Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 3. Why We Must Do Tong Ban Gyeokpa (Local Breakthrough) Activities
Section 1. The Reason We Are Doing Tong Ban Gyeokpa Again

Why aren't you doing your local neighborhood activities (tong ban gyeokpa)? That is the way that you should live. On the basis of such a campaign, you should return to your hometowns and take responsibility for all the counties and townships in the area you have been active in until now and then develop activities in your local area. Since this is the only way to progress, you should go to your hometown and become active there. This isn't the time to be sleeping, eating and wasting time as you have in the past.

In the future you should mobilize the inhabitants of your county and the farmers in your area to hold rallies. I have observed that some people are trying to making a stir by attempting to hold public meetings in factories, but since the company can randomly dismiss those involved, they return to their hometowns unsuccessfully. However, if you gather the farmers together, they'll cause an endless commotion. Do you understand? (181-150, 1988.9.5)

In order for you to carry out tong ban breakthrough activities centering on your tribe, you should hold revival meetings for training and mobilization. You should move quickly this time. Complete your activity in a short time and see what the results are.

In this way, if you are successful in at least three local communities within one township, you can win over the entire town. Similarly if you can affect a whole town, you can influence an entire county. If you can have an impact on an entire county, it might open the way to connect to the province. Unless we work in this way, it is impossible to breakthrough in our local areas. This is an urgent matter. (184-325, 1989.1.2)

It has been four years since I asked you to develop your local tong and ban breakthrough activities. You good-for-nothings! Do I have to give you money? You say you love your country, so do I still have to finance you? I've sponsored you up until now by selling my blood, my land, and my home.

I've served my country, sacrificing my wife and children, all my brothers and sisters, and my relatives. If the Unification Church members, who follow and emulate the heavenly tradition, don't know the way to go and are neglectful of their attitude and conduct, they will bring their nation into ruin. I expect that some of you will collapse in front of me. (185-63, 1989.1.1)

Those of you here that say that they will become the head of a political party, are assuming that the political party belongs to you. Unless I help to unite North and South Korea, everything will collapse. That's why we need to breakthrough at the local level. Do you understand? If you live for the sake of your hometown, don't you think you will be successful on the entire local level, representing your tribe? You will breakthrough completely. Even this satanic world won't be a problem. When we talk about local breakthrough, this is what we mean. (185-128, 1989.1.3)

During my lifetime, I must accomplish liberation and thereby set heaven and earth free. In this next three-year course, we need to push the destiny of the Unification of North and South Korea forward, and express our resolve. To achieve this goal, we have to embrace the 40 million people of this nation. We aren't trying to take over the leadership of the political parties. We are trying to become the mothers and fathers, the brothers and sisters of the people. We call this kind of campaign strategy, the local breakthrough movement. To achieve this, we need to have a heart and mind like God's. (197-104, 1990.1.7)

During these next three years, you should only look at the earth, forgetting about heaven. You should be willing to go to the very bottom of hell and, by engaging in local area activities as I have asked you, have each family come to feel the love of God. Why are families blocked? It is because they don't fulfill their responsibility. You must tear down this wall through the process of restoration through indemnity. You should change the bloodline. You should prune everyone back and engraft them. In this way, you should undertake activities that can be carried out throughout the country. (197-109, 1990.1.7)

All decisions rest with me. I'm going to cut off the bad eggs. That's why we need a local breakthrough movement. That is the way to become an owner. If you don't do that, then you can't even be a servant. This is the way to catch Kim Il-sung, and the way to save the nation. These days the Communist Party groups are all active in the local areas. These local areas should be managed by me. No matter how famous a college professor may be, being a college professor will not do.

Therefore, you must focus your mind. You should be ahead of any patriot in the Republic of Korea, and you should be ahead of any patriot in North Korea. Once we organize a local breakthrough movement, then Kim Il-sung will be gone. Don't you think so? Aren't the laborers and the farmers the people who are at the local level? They are the poor people. That is why I have been saying, "Don't spend the money on the church center! Spend it on the local area." If you act in this way, even if you become president, no one will oppose you. Do you understand? (198-348, 1990.2.11)

What is restoration? Where must we return to? No matter how high I go in all the places under heaven, I have to come down according to circular movement, and the bottom of the cycle is the family. This is the local breakthrough. What is a local breakthrough? It means we have to restore everything that was originally invaded, culturally, through the lineage, and through the lifestyles of all the families in the satanic world. That's how the word "breakthrough" came about. (204-118, 1990.7.1)

Through your local breakthrough activities, you should hold revival meetings. Then you will have set up a vertical foundation. This breakthrough movement is horizontal. Therefore, if your family makes an exact ninety-degree angle, then your family can cry out and say that my mother and father are a true mother and true father, and my son and daughter are a true son and true daughter. It will then be the end of the satanic realm in this earthly world. Since it started in the family, then it must be restored in the family. The purpose of the local breakthrough movement is to restore the lineage of the satanic world. It is to restore the families of the satanic world and to digest all ways of thinking. This is the end stage. (208-344, 1990.11.21)

The local breakthrough is what we are making an effort to do. I have climbed back up from the Fall, which took place in the family, and multiplied this to the world level, and has completely laid the foundation to restore the family. Therefore, let us go out and visit all the families of Korea and rectify the relationship of all the love of Satan's side, which has been deeply rooted in those families. This is what we call breakthrough. Here we can see the concept of a struggle. The word "breakthrough" means to completely burn up all traces of the devil. We must restore these things. Therefore, when we attend God as the new family, from that point on unity will automatically take place. (209-232, 1990.11.29)

The local breakthrough activity that I am proposing today, centering on the city of Seoul, is for you to make sons and daughter of true parents at the family level. Make couples that can uphold the love of true parents in the family. Then you must revive the one world, one nation, and one tribe which were lost, centering on the standard of the grandfathers and grandmothers, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, and sons and daughters who should have been formed through the love of God -- those God has wanted to see all these years. After having done this, you must declare that the world has become a place where you can love and embrace the people of the world as your own sons and daughters. Only when you do this will the realm of liberation of the earth begin. Therefore, this evil world, this world of darkness, is moving backwards in retreat, and a new world of light is coming. When I tried to open this door, heaven made me undergo the course of persecution for the world and the course of persecution for the nation. Aren't all the presidents here indebted to me? The people who opposed me are now naturally coming to submission. (210-42, 1990.11.30)

We have to breakthrough on the local level. We must fulfill the historical desire of God. The things that went wrong starting from the family must be reversed from the family. The heavenly nation must come about through a nation. In order to come about, it has to happen through a true man and a true woman. It will come from a family that is in opposition to the satanic world. That is why everyone opposes the Unification Church. They even oppose the words "True Parents." Then what kind of parents have there been until now? Isn't it the opposite of true parents? Am I telling you that the parents that gave birth to you are false parents? From God's side, that is correct. It is also correct from Satan's side. Therefore, if we emphasize True Parents, then Satan retreats. Why? Because God views them as important. (210-91, 1990.12.1)

You must sow the seeds of life. With your utmost sincerity you should dig up the earth and level it, and then scatter the seeds of life. In ten or twenty years, that will become your branch, and suddenly you will notice that a nest has been built. As this grows bigger and bears fruit, enabling you to go to the heavenly nation, you will be able to go to the highest place in that nation, the place nearest to God! Amen. This is why we must breakthrough at the local level. (210-98, 1990.12.1)

Why must you breakthrough at the local level? Up until now, where does the history of restoration return to from the fallen world? It must return through the gates of the True Parents. The things that came through the gate and multiplied must all turn back and go up to the starting point in Eden through the gates of the True Parents. Who is this main stream group that turns back and climbs up? It is the members of the Unification Church. When you turn and go back up, you won't need things from your past life. We must thoroughly cleanse everything that Satan made dirty and make them as clear as crystal. You must have a mind and body of true love that is as pure as distilled water and become people who have the confidence to say that they are the inheritors of true love, and that you will become the princes and princesses of the heavenly nation that will appear on this earth. (211-129, 1990.12.29)

In the phrase local breakthrough, the Korean word for breakthrough is gyeokpa, which is a word used in battle. What battle is that? It is our effort to remove all the bad habits of this satanic world. Dispose of these bad habits, and by absolutely establishing here the habits of the heavenly side, the Kingdom of Heaven centering on true love will be perfected! Amen. Those elite troops that took part in declaring the coming of a new dawn in history, as such elite soldiers and eldest sons and daughters, are the brave soldiers of the local breakthrough. (213-53, 1991.1.13) 

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