Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 4. Be Active as Tribal Messiahs
Section 5. Our Task for This Time Period

5.1. Let us testify to True Parents

What is it that all people hope for? They want to welcome True Parents before establishing the global nation. Who do they want to begin from? Your new sons and daughters would prefer to be born through True Parents' lineage than through your lineage. Therefore, True Parents will be the starting point of the new future. (35-237, 1970.10.19)

How does everything end? It will come to a conclusion upon meeting the True Parents. The coming of the True Parents of humankind is the hope of history, the nation, and the providence. Therefore, the time of True Parents comes at one fixed point in history, a period of time that has never existed before and will never exist again. If we think in terms of the eternal world, our life on earth lasts about as long as the time it takes to take a breath. (51-354, 1971.12.5)

What kind of people are True Parents? True Parents are the symbol of all hope, the symbol of absolute hope for fallen humankind. They are the fruit of history, the center of time, and the center of all nations of this world, in which six billion people live today. True Parents are the starting point of the future that can connect to the ideal world. (35-237, 1970.10.19)

Let us consider the name True Parents. We find that history is guided by them. They are the starting point of a new world. Through the True Parents, an internal relationship is formed by which Satan can be subjugated and God can be liberated from Satan who possesses the external world. Therefore, you should be grateful first and foremost for this amazing grace of being able to live together with True Parents and move according to True Parents' directions. (43-144, 1971.4.29)

Humanity's hope is to meet True Parents. True Parents are the ones for you to meet even when walking down the road of death. You will be able to restore history, the age, and the future, which have been lost, when you meet True Parents. You must know that this is the meaning of True Parents. (35-237, 1970.10.19)

When you become completely one with the True Parents, the true nation, tribe, race, and family will come into being. True Parents are the substantial beings of value equal to all the glory found in heaven and earth. Would you exchange True Parents for money? Would you want to exchange them for your life? That is why it is different from before.

No matter where you go, you must find your way to Korea to attend the True Parents. It is the same for your sons and daughters and descendants of thousands and tens of thousands of years. Therefore, the Unification Church is different and unique. (30-237, 1970.3.23)

What is the true parent talked about in the Unification Church? Had humankind not fallen, God would have provided vertical love, and Adam and Eve would have been God's body. This means they would have been the body of God. God is like the bones, and Adam and Eve are like the flesh. God also has a mind and a body.

God would have been the internal parents from the internal position, and Adam and Eve would have been the external parents from the external position. You can attend the internal parents and keep the position of external parents, woven with love, where the internal and external parents are one. Based on the unity of God and humankind's love, the true parent, that is, the perfected person, was to emerge. There could be no perfect person without cooperation in love. (184-71, 1988.11.13)

5.2. Let us attend True Parents' picture in every family

You become a family of the heavenly kingdom just by putting up True Parents' picture and the flag of the Unification Church. I mean that I will make you the family of the heavenly kingdom. That is why there are a number of people who suffered disasters, such as being struck by lightning after grumbling about having to put up flags. There was an incident in which someone broke his finger pointing at me and had to repent and pray for several nights to recover. Why do these incidents occur? The power of an individual cannot block the advancing heavenly fortune. This is destiny. All the people who looked at Moses while he held up his staff lived. You will live if you bow every time you pass by the Unification Church flag or our photograph. (219-91, 1991.8.25)

When you put up the Unification Church flag, it is a signal to the members passing by to enter your house and rest if they are tired or have lunch if they are hungry before they go on. Therefore, you should always be prepared to receive guests. You should make such preparations on behalf of True Parents. That is why you would need a separate room.

As True Parents do not come in person, you should attend your guests as if they were True Parents. This way of practicing connects the idea of equalization to the highest heavenly standard. For this reason, you should attend your guests as if they were God or True Parents. Such a person will surely receive blessings. (169-220, 1987.10.31)

I am very famous. Everyone acknowledges that I am a patriot living for the sake of the nation. Moreover, the whole world has honored my achievements. So if people come to say, "Since we have put True Parents' picture up, my wife and I cannot quarrel in front of it," and tell their children, "You should not do such things in front of Rev. Moon," what is wrong with that? Because you are revering it more than the photograph of your own parents, your ancestors will come and also revere True Parents as their ancestors. It will become an altar where ancestors can come and hold a service for the household.

As a result, because the way to receive heavenly blessing has been opened up, then even after you fall asleep, at three o'clock in the morning, your ancestors will chase out all the evil spirits from around your home. (219-91, 1991.8.25)

It is good for you to carry my picture with you from now on. It will protect you so that you can safely withstand any hardship you may encounter. Moses led the Israelites away from the Pharaoh of Egypt and guided them to Canaan by enacting great miracles and works. At that time, all the firstborn of the Egyptians were smitten, while the Israelites avoided this calamity by smearing the blood of a lamb on their doorposts. Thus, the spirit world is watching over you and will protect you. (130-290, 1984.2.7)

When the Israelites were about to leave Egypt, they were able to avoid the calamity of the smiting of the firstborn by smearing the blood of a lamb on their doorposts. In the same way, you can be protected if you carry my picture with you. Spirit world can recognize the picture even if it is in your pocket. This small condition has the same effect as the Israelites smearing the lambs' blood on their doorposts. (132-190, 1984.6.1)

Now my fame has gone beyond national borders. I have heard that many statesmen in various places have put my picture on the wall of their study and pay their respects to it.

Have you put my picture on the wall of your room, Dr. Yoon Se-won? Do you offer a bow to it every day? Do you kiss it everyday? You should kiss it passionately. It is not impolite for you to do so. If you kiss it as a representative of God's love, the spirits around you are given the right to participate with you in your work and receive benefit. God wouldn't say no to this. He would say, "That's right!" Don't you think so, Dr. Yoon? Why don't you try? (171-239, 1988.1.1)

You probably have experienced that there is a mysterious side to my smile, like that of the Mona Lisa. I believe that most of you probably are experiencing hundreds of thousands of ways of viewing my mysterious features. At certain times, I appear to look like this and other times like that. This is because at different times the spirit world is cooperating with you in different ways. I think most of you experience this. Those in the spirit world all know me. So when they see this picture, would those in the spirit world like it or dislike it? Your ancestors can be connected with the picture as the medium. I want you to know that's how good it is. (132-190, 1984.6.1)

5.3. Let's do revival services for our tribes

There should be family revival services in the future. Family revival services are to be carried out based on your family. Those services represent the entire tribe. You should think of the revival service as the service representing not only a Korean tribe but a tribe connecting numbers of Blessed Families around the world. All of the people of the world will participate in such revival services.

The Unification Church in Korea today can hold a revival service representing the world centering on the tribal foundation, with Korea as its base. You do not know what a blessing this is. Therefore, it is all right to kill a cow for such a revival service banquet. It is all up to you. If you would like to eat chicken instead, then kill chickens; you will receive blessings according to the number chickens you have slaughtered. If you have killed cows for the banquet, you will be blessed commensurately with the number of cows: a one hundred cow blessing for having slaughtered one hundred cows. Everything depends on how much you think for the sake of others and on your efforts. Liberation of your forefathers will take place in proportion to your efforts. (185-141, 1989.1.3)

We have entered the time period when the unification of Korea is possible. Everything is possible. Now if you carry out a revival service for your tribe after finding your homeland, then that revival service will be a historical one. This is a more astonishing event than shouting Mansei during the 1919 Independence Movement, when Koreans were trying to take back the nation. Now there is a welcoming environment in which heaven's law can work. You should feel mortally ashamed if you cannot mobilize your tribe in such an environment. (186-232, 1989.2.5)

History is a course seeking the truth. The truth must show the path that a true individual and a true family should live, and a true society, a true nation, and a true world should establish. Therefore, perfection of the world, nation, tribe, family, and individual is possible when the focus from the individual level to the world level is one. The person who brings these logical key words -- in other words, the truth -- is the True Parent. And this truth is God's true love. (20-25, 1968.3.31)

People of the entire world must pay attention now. The teaching of Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is the truth for the salvation of the world. They are humanity's words of true love and life, which are needed eternally. If the Savior is coming to save the world, he should not judge humanity with a rod of iron. You cannot make even one person give in by hitting him or her. The sacrificial love of a mother, with hands as rough as a toad's back and fingers so bent from working hard for her children that they cannot be straightened out, can have the power to make the disobedient child repent and come back to the right path. A club will not work. Even for God, who is the mighty king of judgment who leads heaven and earth according to His will, cosmic unification is impossible without true love. Difficulties are not an obstacle in true love. In true love there is the vigor to go forward at the sacrifice of one's own life. (201-339, 1990.4.30)

We will fail if people say, "In the Unification Church, the words are good but the people are bad." Did I give you only words? No, I did not just speak. I have done all the things that I am teaching you now. Therefore, there should be no doubt about them. I am teaching by creating a system of thought that is free of inconsistency and contradiction in both its intellectual and the practical aspects. No one can say anything about that. Both Satan and God approve of it. (24-108, 1969.7.13)

God is calling us with His words. Therefore, we must go according to His words. What is the way that True Parents and true children can meet each other? It is through true words. Those words are my words. You cannot be children without knowing my words. My words are absolute and true. You won't feel tired even if you listen to the same words for a thousand or ten thousand years. You'll never get tired of them. We must search for such words. Just finding words that are logical isn't enough. It is a dominant principle that can give life even after one hears them again and again for eternity. You must seek such words. (10-130, 1960.9.18)

True Parents' words are eternal; they transcend time and space. Therefore, God's words transcend history. They transcend time periods, principles, and ideologies. They are more precious than the words of others. These words, whether you listen to them at night or during the day or read them at night or during the day, flow into your heart endlessly. You must seek for such words. (10-130, 1960.9.18)

What is my bitter sorrow? I failed to fulfill my duty as a filial son; I should have cried and pleaded with my parents to join the Unification Church. I am trying to resolve this through you. I could not even witness to my family. There were eight brothers and sisters, but I could not say one word of the Divine Principle. My older brother obeyed me completely whenever I said something. I have restored Cain completely. If I told him to sell the house, he sold the house, and if I told him to sell the cow, he sold the cow. My mother and father could not be like him. To that older brother, I could not speak about the Divine Principle once. (208-183, 1990.6.24)

You should now return to your homeland and build a lighthouse. What is a lighthouse? It lights up the dark. What is the purpose of that lighthouse? I am telling you to be a light for North–South unification and East–West unification. From now, you must turn on the light so that the light of the Holy Ground will never go out. (181-296, 1988.10.3)

From now on, don't keep quiet. When people gather around, try teaching for seven years as I taught you for seven years in the 1950s, without sleeping more than two hours a night. You don't have to do this for seven years. It won't take four years, either. It will all be done within four months. When I return to my homeland, I will unite it in an instant. Therefore, you must teach your parents well. Also teach your brothers and sisters clearly the true significance of these words. You must teach this yourself, without the help of others, with your own blood and sweat. You will become the precious uncles, younger siblings, older sisters, and sons and daughters when your parents, older brothers and sisters, younger brothers and sisters, and nieces and nephews follow the model of the sincere attitude you have when you are teaching. (185-116, 1989.1.3)

You must proclaim these words from now on. From this moment, you must proclaim the Principle to your neighborhood for eight hours or however many hours a day, even staying up through the night as I have done for seven years. You must do so. It won't take seven years; it will probably be restored in seven months. When this happens, I may load up a truck and come and see you. I am sure your families will invite and welcome me. (185-250, 1989.1.8)

I slept for only two hours a night for seven years. You must do so as well. I made the national leader, Mr. Eu, lecture sixteen hours a day for three and a half years. My heart aches to think how I said, "Who are you trying to kill by lying down? You lay down without even asking me?" to Mr. Eu when he was feeling tired. He liked fish. I still clearly remember how he used to eat a kind of tiny shrimp with gusto that I could not even go near because of its smell. Now I could give him beef ribs by the dozens, but I feel heartache thinking about those pitiful days. Why did we live in such a way? We lived that way in order to establish the tradition. (185-250, 1989.1.8)

5.4. Organize Hoon Dok Hae

My words are not spoken by me. I did not say them; they are words spoken by God through me. Your hearts will start to move no matter where and when you hear them. There will be a great revolution within your body when the heart is inspired. There is such power in those words. (289-295, 1998.2.1)

Whenever there is a meeting, it is an opportunity for study. Whenever there is time, day or night, you must study. You should continue to read material hundreds and thousands of times until it becomes yours and you can embody its substance. Unification Church members will become sick if they are inactive. So as not to become sick, you must read hard, be tested, and put forth effort. (288-41, 1997.10.31)

True Parents are the ancestor of words, character, and heart. (14-22, 1964.4.19)

Hoon Dok Hae is the treasure chest that I stored up under all sorts of hardships and deprivations and that I have opened up to the people. I have told everyone not to translate it; it cannot be translated. You should do Hoon Dok Hae until I say otherwise. You must know that. You should do Hoon Dok Hae whenever time permits. You should always keep a speech book in your pocket and do Hoon Dok Hae even when you are alone, even in the bathroom, and keep a record of the part you have read, even if it was for a couple of hours a day.

You already know that you must read The Way of God's Will and the Divine Principle, but you should also read Blessing and Ideal Family and all the other major speeches because they are the records of victory over the satanic world. In the Unification Church, you should become one with these sermons, which include all past battles of the True Parents up to the present. By uniting with and following these contents, you will become one with True Parents. These sermons should take root in yourself, in your family and extended family up to seven generations, and then in 160 or 180 families horizontally, all united together. (288-16, 1997.10.31)

Even between husbands and wives in Blessed Families, Hoon Dok Hae should be done for one hour every morning. If you cannot do it in the morning, then you should do it in the evening before going to bed, even at 12 or 1 a.m. I am doing Hoon Dok Hae every day. When I had a speech tour in South America, although I was tired, I did Hoon Dok Hae every day, even after midnight. I did not miss even one day. Do you understand? I am telling you, too, to try to read it. Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom teaches all the contents about Blessed Families. Since I have built a highway on top of the victorious foundation, you should become cars filled with gas and go at the maximum speed. (288-41, 1997.10.31)

Try talking about the Divine Principle of the Unification Church until it makes you sick to even think about it. When you think that you will try until you get sick of it, you will find out how interesting and exciting it is. You should clearly know that sermons have the ability to create. Because God is always with you no matter where you may be, your heart will influence the people directly. Do you understand? (107-251)

Those of you who have read the entire collection of my sermons, raise your hands. You dreadful bunch of people! How did you educate them, national leader? I could not even say the deeper contents in those sermons. I cannot express them now, either. You must know how precious these words are and that the source of life is contained within them. It is not a source of spring water. It is not just any kind of water. And it is not river water. You should know that this source of life is flowing away. It is the Unificationists' responsibility to find a way to have this eternal water of life by groping for a way to connect the water pipes to this source. But what have you done? Are all of those books something that you can just sell to an antique book shop? (181-268, 1988.10.3) 

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