Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Fourteen - A Life Of True Filial Piety
Chapter Four - Loyalty and Filial Piety Toward God
Section 3. The Loyalty and Filial Piety of Jesus

Jesus said that no matter what kind of difficult circumstances we encounter we have to have endurance in order to overcome. He said that we have to have more loyalty and filial piety for God's will than sinners show towards evil. This is the basis of the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit which is taught in Christianity. If you live a life of love, then happiness and peace will arise; and through endurance, mercy and goodness will arise; and through a life of loyalty, gentleness and humility will arise.

Jesus emphasized that in order to get rid of all their evil elements, people who are in the realm of the Fall should adopt heavenly love, heavenly endurance, and heavenly loyalty. This is a practical philosophy that can realize the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven, but do you have this love of Christ in your hearts today?

Also, do you have endurance and the heart of loyalty? Jesus represented God's heart and was the incarnation of His love. Even when he was on the road to Golgotha he was the master of endurance who was worried about the suffering of all humankind and he was the representative person of loyalty who was more loyal to God than any other person in human history.

So where did the love, endurance and loyalty of Jesus come from? These things did not arise from within Jesus of himself. He was the mediator who connected God's love to humankind. He was the incarnation of love and the substantial being with God's value, and he came to save humankind from their ignorance.

In order to accomplish the true will likewise, God searched to find a person like Himself, someone who could represent the value of the whole. For that purpose, God first showed loyalty to humankind before anyone showed loyalty to Him, and He endured limitlessly. Therefore, you have to empathize with God who has been working according to heavenly principles and who had the situation whereby He displayed endless loyalty towards humankind in order to realize His will. You have to empathize with the heart of God who sacrificed resolutely and unflinchingly to establish His will. In addition, you have to empathize with the heart of God who rose above Himself time and again to set up the ideology of the future, the heart that wants to give endlessly to you. (2-344, 1957.8.4)

Jesus came as the Father of humankind, and the Holy Spirit manifested on the earth as the Mother, but they were unable to become both physical and spiritual parents, and were only able to work as the spiritual parents.

The death of Jesus by crucifixion did not mean that Jesus had gained the spiritual and physical victory over Satan. On the contrary, he was driven to his death by Satan. This is why Jesus gave up his body to Satan, and resurrected only spiritually. During his three days of spiritual resurrection on the earth, he gathered his disciples together, and, centering on the spiritual standard, launched the providence of the Second Israel, which started the two-thousand-year history of Christianity up to the present day.

So where is the First Israel? It was ruined. The Jewish nation as the First Israel was ruined because of their failure to believe in Jesus, and the Second Israel appeared. God had protected and nurtured the Israelites for four thousand years and He sent the Messiah on this foundation of His hard work.

However, the Israelites did not accept the Messiah, and they crucified him. This is why the Israelites became the enemies of God. After this, the Israelites became a people without a country, and they were unable to establish an independent nation until Jesus had come again. The Jews have had to endure unbearable suffering for two thousand years in order to indemnify their sin of having killed Jesus. The reason why the Israelites suffered so much and became a people without a country is because they shed the blood of Jesus, who had come as the ancestor for humankind, at the place of execution.

At that time Israel was a stable and vibrant country in both religious and secular terms. Jesus had come on the basis of Israel's sovereignty with the responsibility to rule over the nations and restore the world. However, because the people of Israel rejected him and forced him to the way of death, he had no option but go to the spirit world. However, he did fulfill his duty of loyalty and filial piety to Heaven. Even while treading the path of death he was fulfilling his heavenly mission and responsibility in place of all humankind. He fulfilled his duty of filial piety and loyalty when he prayed, "My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me, nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt."

That meant that Satan was unable to invade the standard of devotion even if Jesus died, and through this he could resurrect spiritually and set the standard for the spiritual Israel. (19-207, 1968.1.7)

When Jesus cried out, "My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" as his body was being torn, when his soul was about to be wrenched out of his body on the way of sacrifice, when he was just passing over the peak of death, he determined to fulfill his duty of filial piety and loyalty to God until the very end, and in so doing, he died a noble death peacefully in a higher position than anyone in the satanic world. What was the condition that enabled him to stand in a higher position than anyone in the satanic world who had died before him? It was the fact that he prayed for his enemies. This became the shield which made it impossible for Satan to invade any further. God loved Jesus, and Jesus loved God, and this love mobilized the power of Jesus' resurrection. (50-201, 1971.11.7)

From his childhood, the people of Israel, whom He had chosen to go the way of loyalty and filial piety, should have served Jesus in the position that would have made God happy. Yet because they did not fulfill their mission, then the Inside the Belly Church had to revive Israel's victorious position to give new impetus to this work. (24-191, 1969.8.10)

Had Joseph and Mary known that Jesus was the true son sent by God, God's prince, and the Messiah of all the nations, they would have attended him as God's prince from the day of his birth. They would have worshipped him daily. As the King of all kings, Jesus came vested with God's authority to rule all of heaven and earth forever. That being the case, Joseph and Mary should have attended Jesus with loyalty and filial piety, completely devoting themselves to him from the moment he was born. From the humanistic point of view, where is there a law which requires parents to be loyal and filial to their son? However, that was exactly what heavenly law, required. (16-27, 1965.12.26)

Why was Jesus unable to personally teach Heaven's laws enabling us to attend our Parent, namely God? Originally, if there had been no fall, then God would have become Adam's parent, but their father-son relationship was severed by the Fall. In order to restore through indemnity Adam's inability to discharge his duties of loyalty and filial piety required of the father-son relationship, we are now doing it in his stead. God is unable to teach us from the parents' position before this is accomplished. (15-219, 1965.10.10) 

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