Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 3. Why We Must Do Tong Ban Gyeokpa (Local Breakthrough) Activities
Section 6. The Unification Movement and the Role of Women

I am very skillful, aren't I? Bringing all those women who were living comfortably, and having them do something called tong ban breakthrough activities… what for? And what does that have to do with all of you? Who will appreciate their work? However, by doing this, the Korean women will establish a traditional history of the liberation of women. This will become a training aid.

You should know that the words that I've taught and the contents of the actions that you've taken will be the traditional training aids in the future that will move the women of the world! Amen.

Who can become this kind of training aid? A person who sleeps comfortably for eight hours, eats three meals a day, and finds a cool place to rest in the shade because it's hot cannot do this. The thing you do sweating blood in the blazing sun, dripping with perspiration, this is what remains in history. The more miserable the situation, the more it becomes the material of a historic age. If all of you heard the story of my time in prison, your bone marrow would start to cry. That's why I cannot tell you that story. If I poured the contents of that time out to you, everyone would cry loudly in lamentation. How many things happened in that place? How many stories could be told about that place? I won't tell you. (233-262, 1992.8.1)

I didn't give even one penny. It's no good if I give money. If I supply the money, then in the future, the way the nation must go will become blocked. It's logical that money should come from the nation to the people. That kind of nation does not exist. Therefore, no matter how difficult, the members of the Unification Church must do the work of the nation, even if they must sell their sweat and blood; even if they must cut off their flesh and bones and sell them, they must do the work of the nation.

You worked while I wasn't supplying you the money, and so now we are entering the stage where the tong ban breakthrough activities can be completed. Have you done well, or not? After being briefed a while ago about how the poorly members of the Unification Church have been doing, I've come to Seoul to put things in order. I cannot go everywhere in the nation, so I've come to Seoul, which represents the whole, since it is the center. I mentioned this to True Mother, and she felt the same, so now she is touring. (233-179, 1992.8.1)

You must listen well to my words today, clear up your debts, and become new people. What is it that I've told you to do? In order to re-establish through women the tong ban breakthrough system, which the men failed to do, I have now arranged our people centering on the villages and local communities. The tong ban breakthrough activities came to a halt right in front of my eyes, so the women of the Unification Church should not sleep at night, should not eat, and should not play before doing this work. You must know that this is your heavenly duty! Those of you who will do this, raise your hands. (233-52, 1992.7.20)

In the same way that I have stayed up at night and sacrificed throughout my life until now, you must act in the same way. In your tong ban breakthrough activities, you must bring 120 families centering on your tribe. Back in Jesus' day, there were 120 apostles, weren't there? In the same way, if you set up 120 families under your command, you will not have problems with things like money. Are you worried about eating and living? It is not a problem. You men, do you understand? Men are archangels and will be of no use. You must set up the condition to have been born through a mother. Therefore, only by being blessed again can you return to the heavenly nation. (232-253, 1992.7.9)

I must save Korea by setting up the women. With this meaning, it was inevitable that the leaders of the WFWP (Women's Federation for World Peace) were set up to be the local women leaders. The leaders of WFWP should go down into the local areas and become the leaders of the counties, towns, districts, and local communities. Is this an easy thing to do? I have been preparing this for the past fourteen years. Centering on the term "Home Church," I told people to, "Go down to the local level and manage your tribe!" That was fourteen years ago, and it was to prepare for this time. That is why I have insisted doing the tong ban breakthrough activities these past seven years. (232-199, 1992.7.6)

I am setting up a plan to completely fill up the Olympic Stadium with 150,000 women next April. Therefore, the wives throughout this nation must do their tong ban breakthrough activities. The men were unable to do it, so the women must do it. We have been working on these tong ban breakthrough activities for seven years, but we still haven't succeeded. Even though I've instructed you men to fulfill the work, three times invested a lot of money in this, it has not been done. Now I can't trust you men. I have to find a solution now through mobilizing the women, without the men.

Even if you men work for the tong ban breakthrough activities, if the men don't receive the signatures of their wives and children they cannot move freely. On the other hand, the women can go into each house, push out the husbands and have a meeting. Do you understand? It's so convenient! The women can form a group and climb up and over the back gate, side gate, or front gate, kick out the husband of the house, and meet however they please. Do you understand? (224-62, 1991.11.21)

All of you must center on God, and to the extent that you want to quickly be able to bring a world of peace, you must bring together the people of this country and accelerate the standard for the unification of North and South Korea, in order to open the door of peace. The movement that exists in order to accelerate this goal is the tong ban breakthrough activities! Do you understand? The place where the invading spies are hiding is in the bosom of the women. They are within the width of a woman's skirt. They are hiding underneath it. These spies come down to South Korea and get themselves a wife. Then they make some money, and after that they approach even far distant relatives and offer support. They even win the hearts of the families and clans in their neighborhood. They take money for their South Korean spy operation and hold feasts, giving a warm reception for the people. You should understand that they are people who have created a name for themselves. This is what we must break open. (214-255, 1991.2.2)

So far, I've had no choice but to work with the men, but now it's different. The Unification Church has come forward putting men in the lead, and now we still give priority to the men, don't we? How much money was invested into the tong ban breakthrough activities with the men leading the way? Now it is clear that we must absolutely make a foundation, even if we must sell our flesh and blood. This work must be achieved, even if you must sell your land, your family's rice field, or bring together the money of your relatives. Do you understand? In the future I will send down an order. If you find seventy families and I tell you to prepare 100 million won from each family, that will amount to seven billion won.

Since this is the age for the unification of North and South Korea. We must be prepared to do this. Shedding tears, sweat and blood, make a lump sum of money and then open up a bank account without your husband's knowing. What did I just say? What do I want you to make without your husbands' knowledge? A bank account. You should make a bank account. (235-126, 1992.8.29)

We started in 1978, so this is now the fourteenth year. This work has been going on for fourteen years. If all of you had only done this work with a desperate heart! How great it would have been! If that had happened, then everything would be connected through the tong ban breakthrough activities, centering on the Unification Church. Centering on the Unification Church foundation, we organized everything down to the village, so that we could breakthrough at the tong ban level. Centering on the men, we held conferences in the dong (districts), tong and ban (local communities and home neighborhoods). We passed out Divine Principle books and a book called "The Hope of the World" in my name, to all the 120,000 neighborhood leaders. Maybe even some of you that are here today also received these books. Despite the fact that all this was done, the men still all failed their responsibility. They were relaxed and thought this was just some kind of game. Therefore, because the men failed their responsibility, the women must accomplish it. Whatever happens, they must do this.

The women must not just be worried about the livelihood of their own homes. Please notice that I've mobilized women centering on the Women's Federation. Is this mobilization due to the power of human beings? In the beginning, when I first said that I would have an initiation conference for the Asian Women's Federation of World Peace (AWFWP), everyone's eyes went like this, and our own Unification Church members put up opposition saying women can't do anything and that AWFWP women can't do anything. But then True Mother stepped forward and the opposition subsided. Seeing the atmosphere, the members couldn't oppose it any further. Therefore, I declared the arrival of the era of women. I made this declaration because the time was ripe to do so. Wait and see if the age of women comes now or not. (233-111, 1992.7.31)

Because tong ban breakthrough activities started back in 1978, that means it has already been fourteen years. The fourteen years of doing tong ban breakthrough stands for this age. The concept of Home Church is the concept of tong ban breakthrough activities. Because you were starting to slack off in Home Church, I changed the description a little and pulled you forward centering on tong ban breakthrough activities. We spent seven years and then another seven years, so it has taken fourteen years. My plan was to be prepared and to do this before now, but the leaders of Korea did not know this and couldn't fulfill their responsibility. The men failed twice, so the women must do it from now on. (237-65, 1992.11.11)

When we hold a unified election of North and South Korea, what will happen to this country of South Korea? I am not an incompetent person. I am already preparing everything for that day, and so we are doing the tong ban breakthrough activities. I have trained you quite a few times in this. That is why we need the women. (206-70, 1990.10.3)

The women must take charge of the soldiers of the North Korean regime. The women must take charge of the devils of this earth. In that way, the men can defeat the devils in spirit world. We need to employ a twofold strategy. The spies of North Korea come here and live under the protection of the women. They live within the bosom of a woman. The men might not want this to happen, but the women keep them hidden. In order to breakthrough this treachery we need the tong ban breakthrough activities. Now you understand many things.

None of you know when I will send down a certain command and give you a mission. If you say you can't do it, then I am putting you in prison. This isn't a playground. This is the path to decide life and death. It is not the grounds for getting a salary and living well. It is not the place to bring no-goods and feed them. You need to understand this. This is the place to make the elite fighting unit of heaven. (180-121, 1988.8.7)

You understand the tong ban breakthrough activities, don't you? I've talked about Home Church these past fourteen years. I spent a lot of money to educate you. These past five years I've talked about tong ban breakthrough activities. I set up the men to do this, but because they failed miserably, I have no choice but to set up the women in the final attempt. (238-305, 1992.11.22) 

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