Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 2. Home Church as the Internal Foundation of the Providence
Section 4. Completing Home Church through the 360 Homes

4.1. The numerical significance of 360 homes

What is Home Church? What is Gajeong Gyohae? When everything becomes one in the Home Church, and national boundaries and social systems are abandoned, all the periods of providential history will be restored. Why are we doing that? Thirty-six is three times twelve. Isn't that right? Twelve is the number of the laws of nature, and the number of pearly gates in heaven. It is the same with the number of the 36 Couples. They connect to the fortune of the three stages of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament. This has come about to solve the heavenly way. (105-337, 1979.10.28)

Home Church is an altar of 360 homes. The significance of 360 homes is that they symbolize a numeric value. The number 360 is a principled number and contains within it all the numbers of numerical significance. The number 360 is an expansion of the number 36, so they have the same meaning. The number 36 is 12 added together 3 times, and 12 is the result of multiplying 4 and 3 together.

Therefore, the number 360 includes the numerically significant numbers 3, 4, 12, 36, 120, and 360. The Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament are each represented by the number 12, so the number 36 represents the entire history. The number 360 includes the concept of three dimensions. It signifies the four directions of north, south, east and west, and includes the concept of three dimensions centering on 360 degrees. It contains the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter, and includes the 12 months of the year. It even includes the 120 nations. Therefore, the restoration of the number 360, does not just represent the restoration of the world, it also refers to the completion of the historical course of restitution. Most importantly, it signifies finding and setting up the entire history and creation God lost.

First, you must choose an area of 360 houses for your Home Church. If you do not decide on the 360 homes of the Home Church altar, the principled significance disappears, and it cannot become the conditional altar that would allow spirit world to return to earth. That is why it is important to choose 360 homes first. If you do not decide the altar of 360 homes first before everything else, you cannot establish the meaning of Home Church. To be victorious on the altar of 360 Home Church houses, you must pour out your blood, sweat, and tears. If you completely restore those 360 homes and are victorious, I will bequeath to you the glory of all my victories.

In other words, this is the condition for you to inherit the position I stand on, the position to restore through indemnity God's heart of restoration. The 360 Home Church work we are doing corresponds to the Cain-like angelic world. If you succeed with the 360 Home Church houses of the Cain-like angelic world, your own Abel-like tribe will restore itself automatically. If you witness to these 360 Home Church houses, you will become the tribal messiah of the Cain-like angelic world. After that, your own tribe will welcome you, and you will become an Abel-like tribal messiah.

Centered on this earth, we must establish Home Church wherever we go. We must create a movement of 360 Home Church houses. That is a clan. It is a special clan. If we do not liberate that clan, a special clan cannot come into being. Originally, we should accomplish this after the third seven-year course is completed. However, you are doing this work during the third seven-year course. It may seem like a dream to you, but it is a fact. (105-158, 1979.10.14)

4.2. Home Church is the place where the providence is finally settled

The fact I have declared such an event, is a gigantic leap in providential history. If you are victorious in Home Church, what will that make you? When that time comes, you will be messiahs. You will become tribal messiahs, and from there you will be the persons responsible to face the people and save them.

How do you reach perfection? All of you have parents, children, and things of creation. Home Church is the place to develop these things. Because Adam fell, he lost these three things. We must find these three things and offer them to God. We should find what was lost and offer it through the True Parents to God. We need to go through God. We have to find the things that were lost, offer them up to God, and inherit them again from Him, as our parents. You should know that if you offer everything to God, your house will be built and your world will come about. The foundation for that is Home Church. This is a sacrifice. This is an altar, a place where you present your three offerings. (101-338, 1978.11.12)

Home Church is a place of settlement! What is Home Church? Home Church, centered on Rev. Moon, is the result of going through a history of persecution and receiving the recognition as total victors and champions. The Unification Church went through the course to restore the standard of historical indemnity. That is the world standard of restoration on the level of the individual, family, people, nation, and cosmos. In Home Church, you can settle down and be free of all the indemnity conditions for the first time. (123-170, 1983.1.1)

If we loose America, even if we loose the entire earth, but you hold on to true love, God becomes yours, heaven becomes yours, and the even the earth automatically become yours. Is that conclusion wrong or right? Then, what are you worried about? Even if you say, "Man, I hate Home Church," it is just a bunch of noise. With true love, the more difficult it is, the greater its value. (104-151, 1979.4.29)

To work hard in your Home Church while you are living on earth is a blessing. Life is short. (142-297, 1986.3.13)

There is something that is absolutely necessary in the Unification Church, it is Home Church. Before the appearance of Home Church, there were the True Parents. Since Home Church began, the completion of Home Church has become an absolute priority. Only when you achieve this, will the True Parents become your True Parents, will the world of True Parents become your world, will the heavenly kingdom of True Parents become your heavenly kingdom, and will the love of True Parents be passed down to be your love. (122-132, 1982.11.1)

If there is no Home Church, then we cannot create heaven. If there is no Home Church, then nothing will get done. Home Church is the base of heaven. What kind of place is heaven? Heaven is a place of rest, a place of happiness, and a place where love and peace dwell. (106-265, 1980.1.1)

Christians talk about salvation, but outside the Unification Church there is no true salvation centered on eternal love. That is why I paved the way for you to return to your hometowns, and let you go back and had you declare yourselves to be tribal messiahs. Since when have I been teaching you that? For that, you must straighten out the relationship of Cain and Abel. When did I first talk about Home Church? It has been seven years. Have you accomplished what you promised to do? It is something that must be done, even if a hurricane comes, even if your leg or head is cut off. (218-21, 1991.7.1)

The person who takes on the mission of Home Church is like the last marathon runner in history. He is like the runner in the last marathon. Imagine a marathon runner who is representing his nation and wiping sweat off his body. Compare these two cases. One runner starts with the thinking, "I should try to run without sweating. Maybe I should run moderately, within my comfort zone while using a fan and drinking some cola." But the other runner exerts all his power until the end, even falling down dead and covered in sweat. How are they different?

God is invisible and supports His champion, but all of the Satanic world opposes the runner and says "Hey you! Collapse! Hey you, fall down! Hey stupid, just eat a little food as you go! Hey you idiot, take a rest!" Is the spirit world visible? Is God visible? In the midst of the world's coming and going, heaven and earth are cheering and encouraging the runner to keep running, but he cannot hear it. On the other hand, the satanic world opposes the runner, saying, "Come on man, what is God? You're a fool! Just eat some food before you run. Take a little rest before you go. Don't be stupid, just take a car. What is the point in walking? I mean, what is this?" However, until this runner crosses the finish line and wins, even Satan cannot interfere. (108-205, 1980.10.5)

When I return, the nation should welcome me. The time has come when I should be welcomed. Since the nation has been unable to do this, I am holding the men here accountable. Fourteen years ago, I ordered you to do Home Church. Is there anyone here who has done that? It has taken fourteen years to do that. I have talked about Home Church since 1978, and it has already been seven years since the start of the tong ban gyeokpa (local level breakthrough) mission, but you have all failed. The church exists for the sake of the nation and the world. However, you have only taken hold of your families and yourselves, and pushed the church to the back and out of the way, haven't you? (234-160, 1992.8.10)

We will make a summit club and meet the top people of the world. Bush from America, Gorbachev from Russia, Deng Xiaoping from China, who taught Jiang Ze-min … and others. You have all been like a group of beggars, living a carefree and irresponsible life until now. You should set a fire under the leaders to get them to respond. If you had done that, then I would not have to do this. You must educate the people, even if you have to do it alone. Do you understand? The lifestyle of just suffering in the wilderness course will not do anymore. We must get victory over it. We must bring the groups who are slandering and devising strategies against each other into submission. (221-133, 1991.10.23) 

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