Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Two - God's Kingdom and the True Family
Section 4. Heaven is Based On True Families

God is an absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal Being. The same is true for His will. As He is absolute and unchanging, His will is also the same. Because God's desire is for true families which are perfected through the true love of the Creator and of human beings, it was necessary for Him to create the conditions that would make it possible for Him to become one with human beings.

For this reason, He needed a commandment that He could give to our first ancestors. What was that commandment? The commandment was the condition for His promise to permit them to inherit a family of love, the entirety of love, and all precious things. Knowing that human beings would grow during a period when they were not yet perfect, God gave them that commandment in order to bequeath to them the most precious things -- namely, true love and the family. The inheritance of true love and the true family was the promise of His commandment. (283-171, 1997.4.12)

God's will is to make everything become one. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, our mind and body would become one. The minds and bodies of man and woman would be one. Had the two formed such a family, then the world of unity would have expanded from there. There is no unity in the world today; it is an extension of disunited men and women. (133-259, 1984.7.20)

God exists covertly in the deepest place. The deeper we go down, the greater love becomes until finally we come to discover God's true love. If you love your children more and more deeply, you will eventually meet God's love. Such families of true love become the foundation for His kingdom on earth. Heaven can be located in no other place. (161-325, 1987.3.8)

Heaven will be composed of true families. People will live with God. It is a living environment where husbands and wives can live together eternally with God, their internal Parent. Heaven is a place where people and families that are a part of God's body and that belong to His family can enter. Adam's perfected family enters it. People can only enter heaven with the whole family and not individually. The individual salvation that people strove for until now pertained to the archangelic world. Ownership of the true family is in heaven. Heaven is the realm true families can own. It is the realm where they become owners, where they have the right of true ownership, and where they exercise their family rights of ownership. (297-165, 1998.11.19)

God's Kingdom will come about only when you become His sons and daughters and form His families. It is the same with each individual family. Satan is pulling on the trap where you are ensnared. God is also pulling. If all family members are to enter God's presence, you will have to offer devotion. Only then will each individual -- if there are five family members, then all five of them -- be able to break free of Satan's trap and return to God's side. (115-49, 1981.10.28)

When husband and wife enter the room of love, they must feel that they are entering it together with God. When their minds and bodies attain perfect oneness, the husband should consider that his wife is the queen of all queens under heaven, the most beautiful woman in the world, and his absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal body. He must think of her and love her as he would his own body, as a body of love.

When subject and object partners become as one in love, they come to own each other's love. They also come to own each other as well as their possessions. As they each have the same value, the entire universe becomes theirs. This means that they must be able to sense God. Thus, everyone must be able to serve God in their lives and have the experience of having loved Him. Only then will they become royal families and kinfolk that belong to royalty in Heaven. When God beholds such Blessed Families from the heavenly world, they appear to Him as brightly shining stars. As such, they always bring Him joy. (297-167, 1998.11.19)

The term "a glorious true family" refers to a family that can be happy on earth and in the spirit world. A family that can live directly with God, the central Being of the next world, will be a true family in glory. You must become families that like each other more and more for eternity. If you do not like each other, you should work together to actualize an ideal world of love. As ideal subject and object partners, you need to create an environment in which each partner feels grateful to, lives for, and respects the other because they have received each other as partners of love. (294-312, 1998.8.9)

The core of the true family is the couple. What then are husband and wife? They are the bodies of God -- His substantial object partners. We refer to God, who possesses true love, as Father. If God is our Father, then He and we are in a parent-child relationship. We are father and son or mother and daughter. We are one body because this is a combination of vertical and horizontal. (297-167, 1998.11.19)

The cherished desire of young women and men is to form ideal families -- that is, true families. Here, "true family" refers to a family that God likes. Hence, the most important thing is your understanding of God. (298-248, 1999.1.16)

A true family will be the apple of God's eye. He will embrace that family and dance. When we feel overjoyed, God, who is almighty, would like to hold on to us, and dance, and fly through the air. A true family is God's object partner that can liberate and comfort Him. (301-169, 1999.4.25)

A true family is one that has realized the ideal exactly as God created it. Adam's perfected family would have been called the true family, but he did not actualize this and must therefore be resurrected. A resurrected family will form a resurrected tribe, society, nation, and world. Then there will no longer be Satan, sin, or the wars of human history -- the struggles between God and Satan -- on earth, and the world would not be like it is today, divided into many nations with different races, cultures, languages, and endless other divisions.

Where do True Parents come from? They come from God. They are linked with Him. From there, we need to become first His love, second His life, and third His lineage. What all this means is that everything in the world came into existence for the sake of His love, life, and lineage. There will be no place for love, life, or lineage that is centered on Satan. All the love, life, and lineage that have existed until now will be returned to God. As they cannot be returned to God directly, they must be returned through our children here. This is when Adam and Eve return them to God through Cain and Abel. (230-67, 1992.4.19)

Man and woman cannot unify their minds and bodies without true love. It is only when each has achieved this individually that they can become a couple of true love. It is only when they become a couple of true love that they can be children of God bearing true love. Thus, they become God's family.

What does God like most? It is true love. Love is not something that can be actualized alone. In creating human beings, God was creating His partners. He created human beings to be His partners in true love. Based upon this, the entire universe was created according to a pair system. As such, God's love, man's love, woman's love, and children's love are eternal. This is God's family. (201-192, 1990.4.1)

The commencement of Blessed Family life signifies the start of God's family. In becoming one with God centering on love, we are not just establishing our own couples, but families of God's Kingdom. (248-12, 1993.5.30)

The family that liberates God from His sorrow is His family. God's abode of rest is in the family formed by people with the qualification of the first son and husband that can love more than all his other brothers. The mission of Blessed Families in the Unification Church is to create the realm of the Sabbath where they, as parents, would want to welcome even beggars as their own children to live with them. Do not forget your destiny as blessed couples to fulfill this mission. (295-245, 1998.8.28)

The true family is the fundamental nucleus of a peaceful world for it is here that we learn about God's true love through true parental love. It is here that we are trained by means of true fraternal love to acquire true universal love for the true nation and for all humanity of the true world. (288-199, 1997.11.28)

When they go to the spirit world, ideal couples and families will be able to live with God anytime they want. This is why men must become God's internal nature, putting themselves in the position of His heart, and women must become His external form. Then the two must become one. They expand one level and become one. The mind-like aspects of these two become internal nature and their bodily aspects become external form, and then, for the first time, they bear fruit. This is how the realm of mind-body oneness centering on God is formed.

When this happens, Adam and Eve's children will develop bones centering on God's love and bodies similar to theirs. Hence, God Himself is able to rule over visible human beings who possess external form similar to those of Adam and Eve. When this happens, the entire world will become His kingdom on earth and we will be able to meet Him.

If you go to heaven now, you will not see God. It is necessary that God enter the minds of the True Parents after they have accomplished everything and gone to the next world. When this happens, He will take on a body and we will enter an age when He will be able to move and rule over everything in the universe. In other words, He will take on a holy external form.

When all this has been completed -- the accomplishment of His kingdom in heaven and on earth -- He will take on an external form. This is possible centering on love. If love becomes physically one in Adam's family, God too, can have a combined internal nature and external form so He can take on a body. This cannot be done without love. This is where the term "one body" comes from.

The spirit world is a place governed by true love -- that is, absolute love. Everything is linked to true love. True love is the seed. Seeds unrelated with the Fall are linked together and fill all of heaven and earth. The world today came about as a result of the Fall, so it must disappear. We must do away with the lineage of the fallen world and link ourselves to God's original lineage. How do we create such a world? Blessed marriage is the way. The Blessing is the means of engrafting ourselves onto God's lineage. (294-316, 1998.8.9)

People in the spirit world also need true families. Without true families, they cannot be linked to God's position nor can they enter heaven. Couples living in God's Kingdom on earth will eventually enter His kingdom in heaven. This is God's ideal of creation. In that place, there is no religion -- only one culture -- and everything is perfected through families. The family is the center of everything. As such, our families want to stand in the center.

There is no need for religion there. Christianity, Buddhism, and all religions will be liberated. Jesus, Buddha, and all the saints need families. Who will create these families? The True Parents. Until now, all families were linked to a false lineage; they were not original families. Through the appearance of Blessed Families, there can now be true families that are linked to God's lineage.

Rev. Moon has created a victorious foundation extending in all directions. The same is true with the spiritual and physical worlds. Therefore, we can develop from the true family to the true world. From the true family, we can bring about the true tribe, people, nation, world, universe, and heaven. (279-237, 1996.9.8)

Now we clearly understand ourselves. We know now where we are connected to, what process of life we have come through, and where we are heading. In going this way, what do we carry with us? We carry in our bosoms God's concern. If our family has been restored, we cannot rest.

We must know that we still have a tribe centering on the family, a people centering on the tribe, and a nation, world, and humanity centering on a people. As long as we are on the earth, we must go to the ends of the earth to bring many societies to the Father. After that, we must yearn for the day when all humanity can be blessed, and we must strive every day to bring this about. Such people can represent God. (152-192, 1963.5.10)

Until now, the concept of faith was, "I will believe in God and enter Heaven." But do you know what you must do before you can enter Heaven? Each person must unite his or her mind and body. We must strive to reach that state. Anyone who does not attain such unity will not be able to enter Heaven. Anyone whose family is not united cannot go to Heaven. If you want to lead your relatives to a good place, you must build an altar of devotion. Otherwise, you cannot bring them there. (155-213, 1965.10.30)

When Adam and Eve fell, they were conquered by the world of death. Satan, who exercises dominion over the world of death, created families that would turn against God in the age of the ideal of creation and has formed a world that stood in opposition to Him until now. When we consider this, we understand that what God wants most in His heart is the creation of ideal families. He wants to establish families that surpass the standard desired by His enemy. He wants families surpassing the standard that existed in the ideal age before the Fall. We need to think about this. (159-128, 1968.3.7)

Jesus came to the earth and taught a simple truth: "The God who created Heaven and earth is my Father; I am His son. By believing in me, you can become His children. As He is my Father, He is also yours." Then Jesus taught us about our Father and about our responsibilities as His children. After that, he said: "I am the groom and you are the brides." What does this mean? Jesus came and taught for the first time about the elements needed for creating God's families. (156-224, 1966.5.25)

The Bible teaches that God is our Father. It refers to Jesus as God's only begotten son and to Jesus' followers as his brides as well as his siblings. As it reveals content in which everything exists within a framework of God's family centered on His love, it is a doctrine that builds His family and teaches the duties of that family that will allow God's son to rest within it. (195-195, 1989.11.15)

The Bible teaches us about the family. Jesus is the bridegroom and we are his brides. The bridegroom and bride meet, hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and restore the family. This is the conclusion that summarizes the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments. This is the reason the Bible is great.

What is the goal toward which the Bible points and what is the hope that it requires? It is not Jesus the individual. The Bible's eager anticipation is for God's family, the union between Jesus and his Bride. What will we do with God's family? If there is a family -- that is, a bridegroom and a bride -- children will emerge. When children emerge and multiply, they form a tribe, society, nation, and world. What kind of world is that? The world connected to God's love is that of Godism. It is the world based upon the ideology of Adam and Eve. It is the world of the philosophy of parents. (160-277, 1969.5.17)

The ultimate goal of God's Kingdom is the perfection of true families. Within true families, there must be the ideal of a true nation and world. The term absolute sex emerges here as the tradition of true love that can influence a true world and nation. Absolute sex refers to that which is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. Everything that has to do with being harmonized in love with a reciprocal partner to whom you are linked through love -- an attribute of God -- is bound together in sexual relations. (281-282, 1997.3.9)

Even if a husband and wife are of different racial or cultural backgrounds, if the family is unified in God's true love, there will be no racial or cultural clashes among the children. The children will love and value the two cultures and traditions even more than they love their parents. Attempts to solve interracial conflict -- a serious issue in many societies around the world -- purely through political or economic means can only fail. Racial discrimination begins in the cradle, so a fundamental solution to this problem is possible only through the ideal of a true family centered on true love.

Thus, the highest ideal is to build true families centering on the true love of one being -- that is, God. If humanity had become one with God at the beginning of history, we would have formed true families and practiced love that gives and gives again. We would already have formed a true nation and world of peace.

To end this historical conflict, we must return to God. First, the mind and body of each individual must become one centering on Him. When a true man and a true woman form a true God-centered family, they become able to serve Him in their midst again. The true family centered on true love is the earthly base where God can reside and becomes the starting point of a true nation and a true world of peace. This is how the world of true freedom and happiness will open up. (271-88, 1995.08.22)

We need to stage demonstrations from now on. We must demonstrate to boast about the True Parents, true families, true lineage, and true purity. The True Parents are globalizing their purpose for coming to the earth so that each of you within your families, tribes, peoples, and nations can all become true parents. Individuals establishing true parents, true families, and true purity at level of the family, ethnic people, and nation, bring about globalization. From the national level, the true parental standard can be linked from the individual through to the global and cosmic levels. The true family standard and the lineage of true purity must be linked so that we cross over into the era of true liberation, the age of the world without the Fall. Thus, we need to stage demonstrations that will clear away all fallen things. We should give this work greater priority than witnessing. (298-221, 1999.1.8) 

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