Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 5. Our Attitude towards Making a New Start
Section 5. The Cooperation of the Spirit World and Our Conviction

Now that the spirit world has become very close, there will come an age in which good spirits will live permanently on earth. They will come and live among us. Do you understand what I am talking about? Until now, Satan and devils have divided and ruled over the earth. But now good spirits will wrest those areas away from them and take control over them. For this reason, Unification Church members should do Home Church activities even if they have to shed their blood, sweat and tears. We should offer our utmost devotion. We should pray with ardent hearts, more earnestly than the devotion shown by Christianity, or any other religion including Islam and Buddhism. We should pray, "Since the substantial foundation has been restored on earth through good spirits, please allow the Unification Church to go forward together with the spiritual realm centered on the spiritual foundation." (169-9, 1987.10.1)

Do you know that the people in the spirit world can be saved only through us? If you aid them, the blessing of the spirit world will come to you. If you pay indemnity and repent for the sake of the spirit world, they will follow you. The entire spirit world will move around you as the center. You must know how important indemnity and repentance are. All these things should be done with Home Church as the center. (125-50, 1983.3.1)

If you work with absolute devotion to the altar of Home Church while on earth, spirits from various backgrounds and levels will return to earth and assist the earthly believers. Within the altar of 360 Home Church homes, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and other people of conscience are living a variety of lifestyles. Spiritual phenomena will occur in which the spirit world transcends the denominations and religions to return to earth and lead their followers to the central figure of the providence. Home Church serves as a conditional altar through which the spirits can resurrect by returning to the earth. (210-197)

You should know this hard and fast rule that you must work with greater devotion than that shown by loyal subjects, patriots, children of filial piety, and former church ministers who were born in your hometown. If you work with more intensity, they will all help you from the spirit world. This is the condition you need to make. If this is done, you will stand above the realm of satanic accusation; Satan will not accuse you, and the ancestors of your hometown will spiritually cooperate with you, guiding their descendants to join the Unification Church. (179-17, 1988.6.15)

Your ancestors in the spirit world look upon this world and desire to come down to earth because they are proud of their descendants and want to help you. Hence, many ancestors descend to you. This is a world of religion that is centered on the tribe and transcends denominations. Do you understand this? Your ancestors trust, love, and want to follow you. They will follow you. This is why they want to dedicate themselves to assisting you. (189-278, 1989.5.1)

If you go forward with strong conviction, your ancestors will put pressure on your mother or any of your relatives to stop them from opposing you. It is like telling them, "Listen to me!" Why is this so? The original tribal foundation within the realm of goodness can be connected to the True Parents on the national level, and this, in turn, can be connected to the global level in which Satan has been pushed out. As a result, Satan and the fallen evil spirits have begun to retreat and your ancestors in the archangelic spirit world can now help you. (184-91, 1988.12.20)

Then, whose beat should you follow? Should I follow the beat with which you move or should you follow my beat? You should have no objections. Otherwise, the spirit world will not mobilize. Without following my directions, it will not cooperate with you no matter how talented or how able you may be. If you were to do something I do not want or do something I did not give direction for, it will not work. Heaven will retreat because of it. The help of the spirit world will not materialize. The archangel will destroy rather than help. (169-133, 1987.10.29)

I am someone who knows the laws of heaven, who knows every path that has to be walked. I know the secrets of how Satan moves and I know God's strategies. I create controversies in the world because of this. The time when the spirit world will assist me is coming. If the world opposes me for much longer, a lot of tragic events will take place. (169-12, 1987.10.1)

Today on earth, if someone offers a prayer in the Unification Church, their ancestors will appear within a week and teach them everything. We are now in such a stage. Religions have been paving a vertical route by building the global domain through the bond of heart; I have now widened the horizontal domain throughout the world and connected it everywhere. As a result, the age has come when the ancestors in the spirit world can finally return to earth through their descendants and assist them. Home Churches are the foundation that condenses such a global domain. Thus, what will happen to good spirits? In the past they would descend, assist and then return to the spirit world, but now they will live on earth permanently. Such an age is coming. Live permanently, do you understand? When I say jeong ju (living permanently) I do not mean my hometown, Jeong Ju. At last we are entering the age in which the good spirits in the spirit world can finally settle on earth. So when you join the Unification Church and participate in its activities, your good ancestors will live together with you and assist you. This is how tribal restoration is possible. (163-301, 1987.5.1)

Heavenly fortune is rushing in. Now in April 1987, a new light will shine forth and the hope of the world will blossom centering on one place. How much the spirits in the spirit world must have wanted to come to Korea! They are all gathering. So, people who have shed blood for the nation and spirits who have sacrificed themselves are uniting and initiating a joint movement to attend the True Parents. They will serve in the future as mediators to gather together all the spirits of the world. By connecting with them, this world will quickly turn around. (163-25, 1987.4.18)

We must do it now. We are in the age when the spirit world will say, "Let us help Korea!" Until now good spirits around the world have worked outside to lay a foundation, and now this fortune is being driven inwards. Who is driving it inwards? I am in the forefront, and the loyal ministers, devoted wives and patriots are trailing behind me. After following me in, they will assist the unification movement of Korea centering on the founders of religions and denominations, regardless of whether they are Christian or Muslim. Such a wind is blowing. (163-18, 1987.4.18)

It is the same with you. If God is thinking like this, why wouldn't the spirit world assist you? It is the same. It is because you are still self-centered. I have warned you about being self-centered. These days, when my legs get stiff, I say, "You stupid legs, I have to go!" If I am doing this, should you young people stay idle? You brats, you deserve heavenly punishment. You young brats are wasting time taking naps. I am telling you not to do that. (162-119, 1987.3.30)

When you go to the spirit world how grateful you will be that I offered to you the qualification of becoming sons and daughters of the owner of a free heaven and earth without walls. If you have listened to me and lived in this way, since the spirit world has no boundaries, wherever you go in that vast and endless spirit world they will say, "We have helped you. When you were in charge, we went there during that time and helped you." Everybody will be your friend. They will be your colleagues from that same time period. As I have said, the spirit world must be mobilized. Without its mobilization, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be formed. It cannot be realized. The Kingdom of Heaven was supposed to start with true parents, and not with fallen descendants. Just like when God created Adam, He received the help of the angelic world. In re-creation the spirit world must all come down and help the earth as well. They have to do it. This is the principle, is it not? This is the principle of resurrection, is it not? It can be called truth only when the principle of resurrection becomes a reality. So how much will the spirit world like me? (162-114, 1987.3.30)

You have entered the global age and although you may be in an individual position, you are connected to the greatest saints of the world. If you have the character of heart and live a saintly life, you will have the spiritual foundation through which spirits will freely assist you when needed. So now, with respect to the current activities of the Unification Church, the patriots of each nation have returned to their previous countries on earth and set up homesteads around the foundation of the Unification Church. Until now, the number of people who died is tens or hundreds of times greater than the current population of the nation, is it not? They have come and are now waiting for us to expand our work. This is why all missionaries should lead national movements and mobilize everyone. If they give the order to march forward together with the spirit world and on behalf of everyone, these spirits cannot but help. (162-108, 1987.3.30)

The Unification Church has the ability to mobilize people from the spirit world and to mobilize ancestors through an interconnecting system. You should know this. Previous religions could not connect the spirit world and the physical world. Therefore, before people make a connection they had to make spiritual effort to keep time with the beat and to be on the same wavelength created by God. But now we are the transmitters. That is, we now stand in the position where we are the transmitters. It is not the wave but the transmitter itself that sends out waves. Here we can send out electric waves, whether at a frequency of thousands or millions, whether a short wave or something else.

Since I have the broadcasting station, we need a transmitter that says, "My ancestors in the spirit world, please, come and help me. Good ancestors, come and help me." Then, they will come and help. We can call and mobilize individuals and call and mobilize families. Since we have the foundation on earth to connect realms of the tribe, a people, and the world, they will mobilize and come down. If this happens, even if my body wanted to go in one direction, it will turn around even without realizing it and get pulled away. When two spirits come and grab and pull one, you will have to be dragged along because you do not know that you are being grabbed. Do you have a choice? You will run into this by yourself. Do you believe this? This is not empty talk, it is logical. (162-103, 1987.3.30)

When the Unification Church mobilizes, Mohammed will help; so will all the representatives of Confucianism and Buddhism, and so will God. This is totally logical. So you should be proud that you represent humankind, the spirit world, and God, and that you are moving with all of their support. (162-15, 1987.3.15)

In the past, even if you prayed and performed acts of devotion, you could only meet religious founders at certain times, and after that meeting you would separate and they would return to the spirit world. Now, the time has come when they can return to earth through their specific religious spheres. Since such a time has come, you will not be able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven unless you have achievements that have an impact on the past, present, and future ages. The past age was the age of good spirits, including angels, in the spirit world. The present age is the age of the True Parents. And the future age is the age of God. This is why those who do not have achievements to mobilize the spirit world, mobilize the True Parents, and mobilize God will be unable to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In this same way, Adam and Eve were able to mobilize God and the angels. At that time, Adam and Eve were to have mobilized the universe (161-199, 1987.2.3)

Now, the spirit world will help you only if you do Home Church activities. So after 1988 we will embark on Home Church campaigns in full force. At that time, it will not matter if I am here or not. How can I teach you anything more than this? I have taught you everything about how to prepare a certificate to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This cannot be exchanged even for several diamonds the size of the earth. I am pleading with you to not waste such a golden opportunity. (146-346, 1986.8.10)

The spirit world has been unable to support and assist True Parents until now because it is a fallen spirit world. As such it cannot help the ones in the position of perfected parents. This is the Principle, is it not? Perfected parents should be supported by God and the unfallen archangel. Regardless of the number of spirits in the satanic realm they could not help the True Parents. Since the spirits in the spirit world were born through false parents rather than through true parents, they had been unable to assist the True Parents. But now that all the failures of the archangel have been indemnified and you stand in the position of children who are assuming the roles of Adam and Eve as they grow, they can now assist you as needed. Through the assistance of the spirit world, the fallen world will collapse very quickly. (146-312, 1986.7.20) 

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