Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 3. Why We Must Do Tong Ban Gyeokpa (Local Breakthrough) Activities
Section 5. Organizational Expansion of Tong-ban Activities

5.1. Organizational expansion centering on people of social eminence

This time we must complete our tong ban (local community and home neighborhood) activities. We must go after those people who oppose us and get them to repent by any means, and then pull them to our side. You should consider this more seriously than the election campaign and carry it out. Do you understand? Now we're entering the period of the decisive battle. (208-70, 1990.11.15)

We should get the friends of those who went to be trained in America, or those who consent to be here, or some from certain groups, to come to a conference. As we send three people each to townships, you may add two people to your team who have been recommended by that town. If there are people left over after sending the initial three, arrange each one to go out and team up with three people who were recommended by the township. These would then be teams of four people.

The initial three-person unit is not a fixed number. The larger the number, the more quickly tong ban and township breakthroughs are possible, centering on that standard. Therefore, if you organize these teams quickly, then you aid local communities. Then, if you can complete your foundation centering on the towns and districts, then you will become the responsible person for coordinating the different districts and towns in the surrounding area. The people who actually fulfill their responsibility will become the central figures over a number of districts and towns. (207-391, 1990.11.11)

What is it that the Republic of Korea has done until now? The politicians have made it impossible for me to come as far down as the family foundation. How many years has it been already? Hasn't it been five years since we started tong ban activities? This is the sixth year. We must bring total change to the family, only then will the nation be revived. The answer is not in the towns and districts. Everyone who has the kind of ability should visit families and restore them. (206-358, 1990.10.14)

In the future, if you have no capabilities, you should stop church work and become a branch manager or a McCol soft drink dealer, or something along those lines. I will personally see that this happens. When 1992 is over, I will really arrange everything. At that time, about eight hundred church leaders will emerge in one year. Those of you graduating from Sunghwa University, do you understand? More than five hundred people will come through. And what should I do with those people? I will send them out to every part of your counties. The reason I have not done this so far is because I was being blocked by many satans. Otherwise, I would already have done this eighteen years ago. Even if you all do your tong ban breakthrough activities, there would still be something left. If things had happened that way, then we wouldn't have to worry about the Republic of Korea. (206-356, 1990.10.14)

The people we need to utilize and make the most of, are those that went to America for training. There are many such people. The question is; how do we organize these people in key places that are of vital importance? We need to call all these people together and put them in leadership positions of tong and ban, so that we can carry out tong ban breakthrough activities. They all have houses, don't they? We should make all of them leaders of ri, tong and ban (villages, communities and neighborhoods). (207-373, 1990.11.11)

The next time we have an election, unless my hand is in it, it won't work. How will things happen in the future? I will not make a party. Through the tong ban breakthrough activities, centering on the unification of North and South Korea, I will remove, with my own hands, the evil members who stir up distrust and destroy the nation little by little from within. In the same way, if a person becomes the type of person that the nation is looking for, then I will support that person. People who fight over this and quibble, I will have to straighten them out. Should I do this or not? You must live to see a nation worthy of being called a nation, and you should die seeing a National Assembly that is worthy of being a National Assembly, which will take care of the nation.

Therefore, Kim Il-sung cannot just do as he pleases. So, we need to move forward quickly, allowing the tong ban breakthrough activities to take root. Just a while ago, how many people did we say we would bring? As soon as you go back, you should bring twelve people and maintain a firm grip on them. Those twelve people should each find another twelve people and keep hold of them. If we just do that, we will hold within our bosoms the entire 73,000 small villages of this country. (204-310, 1990.7.11)

If you make a group large, then the damage will be large. The Unification Church was safe because people thought it wasn't important. Do you understand what I mean? The people we took to America and educated are not connected from the highest to the middle to the lowest. That's why we're trying to weave these people together during this conference. If we can do that, then your tong ban breakthrough activities won't be a problem. You should know this. (203-185, 1990.6.24)

If you attend your parents, you are of the same source of love, life, and lineage. It means you will resemble your parents, doesn't it? Then, when you think of the North Korean communists, do you feel infuriated and do you abhor them as much as you dislike the days when it is snowing and raining with sleet? You should feel the same way. You should understand those things, and then pour all your strength and energy into your tong ban breakthrough activities. This summer, when I return, I intend to meet all the heads of the counties or whoever is necessary. In the future, when we achieve local self-governance in each area, no one will be able to become a member of the provincial or county government without my hand being involved. (202-119, 1990.5.6)

Will you, or will you not, do your tong ban breakthrough activities? For what purpose will you do them? It is not for my sake. It is for your sons and daughters and mothers and fathers, who you love. The unification of North and South Korea is not just your desire, but it is the desire of your sons and daughters, your wife, and your mother and father. It is a common desire among us, and each of us must be responsible for it. People who say they will not take this responsibility are traitors to the people of this nation. (200-213, 1990.2.25)

Do you want me to supply you with money when you are doing you tong ban breakthrough activities or do you want to supply your own money while you are working? Who is a patriot? Is it the person who works receiving money and a monthly salary, or is it the one who makes the effort to love as he goes the path of hunger, cold and lack of recognition? Answer me! It's the second one, isn't it? Now that you understand this much, please work hard in your tong ban breakthrough activities. (200-213, 1990.2.25)

I have many members of the Japanese National Assembly who are working with me. It's the same here. There are about 180 people that are connected to me. If I were a villain, I could already have totally misused these people for my own gain. I don't want to have anything to do with that.

Some people say, "Look at that Rev. Moon! He's even making an ideology like tong ban breakthrough! It's as if he wants to wrap fishing net around the Republic of Korea and then, with one yank on his fishing net, take out all the fish, roll them up and eat them. In that way he's going to try and run for president." Is that true?! (199-300, 1990.2.21)

What are we doing everyday? Street witnessing! Then, tong ban breakthrough! Should we finish it by June, in a very short time? We should organize the leaders in districts, local communities and home neighborhoods, and then quickly finish the four-day workshop. After that you should quickly go out for a second round. It will be good for people who do this well. Those who don't do so well, the ones who bring no results, will fall away. The goal is 120 people. This is the restoration of the tribe. Therefore, you should act quickly centering on the district to create a church. We must make 3,600 churches very quickly. (198-50, 1990.1.20)

The systemization of the structure for our tong ban breakthrough activities is an urgent matter. (171-297, 1988.1.2)

The thing we must do first at this time is to carry out breakthrough activities at the university level, centering on professors and the Professors' and Students' Federation for Unification. The problem now is how the universities can go forward as one, while keeping a steady direction, centering on the federation. Next is the issue of a mass social movement. We must gather together the leading figures of society, officials of local governments, administration, and political parties of the area. That way, the teachers should bind together the leading figures of their local society, and the students should bind together the local young people. Then we should have a conference. By having a conference in the major cities, we are breaking through at the local levels. This is called tong ban breakthrough activities. The last battlefield is comprised of these local communities and neighborhoods. Our goal is to perfect the enlightenment of the local leaders. (166-16, 1987.5.26)

The words tong ban breakthrough activities mean to bring the political parties to straighten up, and to get the people who are governing the country to straighten up. (213-91, 1991.1.14)

If people don't listen, you've got to be ready and do whatever it takes. You've got to say, "I'm saying let's save this country so why aren't you doing anything?" In the future, I will have to cut off people who go astray. How? By taking the foundation of the tong ban breakthrough activities, we will connect all this to our election movement. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? (207-375, 1990.11.11)

The reason I have been telling you for many years that you must do tong ban breakthrough activities was in order to utilize that for a certain time period. I saw that such a time was coming. What would have happened if my own operations were not also for the purpose of preparing for this time? What do you think? Something terrible would have happened, don't you think? We almost had a serious situation come about. So all of you should have the awareness that you are prepared and chosen and should go forward thinking, "Even if a typhoon comes, even if an earthquake comes, even if a volcano erupts, I will not be uprooted." You should be like the steel pillars of an iron-clad bastion. We have to move forward in this way. Then spirit world will cooperate with you, and the hearts of the people will naturally come to you. (207-375, 1990.11.11)

5.2. Organizational expansion through local volunteer activities

There are still some battles left to fight. Do you know what my instructions are at this time? You do know the term tong ban breakthrough activities? It has been just six years since we started in 1984. Tong-ban breakthrough activities: this is the last key point. On the day that we finish this, even politicians will gather around us.

From now on, if people don't listen to what I suggest, then things will not work. Democracy has completely collapsed. Democracy cannot lead the world. I am proposing a new thought. It's called the cosmos-centered philosophy! The time is coming when I will have to instruct people on how to elect the leaders of the nation. (199-75, 1990.2.15)

What is our goal? It is to breakthrough at the tong ban level. We should be able to control everything. That is why the person responsible for a district should be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the head of the district. All of you must be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the heads of communities and neighborhoods. In the future, I also intend to make this same kind of organization for the people of North Korea. This is especially true for Seoul. (198-45, 1990.1.20)

Through the Home Church organization the tong ban breakthrough activities is possible, and in the future it will also be possible to make a consumer association. The economic authority will be determined there. Our Unification Church members will absolutely not go hungry. If we just stand up and move, we can even hand out two hundred newspapers within an hour. Instead of sleeping in the early morning, where the air is impure and stuffy, how nice it would be for you to do something like that? Think of yourself as a prince or royal commissioner, making rounds, and saying to the world, "Go ahead and sleep!" Wouldn't it feel so good? (186-177, 1989.2.1)

From now the Republic of Korea must push forward the tong ban breakthrough activities in order to prepare for the elections. Tong-ban breakthrough. In the history of restoration, because everything was lost in the family, I will rise up through the families, and then spread across this 3,000-ri peninsula.

It is not through the nation that I am rising up. Some people say, "That Rev. Moon is trying to become president," but that is not the case. (203-363, 1990.6.28)

Let us promise each other one thing. This is a meeting of leaders for the Unification of North and South Korea, is it not? What has Rev. Moon of the Unification Church been doing? You have only been raised up vertically. Why? Because the persecution was so severe, you didn't know what was what until now. Now that everything is over, we must bind together horizontally and work for the tong ban breakthrough activities, and then, centering on districts and townships, make the solidarity movement. (198-124, 1990.1.25)

What have I been emphasizing for the last five years? What are the tong ban breakthrough activities? I also forgot. You know what tong and ban (local communities and home neighborhoods) are, right? Up to the level of districts, in honor of my seventieth birthday, we held conferences this time in all 3,600 districts. Now we must educate 10 to 15 times that number, from about 36,000 to 50,000 tong that are in Korea. We are to educate the tong. After that there are 310,000 ban. We must educate the 310,000 ban. (200-318, 1990.2.26)

5.3. Organizational expansion through the strengthening of education

We must breakthrough at the tong ban level. The beginning is in the family. You should visit people so often that the dogs who were originally barking at you because they were uncomfortable with your presence, wag their tails in delight to see you. The dogs should be your guides to open the doors in your hometown that were closed to you before. You must go this way without regard to whether its day or night. You have to carry out the tong ban breakthrough activities by running until your feet are blistered, covering even a thousand or even ten thousand miles. (210-386, 1990.12.27)

You must hold revival meetings in the big cities and structurally expand the organization. You must breakthrough at the local areas and create organizations. (193-23, 1989.7.15)

We should do tong-ban breakthrough activities, do you understand? In your village, if you think about the people according to each clan, and you have one hundred homes, how many ban (home neighborhoods) does that make? Only by going down to the ban will you move a Mr. Lee of the Lee clan, or a Mr. Pak of the Pak clan. In this way you can move everyone in the area. Since it was in the family that the seeds were sown incorrectly which led to its ruin, it is in the family that you must harvest the results and make a heavenly family that can prosper. Your destiny rests in fulfilling this. Let's bring this matter to a closing point. (210-291, 1990.12.25)

There's no need to make a long education period. Having a one week period would do it. If you educate each group of people weekly centering on the tong and ban (local communities and home neighborhoods), then our work will be completed. What should you do then to make this possible? If you can send just the necessary people of the districts, local communities and home neighborhoods for a forty-day workshop, then that should do it. Then after that, through those people you can gather the residents in a reception room and continue to give lectures for a week each time. You meet after eating dinner, and gather day and night. When you meet together, you make up a time schedule, and centering on the amount of people gathered, educate them and have them set up the condition of having received a workshop. If you do this, then your work will be done and the tong ban breakthrough activities will be completed. In such a way we will lay down the standard. (212-240, 1991.1.6)

The term tong ban (local community and home neighborhood) breakthrough activities are referring to the fact that there are, on average, 25 tong in each district. In those 25 tong there are 250 ban. Estimating the number to be about three hundred people in a tong and centering on the importance of the seven-day workshop content, teach them the entire seven-day content as you read the Principle over two twenty-day periods equaling forty days. Have them study and take a test and then appoint anyone who scores 50 percent or higher as the head of the tong and ban. This is the first time you've heard something like this, right? I've already said all this before. If you do this, then your work will be done. When the work is totally completed in South Korea, the spies and agents who have invaded will be exposed and driven out. Then Kim Il-sung will have no choice but to throw up his hands before South Korea. (213-148, 1991.1.16)

This time, even in Korea we are organizing centering on the tong ban breakthrough activities. That's why some people in the National Intelligence Service are fussing saying, "In the past you had a record of doing rallies in 2,400 or 2,700 places in one day. Why are you so quiet now?" Now is the time to raise your sons and daughters. We should keep this among ourselves. We have entered the time when you have to educate people secretly. This is breaking through at the tong ban level. You must conduct meetings that are more than ordinary neighborhood meetings. That way, if you gather thirty people here and do the same in five different places, then you've gathered 150 people. Once there, you can tell them, "Since you 150 people have been mobilized, and since we all want the unification of North and South Korea, then let's appoint someone among your fathers, mothers, and relatives to lead this work." Then, the number of people should be more than 300. I've instructed you to have district and township conferences centering on these 300 people. (214-167, 1991.2.2)

By mobilizing the wives of the administrative personnel, we will place them as leaders of dong, tong and ban (districts, local communities and home neighborhoods). This will result in our having duplicates or two leaders in each area. We will organize them after we educate them. Centering on the government, if ban leaders unite, and all tong leaders unite horizontally, then all 40 million South Koreans will come to our side all at once. As the government comes to realize this, they will try to pull every kind of trick to stop me, and will be saying that Rev. Moon beat us to it! But it will be too late. They don't have an ideology. That's why they have no other choice than to believe us. At this point, we will lead the whole nation. So you should have concrete confidence in yourselves. (214-330, 1991.2.7)

Where should you mainly be doing your tong ban activities? It should be done within our association. What is the content of what I spoke about today? The Blessed Families must restore the right of eldest son, the right of the parent, and the right of kingship, by centering on the foundation of the family. In order to do that, you must give Divine Principle lectures as well as VOC (Victory Over Communism) lectures. Then in the future, if there is a Blessed Family that becomes responsible for a district, it should utilize and use the VOC organization. Originally the most important question was how to get the people who are in the VOC organization to become church members. You see, this organization is big. If the people who are connected with it became members, then the number of current Unification Church regional leaders would not be an issue. The number of church members would not be an issue. (218-105, 1991.7.2)

If we do not hurry, then we will not be able to prepare for a general election of both North and South Korea. Starting from now, we will have national rallies over the next 6 months to prepare for the North and South general election. It is now time to get our people in place. We will place our people and start lecturing. Tong-ban breakthrough activities. Now is really the time to take charge of the tong and ban (local communities and home neighborhoods) and present lectures. If you do not do this, then you really will not succeed. You must do this in order to live. (207-364, 1990.11.11)

Our tong ban breakthrough activities must be done centering on the family foundation. From there, centered on True Parents' words, specifically those dealing with the declaration of True Parents, you should inspire the people to connect with our activities and move forward. This time I'll send out all the members and have them make and show copies of the video tapes to the people. In between tapes we will have people record what they saw and thought. It will work once you try it. You must deliver deeply moving speeches to everyone, and then enroll these people in the future in the effort to unite North and South Korea. From a spiritual viewpoint, South Korea is in the position of the mind, while North Korea is like the body. The body opposes the mind. Since the body belongs to Satan's realm, that's why this is happening. (205-334, 1990.10.2)

Just try and follow my direction once to work for the tong ban breakthrough activities. It won't take long. Please, try this once for seven months, to run until your feet are blistered, and you are ready to die. It won't even cost money. From now on I won't ask you to come here. I'll go to see you in your hometowns. It would be nice if I could go to see all of you, but in Seoul alone there are 3,300 dong, 12,000 tong and 120,000 ban. Since they are so numerous, I can't go to all of them, but I'll go to visit the ones that get recommended. All of you should work hard in your tong ban activities, and if you can establish a family that represents the clan that God can be proud of, then you will receive blessings automatically. From there, the firm stand of liberation will be established, and the flag of freedom will wave. (209-48, 1990.11.25)

Nowadays Seoul is troubled. Originally, everyone should return to their hometowns. When you go, I am planning over the next six months to make organizations that will enable you to breakthrough at the tong ban level. Then, if there are influential people, army generals who used to attend established churches and church elders, I will try to organize and send them to their hometowns. In Seoul, I'm going to deal with this situation in this way. They won't have any problem whatsoever, in leading others if they just receive a 40 day workshop. The generals had to command regiments, so because of this, you can't match them in leading an organization or in leading the people. (198-41, 1990.1.20)

In the world of love, you have a special right that enables you to make God your own object partner. Whether you are large or small, this is an indisputable fact.

As you shed sweat with blood in the field of your tong ban breakthrough activities, laying the foundation and creating a melting pot overflowing with love, having been filled up totally, then in the position of an owner ask God, "Would you ever like to come here?" Would you expect Him to say, "Get lost! Go away!" Instead He will say, "Show me the way!" Then He will ask you, "Where would you like me to sit?" He cannot just sit wherever He chooses. The principles of the world work in this way.

The God who created the order in the world knows the stages of the world that He created. Therefore, He knows where He should sit or where He should stand. In Korea we have a saying for someone who has no common sense. We say about him, "Does that person know how to discern between where he will sit or stand?" We say this, don't we? It is the same with God. (208-211, 1990.11.18)

5.4. The Providence centering on the Second Generation and the Professors' and Students' Federation for Unification.

We should organize a national conference of all the young people who have graduated from prestigious high schools, and then, for each province, we should choose a person from among these graduates, who can be responsible for local organizations. If we can choose the responsible people for each province, county, township, local community and neighborhood then this will make the base upon which we can utilize our tong ban breakthrough activities. The people who graduated from the prestigious middle and high schools will usually connect to prestigious universities like Seoul National University and Korea University. So, when we achieve this, then automatically a national association of these prestigious university students will be formed. (214-339, 1991.2.7)

Originally, when I went to America, I told them that, in the age of tong ban breakthrough activities, they should center on the teachers and talk to each high school, middle school and even elementary school teacher one by one. All of that is part of the strategy to connect to the parents of the students. That's why we've made the VOC organization and the Citizens Federation and other such organizations. You should have put these into operation. By not doing this, the communists have run wild doing what they wanted, and left behind scenes of death everywhere. Didn't I fight alone against all this? (207-169, 1990.11.9)

We are going to connect professors, high school and middle school teachers and elementary school teachers to the tong ban breakthrough activities. If they connect, then our work is done. Although the established churches put up opposition by trying to advance certain theories about history, this doesn't present an obstacle. We are going over that hill completely. Even from a sitting position we can digest everything, including the communists. (205-297, 1990.10.1)

Having done so, we should mobilize all the professors connected to this tong ban breakthrough activity… by the way, there's no difficulty in obtaining information about their hometowns or other information is there? We should choose one hundred hometown schools to use as bases upon which to assign these professors, and then invite the Home Church leaders to come. The professors may even buy them dinner. Unless we form an organization in such a way and carry out the tong ban breakthrough activities in the districts, townships, local communities and home neighborhoods, in order to stop the communists, we will face the substantial problem of being swallowed by the communists. (187-21, 1989.2.7)

In the tong ban breakthrough activities, CARP must play a leading role. When our middle and high school students become future university students they should win the younger generation over to our side. (198-7, 1990.1.20)

At this time, we must seriously look at how CARP is moving? All of you are taking responsibility to work for the tong ban breakthrough activities and to educate people, right? This is a twofold strategy, since the university graduates have stepped forward as a unit of activity, they must be supported completely. Therefore, we need to establish a newspaper publishing company. We should hurry up. (181-156, 1988.9.5)

I'll tell you something that happened recently. We established the Citizens Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. We moved forward and began work on initiating tong ban breakthrough activities throughout the nation. It happened that we gathered together some petty heads of townships and districts, as well as a police chief, some local police officers, and some arrogant and boastful university graduates. In addition, there were the heads of the municipal committees who are the professors. We had assigned all those professors to work to save the nation. Turning to the journalists who were present I asked, "Will you participate in the efforts to save your hometowns, or not? Please answer me! Will you do it!" You have to help save the nation. How about saving the world? If the people of a nation are willing to even sell their own nation to save the world, then those people will become the ancestors of the whole world. (179-202, 1988.8.12)

We need the nation, and we need the world. There is no clear way to find these. When we look at this fact, you professors must also establish the ideal of the sphere of love, centering on the vertical love and connecting with the horizontal realm of love at 90 degrees. There's no way to escape such a pursuit of the original universal history. That means you must listen to what I say. If you don't, you won't be on the right track. If you are on the right track, where will you be heading? You will go to the family. That's why, when we say tong ban breakthrough activities, we're talking about returning to the family and realigning yourself to the right track.

Because all of you are the sons and daughters of Rev. Moon, I have unconditionally given you everything that I've prepared on the world level, from the realm of heart, the realm of participation and inheritance, to the realm of equal rank. Therefore, you must return to your hometowns and lay down your roots. If you just lay down your roots and stand up vertically aligned, then, through me, you will rise to the glorious position of victory in which you can inherit the worldwide domain and participate with me. This is logical. True Parents are absolute. That's why all religions have come to the conclusion that the messiah absolutely must come. (176-124, 1988.5.3)

Whether it is in the Citizens Federation, the VOC organization or in the Unification Church, the place where all of you must work is not in the offices. Go do the tong ban breakthrough activities first and fight if you have to. You should compete to see who will go into their neighborhood and influence it the most, who will go into their community and get the most people to become activists to liberate North Korea, and who will inspire the most families to follow the direction of their regional leaders under the authority of the committee chairmen. If I had not told you this publicly, then everything would have fallen apart. You professors did not even think of this. Do you know how much I have thought about these things? So my conclusion is that all the professors here should become the leaders of tong and ban (local communities and home neighborhoods), regardless of whether they are located in provinces or counties or towns. I mean that all professors should pack their bags and go to their families.

The roots of patriotism must be planted in the family. It is not within the offices of towns and counties, but in the family. So… have you followed my declaration to work for the tong ban breakthrough activities? Have you done well or not? You, professor, have you done well or not? How many times have you wandered through the night determined to breakthrough at the local level? That is the problem. If you do not possess a more sorrowful heart for the nation than you felt when your own father passed away, you cannot save the nation. If you don't feel more sadness and pain in your heart than when your own mother or your own relatives pass away, then the unification of North and South Korea will not happen. This is how I see things.

When you professors enter people's homes, you should grab hold of their hands and, choked with tears, utter an appeal for them to work together for the unity of North and South Korea. That one word of appeal would be more powerful than a thousand words spoken by a scholar passing by. That's the reason I have formed the Professors and Students Federation for Unification and connected the professors who are willing to save the neighborhoods with the students Then, united, they should rally together all the sons and daughters of the neighborhoods. That is my direction. (176-112, 1988.5.3)

5.5. Tribal Messiah Activities and Tong-ban Breakthrough Activities

We must return to the hometown of our origin! This is based on the Principle. How can you deny this? It's the logical conclusion. Those who don't think so raise your hands. Can you deny this? There is no way, other than the way of obedience and submission. That's why we are doing that in Korea, at this time. By returning to your hometowns, you must complete the foundation for the nation upon the foundation of having completed the tong ban breakthrough activities in you area. This is done by starting in each family and raising them through the formation, growth, and completion stages.

The family is the formation stage, the tong and ban (local community and neighborhood) are the tribal growth stage, and then the nation is the completion stage. These three points must be connected in the family. If you don't connect these points in the family, then they can't be connected at the tribal level. They can't be connected to the nation, and they can't be connected to the world. (218-184, 1991.7.28)

Why do we work for the tong ban breakthrough activities? The reason the government has opposed me until now was because they were worried that if I penetrated all the way to the family level, that it would cause problems for the government. The position I must grab hold of is not the government. In the government, there is no basis for peace. This base is not in the Republic of Korea, either. Where is it then? It is in the family -- in Adam and Eve's family. The fall took place centering on the family, so we must grab a hold of the family and set it right. Through false parents, the family was brought to ruin, so true parents must come and set the family right. (203-252, 1990.6.26)

From now on, in order to accomplish the tong ban breakthrough activities centering on the 3,600 towns and communities, we will form organizations and then completely arrange everything. Those of you here in headquarters also need to understand this well. In the future, I will chastise those who attend the service here, if their hometowns are elsewhere. Why is that? I've given a direction for you to return to your hometowns, which, in the world of religion, is a precious gift, so why aren't you going? (197-207, 1990.1.14)

Now if you do your tribal messiah mission, the Republic of Korea will automatically be liberated. This is because the tribal messiah is connected to the tong ban breakthrough activities. When we complete the tong ban breakthrough activities, centered on our tribe, there will no longer be communists. Therefore, Korea has freed itself from the individual realm of the false accusation of Satan.

I have laid the foundation of substance through the national level, centering upon America. Having brought a victorious national foundation from America, I will engraft to this a way for the Republic of Korea to transcend the nation and go to the world. Centering on the realm of the tribal messiah all the 40 million people of Korea will be connected. Thus, when all these things become one, there will be no place in your families for Satan to falsely accuse you. We have passed over the base where Satan could accuse us individually, and we have passed over the base where he could accuse us as a family or a tribe. If three tribes can be connected to each other, then a people will be formed. (188-315, 1989.3.1)

If we achieve the tribal level foundation, a people will automatically be formed. Moreover, this relates to Tong-ban breakthrough activities. Tong-ban breakthrough develops from the tribal realm. If you are working in a village, the village is in the tribal realm. If you talk about villages, tong and ban, they are all in the tribal realm. You should understand that this is the reason I've been talking about tong ban breakthrough. Now if you become tribal messiahs, do you think your tong ban breakthrough activities will be completed, or not? It will be completed.

Then how should all of you act? The time has come when you must deeply understand Rev. Moon, who has walked every suffering path and has toiled throughout his life and shed countless tears for your hometown, your parents and siblings and your relatives. It was with tears that your relatives were separated from the Garden of Eden and scattered in many directions. They eventually returned to their regions, which had been nearly ruined by enemy fighting and Satan's occupation.

Therefore you must gain control of all the nations and, centering on one love through a family representing every nation, we can meet together in tears. If, through this, we can raise the flag of liberation at that place, then every nation can be returned eternally centering on that point. (187-173, 1989.2.5)

The term, tong ban gyeokpa doesn't mean destruction. Some people might look at that term and ask "Why do we say gyeokpa? We should call it something like "tong ban assimilation" or "tong ban liberation." Some people may say so, but still we must overturn things and break them down. Why? Because false love, false life, and false lineage remain and are totally selfish. This is what we must overturn and break down. That's why it is said that those who seek to lose their life shall gain it, but those who seek to gain their life shall lose it. The members of your own family can become your enemies. This is certain. If you say you will follow this path, then your mother and father may call you a crazy child. (203-252, 1990.6.26)

You must understand the significance of the tong ban breakthrough activities. Centering on the family level, you must return to the realm of True Parents' heart, turning your thoughts around 180 degrees. (204-320, 1990.7.11)

The things that I am saying are not my own. They belong to all people, to heaven and earth. I inherited the Father's tradition through love and following in his footsteps, I too should pass this on to all of you unconditionally in the name of True Parents. In giving these things to you, I am also giving you my flesh and blood, and my devotion.

Following this example of such a sincere heart, if you show the same heart towards your wife, your sons and daughters, and your villages and local communities and neighborhoods, then your tong ban breakthrough activities will be complete. (199-374, 1990.2.21)

Adam and Eve could not start from the family. Because of that, the tribal messiahs must ultimately solve the problem of the settlement of the family. That's why, here in Korea, we've started the tong ban breakthrough activities. At this time, in order for the family to settle in Korea, each family should hang my picture up and raise the church flag in their homes. This means that we are completely dividing the satanic world from the heavenly world.

For the first time, the portrait of True Parents is being attended in the family. (218-124, 1991.7.14)

Now, in our tong ban breakthrough activities, I have created the village and local community organizations. We have passed out flags and pictures of True Parents to some eighty thousand families. Then, from July 3 to 9, I made the declaration of the True Parents, the Savior, the Messiah, and the returning Lord. Who is the Lord at the Second Advent? It is the True Parents. Who is the Messiah? The Messiah is the returning Lord. (238-336, 1992.11.22)

If you do not become a source that explodes with the original heart, you cannot overcome the summit of the mountain. You cannot go over mountains like the Himalayas. What do you need? You need to take the power of love, and not be worried about whether you live or die. To counter that, the outside world brings countries together and opposes us. I must face that maelstrom of opposition and take responsibility for defeating it. I am fighting alone. Even after I went to America, I fought that battle. Breakthrough on your own! That's what the tong ban breakthrough is all about, isn't it? (214-114, 1991.2.1)

In the age of the unification of North and South Korea, the first thing we must do is to tong ban breakthrough activities. We are advocating the tong ban breakthrough activities, aren't we? Through this activity, you should give people a picture of me to hang up, and then teach them my ideology. You must teach them who the True Parents are. (212-138, 1991.1.2)

I told everyone to return to their hometowns, didn't I? I also came to the Republic of Korea and won over all the top men. We're at the point that when people hear the name Rev. Moon mentioned they say, "That man is a patriot!" As you approach even the prominent people in society and ask them, "We're doing this and that in order to hold a national conference to prepare for a unified election of North and South Korea. Will you support us or oppose us?" They will answer, "Why should we oppose you? Of course we'll support!" We get this affirmation as we work. Until now no one has given us such affirmation. If they do oppose me, I will flex my muscles a bit and knock them out of their position. If I intervene, then no matter how relentless the argument or how loud the protest, it will all dissipate. Knowing that, all of you must breakthrough at your tong and ban levels. (213-51, 1991.1.13)

Tong-ban breakthrough does not mean to threaten and intimidate people with guns and knives. If you work day and night through the words of love and the practice of love, then even while the grandfathers and grandmothers sit around smoking and drinking, and doing other bad deeds, they will say, "My son and daughter should model themselves after that person." After saying that, they will praise the Unification Church, and then the devils within them that like to drink will run away. If the grandparents see people who used to fight with each other enter the Unification Church and stop fighting, then they will think, "Our children should also become like the members of the Unification Church…" If this happens, then all the satans within them will run away. Do you understand what I mean? (212-100, 1991.1.2)

If you settle down and find your place in the family, then things will change 180 degrees. That's why, even though I told you a few days ago, I'm telling you again to put up pictures of True Parents. That is the position where you become one with True Parents directions, so you will live, just like the people who looked at the snake Moses held up on a stick. This is exactly the point.

People who look at the Unification Church flag and curse it will later develop problems with their eyes and all sorts of things will happen to them. The reason it hasn't happened yet is because you haven't raised your flags with true devotion. Also, when you put up True Parents' picture, if you can truly devote your heart before doing that, then if someone points a finger at it in scorn, that finger will be bent. All sorts of strange things may happen. It is because you haven't devoted all your heart that it hasn't happened that way. (218-72, 1991.7.2)

In order to do tong ban breakthrough activities, we must go forward seeking the family. Adam and Eve lost everything starting in the family, and that became the origin of the loss of both the nation and the world. Now I have indemnified through the world level, and I am holding the families of the Republic of Korea together and working to change their direction. Because I am making this effort, there needs to be a subject philosophy.

Therefore, I have declared the Principle of True Parents, True Teacher, and True Owner. What kind of people are the True Parents, who have made this kind of declaration? From a position similar to God's position, because God is a True Parent, I am teaching you now so that you can create an event to enable you to inherit the worldwide domain. This worldwide domain will enable you to become a true teacher and a true owner, from the position of becoming true parents here on earth. (204-125, 1990.7.1)

If we can just complete the organization of the tong ban breakthrough activities, if every house raises the church flag, and if there are families that don't mind if three Unification Church members visit them every day, then everyone will receive salvation. That's why I'm allowing you to be indebted. I'm putting you under indebtedness so you won't oppose me. All of you are indebted to me, aren't you? I took you to America and educated you. I'm called the True Parent but you cannot oppose this fact because you're indebted to me. All accomplishments and teachings that I have initiated have benefited both the spiritual and physical spheres. Who opposes me? When I say "blow a bugle and beat a drum", the world should blow a bugle and beat a drum. We have reached that stage.

That is why I could declare the True Parents and be welcomed by you, and go over the summit of the world that Satan has used as his stage, and stand at the top. The time has come when I can return to Korea, connecting the globe with the heavenly nation, and then hold a declaration ceremony for the settlement of sovereignty. Do you understand? Therefore, I'm pushing hard. If I focus my attention on you totally, you won't be able to say anything. I won't be hitting you with a clenched fist. The time will come when I can win over people with just my thoughts. (200-346, 1990.2.27)

Tong-ban breakthrough is now a movement of returning to Korea and going back to the family. Centering on the nation, if we go back to the tong and ban and start from there, and organize and unite these groups, then everything will be accomplished.

This signifies the three stages of growth: formation, growth, and completion. Centering on yourself, vertically, you have your family, and your tong and ban. You also have yourself, and horizontally, your father, and your grandfather. Likewise, you then create the standard for the three stages of growth through formation, growth, and completion. Then you enter into the turning point of your family.

When this happens, what would you have been centering on to have accomplished this? By turning centering on head-wing thought and Godism together with True Parents' love, then Satan won't have any condition through which to accuse you in the future. (213-254, 1991.1.21) 

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