Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter One - God's True Love Is the Motivating Force for the Creation
Section 4. True Family Is the Primary Platform of True Love

God created Adam and Eve in true love. They are substantial beings formed by embodying His internal nature and external form. Through their creation, His invisible internal character and external form was manifested in a substantial form. This is the reason that they must grow up and become one with Him. Had they become perfect, their mind and body would have become one naturally. The Fall, however, brought their mind and body into conflict. People did not know this until now. If Adam and Eve had been perfected in accordance with God's ideal of creation, the mind and body would not be in conflict. The fact that there is a conflict within us is, in itself, a reason for people to be able to deny God's existence. (238-29, 1992.11.19)

No one can bring about true love alone. There must be a partner. Don't you wish that your partner could be better than you? We all want our children to be better than ourselves. This heart comes from God. We need to understand that even God wants His partners of love to be better than Himself. Our desire for our partner of love to be better than ourselves horizontally and vertically originates in God. (203-103, 1990.6.17)

The minds and then the bodies of woman and man come together to attain oneness and become God's external form. When this happens, God is able to reside in the center and settle there eternally. Through the three stages of origin-division-union action, mind and body form the ideal of oneness. The oneness of love brings about the realm of oneness of the ideal world, both vertically and horizontally. Everything is unified within the concept of the mind- body oneness.

The family that settles as God's substantial form on earth and multiplies through the oneness of love becomes His family, His offspring, citizens, and world. When this happens, the mind-body conflict caused by the Fall disappears instantaneously.

Because this family is one with God's internal nature, His love naturally resides in it and any conflict between man and woman disappears. The members of such a family can love each other naturally without conflict. God resides and becomes a mind-like being there. The husband and wife will be His bodily beings, and oneness is achieved. (294-313, 1998.8.9)

A true couple is one formed by a man and woman joined together in true love as the embodiment of true life. Such a couple is a true one. Society must be connected by such relationships. The realms formed by the horizontal expansion of that of fraternal heart are the true society, nation, and world. Everybody wants to be a representative of the universe. As everyone is equal when viewed against the backdrop of true-love relationships, those who go against this will eventually have no place to stand. The lips connect following true love. We are the result of life, love, and lineage. (190-214, 1989.6.19)

The first hometown of true love is a true family. What is a true family? It has a true father, true mother, true husband, true wife and true children. This is the foundation for a family of true love. (215-243, 1991.2. 20)

If parents, motivated by true love, invest in and sacrifice themselves infinitely for their children, those children will feel infinite gratitude for having received this true love and their parents will experience great joy in place of their sacrifice. In this way, the power of sacrificial true love initiates a give and take action that establishes an eternal relationship of joy and peace in the true family and world. It is here that the ideal world of eternal life is manifested.

On the other hand, the family, nation and world that lack such true love are nothing more than an empty shell, and will become the breeding grounds of all manner of distrust, animosity, and immorality.

It is in the true family that our pure, true love grows and is perfected. The true family is the initial stage on which true parental love, true conjugal love, true filial love and true fraternal love are put into practice, and jointly grow to fruition. The true family is the fundamental nucleus of a peaceful world, for it is here that we learn about God's true love through true parental love; it is here that we are trained by means of true fraternal love to acquire true universal love for the true nation and for all people of the true world. Not only that, but the true family is the basic unit of historical connection, for it is through true love being handed down from parent to child that the generations of past, present, and future are connected together in a consistent value system of true love. (288-199, 1997.11.28)

How happy would your grandparents be to give up their lives out of love for your parents? Also, how happy would parents be to love their children even at the risk of their lives? You say that you are willing to die for the sake of love, but true love is actualized when a grandson dies for the sake of his grandfather. We can conclude that a true family is one exemplifying such sacrificial love between grandparents and grandchildren, parents and children, among siblings, and between spouses. (162-140, 1987.4.5)

What would God prefer above all else? He likes true love the most; the level of reciprocity that true love likes the most is the family of Adam and Eve. This family was placed in the ideal position by God. (263-177, 1994. 8.23)

The path of true love that I teach you -- the path that the man and woman of true love, the true family, nation and world must go -- is absolute. There is but one path, not two. The family is the textbook of true love teaching you how to relate to all humankind. (135-158, 1985.11.12)

What should blessed couples do if they fight? They should call their physical children and then their spiritual children to ask their forgiveness because the former represent Abel and the latter represent Cain. Having gone against the tradition that Cain and Abel should follow, they did not make Cain and Abel unite but did the opposite instead, and therefore must repent before them. Such a time will come. We share a common destiny. When the children do something wrong, they must obtain their parents' forgiveness. If the husband, their father, does something wrong, he must beg them, and his wife, for forgiveness. This is the true family with true love at the center. (135-38, 1985.8.20)

The purpose of religion is to seek after God and His teachings. It is not God but human beings who put these teachings into practice. As we seek after a reciprocal love, the question is, where will we make this love settle? Not in the church or in the world; nowhere else but in the family. We must plant the seed of true love within the family for the world to become the expanded form of a true family. In this context, there is no concept of religion. There will be no need even for the Tenchi Seikyo spiritual path. (259-62, 1994.3.27) 

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