Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 1. The Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Section 3. The Standard Bearers for the Restoration of Our Homeland

When, in order to fulfill your responsibility, all of you pledge to be the new standard-bearers of this 3,000-ri peninsula, Korea will be embraced in our bosom. This is why if your eyes are shining as orbs of light, that light must be refocused on the glorious homeland. You have to become brave soldiers who can use your talents and power for the restoration of the homeland. Moreover, you must all know how to go forward in a dignified manner, having the conviction to stand as a sanctified person who is taking responsibility to restore the homeland.

You have to become a person who can establish the homeland, bring glory to that homeland, live immersed in that homeland, and be able to die in that homeland. Before this time, there was no one who could come in front of Heaven and take responsibility. This is a solemn responsibility that can be fulfilled only once and only at a given time in history; it cannot be approached carelessly. When you hear something once, you may think of ten things that are different from what you heard. But you must go forward, taking that one thing you heard and compare it with those different things. For heavenly fortune to appear here, you must have the conviction not to be concerned even if the path brings you face to face with utter disgrace a thousand times, or if you die hundreds of times. If you go forward with this kind of conviction, God will protect the path you are taking.

The reason I say that is because each time in my life that I faced such a situation, I experienced that God did not leave me. So He will certainly protect you, too. As a central person with the mission to restore our homeland, whether you are assigned to a province or just a small village, you have to resolve to never give up, because there is no one but you to carry out this mission.

You must never betray the cause, and you must fulfill the responsibility that brings you into alignment with the heavenly commands. You cannot prevail on this path if you stand in the hinterland of your responsibility. You must accomplish this even if you cannot sleep, even if you cannot eat, and even while you are being pursued. If you die, you must die having already made this determination within yourself. When each of you can determine anew to achieve your mission in this decisive way, the paths you are to take will naturally open up in front of you. Otherwise, the world will become a world of darkness rather than the world of light and hope that I believe in, that I anticipate seeing, and for which I have raised all of you. (29-50, 1970.2.16)

When we connect the events and circumstances of history, we cannot help but feel God's tearful heart and agonize over God's suffering. As a result, through our own sincere devotion, we are compelled to go toward the battlefield, determined to fight to restore our homeland and create the foundation for the liberation of the world with our own hands. My desire is for you to become this type of people, a people seeking the homeland of hope that we must find. (36-200, 1970.11.29)

If all of you cannot persevere, until death if necessary, then not only will you be unable to receive salvation yourself, but Korea will face ruin. If all the citizens of Korea perish, what will you do? You should desire to go to the place of sacrifice. From your sacrifice, a source of new and explosive global power will rise up that can bind the people together. As real men and women, you must walk this path with resolve, shouting, "Let's go! Let's fight to the death!," because this path is the only way to accomplish our goal. Along this path, you will become the sons and daughters of Heaven who will accomplish God's will. A monument will be erected in your honor. Don't you think that there will be a son who can melt together all of God's heart, bone and flesh? Don't you think that Heaven's fundamental idea to restore our homeland will sprout from there? (49-110, 1971.10.9)

If we go to that place together and cross the crest of those tears together, we will not perish. God does not throw such people away. Our homeland of hope, which we will regain, will welcome such people.

When all of you become the standard-bearers of our homeland, pioneer a new world history, and emerge as the brave soldiers restoring our homeland, do you not think that you will deserve eternal praise? I am making a serious point. (49-112, 1971.10.9)

Today's followers of the Unification Church need to be more fiercely and fully united with me than the core representatives of the Communist party are united with Kim Il-sung. If you are unable to achieve this level of unity with me, you will not be able to accomplish God's will to restore the nation God is seeking. (50-215, 1971.11.7)

Women have to lead the way. This is the reason I have now directed all the blessed wives in Korea to go to the front line. They have already been mobilized. Because Korea is the headquarters nation, the elder Blessed Families of Korea have all been sent to the front line. So all the Unificationist women throughout the world should follow their example and also go to the front line! Amen. (170-241, 1987.11.21) 

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