Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fifteen - The Life Of An Owner Of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter One - God's True Love Is the Motivating Force for the Creation
Section 1. True Love is at the Center of God's Desire

God is the great King of truth, goodness, trueness, and love. (301-38, 1999.4.16)

Did He exist from the very beginning, or did He come into being? Even God has grown. We must know this. How can we know it? We can know it from the principle that causes everything that resembles God's original nature to start as a small cell and grow. So what has made God grow? He has grown because of love, an absolute love wherein God is the subject partner of love and human beings are His object partners. (243-278, 1993.1.28)

God created heaven and earth, not just to see human beings, but for the sake of love. God cannot possess love by Himself, nor can He feel it on His own. Certainly, He contains love, but He cannot experience the kind of love that overflows with the joy of being in perfect harmony all by Himself. No matter how beautiful a flower may be, it must give off a fragrance; no matter how sweet its fragrance is, the wind must blow for that fragrance to be spread about. So, as the flower needs the wind, God, too, needs an object partner who will stimulate Him. (210-223, 1990.12.23)

True love is God's fundamental motivating force by which He creates; this is why He likes true love more than anything. He can eat, just as we do. He has eyes and a nose, as well. He has all those things. That is the kind of being He is. However, what He likes is not the lumps of gold that human beings covet. He can make those things anytime He wants. The same is true with knowledge. God is omniscient and almighty. He is the great King of knowledge and ability. (212-295, 1991.1.8)

The depth of true love incorporates everything, going all the way back to the beginning -- when God was born. You have no idea how deep it is! It started at the very origin of His existence. Even after a lifetime, we can never get there, and even after going to the next world, we will continue developing toward that goal for eternity. So it is inconceivable that husbands and wives would fight and separate from each other.

Even God has grown and developed. To the very depth of His beginning, He has had the same origin as true love. At the point of origin, God was not first; love was first. We say God has dual characteristics. Why dual characteristics? Dual characteristics are cherished because of love. (246-286, 1993.4.20)

True love can be a bridge that God can use as He wishes for His travels. When the physical parts of the body are all united in love everything will be okay, and when the inner aspects are united everything will be okay. The result will be the same everywhere, whether in the north, south, east or west, whether in the heavenly world or in the earthly world, or anywhere else. Through love, the members of the body can freely interact and harmonize with one another. Only love has this power. The same is true with organizations. When we absolutely establish a political party on God's behalf and say we will unite, we are saying that we will do so centering on Him. (139-200, 1986.1.31)

Even God absolutely obeys true love. He would even offer up His life for the sake of true love. Why are both men and women willing to sacrifice their lives for true love? The reason is that love precedes life. Why did God begin to exist? He began to exist because of love, and He exists in order to love. Had there been no concept of love, there would not have been a need for God to come into being.

Thus, everything created by God is based on the pair system. For example, in the mineral world cations and anions manifest love -- though on a lower level -- as they intermingle. This is being announced for the first time in history as a result of my coming into this world. I am the first in history to announce that God regards true love as being absolute, and lives in absolute obedience to true love. This is not something conceptual. It is fact. Thus God created the universe in order to launch true love. (203-103, 1990.6.17)

True love cannot exist without God's involvement. Without God, not even the words man, woman, family, truth and love can be called true. All of these are possible only due to God's involvement. He is the great King of truth, goodness, and love. For this reason, nothing good exists anywhere if God is not involved. The same applies to our work: Anything done without God is fraudulent and cannot be trusted. This applies to everything. So, the eternal standard, the standard of trueness, is established only on the basis of God's involvement. (301-38, 1999.4.16)

How, then, can we distinguish between true love and false love? Egoistic love connects us to the devil, and altruistic love connects us to God and the laws of the universe. That is where the dividing line lies. God's love gives, gives, and gives again, and then forgets that it has given. This is true love. A ninety-year-old grandmother tells her seventy-year-old son, "Hey, watch out for the cars when you go out today," and relates to him as if he were still the young boy of many years ago. She has been telling him the same thing every day well into her nineties, but she never tires of saying it. True love is a love that loves endlessly and untiringly. (142-333, 1986.3.14)

True love begins with the willingness to invest even our own lives over and over, giving and giving again, but forgetting that we have given. As it ascends, it can penetrate and enter anything it pleases, a strong mind, heaven and earth, the world of life, and even the world of death. There is nowhere that true love cannot go. It even enters secret rooms. (256-179, 1994.3.13)

True love travels at the highest speed and is a force in harmony with God's creativity. Those possessing it can even call out to God from the ends of the earth, "Please come!" and He will. Even an ugly granddaughter has but to wiggle a finger and her grandfather will go to her. That is how great love is. That is true love. (301-125, 1999.4.25)

Love does not just arise out of thin air. Glory does not arise without going through God's love. When we say a person is blessed with glory, we are not referring to a love in solitude, or to a millionaire sitting on a pile of gold. We are referring to a person who fully possesses the bonds of love and is in an unchanging position of happiness. Glory cannot exist without God's love, either. However, when we receive God's love after fulfilling our individual responsibility and passing through the standard of the perfection stage, glory will come to us automatically. (158-296, 1968.2.4)

True love can be higher than God. That means that even God wants His love partner to be tens of millions of times more wonderful than Himself. In this way, an object of true love is higher than God. It is the same for you as well. True love means you want your partner to be higher than yourself. (274-22, 1995.10.25)

True love is God's love. When you go to the spirit world, you will be able to sense the colors and flavors of true love there. The spirit world is that kind of world. Once we embody true love, it will be possible to relate to any situation. We will be able to sense every situation. If God, the owner of true love, had fine hair on His body, even that fine hair would belong to true love, and all of heaven and earth would immediately sense its slightest movement. Things will be that sensitive. Our emotions will resonate with the emotions of the entire universe. (304-15, 1999.9.5)

Godism teaches how loving human beings can walk a path that confers on them the privilege to ascend to a position even higher than the Creator. Godism is the ideology of true love. It cannot be achieved without first finding the way to sacrifice and invest our fallen lives. This is the reason the Bible taught the paradoxical logic that those who seek to die will live and those who seek to live will die. (268-162, 1995.3.31)

How should a person prepare before seeking the path of love? A person should form a union of love with God, the Parent. Only then can there be true love. This is the center where the will of God can reside, where an individual can unite with that will. (103-132, 1979.2.18) 

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