Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 4. Be Active as Tribal Messiahs
Section 2. The Significance of the Tribal Messiah Proclamation

I have proclaimed the era of tribal messiahship. Do you know why I had to do this? It is because Korea betrayed me. Therefore, it must be restored through indemnity. I have restored America's betrayal through indemnity, but I must do it again here. Isn't that right? (188-59, 1989.2.16)

Do you know why I have proclaimed tribal messiahship to both Korea and the world? It is because I have returned to Korea and have now connected Korea to all the nations. Imagine the mobilization of spirits in the spirit world, whose eyes are wide open in anticipation of liberation and who are saying that it's the right time to return to earth to indemnify thousands or tens of thousands of years of history. So if I do not lay down all these bridges to connect the spirit world to earth, would that be right? Because everything has collapsed, there is no place for me to stand. In order to create a place, I had to send out Blessed Families as tribal messiahs and have them set up three-generation ancestral standards: perfection of Jesus, perfection of oneself, and perfection of Adam. This foundation created an environment upon which I could stand. This is why I have proclaimed tribal messiahship. The unification of North and South Korea does not just happen automatically. It is possible only after all these things are tied together. Since all these things are connected to the family level and the tribal level, they will then bond to the national level, and the Unification Church and the government should then become one. (219-97, 1991.8.25)

Since the mission of Jesus was not completed, I entrusted you to be tribal messiahs and to bless your own parents, who had married as they wished, just like fallen Adam. Owing to God's grace -- that is, the Blessing -- your parents could be raised up to the position of parents untouched by the Fall. This is amazing! It's like a dream! I have proclaimed tribal messiahship in order to accomplish this.

Jesus proclaimed tribal messiahship all on his own. Jesus was sent alone to become the tribal and national messiah. However, I have proclaimed over twenty-five thousand Blessed Families worldwide as tribal messiahs. Think how great the power of this is. (228-173, 1992.3.27)

Although the Korean Unification Church and the Japanese Unification Church have become one as Cain and Abel, all the women who are united, becoming a plus, must bring together those who are related to the organizations linked to the Unification Church -- such as the International Federation for Victory Over Communism, Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, and so on -- and offer them. Where do they sacrifice themselves? In the family. They should start from the family. I have proclaimed the tribal messiahs in order to promote this.

Men were sent in place of me, and if these men choose four trained women to assist them, they can become the tribal kings of that nation. These women can then be sent out to put all people, even all men, in order. It will all be done through education. (230-287, 1992.5.8)

Accomplishments on earth are also accomplishments in heaven. The time has come when one's accomplishments on earth can be harvested as heavenly victories. Through all of the ceremonies we had today in the name of True Parents, centering on Jesus in the spirit world, and centering on True Parents of the united spirit and physical world, these two worlds have become united. I have proclaimed tribal messiahship, as it is the era for the two worlds to go forward and expand the new world through the blood relationship of the family centering on one true love. You have been given a period of indemnifying all debts.

The heart of the bridegroom can be engrafted onto the foundation of the bride and family, the true family centering on the realm of Eve, Cain, and Abel who can receive this. (246-136, 1993.4.7)

Unless the tribal messiah builds a bridge connecting to the family messiah, then a person's opportunity for rebirth will be blocked. Because I was aware of all this, I proclaimed tribal messiahship to liberate humankind. This is a worldwide, revolutionary event. It is a special privilege and grace. (265-136, 1994.11.20) 

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