Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 1. The Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Section 4. Soldiers for the Independence of Our Homeland

What must you all determine to do? You must determine to greet the day of the restoration of our homeland. The people of Korea celebrate August 15 as Independence Day, the day of liberation. Many small and humble peoples have celebrated the independence and liberation of their own nations since the Second World War. But when will come the day of celebration when we will praise the restoration and liberation of heaven and earth, God's homeland? Have you thought about this? That day must come. (155-223, 1965.10.30)

At the end of the Japanese occupation, I fought together with an underground movement trying to restore independence to my homeland of Korea. Even now, that memory is fresh. I was at the point of vomiting blood and collapsing from lack of breath, and I fought thinking, "In the name of God I must bring the Japanese Empire to submission." God was with me in that. When I went to North Korea it was the same. I was thrown into prison, but in that situation I went forward in God's name. When I went to prison in God's name, God followed me there. (166-159, 1987.6.5)

The people of today are destined to deny the present world in which we live. We can conclude that this is also the way many nations are guiding their people. Therefore, all the peoples and nations on earth must cross over the crest of the hill together. You have to understand that if you maintain the traditions of the past, the true ideal homeland for which God longs cannot be restored and established. (172-9, 1988.1.3)

When we understand that the restoration of God's homeland can be found right in front of our eyes, when we realize the amazing fact that the foundation for restoring God's homeland is the land of Korea, then will Koreans be able to sleep at night? Can they continue to just eat and play, doing as they please? Even if you told them not to, they would invest their lives, day in and day out. One's fortune is not the problem. There is no doubt that the Republic of Korea would feel a national responsibility to achieve this goal, even if they have to invest their children and their wives, as well as their entire being and the whole of South Korea. If this happens, will North and South Korea reunite or not? You have to understand these things. (172-41, 1988.1.3)

So where is that foundation? It is the neighborhood. If the neighborhood asks you, "Did you restore the homeland?," you can answer, "Yes, I did. I stood in the original homeland that God loved, and I stood in the homeland that successive generations of our ancestors have loved. I stood in the place that generations of our ancestors have wanted to see. As a result, we are resurrected beings of God's homeland with love at its core. We are resurrected beings of our parents and of many generations who have all been yearning for the restoration of the homeland. We have stood as representative resurrected beings for all the people of this world who have also been longing for the restoration of our homeland." You must carry this kind of pride. (173-184, 1988.2.14)

Until now the Unification Church has not built a single building. Why have I not built a building even though I could have? When our church applied to build its headquarters in the Yoido area of Seoul, the government denied us permission. Should we build a smaller regional church if we could not even build the central church? We must start from the point of building a temple in which we can attend the one God, so that we can take charge of restoring independence to our homeland and restoring all its citizens. Members of the Unificationist community should not settle down or live opulently. (174-172, 1988.2.28)

Beginning from Parents' Day, each day must be a declaration for the restoration of the homeland, and every nation under heaven should become one with this traditional starting point. We must fight this kind of fight. That is what was lost. This is Satan's bait. Then who is the person who has established the foundation for this? Everyone, whether he is Satan or anyone else, must say, "Rev. Moon is the greatest!" As the central figure of love, I have inherited the lineage of God, possessing life from the heavenly kingdom -- the homeland, the nation of the Second Advent, and the nation of the savior of love. Through that, I could emerge as the true olive tree and establish the Unification Church as a vehicle to lead our members. I have worked together with our members to cut people off from established Christian doctrines and engraft Christianity to the true olive tree. Yet, they noisily protested the graft. They are noisy because their root is being cut away. Isn't that right? Yet if we do not do that, they will perish. (191-263, 1989.6.25)

When Japanese people seek revenge, they invest their entire life to avenge the death of their mother or one of their brothers or sisters. In light of this, how great is the bitter sorrow of a nation's king and people who experience tragedy while walking the course of the providence of restoration of the homeland! God, who observes the suffering of these people who are ignorant of all these things, is suffering even more. (200-68, 1990.2.23)

All things belong to God, and yet they were stolen through false love. Therefore, everything must be returned to God. Yet, these things cannot simply go back. Restitution must be made ? the indemnity must be paid. Then who will undertake that task? For thousands of years it was accomplished through religion. So now Christianity in America should protect Korea as the Adam nation. Working together with Great Britain, France, Japan, Germany, and Italy, they should bring about the restoration of our homeland. They must create the father nation and to that end they need absolute obedience. In this way all can be engrafted to the true olive tree. (200-301, 1990.2.26)

The path that True Mother walks should absolutely not be as difficult as mine. Opposition from men poses no problem for me on my path as the true Father, but there should be no women who oppose True Mother in her course. We need women to be the bridge for the sake of liberation, for the course of the mother; for this they must be able to offer support and totally sacrifice themselves, quickly going the way to restore independence to the homeland, liberate heaven and earth, and liberate God. (222-279, 1991.11.3)

All you members here have abandoned your countries to come here. You threw away your own homelands. Why? You did it for the territory of the homeland that God originally desired, and for the restoration of that homeland. No matter how great America is, if it does not listen to me, it will perish. I may be making a dogmatic judgment, but the one who is saying this is not just a guest who is passing by and making some comment. I am saying this because I have done all these things. I am not a braggart. I came here having completed everything. (233-330, 1992.8.2)

The time has come when people of the past, people of the present, people of the future, and even people who have died and gone to the spirit world can cooperate in restoring the homeland. That is why many people's ancestors are coming down to them. If these elected descendants do not respond to the Unification Church, their ancestors are causing them sickness and problems, while at the same time offering them medicine and solutions. This is not happening through my power. God and the ancestors are becoming one; the angelic world and the ancestors are becoming one. They are driving the earthly world into a corner where no one can deal with the problems -- the problems particularly of the family. Only I carry the full authority and can work in this way. When the people of this nation welcome this astonishing fact as the pinnacle of hope and the foundation of their nation and homeland, then this nation will become an invincible nation under Heaven. (290-172, 1998.2.18) 

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