Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 3. Why We Must Do Tong Ban Gyeokpa (Local Breakthrough) Activities
Section 4. The Tong-ban Breakthrough Must be Centered on Families

You should make video tapes about the True Parents, and through the church president hold a True Parents declaration convention in the 12 regions going all the way to the villages. The reason you should do that is because the family is the base for restoration through indemnity. We aren't primarily concerned about districts. The districts are not the families. Since we start from the family and go up to the tribe and then the race, the combination of families is the foundation for tribal restoration. Therefore, that which we call the tong ban (local communities and home neighborhoods) breakthrough connects the fortune of the world to that of the nation, the fortune of the nation to that of the tribe, the fortune of the tribe to that of the family, and the fortune of the family to that of the individual. (205-334, 1990.10.2)

That which we call tong ban (local community and home neighborhood) breakthrough is the family foundation. We must do it! There is no other way around it. Isn't the family foundation the place where the most precious new buds of the Republic of Korea come from? Sons and daughters! Don't you think so? That's where the buds of a nation form. It has to be where the buds of the heavenly nation should form. It's where your sons and daughters come from, right? Aren't your sons and daughters people of the heavenly nation? The place where the people of God are born and produced is only on this planet Earth. There are no people living on other stars or planets. (205-357, 1990.10.2)

Seeing that some members of our Unification Church were interested in running for office, I shouted furiously at them, "What on earth are you doing?" What might have happened if one of you ran for office? I even heard a report that the Republican Party asked for ten or so people to be nominated. The way to be influential is not through ruling the government. It starts from inside your home. The providence of salvation doesn't begin from the top. It begins in the family. The sincere investment and zeal of 30 million people has to land in all the families. That's why we have to breakthrough at the tong ban level. The district and town need to come down to the local communities and villages, and the local communities and villages need to come down to the home neighborhoods. For this reason, the base of all the Unification Church activities is each individual home. We must plant a seed there, and it will sprout a love greater than the love of your mother and father. There, a new shoot will sprout centering on the descendants who have the heart of future parents that is greater than their own heart, which will be planted within the realm of the family along with the heart of God. (208-160, 1990.11.17)

Since we have to work for the tong ban breakthrough, you must return to your homes. Adam and Eve started out as a man and woman, and became defiled as a son and daughter. So in order to get this situation under control, we must return to the family. You must seek out your tribe and relatives and wash them by investing your blood, sweet, and tears. Don't wash them with water. Only when you wash them by investing your blood, sweat, and tears will you be successful. Unless you enter the house and invest your blood, sweet, and tears, restoration will not take place. That way is the way I must go. (208-172, 1990.11.17)

It is tong ban breakthrough. What does tong ban breakthrough mean? It's the place where God can meet the father He has been longing to see. It's our effort to return to the family. It's our effort to make the mothers and fathers that God has been longing for. It's our effort to make the sons and daughters God has been longing for. It's our effort to make the aunts and uncles that God has been longing for. This is my desire. This is God's desire. Whose desire is this? It's the desire of the Great Supervisor who created heaven and earth. Who will truly take up and set about doing the work of accomplishing this Being's desire? Are all of you in your homes the type of parents that God wants to see? That's the problem. The term tong ban breakthrough is not just a passing phrase. The fact that Adam and Eve could not become a true father and mother that God wished to see is a cause of deep pain for God. The fact that they could not become a true son and daughter, nor a true couple, and the fact that they could not become true grandchildren, is a source of bitter grief for God. Where did this go wrong? It happened in the family. Therefore, you should feel that you must heal this bitter pain in your own family. Only by healing this pain will liberation start to expand to heaven and earth. (209-44, 1990.11.25)

What should we be doing now? We should be doing tong ban breakthrough activities. Because God lost the family, knowing that Korea is the base of the heavenly kingdom between heaven and earth, and since Korea is the original homeland where I was born, I must return to the hometown of Korea. The hope of all of heaven and earth and the hope of the Creator is the formation of a family which can become one leaf and branch, the family that can be a place of origin to embrace grandfathers and grandmothers, fathers and mothers, couples, and children whom God wishes to find, the family who can twist open the great vein between heaven and earth. Knowing this, and because we should find what was lost in the family and replant it, I have advocated the tong ban breakthrough for the past five years. When all this is finished, then we won't have to worry about who becomes president in the future. The time is coming when we'll be able to act according to our heart's desire. (209-108, 1990.11.27)

The short-cut for liberating North and South Korea is tong ban breakthrough activities. When you go searching from family to family, you should be able to pour out heartfelt tears in the same way that you would cry and grab hold of your lost mother or father, cousins, or relatives in North Korea, when you meet them. When this kind of heartfelt relationship forms an environment that can accompany God, then through you, that family will be born as a loving family which God wants to find. You should know that I do this work because I understand that the day of liberation, surrounded by cries of joy, is approaching in front of my eyes.

All of you gathered here must have the mission as the messengers of heart from God, after passing through a relationship of true brothers and sisters and becoming the envoys who want to form families of love, and for whom God has been looking. Become the embodiment of older brothers who can do that, the older sisters who can do that, the aunts and uncles, the mothers and fathers, the grandmothers and grandfathers who can do that mission, and bring the family under heavenly influence. My message today to all of you, who will be God's representatives by investing your bodies and by being responsible for the districts, neighborhoods and communities, tong ban is to start from the city of Seoul to build a family foundation upon which you can welcome and attend God. Let's pledge to do this! (209-111, 1990.11.27)

How precious is the family? The family represents the nation. The family represents the world. Therefore, on this 3,000-ri peninsula of Korea, you must love the grandmothers and grandfathers as if they were your own grandfather and grandmother, and you must love them like God wants to love them. All the people who are like your own parents, you must love them the way God wants to love a mother and father. As a person who is the embodiment of God's love, you should love all the women who are like your wife, the way God wants to love a couple. You should love all the people who are like your son or daughter, brother or sister, in the way that God wants to love them. Centering on this kind of ideal of love, you must take that standard of heart and mind that God has been looking for, and invest them for the sake of the world. Then you must invest again.

When you do that, you will become the son or daughter of inheritance who can carry out God's work in His place, and you will become a soldier of independence in the creation of a nation and a world. Now that you know this fact clearly, all of you must return to your homes and completely turn them around. This constitutes the tong ban breakthrough. You must turn the family around. This is our duty. (209-172, 1990.11.28)

What is the tong ban breakthrough activity? It's going out and searching for your home. Even though I fully possess the realm of world-wide victory, where shall I place this gift? Not in the nation. Before I give it to the nation, I must place in and plant it in the family, because that is where everything was lost. We must spread the seeds in the family. We must not spread them to the people of the nation. That's why I say tong ban breakthrough, family settlement!" It doesn't mean the settlement of the communists. By doing this, everything that was heading towards the ruin of the nation, everything that was headed for hell until now, can be returned to heaven. That kind of age is coming. From here, I have struck the satanic world. On the day we turn this around, the unification of North and South Korea will automatically be achieved. We will be completely one in front of a plus. Spirit world will be mobilized and everything will be swept away. (209-307, 1990.11.30)

When I went into North Korea from South Korea and then returned three years later, I remember that it took me over five years to shake off the habits I formed in North Korea. When we consider this, we should know that unless we grieve and repent and writhe in despair, we cannot eliminate the habits we've inherited from the history of Satan's tradition. When I say writhe in despair, I don't mean that you do it by yourself, but mean that you go into the battlefield as officially directed and writhe in despair during the course of your tong ban breakthrough activities. If you do this, then you should know that this process will be greatly reduced. You should become wise sons and daughters who willingly face and walk along this path. (213-56, 1991.1.13)

The issue is tong ban activities. That is why, if you don't bring victory starting from the family, it won't work. The economic problems, the political problems, the cultural problems, the religious problems, problems of ideology, everything should be solved in the family or things won't work out well. (213-341, 1991.1.21)

I created a company named, Happy Mind, which in Korean is Haeng bok eui Ma-eum. It is a company I have developed and invested in continually for seven years. What does this company do? It is for the organization of the Home Church. This organization should be connected to the tong ban breakthrough activities and should try to win over the families. Once you win them over, then everything will be possible. There is no better foundation that exists for the mobilization of the masses. (213-299, 1991.1.21)

Now a great battle is unfolding in the Unification Church. Tong-ban breakthrough! In order to find the things which were lost by Adam and Eve in the family, we must return to the family. You must go back to your family members and turn them around 180 degrees. You must turn them around 180 degrees. (214-69, 1991.2.1)

The roots that Adam and Eve planted in the family gave rise to an evil family and expanded to an evil tribe, evil people, evil nation, and an evil world. Therefore, we must replant the roots. This is the theory of tong ban (neighborhood and community) breakthrough that we are working on now in Korea. (214-237, 1991.2.2)

What era is it now? It's the time of family settlement in the tong ban activities. This is the direction I'm giving. This is an important work that determines life or death, and it's the battle to decide if we win or lose everything under heaven. (218-34, 1991.7.1)

We are going forward with our tong ban activities, crossing through the township level starting from the county, to the province, and to the nation. Adam and Eve deceived, and so everything that was deceived must be returned to its original position. (233-121, 1992.7.31)

In order to carry out the tong ban activities, I've instructed you to do Home Church these past fourteen years. I mentioned tong ban activities five years ago. What was this? I was crying out about the tong ban breakthrough, which you are working on today. Where must the roots come down to? They must come down to the family. Today, the countries of the world have been unable to come down to the family. They tried, but couldn't even come down to the township level. But how far down should we of the Unification Church have to go? We must go as far as the local neighborhood ban level. (238-323, 1992.11.22)

Starting with the family we have to save the nation. That movement is the tong ban breakthrough movement. That's why I'm telling you to go into the tong and ban (local communities and home neighborhoods). You must lead neighborhood meetings. We must implant our roots in each family by working through the neighborhood meetings. (238-334, 1992.11.22)

I have emphasized a movement for making the foundation of peace in the family. These things must also be taught in that way.

Through the neighborhood meetings of your tong ban activities, you should educate people to attend their grandparents as they would God, to attend their mother and father as king and queen, and educate the young people to become princes and princesses. Once you implant such a philosophy, the satanic world has nowhere to turn. Then this will connect directly with heaven. (238-336, 1992.11.22)

The Providence of Restoration must return to the family. It won't work if it doesn't return to the family. Even if it goes to the tribe, it won't work. It must return to the family. Adam and Eve fell in the family. The place where sons and daughters were born centering on Adam and Eve is the family, so if we don't come down to the family level, things won't work. If we don't do that, then we can't return to the origin. (207-181, 1990.11.9) 

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