Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 5. Our Attitude towards Making a New Start
Section 1. Determination for a New Start

We cannot perish or die. We have to survive and live on, right? There is no free ride on this road of survival. We have to overcome our enemies. When we overcome our enemies, we will see the Kingdom of Heaven. We must return to our hometowns and be victorious over our enemies, and on that day the domain of the Kingdom of Heaven will emerge. The realm of the unified people will also emerge. Thus, now is a good opportunity to accompany True Mother, return to our hometowns and kindle a fire in the hearts of ten million people. With this in mind and on this foundation, the people should serve and attend even the lowest stratum of society. Our North and South Korean countrymen should share everything they have like brothers and sisters, making a new start. Here there is no nation. Was there a nation during the time of Cain and Abel? Was there a nation or not? We should not receive support from the nation. If we received support from the nation, everything would perish. (219-339, 1991.10.13)

Previously, I said that we were to go over the watershed, didn't I? On my seventieth birthday, outside spiritualists came dancing and said, "Now Rev. Moon has crossed the thirty-eighth parallel." They are saying that I have crossed the threshold. Now the world of happiness is coming. This is how we should overcome the 1990s. After having passed over this, the Unification Church will be able to make swift and unbridled progress. Now, on this, my seventieth birthday, we must indemnify seven thousand years and the number seven, and must pass into the age of the number eight. Number eight is the number of liberation and making a new start, is it not? This is why America has declared the collapse of communism and so forth. Everything is completed. This is quite curious. This happened on the seventh and eighth after we had finished our event. (199-96, 1990.2.15)

Since heaven knew that such a turbulent period was coming, it has to guide us in preparing to make a new start centering on God's will. What kind of religious sect, church, or denomination should be there? It is the Unification Church. As the word says, the word tongil (unification) does not mean unification based on being led; rather, the word tong means to command. We must command. As the subject, we must teach our object partners how to become ideal companions and form a sphere of those who understand the subject/object theory. We must possess and teach such an ideology. The unification denomination, or Unification Church, does this. I did not begin this work by my own design. The world today has not understood that it all began based on something that transcends history. (219-289, 1991.10.13)

To walk the path of filial piety, no matter how vicious the persecutions may be and no matter how many tribulations arise along the way, you have to be men who are confident and at ease and who can overcome these things. Rather than being beaten down by difficulties and tribulations and turning back in retreat towards the path of bitter sorrow, you should repeatedly overcome, with strong determination, the roads of suffering of hundreds of millions of years. While hurrying down the road to make a new start that is filled with the hope of tomorrow, you should leave behind a path that can distinguish itself from the path of death. You should know that both history and God demand such things. (174-43, 1988.2.23)

I started organizing the Federation for World Peace a few years ago. We have to finish this by the end of August this year. It is the same with the Religious Federation for World Peace. It must be completed before September. It has to be organized because August is the month when we are to make a new start worldwide. This was the reason we held the Declaration Ceremony of God's Eternal Blessing on the first of July. We all have to complete the course of indemnity. By doing this we have to unite the religious realms and make this declaration. This will be done on August 28. We have to perform the declaration ceremony by then and afterwards start anew on September 1. We will all go beyond this. After we achieve this, the world will turn around and follow me. (220-45, 1991.10.14)

If you live a life for the sake of others, you will all go beyond the standard of past ancestors and finally become successful in the world as historical victors and giants who can be called God's sons and daughters who walk the heavenly path. Such an age has come. An amazing age has come when you can make a new start during your lifetime. (201-169, 1990.3.30) 

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