Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen - Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 1. The Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Section 2. We Must Find Our Homeland

We long for the nation of God, because it is a place of love. It is a place where, instead of temporary love, eternal love that transcends time can continually exist. It is also a place where you can elevate yourself and be recognized for 100 percent of your value. It is the place where you are eternally happy. This is why all people are yearning for the heavenly nation. (25-284, 1969.10.5)

If you do not restore a nation on this earth during your lifetime, then when you go to the spirit world you cannot have the value of a person who belongs to the heavenly nation. You should go to the spirit world only after bringing substantial results that come under the realm of God's dominion on earth. This is the original standard of creation. (40-131, 1971.1.30)

The goal of our faith is to become citizens of God's country. If you do not become citizens of God's country, then there will be no way for you as sons and daughters to freely receive the admiration and love of that nation's people or of all things of creation. A person without a country is always attacked. He stands in a miserable position. He may often feel hopeless after suffering an affront. That is why the question is, where can we find the country of God's desire? Which is the nation that can become God's foothold? That is the issue. (55-79, 1972.4.23)

The bloody sweat we shed for these people and this country is ultimately for the establishment of God's eternal kingdom. It is to create the blessed land that can be praised by our descendants in the thousands of years and generations to come. (14-193, 1964.10.3)

God's country is where His direct descendants receive Heaven's command and, in His place, govern under God's kingship. There would be neither communism nor democracy. Once established, that nation will remain forever. When we think of such a nation, we should feel mortified that we are unable to be a citizen of such a country. We should lament that we are unable to be such a person, living in such a nation. We must grieve over the fact that we do not have such an unchanging sovereignty. (72-292, 1974.9.1)

In order to establish sovereignties, nations and territories, the human race has established sovereign nations. Please remember that in this process many people died, many people were sacrificed, many nations fell, and many sovereignties changed hands. Don't you think that all those on the side of Heaven who made such sacrifices, and all the sad people in the spirit world who have sacrificed their lives for that will, wanted to establish such a nation and world someday? (72-292, 1974.9.1)

God sent His beloved son and daughter to the earth to establish one, absolute nation, but until the present time He could not prepare the foundation to restore one nation. This has failed every time. Thus, God's work throughout history has been to send His people to earth to manage, advance, and accomplish this work. (30-10, 1970.3.14)

It is sad to be a citizen of a country with no sovereignty. Jesus was very concerned about this point. He told people not to worry about where their food, drink or clothes would come from; that these are the matters that the ungodly are always concerned about. He said, "Your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things. Instead, above everything else, be concerned with his Kingdom and with what He requires, and He will provide you with all these other things." Did Jesus say save your son first, or save the nation first? He said to save the nation that God is seeking. (34-337, 1970.9.20)

Jesus is waiting in paradise. Paradise is the waiting room to go to heaven. Jesus did not establish a national sovereignty in front of God that had the power to communicate directly between heaven and earth. Thus, he could not stand in front of God on that basis. Please understand that this is the reason Jesus could not stand in front of Heaven's throne. Moreover, you too cannot go to heaven alone. Heaven was originally designed as the place where Adam and Eve, had they not fallen, would have gone to live together, as a family, with their sons and daughters. If you do not go as a family, then you cannot go. (56-201, 1972.5.14)

Until now, why has it been so difficult for religious people to preserve their lives? It is because there was no family, society, or nation that would help religious people. They have been a people without a nation. If they had a nation, then even if they were opposed by a tribe, they would still be protected within the realm of the nation. Why did religious people have to walk the path of persecution and bloody sacrifice wherever they went? It is because they had no nation. If only there had been a nation with a sovereign leader that had stood up and shouted, "Hey you good-for-nothings! This is the right way!" Then the people would have responded, "Yes, sir!" However, there has been no such nation; that is why these problems have occurred. They have been a people without a nation. (56-159, 1972.5.14)

Without a nation, no matter how good or happy your family is, evil people can destroy it. That is why we need to find a nation. Religious people have not understood this. We must find a nation of goodness. This is the purpose of religion. (57-260, 1972.6.4)

If you have no country, then you have no nationality. Without a nation, there is no basis upon which to register. We have to have a new registration after becoming one people. We need to establish heaven's nation on earth. Then, as victorious sons and daughters who are citizens of that country, who love that country and its people, and who have received the lineage of the Parents of goodness, we must live together and care for our families and clans. In this way we can enter heaven in the spirit world. This is the way of the Principle. (58-145, 1972.5.22)

Only with a nation can all our efforts, through which blood and sweat were shed, and our tradition, be bequeathed for the first time to our descendants for thousands of generations to come. A monument that celebrates Heaven's efforts and all its glory will be erected on this ground. If there is no such nation, however, our efforts will all be in vain. If the country that God seeks does not appear, then the Christian world and all civilizations will be sent down the river and burned up. You have to understand that they have all succumbed to Satan's game. So you must understand that the issue here is a nation. (55-339, 1972.5.9)

The homeland we are to find is not one of the existing nations, which already have their established traditions and cultures. The nation we are seeking is of a fundamentally different dimension. To be qualified to inherit such a nation, we have to embrace the ideology that enables us to correctly take on the subject role. The underlying thought of such a subject-based ideology has to be perfectly aligned with the absolute thought of the Creator. God, the Absolute Being, desires a nation whose citizens desire to unite under its sovereignty. Each citizen must have these characteristics and embody the form and shape of that nation. (49-93, 1971.10.9)

To form a nation, there needs to be a territory, a people and sovereignty. What is sovereignty? It is the creation of a relationship with the original God. Even as the people of the nation sleep, the leadership of the nation must connect with God and then conduct the work of governing the nation. The sovereign leader must completely unite with the citizens of that nation. By becoming one with his people, the sovereign leader can no longer think of anything as being for his own sake alone, but must instead see everything as being for the sake of the nation. When this is achieved, that nation will prosper and flourish. (30-88, 1970.3.17)

The formation of a heavenly nation, as is the case in the forming of any nation, requires sovereignty, a people and territory. Standing in place of sovereignty are the parents, in place of the people are the sons and daughters, and in place of the territory is the nation. It is an absolute principle that all of these elements have to be present. (35-279, 1970.10.25)

To establish a nation there has to be sovereignty. Therefore, when actualizing heaven's nation on earth, the question is, who is the owner of heaven and who is the sovereign ruler? Without doubt, God is the sovereign ruler. Then who are the people? All people are included. Then where is the territory? The planet Earth is that territory. (96-15, 1978.1.1)

All of your comings and goings should be for the sake of seeking that nation, being its founding loyal patriots, and restoring our homeland. Your mind-set should be to shoulder such a mission. You should think that you have received instructions, as the secret envoys of Heaven, to come to this evil world today to fulfill this mission. Please understand that without doing this, you will not be able to establish your prestige or dignity as a citizen of the nation we have been seeking. (50-255, 1971.11.7)

Do you think that Satan, who has played havoc with God for six thousand years, will simply say, "Oh my goodness, I'm losing ground," and turn around, bow his head and go home? You think it is a waste to throw out an old cleaning rag, don't you? You would probably turn it over and check the smell before you throw it out. Satan is not going to retreat easily. He will doggedly fight to the end. This is why we must remain focused on the central point. If I, Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, stray from the center, I will be broken. If you do not set the right direction, there can be no development. (57-276, 1972.6.4)

Unificationists must go out in their bare feet, if necessary, to create the homeland. Your leftover resources are not enough to save this nation. You cannot save this nation by focusing on what food to eat, what clothes to wear and what car to drive. In the Unification Church, we determine to pioneer with our bare hands and feet. That is the type of work our church is doing. (14-201, 1964.10.7) 

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