Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 5. Our Attitude towards Making a New Start
Section 6. Our Original Hometown and the Way to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

6.1. Hometown is a world of the original creation

We are at a point of time when we cannot hope to achieve world peace or one unified world using human power, wisdom, culture or anything else. Under these circumstances, what is the main problem? I believe that answering the question as to whether God exists or not is the most important issue. Once all humankind clearly understands all about God's existence, they will clearly understand the direction of God's will. When they understand this, the world will become one world, a world of peace and an ideal world. (56-131, 1972.5.14)

Do you want to be a nationalist or a globalist? Religion does not only encompass globalism. It does not just seek to benefit human beings, but also seeks to benefit God. But communism and democracy only seek to benefit human beings. So which philosophy is better, the one that benefits God as well or the one that only seeks to benefit human beings? Which philosophy is better, the one in which both God and human beings rejoice or the one in which only servants rejoice among themselves, without their master? This is why religion is so good. (41-44, 1971.2.12)

This is where our Unification Church differs. The Unification Church says, let us love our brothers and sisters just as we love our mother and father, and love our tribe, love our people and nation just as we love our brothers and sisters. In order to love the world we will have to abandon even our nation. Furthermore, in order to love heaven, let us abandon even the world. It is the main teaching of the Unification Church to seek the path of love where we sacrifice things that are small and close to us for the sake of things that are big and far away. (100-80, 1978.10.8)

What on earth is the Unification Church? Embracing and holding onto both the right-wing and the left-wing, where is the Unification Church leading them? Going beyond the world of struggle where these two groups gather to fight will lead to the world of happiness and the world of utopia as guided by heaven. You will fail if you try to move on the same plane by embracing them and nursing them in a human-centered way. In other words, the Unification Church must equip itself with a system of logic through which it can restore all the failures and downfalls due to incorrect thinking and move horizontally by embracing them. At the same time, the Unification Church must also equip itself with a system of thought that encourages you to seek to become a transcendental being of substance with vertical spiritual experience, on the basis of religion. The Unification Thought has to be able to systematize and integrate humanism, materialism, and all past forms of Godism. At the same time, it should be a religious philosophy of supernatural experience that can vertically transcend and connect the denominations. (162-102, 1987.3.30)

What kind of nation does the Unification Church desire? Now the Unification Church is going out to the world through the Republic of Korea. But the Unification Church does not want a world where the materialism of communism and the idealism of democracy fight the way they do now. We are seeking the nation that can transcend this world and can be governed by God's heart and love. (32-264, 1970.7.19)

The place we want to live in is the heavenly nation. We want to live in the heavenly nation. Are there borders in the heavenly nation? There are not. Are there two languages in the heavenly nation? No. Are there racial differences? No, there are none. Then, what is the heavenly nation? Since human beings are all born in God's bosom, all humankind are brothers and sisters. From God's viewpoint they are all brothers and sisters because they are God's sons and daughters, and from the viewpoint of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, they make up the population. They are the people of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. They are those people. (66-281, 1973.5.16)

Without a nation, there is no citizenship. Without a nation, there is no need to register as citizens. We must organize a people and register them. Before going to the spirit world, we must form a heavenly kingdom on this earth and, with this citizenship, live together with our family or tribe as victorious sons and daughters having inherited the lineage of the true and good parents who love the nation and the people. Only then will we be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the Principle. (58-145, 1972.5.22)

If you ask what constitutes the Kingdom of Heaven in the family, then it would be a wife who lives a hundred percent for the sake of her husband and a husband who lives and dies for the sake of his wife. This can surely be nothing other than the Kingdom of Heaven. We have a saying, "Family harmony brings success to everything." The same applies to the prosperity of a nation. In a nation, the ruler's value lies not in the exercise of his sovereignty but in serving his people, and the people exist for the sake of the nation rather than for themselves. If this is attained, the nation will become the Kingdom of Heaven. By expanding such a principle, we will realize a world where people live for the sake of one another transcending the nation and ethnic group. That world will be the utopian world of love, world of ideal, world of peace, and world of happiness desired by us human beings. There is no place where the principle of living for the sake of others does not apply. (75-325, 1975.1.16)

The homeland that we search for is not some specific nation on this earth with a certain history and tradition. If we are to restore and deserve that nation, which is in a different dimension, we must become people who have a proactive ideology. But that proactive ideology has to conform to the ideology of the Absolute Creator. If there is a nation that the Absolute Being desires, that nation must be one where the people unite around its sovereignty. We must resemble this nation in both character and form. (49-93, 1971.10.9)

You must live with the mindset that your comings and goings are all for the sake of restoring the nation and for the restoration of that homeland. You must live thinking of the fact that you have been sent by heaven as a secret agent to this evil world and are doing daily activities for the mission to become the founding patriot of that nation. Unless you have this mindset, you will not have dignity and pride as people of that nation. (50-255, 1971.11.7)

6.2. Registration in the Kingdom of Heaven

You cannot just go directly in front of the True Parents. You have a different lineage, do you not? Before you are registered, you cannot receive the right of inheritance. You have not been registered yet. Are you registered in my family tree? You do not get registered just because you are blessed. You receive the Blessing at the top of the growth stage. You still have another seven years in the completion stage. This is the Principle. We are doing restoration through this Principle. (139-230, 1986.1.31)

We are making a list as we enter the age of registration, and we cannot make it arbitrarily. Without going through Home Church, you cannot be entered on the list. You cannot become part of the family tree of the heavenly kingdom. You will be excluded even if you are a Blessed Family. You will be excluded. With this understanding, you must hurry to do everything which Heaven mandates. You do not do it simply because someone else is doing it. It must be done. If you were to go to the spirit world without having done Home Church, you would have to work at it for eternity in the spirit world. It will be a huge problem if you were to go there without taking care of your Home Church on earth. (143-118, 1986.3.16)

If you do not repent, you will face public prosecution. There is no one who can stand in front of the governing law of love. At the time of prosecution, the material supporting your defense has to be greater than the material being used to accuse you -- with God, me, my family, clan, leaders and everyone in the Unification Church who are teaching you, standing as your lawyers. Only then will you be able to be registered as people of the heavenly kingdom. If the evidence in support is less than the evidence against, you will not be registered. (147-331, 1986.10.1)

The members of the Unification Church cannot just live as they please. You cannot lie to yourself, can you? Can you deceive your own mind? As long as you cannot deceive yourself, you will not be able to deceive the family register in the heavenly kingdom. Everything will be entered. If I raise this hand once, everything will be recorded on that video tape, right? If a record is made like this in the human world, do you not think a record will be made in heaven? If you just press a button once, everything about your Blessed Family will appear, from your childhood and ancestors. It will come out in a second. It will not take a long time. We have a concept of time here, but in heaven everything is done in an instant. (148-290, 1986.10.25)

Do you know what registration is? When a woman is married and goes to her husband, she has to change her registration. We know that such a person has to erase her original registration at birth and move to another place. (177-302, 1988.5.22)

The time is coming when we will be registered in the Republic of Korea; the Unification Church will establish the Republic of Korea as its homeland. There will come a time when everyone who has hitherto been mobilized can buy a piece of land in the Republic of Korea. This is if the Republic of Korea follows me. There will come a time when you will have to sell everything you have in the West and exchange it even for just a small hut in the Republic of Korea. (185-250, 1989.1.8)

Even if you are old and weak to the point of looking out the door and saying, "Alas, I am old," you should still go out witnessing. There will be a big problem if you did not register your mother and father in Heaven before going to the spirit world. The Blessed Families of the Unification Church have entered this time and age when they can do great historic work on behalf of their mothers and fathers, their ancestors, brothers and sisters, by focusing on their relatives and kin. (186-165, 1989.2.1)

Until now, in order to maintain your pride, I have been ordering you to go witnessing. In the future, the tribal leaders for the seventy-two tribes will be established and the new age of registration is coming. I want to include you there, but how can I include you when you have no accomplishments? (194-96, 1989.10.17)

In the future we will have to be registered. When the North and South are united, the families of the Unification Church around the world, those Blessed Families who have been active, will all go beyond the tribal level and become registered. If the North and South are united through my power, heavenly law will establish the loyal officials of the Unification Church around the world as the representative people and the people who provide the seed. Who would oppose this? Historically speaking, who would oppose me, when I have worked as hard as I have for the sake of the independence of Korea and the return to hometown in Korea? (197-212, 1990.1.14)

In the future, the age of registration will come. It is not an age of individual registration. The age of tribal registration is coming. When the Kim tribe, Park tribe, and so forth are registered, the age of national registration will come. It will happen quickly. From now on everything will happen so quickly. It will move forward so fast that you will be too busy to even open your eyes or blow your nose. Now the world is moving so fast that you do not even have the time to open your eyes and blow your nose, do you? Why is it moving like that? It is because of President Moon. The cause is not somewhere else. (197-363, 1990.1.20)

To return ownership to God, we have to go through the True Parents. Without going through the True Parents, there is no way to turn back. Thus, the unification of the world has to be achieved through the Unification Church. Even without us doing anything, everyone will be waiting in line to be registered. There will come a time when they will fight tooth and nail over who will be the first, second, and third. (198-242, 1990.2.3)

The time of registration will come in the future. The age of registration will come, in which you will join the circle that is connected to my clan and the royal family. But even if the age of registration comes, those who have not restored their tribe cannot be registered here. You should know this. It is the same as the twelve tribes. Without having restored your tribe, you will not be able to register yourself. If people come to know about this tribal restoration, they will flock to the Unification Church to join it before others. What will happen at the time of registration? Until now people and all things have not belonged to God. They have been Satan's possessions. However, now, through me, as one who has fulfilled God's will, my sons and daughters and all things centering on me have to be established. Also, right now I do not have a nation. A nation must be attained. (208-339, 1990.11.21)

This is a possession of Satan, not God's possession. Heaven and earth will become one without war because there is such a thing called the restoration of ownership. In the future, lines of people such as never seen before in world history will form. There will be people trying to put together all their possessions and be registered as a clan in heaven. The position of elder brother and younger brother will be determined by who has been registered first. (208-345, 1990.11.21)

Until now there has been no registration in the heavenly kingdom. There has been no nation in heaven. There has not been a family or nation. When a family went to the spirit world, all family members would be scattered. But from now on this will not be the case. You should know that originally, without the Fall, the mother and father and the whole clan were supposed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven together. This is the Kingdom of Heaven. If the grandparents, mother, father, your couple, and the sons and daughters become one through true love and possess God's true love, which lives for the sake of others, even God will absolutely obey this. In the world that obeys such a tradition of love and moves only with the love that lives for the sake of others, there will be no way that the basis of peace will not appear. (210-306, 1990.12.27)

In the future we must overcome everything. But before overcoming, we need to reorganize. Husband and wife should get together and write a diary. Next, you should get an official stamp of approval from your sons and daughters and everyone should be registered. The age of registration is coming. Everything has to be liquidated. Then Satan will not follow us. Such a serious time is coming. So the Blessed Families should write diaries from now on. You cannot find some clever way around it. (208-39, 1990.11.15

From now on the whole world has to be registered. When we do this centering on the twelve tribes, you will have to record in detail everything about your entire life and what you have been doing since you joined the Unification Church. If you have taken even one small thing from the church, say, a wrapping cloth, you will have to report that. If it differs from the record in the computer in the spirit world, you will not be allowed to enter. (212-56, 1991.1.1)

The place where the royal family and the realm of heart exist is a place devoid of obstacles and divisions; a welcoming place. It will be level ground. Everything will welcome us, and the world of eternal love will be connected to us. We will stand there as the owners. Your clan will become like this. You will enter the Kingdom of Heaven by being registered with the honor of having all your clan gathered. As the tribal head who is free of Satan's accusations, as the messiah, and as the parent figure, I am ordering you to pull your relatives into the Kingdom of Heaven by newly registering them. (218-358, 1991.8.22)

This is what will happen when the heavenly kingdom is built on earth in the future. This is what the constitution will be like. Everything belongs to the heavenly kingdom and must be returned. This is why unification is inevitable. Nothing can force you to do this. You have to volunteer to do it. This will bring about the day of registration. When it is the tribe's turn to register, you will be the first ancestor if you register. All others will have to bow their heads. (219-209, 1991.8.29)

You should clearly keep in mind that in this age, the time of a freer environment has come, and you are freedom fighters, building the kingship of Israel. Do you want to command a platoon, a company, a regiment, a division, or a corps? This will be decided by your own activities. From now on, the elder brothers and sisters and younger brothers and sisters have to compete all in one place. The one who wins, the one who has registered first, will be the elder brother, the ancestor. A time of drastic changes in heaven and earth is coming. It will be an age when the grandfather becomes a grandchild, the father becomes a son, the younger brother becomes an elder brother, and the elder sister becomes a younger sister. The question is who will register first. (220-251, 1991.10.19)

You should be able to keep the law of the heavenly kingdom and respect the royal law of the heavenly kingdom. You do not know this, do you? From now on, we have to prepare everything for the unified world of North and South. We have not finished training. Then, not just anyone can enter. The age of registration is coming. At that time, it will be more difficult to register than to register as a university lecturer after graduating from a university and becoming a PhD. Within your own generation you have to indemnify the history of your clan and pass an evaluation. This will be determined after you have been evaluated by the spirit world and the physical world. (210-368, 1990.12.27)

Heavenly fortune is supposed to protect those who work in partnerships. This is why I am telling you to give donations. This is natural. We have to return our whole clan to God. Who will be the ancestors there? The one who is leading in the front will be the first ancestor. Although Rev. Kuboki is the president of the Unification Church, if he were to fail to do this and someone who is listening to my words now comes to lead everyone and to become registered, Kuboki would end up as a descendant of several generations. As for registration, those who do it first will be the first ancestors. (227-97, 1992.2.10)

I am giving you orders because such an age has come. "Hurry up with tribal restoration! Return ownership to God! Get registered quickly!" This is the greatest hope for a human being. Here is the hope that transcends the ten million generations since our first ancestors. You should engrave these words deep in your bones so that you will never forget them. This way, in the future, you will be able to experience the joy of receiving a shining sun after the passage of the twilight morning of Japan. (227-107, 1992.2.10)

What are considered to be assets in the Kingdom of Heaven? Since there are no people now in the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no way other than resurrecting the people of the physical world and taking them there. Without the people of the Kingdom of Heaven, the spirit world would have no assets. Hence, they are not your sons and daughters just because you gave birth to them. The entire 120 million people of Japan have to find a way to become God's people. How can you get the countless Japanese people registered as people of the Kingdom of Heaven together with your sons and daughters? That number will be the cornerstone for you to settle down in the spirit world. Without this, even if you may have served as a president of the Unification Church for dozens of years, everything would be in vain. Until now it has been impossible because the Unification Church has been under persecution, but now we can do this because the whole world has come to respect me. (228-120, 1992.3.26)

By uniting with the True Parents and inheriting their tradition you must establish the family that becomes the foundation on which you can govern all nations as the leading entity. When your family becomes such a family that can maintain a proactive position, it can register as a royal family in the Kingdom of Heaven. The place you enter in this way is the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place that just anyone can enter. Three generations must make the determination to enter there. The stages of the grandmother and grandfather, mother and father, husband and wife, and sons and daughters are four stages and the lines that have the husband and wife are three generations. (228-295, 1992.7.5)

Now, you will not receive persecution on the path you are walking. I have prepared everything for you. I have blocked everything for you. I have torn down everything for you. So how much should you honor me? I am announcing to you that unless your descendants leave a family tradition of honoring me hundreds of times more than you have during the age of persecution, it will be difficult for them to get registered at the registrar's office. If you do not lay a foundation upon which your sons and daughters can serve me several times better than you have, they will fall away. They will be pushed out. (184-243, 1989.1.1)

You have to register. Where do we go to be registered? We cannot avoid our destiny which requires us to return to the land of our original hometown. If we fail to do this within our lifetime, there will be no way in the spirit world that we can get away from the dominion of the fallen realm, which has to be traversed by returning again and again for hundreds of millions of years with deep sorrow. I have told you this in detail with a hope that you will go straight. Therefore, do not forget this; keep it clearly in your mind and become those who can inherit the right of kingship that enables you to enter the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven victoriously. I want you to be the people who, by inheriting this, can register in the heavenly kingdom and in the land of the original hometown. Those who pledge to do this, please raise your hands. (177-351, 1988.5.22) 

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