Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 2. Home Church as the Internal Foundation of the Providence
Section 3. The Development of Home Church Activities

3.1. Conditions tribal messiahs should fulfill

Until now, religions focused on the goal of individual salvation, but the goal of the Unification Church is to save the tribe. We are striving to save the whole tribe. Instead of dying and saving ourselves, let us live, receive the ticket of universal shared values, and enter Heaven together with our tribes. You should understand that this is the meaning of the Home Church movement. (101-261, 1978.11.1)

What is the meaning of tribal messiah? The tribal messiah's position surpasses Jesus' position because he could not become a tribal messiah. If you do not succeed in this mission, you will not have the qualification to become a daughter or son of the True Parents in the age of completion. On the Home Church altar you can restore every mistake made by your parents. We can combine everything in history and everything in the Old and New Testaments, as the formation and growth stages, and offer it all like a burnt offering. Do you understand? If you complete this and are victorious, you can receive a passport to come and go wherever you wish, in this world or the heavenly world. (122-127, 1982.11.1)

Have your families taken on the role of Abel's family? You know about Abel's responsibility, don't you? Abel's responsibility is to save Cain. Why? If Abel does not save Cain, then they cannot go to their parents. What is the Home Church we are doing in the Unification Church? It is the providence to restore your own tribe after you have restored Cain's tribe. Have you made the effort to restore Cain's tribe? If the Cain and Abel tribes do not become one, they can't rise up to the level of the race. There is no way for them to go up to that level. This is the principle. (145-21, 1986.4.30)

In today's Unification Church, Home Church is the realization of world level restitution and atonement on a reduced scale. Do you understand that? Home Church in Korean is Gajeong Gyohae, right? By developing it into a tribal church … In Korea, there are many different last names, aren't there? If groups of various last names gather together, that will lead to the formation of a state level church, which will then lead to a national church. In effect, the Home Church the Unification Church started will bring about the tribal level church and then the national level church. (142-84, 1986.3.1)

To be recognized as a Blessed Family centering on your relatives, you must cross over the level of the Cain and Abel tribes. Jesus could not get Zachariah's family and Joseph's family to become one. This meant that the Jewish people and the Jewish faith could not cross over the national standard of Cain and Abel. Christian history has the destiny to restore this. Your family will be blessed when you stand on the foundation of having restored Cain and Abel. Because this is the standard of the principle, I have asked you to unite these things centering on Home Church. But have you been working diligently for Home Church? (181-279, 1988.10.3)

What is Home Church? It is the tribe. It is the base for a tribal messiah. What is the base of the tribal messiah? Viewed in relationship to Jesus, the families of Joseph and Zachariah were the bases. The death of Jesus was due to Zachariah's family. Jesus could not bring unity based on Joseph's family. He also could not bring unity based on Zachariah's family. You know Zachariah's family, right? It was the family of John the Baptist. Who was John the Baptist? He was Jesus' brother. They were from different wombs, but they were brothers. (115-82, 1981.11.4)

The Home Church spirit is one that can digest, with a smile, the moaning and groaning of despair. Home is Gajeong and church is Gyohae, right? That means when you go back, you should go to your hometowns. You must go back to your mother and father. You must return to your mother and father and accomplish Home Church activities. (105-339, 1979.10.28)

This will not take twenty years. Now is the time when you can do things instantly. So instead of forty nations, work through four nations representing north, south, east, and west. You must go to four different nations, work shedding blood and sweat, and offer your devotion. You should pass through four different nations. If you do not do that, then as an American, you will never be able to transcend the level of American thinking.

Therefore, whether it is the East or whichever far off place, you should go to the far reaches of North, South, East and West. Do you understand what I am saying? The spirits of white people have been waiting impatiently until now to come down to earth. The spirits who lived good, conscientious lives are also waiting impatiently. To do so, they must connect to their families and relatives. That is why the Home Church system (Gajeong Gyohae Jo-jik) is unfolding. Through Home Church, the spirits of more than 120 nations in the world can form a base that enables them to work freely with people on earth. They can make making use of their experiences and knowledge in their related or specialized field. Therefore, Home Church is an absolute necessity.

In America, it is possible to have families that blend lineages from 120 nations of the world among your 360 homes. If you look at the Home Churches in each nation, each one is different. You will have all types of people; some will be black people, some will be proud and arrogant like the English, or as stubborn as the Germans. Every type of person will be there. I am asking you to think this way. There will even be individualistic people like the Americans. (162-110, 1987.3.30)

The Unification Church has put forth the idea of let us inherit the tradition since 1978. What tradition does this refer to? We must inherit the tradition of God's heart of providential restoration. Each of you should inherit the heart I set up through the sixty years I walked this way. One way to receive this is Home Church. The movement to receive this is the Home Church movement.

If you do not have a Home Church, then later when you go to the heavenly kingdom, you will not be able to follow me. In the future, if there are 240,000 Home Churches worldwide, then we will arrange for them to deal with the people of the world. The church will completely disappear. Koreans are within the realm of the benefit of receiving governance from the Home Churches. Since we have yet to establish Home Churches throughout the world, a mass migration needs to occur. In order to receive a Home Church assignment, we must move from here to Africa. We are now entering the time when we must migrate throughout the world. (114-163, 1981.10.18)

When you look in the Principle, there is the part about the parallel periods, right? If you look in that chapter, you will learn about the number forty. Instead of 4,000 years, there were 400. Instead of 400 years, there were 40. Instead of 40 years, there were 40 days. There is also the number 7, which we use every week and is the central number of the providence of restoration. In viewing such issues, we realize we must set up and meet the indemnity conditions by pioneering our own path of life as an absolute requirement.

If you do forty days once a year for three years, it adds up to 120 days. If it is done over three years, that makes 3 x 40, this is 120 days. It is now 120 years after the Japanese Meiji Reformation. King Saul, King David, and King Solomon all together ruled for 120 years. Time periods are important to the process of crossing over a peak. Therefore, you should do this specific activity centering on three years. You should develop your activities for fort days while fasting. In the past, we went out to do activities, but now we must go back to our own hometowns and work. I am asking you to do this in your Home Churches. (167-239, 1987.7.19)

What have I instructed you to do at this time? I am telling you to grab the second generation and restore your hometowns. Gather them up and go back to your hometowns. You are going back to your hometowns with the second generation, who represent the Home Church doctrine of the Unification Church. One person should gather 10 or 20 young people, who are willing to die if asked to, and live if asked to live. Together they can take hold of the village, working 24 hours a day, doing all kinds of things. Then, that neighborhood will not oppose them. The mothers and fathers will not oppose them. The world is slowly evolving into an environment where it can no longer oppose Rev. Moon. It will say, "That's good!" Everything will turn around in an instant. (175-25, 1988.4.6)

3.2. Visiting homes, volunteering, and education

Home Church has been doing many activities for many years, and has not disappeared. The Home Church foundation is the Cain foundation, and your own family's foundation is the Abel foundation. If you serve the Home Church foundation shedding tears, sweat, and blood, your family will automatically turn around. If you return to your relatives after having witnessed to just 100 people through your Home Church activities, they will welcome you as a heroic son. The entire neighborhood can turn around in one evening. They will see your battle record. For this purpose, you should assign a 360 home area to each person. (210-337, 1990.12.27)

The people who behaved as they wanted, saying that they were the leaders, will have to bow their heads toward the people whom they contemptuously mistreated. When that happens, do you think your relatives will be pleased or not? It is the same thing when you go to your hometown and become the leader for 360 men and their wives, a total of 720 people. Is anything more needed? You should invite your relatives to a feast and pass out presents you brought on a truck. If you do this, you can bring everyone to your side smoothly within one evening.

Why am I saying this? Centering on your own actions, are you going to bring one hundred people, one thousand people, or ten thousand people? If all of you say you will bring ten thousand people, there are not enough people. That is also a problem. You should be fully aware of what is happening around you, leaving little bits of food for others to eat as you go forward. If you try to finish everything quickly, it will not work. You should do everything at an average pace. Pick up and eat things one by one. Do you understand? (237-305, 1992.11.17)

From July 3 to July 9, I gave my picture and a banner of the Unification Church to 73,000 district leaders of villages and small sections of the city. Do all of those exist or not? It has been fourteen years since I announced the beginning of Home Church. I am telling you to find the 360 homes of heaven. If you could not accomplish Home Church, then you should return to your hometown. If there are 360 houses, then presidents could be living there, or the Secretary of Internal Affairs, or the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or diplomats, scholars, teachers, and even servants or slaves.

When you go to a village, there is always more than meets the eyes. The people of that village will say to your parents, "Here is a nobleman from your clan. He is a messiah who has saved us!" When that happens, will your mother and father, and the people of the village watch in stunned silence, or will they bow their heads and follow you? (237-305, 1992.11.17)

All the members of the Unification Church should purchase thirty Divine Principle books, lend one out each day, and receive one back each day. If you lend each book out for a week, then you can pass them out to 120 homes. Think about what will happen if 120 houses read that book. When you pass them out, you can gently give them some introductory content. You can lend them videotapes after they read the book. You should do that kind of grassroots breakthrough activities wherever you live in the future and continue Home Church activities at the same time, as well.

If you work that way, when you give a lecture on the Principle of Creation, everyone will bring their book and listen to the Principle of Creation. Centering on the book, you can lecture the contents in a simple, introductory manner. That way, centering on the book, everyone will be able to follow the content of your lecture. (240-46, 1992.12.11)

When you do your Home Church work, do you receive opposition? Even if someone says, "I don't need you. I don't need you," you still visit them often. Even when they tell you not to come, you grab a broom and sweep their yard or garden. If it snows, you shovel the snow. You do everything. If rainwater stagnates in their gutters, you clean out their gutters. If the man of the house voices his discontentment saying, "Hey you! I said I don't like it! Why do you keep doing these things?" and if he tries to fight against you, the people of the village will fight for you, saying to him, "What is wrong with you?" That kind of thing has happened many times. Isn't this an amazing war strategy? Those types of things happen, right? Why is that? (105-191, 1979.10.21)

I would like to add one more point, if you go back to work for a company in the future, when it becomes 5 o'clock everyone leaves the factory. Centering on the work place, you must have a Home Church, Gajeong Gyohae, system in place. Then centering on a foundation of these separate activities, you must form a tribe of your spiritual sons and daughters. Through this basic rule you can develop. When you raise other people, you yourself will grow. You should cultivate people. (173-335, 1988.2.21)

Who will be the first ones to attend True Mother and True Father in this historical era, by making 360 houses in your Home Church area? Will we establish that kind of Home Church in Korea, America, Japan, or England? You should all say, "The number one Home Church is in … Korea!' You have long legs and walk like this, but Koreans walk with their toes turned outward. When you walk, you are tall so you walk like this. Your eyes are round, so you look in all directions as you go. Koreans are short, with small eyes, so they go forward focusing in just one direction. Do you still think you can beat them? Are you confident? (106-277, 1980.1.1)

From now, you must show love through your family and attack the satanic world. You must bring your family together and attack this rotten satanic world. You must kick out the animalistic rotten families of the free world. You must crush them all. If you do that, they will not cry out as they are perishing, "Oh no, I'm perishing." Instead, they will be happy even while they perish. They will say, "Oh, how nice, how wonderful!" That kind of time has come. That is why I told you to create a Home Church movement that can move the family, the tribe, and the people all at once. If we can finish this, if we can clean this up, we can influence the world. If we can fulfill this, then the time will come when I am able to establish heaven. (99-187, 1978.9.18)

You must become one in heart with the True Parents. In seven years, you can accomplish all the things I have overcome during my lifetime through my sorrowful heart to save the world. It will not take seven years. Even if the opposition is rampant, everything can be finished in seven years. If you invest completely like I have, you can finish Home Church within seven years. What does that mean? It means that all the world's problems will solved in seven years. If our Unification Church members spread throughout the world, and if each of you works with 360 houses, it becomes a simple process. Therefore, sincerely invest your heart, so everything can come together. (122-117, 1982.11.1)

If we estimate there are about 40 million people in Korea and organize a Home Church for each of them, how many houses are there? About 6 million? Eight million with an average of five per household! If we have 8 million houses, and each member takes responsibility for 360 houses, that would be twenty-two thousand. If we have 22,000 members, this Home Church system will be finished. It is not a difficult thing. If you start witnessing as Home Church leaders, then through the first, second, and third generations, the Home Church movement will spread out to one thousand, two thousand, and then thousands of people. (143-118, 1986.3.16)

The national Victory Over Communism system has been set up, so you can take that to your home and use it to educate people. Will Rev. Moon go to your home to teach you? I am assigning the task to others. This strategy will connect to the Home Church system. Once the Home Church foundation is set up, since you are responsible for 360 homes, you should first work with 10 to 20 homes in your neighborhood. You then assign each of these families another 15 homes. By overlapping, our efforts will be doubled or tripled. (143-327, 1986.3.21)

The purpose of Unification members is to fulfill Home Church. Since that is our goal, you should educate all the members of the neighborhood day and night. Educate your neighborhood, your 360 homes, through the Divine Principle, VOC ideology, and Unification Thought. All the church's educational materials are ready, so you must pick them up quickly and do Home Church activities.

You must educate people in the city and neighborhood sections with VOC through monthly meetings. The four positions in each family should become completely one with the True Parents' family. Even if the universe and the world oppose you, you will not be separated. When two four-position foundations are bound together with love, it is the beginning of the heavenly kingdom that transcends the nation. Therefore, we must do this work. (145-353, 1986.6.1)

Home Church is the place to settle accounts. That is where I can combine all the things I have fought for over the last 40 years and settle those accounts. Therefore, you can say to your church leader, "I'm not going to service today because of Home Church", If you say this so you can work hard for your Home Church, he can't say you were absent from church service. It is the age where Home Church is the top priority.

If you ask what kind of church Home Churches should be in the future, the answer would be that your Home Churches should become tribal churches. Our goal is not the Home Church, but is to develop toward the tribal church. If you combine the tribal churches, then all the Kim and Park tribes will naturally form a race. If the Kims, Parks, and Moons all make a good foundation to restore the tribe, it will naturally develop into a nation. That will happen. From the church of a tribe to a church of one people, to a national church, to a global church, to a universal church: this is how things are connected. (141-221, 1986.2.22

A tribal messiah must embrace the two clans of Cain and Abel. They must embrace Cain's family and their own family. Jesus should have embraced Joseph's family and Zachariah's family. In the same way that Jesus' death was due to the disunity between these two families, we need Home Church and tribal church today. It is always the same. Jesus was to stand on the unity between Joseph's family and Zachariah's family. Attending the tribal messiah and the national messiah leads to restoration. Home Church is the tribal messiah foundation from the Cain-like church, and the Abel-like church is your family and relatives. You have to unite these two. Only after accomplishing this, will your mission as the tribal messiah end. There should be no problem in achieving complete unity with your tribe. The time has come when even externally nothing will create problems. (210-181, 1990.12.19)

Now we are in the global era. Before, we were in the national era, but now it is the global era. The national era, centering on Jesus, has been restored through indemnity and liberated. Now we have entered a time of no persecution and you have become tribal messiahs based on a global standard. What is a tribal messiah? Isn't it Home Church? If you create Home Church, tribal messiahship will be great! From now, gather all your spiritual children and educate them. They are your close kin, your family. By becoming one centering on your spiritual children, and restoring the realm of tribal messiah, you will also receive support from other tribes in the spirit world. Then a unified front will develop. (198-365, 1990.2.11) 

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