Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 2. Home Church as the Internal Foundation of the Providence
Section 1. What Is Home Church?

You have heard the phrase "Home Church," haven't you? We say Gajeong Gyohae in Korean. In the past, even if you knew about the Home Church mission, there was no way for you to receive such a mission. Why was that? The time was not right. The person representing God, Satan, and all of history must decide when the required indemnity conditions have been established. Because he had not made that decision, even if you had gone to your Home Church and said, "I completely offer Home Church on the global altar," God could not accept it, nor could Satan approve it. (100-146, 1978.10.9)

At this time, the Unification Church is doing Home Church activities worldwide. In order for Fallen people to go to heaven they must follow the path of sacrificial living, starting from individual restoration and advancing to world restoration, just as I have done. You can simply follow the path I have laid before you. I have created a pathway for you to run on. You can set the condition of indemnity by taking the path that I have pioneered. The condition you must make is Home Church activity, focusing on 360 homes.

It is an amazing fact that all of you can receive the Home Church mission this year. Home Church is the destiny of all people. It will enable them to cast off the inheritance of the Fall. If we cannot fulfill Home Church during our lifetime, we will have to continue to invest in it even after we die. The Unification Church must create a world of victory from the fruits of dysfunctional history. The time has come to establish a heavenly world. This world begins with the transformation of individuals and then develops to the levels of tribe and race. Home Church activities were set up to take a leading role in completing this work. If you love the 360 homes of the Cain world more than you love your own sons and daughters, then you will be able to go into the heavenly world.

God has walked a path of indescribable hardships for thousands of years, working to establish the condition of victory. Yet in seven years, we can accomplish it through 360 homes. The Home Church foundation is sitting right under your noses, so you cannot avoid it. Through Home Church activities, you will experience all kinds of historical matters. The completion of Home Church represents God's ideal world. When all of today's people accept the requirement to fulfill Home Church, they will realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth without fail.

Make Home Church activities based on your 360 homes a holy offering to God and bring the members of these households to know the will of God. A person who practices and completes Home Church centering on 360 homes will become a true son or daughter of God on the individual level, and a tribal messiah. He or she will realize the ideal of God's creation.

I have set all the conditions to restore hundreds of nations. Through the standard of heart, I have connected Heaven and Earth, removing the wall between them. You can set the conditions of restitution centering on a smaller model of the world ? Home Church. From the present moment, you must create a foundation you can build on, and where you will not be blocked by the obstacles that exist between heaven and earth. What is this foundation? It is Home Church. (105-270, 1979.10.26)

Until now, the True Parents have made restitution so that all people would be able to develop through the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, and world levels, and then be able to go to God. The True Parents have done this in front of all the people of the world as their representative. Because I did these things and brought the representative victory, you can inherit this 100 percent. And based on my victory, you can go forward and achieve your own victory through a seven-year course.

You can achieve what I have achieved through my life on the worldwide stage. You need your own offering or a foothold, which is a smaller model of the world stage. You should know that this is Home Church. It is Gajeong Gyohae. Do you understand? (109-184, 1980.11.1)

Unification Church can now establish the Home Church theme for the first time in history. You must know how important an event this is for God and for all people. I have succeeded on the world level, so you should think that you can succeed in Home Church, which is centered on the small number of 360 homes. You should do Home Church activities so you can teach love and truth in the place of God. Through Home Church, you must teach the love and truth of God, our Heavenly Father.

Where can you meet God? I met God in the midst of battle, shedding blood and tears for each nation. I met God while establishing the foothold of victory, centering on a world level foundation of indemnity. All of you should inherit all of True Parents victories and establish a condition that claims you have gone to the world level even though you didn't actually go there. What is the condition called? It is called Home Church. (109-184, 1980.11.1)

Home Church is the place where families begin to be liberated on an international level. It is the place where we can declare the starting point of the ideal love and ideal life of unfallen Adam and Eve. To fulfill this, I have initiated the tribal messiah mission. Jesus came to find a family. You have all heard of Home Church, right? The tribe of Cain and the tribe of Abel must become one. In terms of Jesus, Joseph's tribe and John the Baptist's tribe should have become one and formed one family. When the family is set up in this way, Satan cannot invade. If the original standard of the family is set up, embracing all tribes, then the failed family in Israel can be restored to an unfallen standard for the first time. Tribal messiahs and Jesus will witness this. (235-111, 1992.8.29)

What is the completion of Home Church? Home Church is completed when you take ownership to reform the culture of Adam and assume leadership to create a new culture. When you do that you can become a true descendant of Adam. Then, what is the center? The center is the standard of heart. What kind of heart would that be? God should not sense from you the heart that feels, "I fell. I am not a restored child". God should be able to look at you and say, "My child, whom I love!" "God should not hear people say bad things about you, like "Look at that pathetic loser. He joined the Unification Church, and now he just kind of wanders around here and there, like the child of a mud-fish or an eel…" (110-54, 1980.11.8)

Our church has not yet established a heavenly foundation on the world level. Therefore, I must organize Home Church to place a stamp of victory on the world. In forty years, I will establish all the conditions of restitution needed to form perfect ownership and decisive conviction centering on the love of God. When we are totally determined to say "I am victorious" in a way that both God and Satan attest to, the True Parents can pass everything on to you for you to inherit. This is because the True Parents love the possessive and decisive realm of love's victory. You can receive those things because of True Parents foundation. Otherwise, you cannot receive them. (137-301, 1986.1.3)

When you go out to your Home Church, you should welcome being cursed and treated with contempt. When you are mistreated, there is a reason. The reason you are being cursed and mistreated is so you can save your wife and children. You must cry ceaselessly through the night, clinging to your wife and children. You must cry out, "What is this? How can they oppose us when we go this way?" To shed tears is not a miserable thing. You should stand in a position where you can cry more than all the grieving people crying in this world. You should cry earnestly for the values of heaven. Then Home Church will become a valley and things will flow into it from the heavenly world. Their sympathy will be aroused and the whole world will move forward and unite into one. (181-286, 1988.10.3)

What treasure would I like to leave behind for the Unification Church? Home Church is the treasure I am leaving behind for you after going the way of sacrifice throughout my life. What did I say is the treasure I can leave behind for the members of the Unification Church? You are given the opportunity to inherit the authority of the Unification Church in a dignified manner from Heaven and Earth, or from God and Satan; this is the treasure. If Home Church is perfected, will there be the term Unification Church or not? Will there be God's providence, or not? Maybe these terms will exist in a Home Church that is not yet perfected, somewhere far away. Yet in the Home Church I created, there is no religion and no providence of God. It is the place where the people of Heaven live. (108-334, 1980.10.19)

You must know that the Era has come when you can work in place of the True Parents. What you must do in my place is to copy what I have done. However, you cannot travel the entire world and do the things I have done on the world level. You must do it in a similar place, on a smaller altar. You can do these things in a condensed place. You can do all the things that I accomplished by conducting religious services around the world, and do it on a reduced altar that represents all of the world's population. Because you need the substantial result of restitution through action, I created Home Church. (115-82, 1981.11.4)

You must inherit all the things that I have restored but you first need to do something to create a foothold. You don't have a place to make an offering to God. If you want to transfer all the offerings from all the victorious altars throughout the world, you must build your own altar beforehand. So where is the place where you can transfer these offerings? That is the place we call Home Church! Do you understand?

Home Church is the place where you can push yourself to complete the things that Adam did not complete. This means you must go over the world and then return. You are going out to the world and passing through conditions of atonement, but on a smaller scale. You can inherit my blessings through this smaller altar. You must first build an altar and then move the offering from the bigger altar to your smaller altar. An altar is a place of offering for the shedding of blood. What is Home Church? A 'church' still means making an altar and having to shed blood. You have undergone worldwide level hardship on a small altar in order to inherit the altar I have erected.

How much has God suffered? How much has Jesus suffered, and how much have I suffered? Through all this suffering and effort, I possess the altar of victory. I want to hand it over to you. Home Church is for you to build up an altar and take over these things. (122-119, 1982.11.1)

What is the beginning point of Home Church? It begins from the peak of the Cross of Gethsemane. This is my understanding. Do you know what that means? To be more precise, Home Church starts from the peak of Golgotha. When Jesus died in Golgotha, there was not even one person who had compassion for him. I would be happy if, at the moment I was going to die, there was a foundation and environment of many people showing me compassion. If I were going to die, you would not run away like Peter. You would say, "I will die instead". When I think of the fact that there are members like that on this earth, I feel that shameful historical tradition has been restored. (103-214, 1979.2.25)

You have come here with the intention to follow me, but you listen to your own words and think, "I hate Home Church. I will only go where True Father goes." You should not do this. Even if your father is the president, you can't inherit his things without doing something? In order for you to become president, you need to lay a foundation that will enable you to become a president. Even if you are born as the Crown Prince of a nation, in order to become the King, you must learn all the rules and regulations that will enable you to be a King. You need to do these things.

Therefore, please don't just say the words, but in the final course of human history, obey the True Parents words. Then God will give you His seal of approval and say, "You are my filial child" and send you to heaven as a filial child of the heavenly kingdom. This is God's amazing love! What is that foundation called? It is called Home Church.

Do you want to go to the heavenly kingdom as filial children or as public nuisances? You want to go as filial sons and daughters, right? There is no way to receive the seal of a filial son or daughter without going through Home Church. Heaven is where filial children enter. Even if you are called a son, if you are a public nuisance you cannot enter. You can go to Heaven only when you are a filial child; therefore, we have Home Church so you can receive the seal of a filial child. (122-84, 1982.11.1)

The time for me to pull along the Unification Church leadership has passed. Now is the time for the horizontal level expansion. When you expand the family ideal centering on your own tribes, the world will naturally be restored. The way to expand the tribe is what we call, in Unification Church terminology, 'Home Church'. It is the court where final decisions are made and settled. (137-287, 1986.1.3) 

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