Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 1. The Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Section 6. Our Conviction and Attitude for the Restoration of Our Homeland

We have now entered a new age. What kind of attitude should we have? The conviction to restore independence to our homeland -- more than anything else -- should be burning in your chest. In other words, you should become the standard-bearers for building the homeland that God has been impatiently awaiting for the past six thousand years. You should take pride in being a pioneer in the special forces sent into battle as the advance guard to reclaim the land and take responsibility for this incredible mission.

Many people who have come and gone wanted to have this mission and had this hope. Even though they wanted it, they could not have it. This is one special mission that can be done only once, at this time in history. It requires a solemn sense of responsibility. Eating, sleeping, your comings and goings; every aspect of your lifestyle must be for the establishment of the homeland.

How long do you think God has been waiting impatiently for you, as a secret emissary sent by God, to come forward and determine to carry out this mission in a high-spirited and exciting way?

Until now we have been driven out. Heaven's will has never once had the chance to gain a foothold in a nation and fully manifest its substance. We must fulfill God's will to create a homeland. Until now, that will has not been accomplished even once. Now we can establish that kind of homeland. In that homeland there will be sovereignty, territory and people. Also, the lineage connects the people as a unified people in that nation, giving them a history that other peoples cannot have. We must carry out our emissary missions in order to restore independence to such a homeland. The faster this mission is completed, the faster we lay the foundation for restoring our homeland. Paying a price through our suffering today hastens the day when the restoration of our homeland will swiftly come. Considering this fact, you should go forward with the determination to complete your mission as a special emissary. Otherwise, we will not be able to own the worldwide blessing and heavenly fortune that God can give us in this era. (29-40, 1970.2.16)

You should leave a testament to your descendants saying, "God is our God. We are His sons and daughters. We have lived until now to restore our homeland. Even if the world hunts us and drives us out, we will not perish, and we will see the day of recompense before we die. Even if I die and cannot achieve this, then you will see that day before your death!" This is exactly how the Israelites thought. (18-231, 1967.6.11)

We must now place the Republic of Korea in the forefront of God's will, and we must restore the homeland of God's desire. We must restore a new homeland for humanity. From this perspective, if we quietly analyze the execution of our responsibilities, we cannot help but reflect on the meaning of our life and on our attitude up to this point. (29-35, 1970.2.16)

What kind of being is God? God is the King of the secret emissaries. He is the King of the secret emissaries, the supreme commander who is appearing in this satanic world to restore the homeland. Yet, has there been one time in the past six thousand years when this God has been able to say to this earth, "I am God. This is the truth that I can teach you"? No, there has not. Even so, God has been working hard to instruct us through our clear consciences and to create a bond with us. The six-thousand-year history of the providence of restoration has been God's effort to broaden the foundation of our hearts and to guide us toward a free world that can be in unity with Him. (29-48, 1970.2.16) 

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