Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 2. Home Church as the Internal Foundation of the Providence
Section 2. The Beginning of Home Church Activities

Mark this date, November 12, 1978, because today I am instructing you to go to your Home Church areas in the role of a Messiah. What will you do then? Those of you, who will go out, raise your hands. From now on you should go there. You must know that you cannot come back until you fulfill Home Church. You cannot come back before you die. You cannot come back even spiritually. (101-340, 1978.11.12)

When Jesus died and ascended into Heaven, he gave Peter the keys to Heaven. Rev. Moon is giving you the keys to Heaven while he is still alive. I am not giving them to you so you can save individuals, but I am giving you the keys that can save tribes. I am not a person who saves individuals.

You are becoming Messiahs. Home Church messiahship is not just some futile theory. Things are set up on earth so that they can go straight to the spirit world, just the way they are. The efforts each of you make, determines who can dig up the most diamonds from the mouth of the diamond mine of the universe. The members of the Unification Church are the ones who are excavating the diamond mine of the universe. We are doing it through Home Church. There are difficulties, but the question is, who can dig up the most diamonds? (102-217, 1978.12.31)

Until now, religion has focused on saving individuals. The standard was to ask how to save myself, centering on individual salvation. We are not about individual salvation. We are working to save the tribe. Because of you, your tribe receives salvation and your 360 homes receive salvation.

No one has done this type of work in the history of religion or in the history of the world. This is the only time that this event has unfolded. Has religion ever taught when to marry, and when to live with your parents? Until now, were there such rules? This is the first time. What we call "Home Church" has a similar destiny. An incredible age has come where we are endowed with the foundation to save the whole and prosper together. These three huge, worldwide stages will be reduced through Home Church. (102-217, 1978.12.31)

The fact that I could separate out 360 homes and give them to each of you is a historical day of hope and the terminal point religion has desired. This is your Home Church foundation. It is also the terminal point of the Providence of God. Home Church is the beginning point of the complete breakdown of Satan's base that he has secured through the satanic world. If I was unable to declare Home Church, history would be destined to a dismal fate. The mission of Home Church is a limitless blessing for you. In the course of history, there have been many kings, many incredibly wealthy people, many scholars and intellectuals, and many famous people, but those things are not important.

Each of you should think, "Even though I am a despicable being, and my body has no value, because of Home Church, I could receive True Father's instructions and inherit from him during my life." You should realize this is an amazing thing. (109-203, 1980.11.1)

In Home Church we will find the True Parents, the angelic world, the satanic world, and God. It is all decided in Home Church. I might go to Japan or England, but wherever I go, we must all go the way of Home Church, that is Gajeong Gyohae. What is Home Church? It is a heaven consisting of homes or a family heaven. Accordingly, each of those 360 homes must prepare the foundation to attend you as the messiah, and as true parents. The fact that you have harmonized these homes and offered them before God means that you have inherited a position of victory over all of Satan's foundations and opposition throughout the world. (99-262, 1978.9.25)

Our Unification Church should do Home Church. Through our Home Church work we should unify the tribe of Cain. If the Cain tribe becomes one, but we do not create a domain for Abel's tribe, there will be no foundation upon which to attend the True Parents. There will be no tribal heaven. After we make the tribal foundation, it can connect to the race. If the race centers on the realm of the tribe, the nation will begin to move in a vertical direction. They all connect to each other. (137-178, 1986.1.1)

In order to save your relatives and family, you should first love the five billion or so people spread throughout this satanic world. After that, you must save them. That is why the Home Church system must not disappear. (212-60, 1991.1.1)

God stands in the position of a universal Abel, therefore He sacrifices everything that is close to Him in this satanic world, and loves Cain. When Cain loves God's sons and daughters, Abel can claim the role of the first son; through those actions God can love both of them. He can love them and bless them. You should understand this principle clearly. You must know this formula in order to complete Home Church; otherwise, you will not make it. (116-291, 1982.1.2)

When we say Holy Spirit Association for Unification what is holy? We are referring to the original, unfallen world. It is an association that can establish the united, original world. Christianity will not be the one to establish the original world. It is been this way for the last thirty-three years. Today, we cross over into a new world where there will be no Christianity. Even religion will disappear. What will they call us? They will call us Home Church. Only Home Church will remain, as a family centering on the True Parents. A leaf forms a family with other leaves, doesn't it? When this leaf gets together with two other leaves, then these leaves make a family of three and five leaves make a family of five. This is a type of family. What is it centered on? It is centered on the root and the sprout. If God is the root, then people are the sprouts. If a tree is centered on the roots and sprouts, and there is harmonious family activity, then the tree will grow forever. (145-150, 1986.5.1)

In the future, people who join the Unification Church should not be as miserable as I am. That is God's hope. It is not good for you to be as miserable as Rev. Moon is. It would be nice if there were a place, representing the world, where you could condense the suffering of Rev. Moon and overcome this miserable destiny. How nice would that be? This is God's desire, my desire, and also your desire. That standard of hope is the destination of the Providence and our lifelong goal. In order to go there, we have initiated Home Church. In Korean, we say Gajeong Gyohae. (108-331, 1980.10.19)

Home Church is necessary to make indemnity conditions that fulfill my hope, and the hope of Adam and Jesus. (114-255, 1981.10.20)

You are alive for a short time. Life is too short. When faced with the problem of whether or not you can make a breakthrough before you die, you should think like this, "If you can extend my life even a little bit, I will give all the power I have." You should be thinking like this, but you look like you are just spectators. That is why I am asking you to do Home Church. The words Home Church will be good for your entire life. (107-52, 1980.1.20)

What conditional foundation do you need to connect to the world? It is Home Church. Your 360 families must open up the door 360 degrees in all directions -- North, South, East, and West -- representing the earth. Unless you do this, you will get stuck when you go to the spirit world. (137-111, 1985.12.24)

From now on, I will suspend or dissolve all the organizations that hinder Home Church. The Home Church movement is the priority. After that, all other work is incidental; it has an accompanying role. Therefore, I am asking the Unification Church, and all the people who follow the Unification Church, to hand down this thought and traditional. (107-127, 1980.4.15) 

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