Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter Two - God's Kingdom and the True Family
Section 2. True Families Produce the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

You need to understand that women possess a treasure so precious that it cannot be exchanged for the universe or even for God. Within you is the palace of the origin where love can be fulfilled. What a safe place God put this in! What would happen if you had no flesh on your buttocks? You would become frozen solid.

What about men? Is your love organ not in a place where it is easily protected? All of your energy is concentrated in that place. Due to this, your organ enables you to re-create a person who is like you. This place that enables you to become a mother or a father is a mysterious palace!

When you go to the spirit world, there are no places for reproduction. Why did God make human beings? It is because there is no reproduction along the vertical, which has only one point. God's love is on the single point in the position of the vertical, so there can be no reproduction there. People cannot reproduce in the spirit world. For this reason, there needs to be 360 degrees on the horizontal. In the horizontal world, there are unlimited positions where reproduction can take place in the north, south, east, and west.

Thus, we call this the production plant for creating the citizens of God's Kingdom. People who come into the world as citizens of this world are themselves sons and daughters of the spirit world. They each become the child whom you love. That person is like one of God's cells. After we enter that world, we becomes like His cells. We become integrated into Him. We came from the Origin, so we return to the Origin.

Hence, when men and women go to the spirit world, they form one body and resemble God. Later, they become godlike. They should resemble God. Don't we say that God has dual characteristics? Where do the dual characteristics begin? They begin in love. By bearing the fruits of love, we come to resemble the original God and return to Him. Also, God would be lonely if He were alone. He wanted to create a garden of love full of flowers blooming in all sorts of colors and filling the air with their fragrances. In that garden, He wanted to take naps and walk around. This is the kind of God He is. (206-137, 1990.10.3)

Our sexual organs are palaces of true love, true life, and true lineage. They are the most precious place. If these organs were to disappear, heaven and earth would disappear. Without these organs, God's ideal, His family, and His will could not be fulfilled. These organs are an origin from which everything can be perfected. (216-218, 1991.4.1)

Why did God create people so that they could have many babies rather than just one? If He had created people so that they could have only one, then there would only have been Adam and Eve and one child. What would have happened then? They would have had to just live with each other. Just the one family would have been alive. In that case, the world would have disappeared. In order to bring about God's Kingdom, there needs to be horizontal expansion so that innumerable families are reproduced. This is how to reproduce citizens of His Kingdom.

There is no reproduction in the spirit world. Husbands and wives on earth are the production plants for the citizens of heaven. That world cannot be filled in one step. Its citizens must be born over many generations. Hence, God feels joy when He sees the citizens of Heaven increasing. In that world, there is no concern about what to eat, what to wear, where to sleep, or anything else. There is no need for cars and factories. It is a place where everything has been prepared. You can fly anywhere anytime you want. It is a place of incredible speed. You take just one step and find you have moved thou- sands of miles. (246-69, 1993.3.23)

You will be able to see me, but not God. When a husband and wife are in the midst of making love on their first night, God enters there and becomes one with them. What was His purpose for creating human beings? In the spirit world, there is no reproduction. Families in the earthly world are where citizens of the spirit world are produced. The person who gives birth to and raises many citizens of heaven while on earth will stand in a glorious position. If you want to stand in a position of glory, you must give bear many children. (249-323, 1993.10.11)

The earthly world is the production plant of the citizens of the heavenly world. There is no reproduction in the spirit world. Due to the Fall, we became the devil's offspring. Hence, we need to carry out a process to engraft all people and bring them back to being citizens of the heavenly world. Thus, when you go to that world, you will be like a bride taking her dowry to her in-laws. For you, the issue will be the number of people you establish and bring to God as citizens of heaven.

God never had grandchildren. He intended to have them through Adam and Eve. He grieves that He could not do so. Because of this, He wants us to bear many of His children here on earth, raise them, and then present them to Him. The heavenly world is so vast and immutable that it will take billions and billions of citizens to fill it. Knowing this, I have spent my life -- even those times when I was in prison -- forgetting about sleeping and eating, so that I could work to save even just one more life. Many times, I thought it was morning when it was actually evening or I thought it was evening when it was actually morning. I did this so I could save even just one more life. All national boundaries are transcended here. (212-309, 1991.1.8)

Human beings are created so that everyone will be linked together through love-centered marriage relationships. In the same way that perfect children are born on a foundation where love has been perfected, it is the responsibility of people on earth to bear and form God's ideal filial, fraternal, and conjugal realms in His family. Reproduction is impossible in the spirit world. The center has no area, so there is no space in which to have children.

Thus, God created a plane and three-dimensional space to produce citizens of heaven, who would then enter and inhabit that vast realm. Couples are therefore individual production units for reproducing the citizens of heaven. To create a reciprocal realm with the right of inheritance and the right of ownership in the next world, they need to bear many sons and daughters on earth and eventually be with them in that world. Those without children will not have such a reciprocal realm. Such a reciprocal realm can only exist when you have children. You should try to have at least twelve, the number of months in a year. (255-265, 1994.3.11)

You must be proud of God and proud that you are a man or a woman. Such men and women must multiply the citizens of heaven. This is an iron rule. Adam and Eve must multiply. Mind and body must be as one and God's love must be overflowing within you. Then your spiritual five senses and physical five senses become as one and you become eternally one with true love. Men who can do this -- men with whom women can share eternity -- will be kings possessing kingship representing humankind eternally. Women will be queens standing in the reciprocal position to the kings. Such men and women will be in our hearts as eternal mothers and fathers. We need to understand that this is the background that is linked to the term "true love."

We become one through a love with this mind-set. We marry to explore this love. We go there because of love. Marriage is not something just for two people. Its purpose is to occupy the vertical God. After being divided between east and west, do you know where we come to meet and explode together? We meet on the vertical line. When we meet on the vertical line, we explode and spin, ascending and colliding with God. On the vertical line, God descends and we ascend so that God enters the center; and when we descend, we see that God has become the central core of love. Thus, if you want to make this line running vertically from here go in a horizontal direction, you must have children. Therefore, even if a man and woman have created this vertical line, they will not be able to serve God in the heavenly world if they do not have children.

Only those who have had children and loved them are able to serve God, the ideal Subject of dual characteristics. They also need to have children in order to serve the True Parents. If those who cannot bear children are going to adopt a child, they must train themselves so that they will be able to love this child even more than if they had given birth to it. This is difficult to do. Hence, in the Unification Church, we teach people to bear many loving children. Babies in our church bring heavenly fortune with them. They are born with food to eat. Some will become judges, prosecutors, and presidents. All types of people will be born. All the colors of the rainbow will come from them.

So, based on true love, you should have nothing to be ashamed of in terms of your motherhood or fatherhood and you should bring many citizens into God's Kingdom. (210-375, 1990.12.27)

Husbands and wives today are to be the production units of citizens of the heavenly world, so entering heaven with many children is not an unhappy event. You will go to a high position in that world. Based upon north, south, east, and west, the four seasons have three months each making a total of twelve months. This is the reason Jesus chose twelve disciples. Centering on him, they were archetypal of north, south, east, and west. This encompassed the four directions centering on God. (233-247, 1992.8.1)

The family on earth is the horizontal entity whose purpose is to create the heavenly kingdom. Reproduction is not possible in the vertical world. The number of children expands in the horizontal world and they become God's citizens. When members of royal families who are God's citizens multiply, they are all citizens except the firstborn. They become relatives. Those citizens become clans. There must be a firstborn among the clans, right?

Among tribes, too, there needs to be the firstborn that ties all the tribes together. This is Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were to be the king and queen of the eternal tradition. In a democratic world, all this disappears. Then what is the spherical shape? The foundation for producing the citizens of heaven is not the family foundation in Heaven, but on earth. To bear children is to produce citizens of the heavenly world. (234-165, 1992.8.10) 

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