Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 3. Why We Must Do Tong Ban Gyeokpa (Local Breakthrough) Activities
Section 3. The Tong-ban Movement Is the Strategy to Unite North and South Korea.

We are in the position to unite the world centering on Korea. What has to happen here in Korea? We need to restore the birthright of the eldest son. The Korean people are saying, "Let's go forward and unite Korea centering on Rev. Moon." That's the kind of image we have. Even the President should cooperate and not oppose us. Seen from the viewpoint of the Cain and Abel relationship, from now on my words should be listened to.

Additionally, because three positions are being formed, on the day we breakthrough and get firm control of the tong and ban (community and local neighborhood), people will grab our heels while we daydream, and entreat us saying, "Oh Lord, please save me." Am I not the king of wisdom? The question is how we can live in such a good way that we can accomplish this and not collapse when we are cursed at. (199-87, 1990.2.15)

We will do tong ban activities. We will dig up and demolish with our own hands those spies that are hiding underground. We will expel the communists. We will locate and trace those who communicate and liaise nightly with North Korea. We will gradually invest more deeply into this operation from now on. We will complete the tong ban breakthrough organization by incorporating the spirit and energy of loyal citizens who are more passionate than any "special attack" corps of Kim Il-sung. When that happens, either Kim Il-sung will die or some other kind of problem will arise. Kim Il-sung should not die until we complete the formation of the Unification Church organization. Do you understand what I mean? (199-140, 1990.2.16)

Have you ever tried skipping even one lunch for the sake of the Unification of North and South Korea? What have you come here to do? To break through with Tong-ban activities. If a unified election of North and South Korea (initiated by the North before we are prepared) is proposed and carried out, the heavenly kingdom will fall down hopelessly. Do you know what kind of age is coming? You need to know this. (200-156, 1990.2.24)

When I travel around doing that kind of work and I arrive in Korea, should I encourage you to live a life of ease? What should you do? If Koreans cannot work well, they should be expelled. In July of this year, all the Unification Church members should do forty days of witnessing. This time period was set up traditionally from 1956 as the time period for training people to inherit the spirit of pioneering. These days, do we do this every year? After arranging everyone at the national border along the 38th parallel, I will have them play holy songs on a bugle everyday in the direction of Pyongyang. I'll use loudspeakers so we can be heard as far away as Pyongyang. In this manner, we must all blow on our bugles, heralding the fall of communism. We have many such resources to do that, don't we? We must make a clean sweep. Since you have not become the people who have fulfilled the tong ban breakthrough, you shall be sent to the appraisal unit which will appraise your work! Amen. You shall be sent! Amen. (201-316, 1990.4.29)

The Unification Church does tong ban breakthrough activities, doesn't it? Since the start of the history of restoration, I have passed through the individual level foundation, which Satan invaded first, and then the family, tribe, people, nation levels, and as far as the world level. I must prevail over America and the communists, and then turn around and come back. I am coming back, but Korea opposed me, didn't it? Now the country is not doing well. People are competing with one another, trying to run for president. So let them fight to become president. Going around, following the way of natural law and wrapped in heavenly fortune, I return to embrace the nation. This is how I am returning. While the nation is losing its people, Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is able to influence all the citizens of Korea. (202-243, 1990.5.24)

When the Israeli people left Egypt to restore the blessed land of Canaan, they went to their tribal members several times and told them the way they should go. They told them that they must liberate the satanic world. Now we have entered that age, and so we should liberate people. We must set that tradition. (202-304, 1990.5.25)

You should not skip even one house. It is now that kind of age. That's why I've created the phrase tong ban breakthrough. Until this day dawns, you must walk day and night to reach even one more house forgetting that you are tired. You must go north, south, east and west, traveling in a complete circle at least three times. I am telling you to go out and visit every house, even more than three times. When you go back now, what should you do? You should carry out your breakthrough activities with more zeal than North Korea. Only by doing this can we can pull out the roots.

The National Council of Student Representatives, the Christian Farmers Association and the Catholic Farmers Association are so eager to demonstrate, aren't they? Do any of you work harder than that in your tong ban breakthrough activities? You should work harder than they do. (202-304, 1990.5.25)

You must achieve the Unification of North and South Korea by embracing the most pitiful, lowliest family in Korea and raising it up. Where does unification start? It won't start with summit meetings between the president and Kim Il-sung. So we must do these breakthrough activities at the tong ban level. The term "tong ban breakthrough" means to prevail over the tong and ban. The tong and ban are organizations looking only after themselves. The mothers and fathers also look only after themselves. Husbands and children are part of a world in which they only look out for themselves. Satan is crouching there, so we must subdue him. (204-53 1990.6.29)

Shouldn't your country be united? That's why we are now preparing for an election for the unification of North and South Korea. That's why we must breakthrough at the tong and ban levels. We must find a nation to restore the world. Where do we have to begin? We must do it centered on Korea. A long time ago, in the very beginning, I started from the top working through Kyungmoo-dae (the former Presidential office) and expanding to such places as Ewha Women's and Yonsei Universities. But because I could not gain a place at the top, I came down. If you cannot reach the top, you must go to the very bottom. Satan knows that. Because Satan knew that I could not get a position at the top, and that I was coming down to land at the very bottom, he attacked me and tried to prevent me from coming down. That is why I mentioned the creation of a new party. (204-182, 1990.7.8)

We have arrived at the age of settlement centering on the tong ban breakthrough activities and must return to our hometowns. My elder brother knew that Korea was being liberated on the fifteenth of August. That elder brother of mine was absolutely obedient to my words. I was unable to say even one word of the Principle to my elder brother, mother, or father. I have given love to all of you more than to my own mother and father. My whole life has been filled with a story of living for the sake of the entire Unification Church and shedding tears of blood. I am going forward completing the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world levels. If I do not fulfill each of these levels, then Satan will not weaken. Therefore, I went to America and underwent the way of suffering all kinds of hardships. Now I am preparing to save the Soviet Union. I have achieved everything at this time, and am returning to my homeland and starting tong ban breakthrough activities. (203-252, 1990.6.26)

As you are doing your tong ban breakthrough activities, you should gain the support of 12 families. When you go to a district, you should gain the support of 12 local communities, and when you go to a local community you should integrate twelve home neighborhoods. There are twelve stages. For the most part, haven't the cities, counties and boroughs harmonized with us? There isn't anyone, including the heads of organizations, who doesn't respect Rev. Moon, right? All of you are also respected, right? We have become influential, right? So, you are people of influence, but are you the central figure of influence or not? We're the only ones who can prevail over the communists, right? So we have become the central figures of influence. (204-245, 1990.7.11)

Through our tong ban breakthrough activities, the spies who have infiltrated into South Korea will automatically be exposed. Isn't that right? If you roll over once, then everything hiding under you skirt will be shown. (204-321, 1990.7.11)

I have brought together Unification Church members who are like a group of worn-out beggars in the midst of persecution, and single-handedly made the preparations that could block the attack of the communists in every way. Standing on the establishment of an ideological foundation, I have created a value system that could hold its own against the communists on the national level. That is why I have advocated the tong ban breakthrough work for five years. Yet who among you really understood its value and understood the age that we are in? And who among you made the effort to defend this with the shield of your mind and body, taking responsibility in a substantial way? Only I have done so. (207-292, 1990.11.11)

The Unification Church must now ready itself to bring about the unification of North and South Korea from the position of Abel. But the Unification Church is not totally settled yet. What does tong ban breakthrough mean? It means we must overturn everything centering on the families of the land of South Korea. Why? Because the Fall started from the family, we must change the thinking of people on the family level. However, before God can find the environmental conditions to accomplish this, the external world of Satan's side uses all of its energy to oppose God's efforts. Until now the political environment, starting from the era of the Liberal Party, and then moving on to the era of the Republican Party and the Democratic and Justice Party, have opposed the Unification Church's efforts to organize itself and spread out into the countryside. They have opposed the settlement of our church. (207-330, 1990.11.11)

Why have I told you to carry out tong ban breakthrough activities for the past five years? It was to prepare for this time, and that time is now and will only come once. What else can Kim Il-sung do? Therefore, even if the American troops don't withdraw from Korea, he will suggest having an election. Then that will be the end. Does South Korea have a counter-proposal or an alternative plan? Has it laid a foundation to protect itself from this? The two Koreas just fight against each other, spreading muck everywhere and making a mess. They have so much diarrhea that it's about to make a hole in their intestines, but they don't have any medicine, do they? This kind of thing you need to clean up with a wooden shovel, but we're not the ones to clear up this mess. It has to be done by the citizens of this country. We must teach them how to do it. Or, if not, they should follow us… That is the only path to follow. Now, if Cain and Abel don't become one, then there is no way to go forward. Now you know this clearly. (207-334, 1990.11.11)

Although I received all kinds of abuse, I did not collapse. Rather, with an optimistic attitude, holding onto these successful tong ban families I am working to make all the families in the world into this same model. When I reach that position, no devils will be able to approach me or to leave any signs. Where is Kim Il-sung? Where are the communists who were active in the underground movement working? Everything will be cleaned up. (210-45, 1990.11.30)

From now on, you must work for the tong ban breakthrough work for ten years. Tong-ban breakthrough means to occupy the family centering on North and South Korea. Until now God has sprinkled His grace on earth throughout history. He has hoped that it would bear fruit, but it could not. Of course, God's grace was spread through the realms of religion, enabling its benefits to spread throughout the world. But now the time has come to harvest the fruits. (210-273, 1990.12.25)

What is the tong ban breakthrough activity which we are doing? It is to unite North and South Korea. Then in the name of God and True Parents and centering on the realm of victory of all nations, we must offer up the Republic of Korea to God, as the restored homeland of all peoples. Here, democrats and communists are one. If we look at true parents and false parents, from God's viewpoint they are not enemies. It is no good if Kim Il-sung dies. Now our group is meeting with Kim Il-sung. Even the National Intelligence Service doesn't know this. My actions may contravene the anti-communist law. I have done many activities like that in the past. I did the same in Japan, America and also the Soviet Union. I invested in all these countries. (211-127, 1990.12.29)

We must get rid of all the communist bases in South Korea through the tong ban breakthrough activities. Do you understand? Where does the tide go first? It's no good if you go to the district. You must go to the family. You must fill up the family, then the local communities, then the districts and counties. And when Seoul is completely filled, when the entire Republic of Korea is full, only then can we fill up the Blue House. When the time comes to die, the president should be the last one to die. Those that wish the president to die before them are vagabonds, they are villains. If a person becomes president, you should respect and attend him. (211-211, 1990.12.30)

We must take a leading position in the five provinces and 10 million people of North Korea and connect them to our church. If these people, together with the 40 million people of South Korea, listen to me, it is possible to unite the Christians and the people of North and South Korea. Therefore, you should know that a speedy tong ban breakthrough movement is a short-cut plan for the unification of North and South Korea. Any other way will not work. (211-356, 1991.1.1)

If we just breakthrough at the tong ban level at this time, then what will Kim Il-sung do? I promised God, "I will take care of the communists with my own two hands!" and I have taken care of them completely. The last thing left is Kim Il-sung, but he cannot succeed even if he invades South Korea. The only way for Kim Il-sung to survive is to have an election. Even if he loses the election, do you think everyone will try to catch and kill him? If he wants to stay alive, that is the only way. We must actively promote this work. (213-152, 1991.1.16)

Now is the end. I am looking forward to 1992. Centering on me, have all of you joined together as trinities? The people who are organized centering on the district, local community and township are in trinities and those centered on me are in a four-position foundation. There is no boss. Our focus is tong ban (local community and neighborhood). The district and township are the stage for our activities. Where is the nation? If we plan centering on the nation, then that nation will collapse. If the province collapses, then so does the nation. If the county collapses, then so does the nation. The best way to be safe is to go out to the local community and township.

If the North Korean regime was to occupy any place, where would that place be? Will they occupy the district or township? They don't see the point of occupying the district or of occupying the tong and ban. They would occupy the Capitol Building, the provinces and counties. They would not even go to the townships. Don't you think so? A long time ago, did Kim Il-sung's groups come to the townships to fight? Didn't they just skip the towns and still take control of everything? Townships are the safety zones. (215-91, 1991.2.6) 

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