Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fourteen - A Life Of True Filial Piety
Chapter Six - Our Level of Loyalty, Filial Piety and True Love Determine Our Path to Heaven or Hell

No matter how much evil we encounter in our social environment, we still have loving parents; how happy we are to be able to go to them and shed tears in their warm embrace! No amount of money could ever buy that feeling of embrace or comfort you receive from your father and mother while leaning your heavily burdened body, letting tears flow over their bosom and feeling their hands quietly caress you. It is in those times that you can have a heart of thankfulness, and feel joy that surpasses even that of an earthly commander who has just won a victory over the enemy forces.

That is why I am asking you to become filial sons and daughters. When you hurt yourself, your mother and father are always ready to listen to you, night or day. They are always ready to pat you on the shoulder and embrace you. They will give you a bandage of love or some medicine of love even if they haven't managed to prepare a bandage or some medicine. This is truly amazing. Such a place is filled with the fragrance of peace. You must know that there is no power that is greater than this.

Nothing can quench the hope that burns in the hearts of parents who live all their lives, bound by the cords of love, for the sake of their children, offering their sweat and blood with backs bent by age and faces ravaged by time. Within them resides a force enabling them to clear the obstacles they encounter with a strutting gait however insurmountable they maybe.

The path of a patriot is the same. The ancestors of our nation walked the path of patriotism imbued with a heart of deep love for their parents. Our cherished pride as their descendants who can inherit this love is to love as they did.

Accordingly, we should love our country as its citizens. We should not eat the bread of idleness to the detriment of our nation. You may do this until you grow up; that holds true while you are still immature and undergoing education, but not when you come of age. Are babies not also weaned off their mother's milk after some months? When they become toddlers, it is not a sin for them to swipe the food that their mother and father have put away and stuff it into their mouths. When they do that their parents are not going to yell at them, saying, "Hey, you little scoundrel! You're a thief. I'm going to teach you a lesson!" More likely, they will tap their child on the bottom and say, "You smart guy! How did you know it was there? You are sharper than I!" Such is the heart of a parent. (175-207, 1988.4.17)

Through the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, their sons Cain and Abel harvested the seeds of the original sin. As such, the parents who had sown the seeds of sin had to be restored. The foundation of children who can fulfill their duty of loyalty and filial piety also has to be restored connected to the foundation of the restored historic parents of heaven and earth. It was only after this standard had been established that the Day of All Things could appear for the first time. (16-259, 1966.6.19)

Is it not love that moves us to help our parents at home? If they loved you, you want to love them back. That is a heavenly principle. Everything arising from the heart is linked to the parent-child relationship. It is all derived from the seeds that were planted in your hometown.

Yet due to the Fall, everything went awry, and consequently needs to be resolved on earth. Return to your hometowns and post up the signboard declaring yourselves as being more loving filial sons and daughters than all the other filial sons and daughters out there on Satan's side. On that declaration, it will not be the archangel, but good spirits, who will descend upon the earth. Then the spirits operating on the horizontal level with a loving heart will come to your house here in Seoul and cooperate with you. You can then extend your horizontal foundation in this way. This is restoration. (175-44, 1988.4.6)

What is the one unfinished work that we must leave behind, the legacy we can bequeath, and the last will and testament we can leave behind -- even when we are accused and hunted down by a bunch of smug narcissists occupying the highest positions in society, and we are tearfully struggling to steady ourselves with our blood-spattered bodies close to the point of death? It is our hearts burning brightly for the sake of Heaven and our minds as filial children, loyal subjects and virtuous women. A group of people embodying such qualities will never perish. (150-153, 1961.1.9)

Clearly knowing, distinguishing and walking the path of righteousness are the way of loyalty and filial piety. As such, don't fritter away your days in vain. It is the same as getting into debt. Pull in the people who are close to you and bring them here. If you are not strong enough, you may have to resort to threatening them into order to pull them over to us; that is not a sin. We would go to such lengths in order to educate them and take them to a good place. As such conditions exist, we can do anything. So from now on you should not leave people to do as they please. (243-51, 1993.1.1)

Your loyalty will be immortalized by your descendants, and when you go to the spirit world, you will be commended for your merits of your efforts. The age of indemnity has now passed, and from now, you will be able to establish a bright tradition commensurate with the level and extent of your activities. This will become your estate. Let us devote ourselves to our task with utmost sincerity, knowing that we are placed in such a point in time. (38-126, 1971.1.3)

You will enter God's original kingdom if you absolutely go the way of loyalty and filial piety, but you will double-back one hundred eighty degrees and then drop straight into hell if you oppose it. Everyone must realize that free sex is Satan's domain of love filled with ensnaring evil spirits to bring about the downfall of humankind and expand hell on earth. From the viewpoint of the God of absolute love, the grandmother and grandfather are one; they cannot be separated. They must absolutely become one centering on God, and centering on love. What is love? It is fitting convex and concave together absolutely; mother and father, husband and wife, son and daughter -- all must unite in this way absolutely. This is what God wants. (280-135, 1996.11.24)

Parents behold their devoted children with tears in their eyes and wish them eternal blessings. Such a background exists in the realm of the heart. It is fearful. In this world, there are many types of people who compare themselves with others; they may pray with those others, but in the end become isolated and finally leave. But when the true filial children become the center, then tears will flow in their home between them and their parents. They will become the devoted children of parents who wish that the blessing of the future nation will be with their family. (247-32, 1993.4.21)

In going the way of filial piety for the sake of God, even if you have to die away from home, you should protect whatever environment you are in such a way that will earn you the appreciation of its inhabitants. Only by bequeathing such a legacy can you go to heaven. If you do not, you will not. (280-41, 1996.10.13)

We believe in God who wants to realize one world, a world of one purpose. Since God is Jehovah and Lord of all nations, and the center of all centers, when we face Him from afar, we want to be His loyal subjects. We were born for this duty and responsibility. Understand that as we draw near to Him, He becomes our Father to whom we owe the duty of filial piety as His sons and daughters. That is our priority. Only when you have lived like that can you say to God, "If you want to send me to hell, send me there. If you want to send me to Heaven, send me there. Do as you please." Nobody went to hell after living like that. (154-314, 1964.10.5)

As national representatives responsible for the world, you are to achieve unity with America, which has its responsibilities as the nation representing the world. You have to become perfect Cains before me as people who represent the nation and the world. You cannot have your own individual concepts about that. Realize that at this exceptional time, you need to stand resolved to represent world history, to become the representative Cains of all Cains, and to cause the archangels to be ashamed because you have surpassed their conditions of atonement as you become like Heaven's loyal archangels. (88-143, 1976.8.10) 

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