Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 5. Our Attitude towards Making a New Start
Section 3. Let Us Plant True Love

Without love, oneness cannot be achieved. When uniting two into one, words alone will not work. What should there be in order for two to become united? If they became one through material things, they would separate once the material things were gone. If they became one through the introduction of a third party for a specific reason, they would separate once that person disappears. In order for two to be one eternally, there has to be love. It will not work without love. (51-75, 1971.11.1)

From God's viewpoint, the essence of the universe is love. With love, unification will be automatically achieved. If we love at a higher level than Satan, Satan will also be pulled in. God created heaven and earth in order to give us the utmost goodness and love. (13-95, 1963.10.23)

This is why love is great. The power of love bridges the distances between upper and lower and high and low. Love transcends space and time, allowing us to participate in the realm where we can immediately share joint ownership. This is an amazing fact. (168-197, 1987.9.20)

What happens in the presence of love? Do the things that used to be far apart get even farther away or closer? Why do we like love? Because it can make things that are far apart very close and make them one. Is there anyone who can unite people of the East and people of the West through the use of political power, military power, or cultural power? No cultural power, economic power, or any other power can make it happen. So what is the sole thing needed to bring about oneness? It is love. Now, can you see why we like love? (96-212, 1978.1.22)

The reason people like love the most is because it is the subject partner that can unite everything and make it theirs. People have no way of completely knowing how great love is. This is why I have come to teach you about love. (18-328, 1967.8.13)

A loving heart, the power of love, can even unite enemies who wanted to kill one another. It can unite the most extreme and opposite things. What are a man and a woman? They are poles. Aren't they poles? Do women like women? If two women were to get together and one said, "I fell in love with you because I like your hands. I am so happy, so happy!" how offensive would that be? (96-212, 1978.1.22)

What is the method to bring about unification? Living for the sake of others. Then, in uniting the North and South, should we do what Kim Il-sung says? We are not doing what Kim Il-sung says. Everywhere love dwells is good and desirable, and if we stand in this good position of being able to give eternally, the North and South will be united. Now, if we just establish an eternal foundation on which to give at a level higher than the current living standards of the people in the North, then communist propaganda will have no affect. If South Korea excels in all fields including economics, living standard and education, and stands in the position of giving eternally, the North Koreans will unite with us even if they are told not to. (36-76, 1970.11.15)

Goodness prospers whenever it overcomes difficulty, and it always prevails. This may sound like something difficult, but standing by this principle will always bring victory as long as the direction is right. Those who live and sacrifice on the basis of this principle will surely triumph. If there is an organization that spreads a philosophy which teaches that personal gain is not only for me but a gain for the nation and me, and also teaches that victory does not belong to me alone but to the nation and world, then this organization will not perish even if the world does. Because Unification Thought teaches such content it will not perish. (41-96, 1971.2.13)

Unification cannot be achieved when we are indebted. There is no unification in indebtedness. If we are indebted, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be realized. If we are indebted, there is no way to prosper. A rich nation is established only when we have the means to completely pay back our debt with interest. Because the Kingdom of Heaven is the richest of all rich nations, indebtedness would make it impossible to build such a kingdom. (82-333, 1976.2.1)

Where should we eventually go? We should go in search of love. People have accumulated money, ruled over the world, become scholars, and done everything that is hailed as great by human beings, but these are all meaningless. So, what should we be doing? We must become one with true love and unite our minds and bodies aligned with God vertically and horizontally. A man and a woman who have attained such a state would have their core aligned with God's vertical love. Just like flesh attaches to the bone, man and woman unite with God's love. There is no other way than this. (178-112, 1988.6.1)

You should think that you are servants of love for the heavenly kingdom. Think of yourself as a servant of love, secret fighter of love, and intelligence spy to build the heavenly kingdom. Then, is there anything you could not do? If it is a matter of survival, a man can act like a woman. He can even act like a beggar. If you live with the determination to do even more for the sake of saving your nation and clan, your hometown will naturally surrender to you. (185-105, 1989.1.3)

A true original root and a true original bud based on true love are needed. Buds like you will not do. You must shed blood, sweat and tears. And for the sake of God, the earth, and your hometown, you must practice a love that is greater than that ever known by the countless people who have lived on this earth. Only then will the proper root grow in you. (178-116, 1988.6.1)

You can be endowed with the right of inheritance and right of equal position because I have granted you the title of being true children. You should have faith in this fact and invest everything into the realm of love. If you completely invest just as God has invested, your clan will be resurrected, and as your clan is resurrected, one nation will be resurrected. (177-161, 1988.5.17)

I have done such things in order to stand in the position of the ancestor to all humanity, but you should realize the fact that each of you should walk the same path as well, in order to pass on the tradition to your tribe and become a tribal ancestor. You should establish a tradition for the sake of your tribe and for your clan. From now on twelve tribes will be organized. This is why we need a tradition. Those who are thinking about themselves will be excluded from here. (131-62, 1984.4.1)

When you go to your hometown, you should go there with true love. If you bring true love to your hometown, plant it and practice it, you will become ancestors. You will be the first generation ancestors. If you are a Park, your generation will be engrafted to the heavenly kingdom with the family name Park. Then, your father would be in the position of your son. (177-161, 1988.5.17) 

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