the tribe and people would also constitute our family. The peoples, nation, world, cosmos and God would all be ours. You need to understand this concept. Everyone would be one with the True Parents.

The True Parents are as one with God. He wishes to live together with all humanity in the world, not just with one religious denomination. The desire to live together with the universe and the ideal world, centered on love, are manifestations of God's ideal of creation, demonstrated in the lifestyle begun by and practiced in His family. (287-142, 1997.9.14)

Adam and Eve, resembling God in external form, were to become as one with Him after passing on to the spirit world. Without going through the True Parents you cannot completely inherit God's external form. Moreover, since God could not establish a world of love through Adam and Eve, restoration involves manifesting love through the True Parents. (107-173, 1980.4.27)

Parents are causing a commotion, shouting, "If Rev. Moon is the True Parent, what does that make us?" In the Bible it is written that the coming Lord is the true bridegroom. Then what does that make all other bridegrooms? They become false bridegrooms. That is just how it is. The Bible talks of only two people, the bride and the groom. In the original Garden of Eden the ideal groom was Adam and the ideal bride Eve. They were the ideal couple created by God. (203-98, 1990.6.17)

Amazingly, the True Parents have been revealed amidst the current pitiful American family circumstance. Americans have come to know the True Parents and, also amazingly, discovered their true brothers and sisters, their true families. The true family is desired by the true United States, the true world and the true universe. Americans, however, have not known parental love, and this has been the cause of their anguish. (149-304, 1986.12.14)

A king should sacrifice his children and even himself for the families in his kingdom. The virtuous lord is the one who fulfills his responsibility to feed and guide his subjects even at such sacrifice. Mothers and sons should become as one and then unite with their king. When this is done, the king should, in the place of their parents, invest everything he has over and over again to feed them with the parental love. Such a king is a virtuous lord. (278-173, 1996.5.5)

Once there are true parents, true children, a true family, tribe, nation and world will automatically arise from them. Among these terms, "true parents" is the most important. (125-117, 1983.3.14) 

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