Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 4. Be Active as Tribal Messiahs
Section 1. Now is the Time for the Unification of North, South, East, and West

Throughout my life, I have endured hardship to create the foundations of a movement to unite North and South Korea. With the environment already created, it will be much easier; I hope you will act with enthusiasm and courage. You must attempt to change the minds of people opposing the unification of North and South, even if it means holding demonstrations. (149-170, 1986.11.21)

Do you think the unification of North and South can be achieved if you work comfortably in South Korea? Korea is the world's front line and focal point. As we see, all kinds of phenomena are occurring here based on God's will. If you completely unite and move South Korea, the spirit world will work, won't it? Who else can understand such things? (165-215, 1987.5.27)

You must do this work even if you do not have money. If you are short of money, you should sell your house. God will protect you and be responsible for your future only if you do so. Do not be dependent on having money or organizational structure. That is where the problem lies. Money that God is not happy with is poison and will bring you to ruin. You need to devote yourself sincerely. From now on, you should work and shed more tears in this mission than you have shed in the church. It is that simple. I am telling you to weep more for the unification of North and South Korea than while praying at the church. (166-183, 1987.6.5)

When we consider the issue of unification from a philosophical point of view, there must be a new kind of unified thought that can go beyond the structures of democracy and communism and digest them all. There must be such a logical basis for a unified system in society. Korea will be one model for the creation of such a unified system. A global federation for the unity of north, south, east, and west has taken form in the Citizens' Federation in Korea. Korea itself is thus a model for the world. If the world follows that model, everything will shift to a global unified system. (173-67, 1988.1.3)

The means to move the world will be the issue from this point on. We will need, first, a well-developed ideology; second, a stronger organization; and third, communal activities. We need organizational ability and vigorous activity beyond that of the communists when we deal with their ideology. Moreover, we must develop and become systematized. (15-94, 1965.9.30)

The Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea is a movement for unification. Through this organization, the nation's people are joining together to actively work for North-South unification. You must mobilize all sixty million people for this cause. These sixty million people must become one. If a unified representative body of six hundred thousand people move towards the new Eden and expand to six million or even sixty million unified flag bearers, the world will move straight into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (163-24, 1987.4.18)

In our Unification movement, there is the church, the International Federation for Victory Over Communism (IFVOC), the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, and the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. What are they trying to do? Not just the reunification of Korea. It's not merely the liberation of the North and South. They are working to liberate humankind and to liberate God. Based on what? True love. You need to know this. (166-155, 1987.6.5)

The movement for the reunification of Korea needs to unite the North and South based on God's philosophy. Then the nation's entire population is to establish the heavenly nation with this new ideology. (163-165, 1987.5.1)

The question is, as brave soldiers who are fighting history's final battle to determine the ultimate victory or defeat, how strong and bold can we be in the face of the coming fierce war? How much can we overcome? Can we be hopeful, brave fighters who can find new resolve even at the point where life and death intersect? We can digest communism if we have the desire to live to fight again, even on the road to death. We need to have the personal conviction that if we cannot win right now, we will fight again after we revive. (61-35, 1972.8.20)

There still are those who do not know about the Unification Church? This means you have not fulfilled your responsibilities. Although many people are comfortably taking it easy, there aren't many persons who are taking responsibility for the people of this nation. Even if my bones shatter into pieces, I must go on because the people in the mountains here and in the villages and valleys there are longing for the reach of my devoted hands, covered with blood and sweat. Should I fail to reach them, I will have to ring a bell and gather everyone in one place and form a unified front. Otherwise, there is no way to achieve a plan for unification even if there are conferences between North Korea and South Korea. You must stand in the proactive position and pave the way. (61-237, 1972.8.31)

What time is it now? It is the time for the Israelites to depart from Egypt and go to the Promised Land of Canaan. Dedicating your utmost effort, without sleeping, you must proclaim that the Israelites living in the land of Egypt must leave their homes at such and such a time. Those who know about this and don't tell the Israelites will regret it. Because we have now entered the period when the departure to the Promised Land of Canaan is to begin, we are responsible for notifying all thirty million people. They can decide whether to leave or stay. That is why we have developed a nationwide movement. Therefore, there should be no one who does not yet know about the Unification Church. (61-237, 1972.8.31)

In the chaos of trying to find the way towards the ultimate global crossroads, the main issue for people of religious faith in Korea, expatriate Koreans, and for the country itself is how to maintain our position of initiative. Do not be indecisive. You must be able to understand the difference between subject and object partners and stand as an object partner to God as the clear subject. In such a fashion, we move forward toward a breathtaking, transitional age. Now is that moment. (65-152, 1972.11.5)

In order for the North and South to become one, the South's government should provide aid to the North with love greater than that for its own people. Presently, how can the North and South be unified when, at this moment, the Jeolla and Gyeongsang provinces are fighting over political power? There is no way. Everything will come to ruin. Although you may not want to hear me say this, I will still say it because it is the truth. (168-230, 1987.9.20)

You must obey the will of Heaven. Korea will lose its place if it lets go of the fortune of individuals, the nation, and Asia. Korea should be in rhythm with the fortune of Asia, along with heavenly fortune. Korea should obey the will of Heaven in order to be protected by it; otherwise, it will come to ruin. I have concluded that you must learn from me, even though you say you already know that way. That includes today. (168-230, 1987.9.20)

Once the North and South are unified, Korea should sacrifice for the sake of the world. Standing proudly on the front line, it should leave such a tradition and philosophy. If it does, even if Korea perishes as an earthly power, the philosophy of its people will remain well beyond the twentieth and thirtieth centuries, as will its people, who can surely lead the world. That is something that you should know. (56-273, 1972.5.18)

Do you believe that the unification of North Korea and South Korea can be accomplished through commerce? No, it cannot. God's love will weaken and destroy the ideology of communism. Though we may not understand, if we have a loving heart, the unification of North and South will not be a problem. Also God's love can completely resolve the issues between the East and West and the North and South. Then an eternal peaceful environment will be established when, centering on God's ideal, this ideal world digests the nation; the nation, in turn, digests the race; the race, the family; and the family, the individual. Then utopia will surely come on the earth. (143-285, 1986.3.20)

The current goal is the unification of North and South Korea. God is hoping for a base in your families, the nation, and the world from which He can enter into His Sabbath by unifying North and South Korea. This is the only way to attend God. The unification of North and South Korea, the integration of Eastern and Western cultures, and liberation of heaven and hell will come about when we create an environment centering on love greater than that for our father and mother, husband or wife, and children, and are willing to build a sacrificial altar centering on that love. It can never be solved without love. Love is the key. (170-103, 1987.11.8)

World unification will automatically be fulfilled after the unification of North and South Korea is accomplished. Do you think military strength or force of arms will bring about unification? Of course, it won't. If military strength were all that was needed, I would be the one who could accomplish anything. However, because unification will certainly not be achieved with military power, I am spreading my teachings. (142-318, 1986.3.14)

Do our political leaders love the nation? Politicians do not care about what is going on in the nation, but just fight to get the presidency. Just let them try and do it! Everything will just fade away eventually, dissolving like bubbles, because they do not have the heart to sincerely live together with the people. If a leader cannot love the people, then he cannot escape the judgment of his people and history. (148-275, 1986.10.11)

North and South Korea cannot become one if they remain as they are. For this, we need patriots who fight without sleep and possess hearts of determination, willing to overcome all obstacles. The unification of North and South Korea begins with people who think, "I truly want to live together. I would like to die together if we must die, or live together if we must live. I would like to live together with our forefathers, with those who are in the spirit world." (148-277, 1986.10.11)

North Korea is struggling because it is a closed society. However, the more you know about the situation, the more pitiable the people under that society seem to be. The enemy is communism, not the people. If, when thinking about North Korea, you weep for your fellow countrymen who live in misery and empathize with their situation as you prepare for the day of their liberation, unfold a plan for unification, and vow to come to them, then the day for you to go to North Korea is not far away. (148-268, 1986.10.11)

The question is where to begin unification. With what and from where should the unification of North and South Korea be achieved? Should it be with fists or power? If force is used to make the North give in, then there will be another battle later on, when they gain strength. Unification cannot be achieved in such a way. (148-268, 1986.10.11)

The way to unification will open up only when you who live in the South truly long to live together and unite with those in the North. (148-268, 1986.10.11)

What do you think is the common denominator for those who say, "I would like to live together"? It is not power; power cannot transcend history. It is good only in the moment. Is it knowledge? The world of knowledge advances, doesn't it? Would you like to live together forever in the world of knowledge? We know for sure that we can't live together just because of knowledge or money. What is the one common denominator that can be accepted, whether it is on the top or the bottom, the left or the right, or in the past, present, or future? It is love. (148-260, 1986.10.11)

When we think about how we navigate through life, we realize that there must be some fundamental principle to guide us that applies to children, loyal patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters alike. This is the heart that desires to be together, to live together. It is the desire, throughout our lifetime, to be together transcendent of the positions of upper or lower, front or back, left or right, day or night. We must come to such a conclusion. (148-258, 1986.10.11)

What are we to do, living in a divided nation, with North and South bordering each other along the thirty-eighth parallel? The question is how will we go about resolving this issue? That is, we must suffer more than both the North and South Korean people. Through hardships, our patriotism will be solidified to encompass the nation and become the shortcut to save Korea. This is the solution. It is the same for the unification of the world of evil and the world of good. Loyal patriots who are more faithful than the loyal patriots of the world of evil must emerge. This broken history can be restored with the appearance of a person who can demonstrate a stronger allegiance to the world than that held by our loyal ancestors. That's how I see it. (61-125, 1972.8.13)

The paths of the North and the South are crossing now. Because the two are going in opposite directions, one wanting to go south and the other wanting to go north, their goals are different. The issue of how to unite is a serious one. Who is to take the lead in this mission? The North will object if the South takes the lead, and the South will object if the North takes the lead. Breakdown will occur again if each one adheres to its own way. The question is how to approach this issue. There must be a Korean who loves North Korea more than anyone else in the South. That is the only solution. The plan for unification can come about only through someone who is more loyal than anyone else in the South and someone who is more loyal than anyone else in the North. Is there any other way? There is not. (61-125, 1972.8.13)

We want the unification of North and South Korea right now, but what is the solution to the division? North and South Korea cannot be united unless a clearly defined solution is provided. It cannot happen by either the North or the South simply saying, "You have to do as we say." They cannot be unified if both have something to lose. It's possible only when there's a plus for both. Isn't that so? For example, a man and woman cannot be one after marriage if they are both minuses to each other; they must find something that they can gain from each other. (61-73, 1972.8.27)

Using South Korean military power to force North Korea to submit is not the way. We should have an ideological foundation that is stronger than theirs. We should have the ability to naturally inspire the North to surrender and have the philosophy of loving our nation more than they love theirs -- and of loving God more than they love communism. Otherwise, we will not be able to win the heart of North Korea. Based on our character, we should impress them with our character, our outlook on life, our lifestyle, and personal history. Unless we can surpass them, we can't win over those armed with the ideology of communism.

We cannot restore a Cain nation without a persuasive environment. Furthermore, if the Cain nation can't be restored, then the restored nation that could become the worldly nation centering on the heavenly nation, will not be established. (46-123, 1971.8.13)

Should God have the thought of taking revenge, thinking of Satan as the opponent and an enemy, then He will never be able to occupy the summit of victory. Rather, God has opened up the strategy of love, saying, "Love your enemies. Love your enemies!" The summation of Jesus' teachings is also, "Love your enemies" (The Way of Unification -- 595, 1983. 4. 3)

You must set the condition of having loved your enemies even if the world persecutes you and even if you stand facing a global enemy. God and the people of all religions who are trying to be God's children are caught up in this one line. The teaching, "Love your enemy," is the great truth. Although the content is simple, no one has known that this would become the dividing line between God and Satan. (The Way of Unification -- 595)

What is our hope? It is unity. However, it is not unity centering on the Unification Church. By this, I really mean unification of North and South centering on the sacrifice of the Unification Church. (56-283, 1972.5.18)

What is the path that the Unification Church is trying to follow? It is the path of unity. Unification is the key point. (90-64, 1976.12) 

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