Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Two - God's Kingdom and the True Family
Section 3. Citizens of God's Kingdom are Educated in True Families

Earthly families are the production plants to re-create citizens who can be brought along into the heavenly world. We act as the owners of these factories before entering the spirit world. If Adam and Eve had set the straight path, we would not need to educate our children. It would have happened naturally. Everyone would have had God within himself. There would have been no need to educate them. We are where we are now because of the Fall. As a result of the Fall, humanity has been ignorant of all the fundamentals. (254-246, 1994.2.13)

God's cherished desire is to recover the true family that was lost in the Garden of Eden. You have to understand that the heavenly family where God wants to reside is the family that can establish loving true parents, true spouses, and true children. When such a family appears, even Jesus will be able to take delight in them as his siblings. Such families must emerge. (8-114, 1959.11.22)

A true couple is formed when a true man and a true woman come together to begin their life as husband and wife. When sons and daughters are born, the true couple becomes a true family. In the place where a man and woman -- each having attained perfect mind-body oneness -- unite in eternal love, they give birth to children who can never be separated from them. If the mother and father are divided, their children will be divided within themselves. It is a natural conclusion that a child whose mind and body are one begins from a husband and wife who are each united in their own mind and body and are united together centering on true love. Otherwise, true love cannot stay there. God cannot stay where true love does not exist. This is our logical conclusion. (270-324, 1995.7.23)

In order to enter the storehouse of heaven, you must become pure in connection with God's love, life, and lineage. To do this, you must be God's children from the time you are born and while growing up, and be God's family in your daily life. When you do this, you will enter God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven as families and clans.

We are not saved as individuals. In our life course, we are to love our children from the position of the second creator in the same way that God loved Adam and Eve. We are to love each other as siblings who can receive His love and as husbands and wives who can practice His love. It all begins from, proceeds through, and ends in love. Heaven is a place we enter by having perfected ourselves in conformity with the textbook of love. We do not enter it as individuals, but as complete families. (226-307, 1992.2.9)

How should a wife relate to her husband? She should hold his hand and say, "I now know that you and I are twin brother and sister born together, so we can never be separated." When Adam and Eve were chased out of the Garden of Eden, they were separated from God, shedding tears of sorrow, but now in the age of restoration, we must shed tears of the opposite kind. Through the process of our lives, we must indemnify the fact of our not having been sons and daughters of God's Kingdom. (238-254, 1992.11.22)

To establish God's Kingdom there must be a king and a queen who have sons and daughters. There also must be central families that can guard the kingdom. This is why Jesus is now waiting in paradise. Heaven is not a place you can enter alone. (265-94, 1994.11.20)

Through the ownership of love, the hometown and the family of your partner can become yours. This is where children, siblings, couples, and parents are perfected. We were previously unable to realize any of the contents presented in God's textbook, but today we come to understand them through the True Parents. We need to do these things again so that, in the original position unrelated to the Fall, God can completely surmount the summit of grief and pass down to us His standards regarding education. This is how we become people and families qualified as citizens of His kingdom. (226-173, 1992.2.4)

The Holy Spirit in Christianity is feminine. It had the responsibility to give birth to two worlds spiritually and substantially, and then to raise them up. In the same way, the Unification Church's blessed wives must be responsible for two worlds. They must create citizens of God's Kingdom who become able to denounce the satanic world and govern its people.

Your sons and daughters are citizens of God's Kingdom. They are not citizens of any existing nation, but of God's Kingdom. You must raise them with this kind of purpose in mind. Otherwise, there will be no hope for your families in the future and they will all go to hell. (216-277, 1991.04.7)

You need to understand that True Parents always exist for your sake. You should not raise your children to become people like you. You should be determined to wholly inherit True Parents' tradition now in order to raise the descendants who will be able to live in God's future world. This is my single cherished desire.

What will you do if you turn your precious children into people like yourselves? You need to offer devotion, saying, "I am this way. I am, but I will not raise my descendants to be the kind of person I am. Instead, I will raise them to be true sons and daughters."

In order to raise them as true children, you will need to do as God did in the Garden of Eden after He created Adam and Eve. You must embrace your children, protect them, and be joyful. Do not let them go the same course as descendants of the Fall. You will need to offer utmost devotion, take responsibility to prepare everything, and make certain that all the necessary content is there so that they may be blessed by God. If you form such families, your children will be sons and daughters of God's Kingdom. (158-272, 1967.12.29)

In educating your children, do not teach them to love only their parents. Say to them, "We are loyal citizens and patriots who love this nation. We love our nation. We are not parents who are patriots, but patriots who are parents." This is how you should educate them. (26-295, 1969.11.10)

If the mother and father thrive, the children of that home will thrive. And if the children thrive, even the dogs and roosters kept in that home would thrive. If the dogs don't bark nor the rooster crow, would you say they are thriving? If people say, "The mother and father of that home get along well with each other and at that home the dogs bark often and the rooster crow a lot," then you will know that the home is thriving. Even if people talk about the roosters crowing too much and the dogs playfully biting a lot, in reality the people in that home are not acting wildly and are not declining, but are doing very well. (202-229, 1990.5.24)

Children should serve their mother and father in God's stead as parents greater than even the True Mother and the True Father. In this way, your family can be such that your children will bow to you before they bow to the True Parents. Parents represent God in our daily life. Thus, it is important that the four great realms of heart and three great kingships are realized in the family. (241-179, 1992.12.24)

God's sovereignty of love is absolute, unique, eternal, and unchanging. As this is true of the sovereignty, citizenry, and property of His nation, we must reorganize everything and re-register ourselves with a national identity that is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. This is a time when the created beings must be reorganized in this way as well, so everything must be reversed to go in the opposite direction. We need to understand that things that have been going around this way must now start turning in the opposite direction.

God's nation needs absolute sovereignty, citizens, and created beings. We see in our families that we have parents who represent sovereignty, children who represent citizens, and objects that represent created beings. This family is a foundation of God's Kingdom in miniature. All this must be offered to Him. Only then will a large nation and world come about. (304-258, 1999.11.8) 

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