Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 5. Our Attitude towards Making a New Start
Section 2. The Attitude to Inherit True Parents' Tradition

You are fallen sons and daughters. In reality, you cannot reach that place alone. You are in a fallen position. This is why you have to first learn from True Parents. When you act, you have to follow their directions. Only then can you be united with them and it is there that true love can appear. That will be the tradition of the first family of Eden. Without True Parents, how would you learn the tradition of true love? Without the True Parents, such an inheritance cannot occur. (131-238, 1984.5.4)

Fathers and mothers want to bequeath everything they have to their beloved sons and daughters. Everything in the universe can be bequeathed easily when those involved have an equal standard of love. This is why parents want children of filial piety. Who are these children of filial piety? They are those who, as participants in their parents' eternal love, will continue the tradition of bequeathing love. (140-233, 1986.2.12)

Who do you want as the head of your family? Who do you want to sit in the head position? What kind of person would the father, the grandmother, and the whole family wants as their heir? It is the one who loves the most. If the grandfather is the one who loves the whole family the most, the family members will report to him rather than to the father. This is inevitable. Therefore, the one who can be the head of a household is the one who serves others with the most loving heart. The one who serves others more with a heart of love will inherit the tradition of love in that family. You should know that only such a person will participate in the eternal inheritance. (141-292, 1986.3.2)

In your family you are told, "Be a child of filial piety!" What does this mean? It means to practice true love. Then, what does it mean to say, "Be an heir" or "Be a patriot"? It is saying that we should inherit the nation. What does it mean to say, "Be a saint?" It means that we should love the world; if we do, we will inherit the world. We will be the owner of the world. If we say, "Be a holy son and daughter" and "Be God's son"… what does that mean? It is saying that we should participate in God's love and receive the right to inherit the entire universe. Based on the traditional way to inherit all these things, God has been preparing the foundation to develop this logical stage in the fallen world of humanity. From this we can draw the conclusion that the purpose of religion or the path of spiritual attainment is possible. On what basis? On the basis of love. (142-337, 1986.3.14)

The path of God, who has been paving the way of the tradition of love, is one full of suffering. We have to walk this path because we are to inherit the tradition God has been establishing. I don't enjoy watching you suffer. You should keep in mind that God has been preparing with painful efforts and devotion to bless you unconditionally. Glory comes only when you receive the inheritance in that place. Isn't this so? Glory comes only when you inherit from your enemy. God dwells there. Since it has been spread through the cross, it must be reaped by going the way of the cross again. You should know this. Since it was spread through suffering, it must be reaped through suffering. (150-209, 1961.2.15)

In order for us to inherit the entire providence of God, we have to be loyal to heavenly tradition. With faith in the tradition, what do we have to do? We must take responsibility for His providence. After taking responsibility, we must carry out reformation. If this tradition is not right before Father, and if we are to pass on that tradition to everyone, we must strive to eliminate the contradictions within the social environment. Otherwise, there will be no development. You will have to bear in mind even more clearly that in order to inherit such historical connections and fulfill the responsibility of a pioneer of the age, we must inherit the historically pure tradition of God's providence of restoration, bear such responsibility in the current environment of our daily life, and move forward in order to build the foundation for a new ideal for the future. (152-196, 1963.5.10)

We should have the same parents and become bonded with our brothers and sisters. Then, we should inherit the daily life, habits, and traditions of those parents just as they are. We should form a family that heaven can rejoice in. Only then will there be family members. (155-209, 1965.10.30)

If someone wants a great nation and yet is idle, just eating and sleeping and acting like others and saying, "Let's have a great nation. How splendid it is!" he must be a successor of the devil. If you want to have a great tribe, people and nation, you should be able to invest not just your own family, but your whole clan. If you desire such a world you have to first invest your entire nation. Only then will you be able to stand in a position in the providential tradition in which you can inherit a great world. This is the truth. (172-314, 1988.1.31)

Although your mother and father are alive, they cannot form a relationship without love. Also, without love they cannot inherit relationships of front and back, left and right. Thus, a man and a woman who are married must learn parents' love, and at the same time establish an axis of life for their children centering on the tradition of bequeathing this love. (173-84, 1988.2.7)

The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where people go who live for the sake of others. Those who have invested themselves in the world while embracing and communicating with it, and who have wandered about in search of something greater while attending God, will be the owners of the heavenly kingdom. You should take pride in such things. You can take pride in your mother, wife and husband, sons and daughters, children and siblings. You must apply this tradition to the nation; you must apply that formula to the world and to heaven and earth. Such people can have the right of participation, equal position, and inheritance wherever they go. This is why God becomes mine. God's love becomes mine. Wherever God goes, there is the right of equal position and participation. If anyone wants to go somewhere else even after having learned such an amazing fact, please go. He will be hit by lightening. You should know that achieving this is the path of the Unification Church. (175-138, 1988.4.10)

Sons and daughters should not live for their own sakes. In serving heaven and earth and humankind as themselves, they should be sons and daughters who must inherit a stronger and higher tradition. This is how it should be. No one can complain. This is why not just anyone can be the successor to the founder of the Unification Church. They should be sons and daughters who can inherit the lineage and live according to the tradition of living for the sake of others. They should be sons and daughters who are at a higher level and who can do better than their own mothers and fathers. Unless they have lived for and served others, how can the sons and daughters say they have surpassed their parents? Those who are inconsistent will not succeed. We need the eldest child to live for the sake of others even more than high level sons and daughters do in order for him to receive the inheritance. (175-185, 1988.4.16)

What should you do in South Korea? Until North and South Korea are united, South Korea is in the realm of Abel. Thus, you should return to the Abel realm and I will pull you up to the level of the global domain. You must inherit this standard and, as my representative, you must represent the world, represent the nation, represent the tribe, and represent the people. As such a representative you should return to your hometown and take root in your home. The root of my global standard will be firmly planted and will thrive when God's original standards of tradition and true conjugal love are firmly planted within you and your family, (177-160, 1988.5.17)

You should not return home to live a comfortable life alone. Upon your return you should first organize the church. Your sons and daughters should not be objects of public scorn. They should not be beggars relying on others for their livelihood. You should assist them with their living situations and teach them the new tradition which was created by shedding blood and sweat in order to establish a foundation of truth and justice. Moreover, you will live only when you invest yourself to save your clan and they, in return, establish a foundation for your settlement. Without inheritors who are willing to sacrifice themselves, the national foundation on which this land of South Korea can remain as a basis for the Kingdom of Heaven would not exist. (177-163, 1988.5.17)

We inherit in the name of heaven and by heaven's command. We do not inherit democratically. This would lead to ruin. Seats in the national assembly and the ruling party are not decided by the power and influence of political parties alone. The tradition of the country should be established. It works based on commands, so we should be able to receive commands. This is the way society should be. (178-38, 1988.5.27)

You have been assigned to your hometown because I wanted you to stand proudly in the position of restored owners who possess a love that is greater than Satan's love. I expect you to fulfill the responsibilities of an owner with the authority of a descendant and heir of heaven who has inherited the proud tradition on behalf of God, Jesus, and the True Parents. Although our hometown has been opposing us, they are now in a position to follow us. They are now in a situation to follow my words. (179-93, 1988.7.22)

With love comes the right of inheritance. This is an amazing fact. Even in the secular world, when parents give the right of inheritance, they desire to give it to the one who loves their parents, nation, and brothers and sisters, don't they? Why is it like this? It is because one can become the right seed only if he conforms to the history and origin of this tradition. We have not known this. (179-235, 1988.8.12)

I have established the highest tradition, one that no other parent has ever surpassed. I am trying to bequeath to you such a tradition. What are you doing? Now the seasons are changing. Spring is coming. True Father is not just spring; he is four seasons. We should proceed with such an attitude. (189-117, 1989.3.19)

What is more precious than life? Am I precious? What is more precious than my life? The answer is love, and therefore, we must be loyal to the one who has higher love. This is why children must obey their parents in the family. Since parents' love is in the highest position, the sons and daughters who long for that love will obey them for a thousand and ten thousand years and will be happy to wander about through mountains and valleys in order to inherit that love. You must continue the tradition of loving your parents even if you are showered in smelly manure. Your parents' words, "Practice filial piety," are words that lead you to the position where you can inherit the love you can be proud of for eternity. This is how it should be. (191-222, 1989.6.25)

The greatest gift I can leave behind to this world when I depart is my words. They cannot be bought or sold for anything in heaven and earth. Since I am the True Parents and there are true children, that gift will bind us together by blood. When our lineage becomes one, all aspects of our environment, not to mention our daily life, will be orderly. Because we are representatives of our True Parents and representatives of their love, we have to inherit their words, culture and lifestyle. This is the traditional way. (190-227, 1989.6.19) 

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