Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 1. The Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Section 5. The Restoration of Our Homeland through True Love

How great are the women in history who went to the front line of battle as independence fighters in the effort to restore the homeland being built as the heavenly kingdom in heaven! In the future, these women will be highly praised. Women have been cursed so much throughout history due to the Fall of a single woman, Eve! But now, in the age of restoration, women are standing at the head of the line and restoring our homeland. If they can lay the victorious foundation, then think of how much praise that work will receive.

Do you want to win with weapons? If such women appear, do you think satanic male soldiers will want the true love of those women? They would not want it. So how will you win over those kinds of people? How must we win? With what do you want to win? You must all think of yourselves as queens. Kim Il-sung is the evil king, and you are all the good queens. Therefore, you should bring all the potency of your country and offer it, without any argument, to the evil king. In that way you can put everything in order. Through what? Through love! (170-241, 1987.11.21)

What God loves most is the culture of love. Does God need money, power, or knowledge? To build a nice house, you need bricks, a door and many other materials. Yet the most important element is symmetry and beauty in the construction; to make that house perfect. As for human beings, God's greatest desire is not for them to have lots of money or to become scholars. As it says in the Bible, the first commandment is to "Love your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul." The second is to "Love your neighbor as yourself." These are astonishing words. (143-273, 1986.3.20)

With the principle of the Fall we can solve the problems of humanity and the world. We cannot rectify the problems of humankind without the principle of the Fall. This is the last, final desperate phenomenon of the Last Days, of Satan betraying Heaven and leading history. This is Satan's strategy in order to bring destruction and ruin to the human race.

If we do not clean this up, then the problems of history will not be resolved. If history is unresolved, then it cannot be laid to rest. Let us go back to our Godism theology and consider the alternative solution that is God's creation and the ideal. Let us go back to the ideology of true love. This is not for you, but for the sake of others. You must create partners in love. If this is not achieved, then there is no way to gain control. (219-266, 1991.10.11)

American women are like queens of goodness. In all the present families of America, the women are like queens. Whenever they want, they tell their husband, "Do this! Do that!" God is training American women. They have a lot of money, a lot of jewelry, and great power. They have a lot of money. "Money" sounds like the Korean word for many. If you put your jewelry, your houses, and half of the land of America on Kim Il-sung's shoulders, he would be content and settle down. If you just gave half of America, he would be content. Don't you think so? Over there, the people are hungry and starving to death. It is utterly miserable. Therefore, if you support them financially, they will swiftly come around.

That is why if the American sisters go to the front line and say, "Let's not fight. Are you hungry? We will send something to eat. We will send cars as well. We will send you everything you want." If you give them as much as possible, liberation will come naturally. If the American women give all their money to Kim Il-sung, do you think he will want to fight you? After that, try to continue to send food and clothes through China. If you feed them and help them live like Americans, then they will not fight with you. Then what must the Unificationists do? As we ourselves suffer and go hungry, let our attitude and treatment toward the North Koreans be one of sacrifice for their sake. Then, when the North Koreans learn of this, do you think they will kill the Unificationists with knives and guns? (170-241, 1987.11.21)

Humankind is one family. Through true love, we are all connected as one family, as I said earlier today. Humanity is one tree. All of your families are living together with other families. There you have babies, little children, teenagers, adults, and older people. This kind of family is a center and model for education, connecting to the great world family and universal family. In this, there are four types of people who have trained themselves in love -- an extension of your family, those with whom you have a relationship: your grandfather, your mother and father, your elder brother and sister, and finally yourself. If you are trained that way in your family, you can be engrafted to the global family. You must invest your own family in order to connect to the global family. You must invest in order to accomplish the larger purpose. This is the principle of restoration, the principle of re-creation.

A subject partner and an object partner seek to become related to a larger level object partner. Then, based on that relationship, they should become subject and object partners and create unity. It has the same meaning. This is the age of humankind becoming one great family. Based on the training you received in your family, you should love the larger level more than your family. If you invest and forget, and love more, then wherever you are, you will become the owner. Because the tribe is larger than the family, love the tribe. Because the people within a nation are greater than a tribe, love them more than you love the tribe. Because a nation is greater than a people, love the nation more than you love that people.

In this way, you invest in stages, investing more in each stage, and then forgetting what you invested, so as to reach the higher levels, and then have the idea to invest more into each one. It is the same when you move from one country to another. When you move from the national to the worldwide level, you must invest and offer more sincere devotion than you offered for the nation.

When those of you who lived in Korea came to Uruguay, you came from one end of the earth to the other. So you must love this nation more than your own. If you can have the heart to love a nation even more than your own family and even more than your own country, then unity will be realized, even in your dreams. National boundaries will disappear. Now the Earth will experience the age of the expansion of a unified homeland, centered on true love. When you have such a philosophy, you can go through any place. First is the age of unification of languages, and second is the age of humankind becoming one great family. All this is done centered on true love. (289-208, 1998.1.2)

Because the world also will naturally follow the same pattern of the restoration of a homeland, we can establish a world of unified peoples by creating a nation that moves in one direction. This is the culture of Adam, isn't it? That is the culture of true love. Your birth was because of love. If a man says he was born for himself, then he cannot embrace true love at all. Because true love is trying to embrace everything completely to the end, then it must give limitlessly and forget what it has given. That is why the universe comes to receive your embrace.

In the heavenly world of the future, the time for living off a monthly salary will pass away. As couples, you must pay complete indemnity. Throughout the ages of history, the rule of all creation has been absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Because of love, you also need faith and you also need obedience. Because of love. Even the God of the entire universe is obedient to infinite love. God invests and then forgets, and so we also invest and forget what we have invested. This is obedience.

Absolute faith is based on absolute love. In order to achieve love, you need absolute obedience. Until death, you need love. Even if you die one hundred times over, you need love, so you must properly seek the way to it. That is why dying and going to the spirit world is not death but a way to seek God's love. It is not dying. It is the way to find God's love. God made the path of death for the sake of love. If your heart and mind cannot hold onto this higher level, then you cannot restore love. (296-50, 1998.10.11) 

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