Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Thirteen -- Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Chapter 1. The Restoration of the True God's Homeland
Section 1. The Homeland that the True God Desires

Jesus came to establish the homeland of the True God. The prophets and patriots of history worked to build this same homeland. In order to establish heaven, one perfect man must come. This man must be recognized by heaven and earth, begin a family, have children, and then establish a tribe, a people and a nation. He must indemnify the relationship between Cain and Abel, engraft them to himself, and build the homeland of God's dominion in this world. The prophets and patriots of history desired this result. However, they were unable to build the longed for Kingdom of Heaven on earth to which individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world could be connected. Therefore, we must abandon the path along which humankind has been heading and go in God's direction. (15-278, 1965.10.30)

What would have happened if the original human ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen? In Adam's family, Adam would have become the leader of his tribe. At the same time, he also would have become the leader of his people. In addition, as the representative of the nation, Adam would have become king. Thus, the world would have united under the one philosophy based on Adam. All trivial and worthless philosophies and doctrines would have been cast aside. The myriad of doctrines that have brought great confusion to the world must be exposed at their roots and eliminated. Humanity's system of thought should have been based on Adam. Our language should also have been Adam's language, our culture should have been Adam's culture, our tradition should have been Adam's tradition, our lifestyle should have been Adam's lifestyle, and our administrative systems should have been Adam's administrative systems. Everything should have come under the system of thought of Adam's nation. The philosophy of the true Adam is Godism. Everyone must become one with God, centered on His heart. This is what we call Godism. (20-123, 1968.5.1)

The place where we long to live is the heavenly kingdom. Everyone wants to live in the heavenly kingdom. Are there boundaries in the heavenly kingdom? Do they use two languages in heaven? Are there differences between the races? The answer to these questions is no.

Then what is the heavenly kingdom like? All people were born in the bosom of God; thus, from God's point of view, we are God's sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in the family of God. From Heaven's perspective, we are one people, all citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (66-281, 1973.5.16)

Our goal is to build a unified world and one nation under God ? a nation with one sovereignty, one people, one land, and one culture that is connected to God's lineage through the True Parents. In that nation, everyone, who is determined to become God's heirs will establish a realm of heart and fulfill the biblical ideal to "love your enemy." (God's Will -- 697)

The world God created cannot have national boundaries or problems between races. There would be no need for the struggle between good and evil. Yet in the world we live in today, there are borders dividing the nations and problems between people of different races. Barriers and divisions arise even within each family between husband and wife, between parents and children, and between siblings. There is fighting between good people and evil people. In light of the situation of the world today, the task of the coming Lord will be to create a world that transcends racial problems and creates one nation without borders. He will have to unite all the divided families and bring the kingdom of peace to this world where good and evil are fighting. (53-72, 1972.2.9)

Where is the original land, the original homeland of our ancestors? How is that homeland created? It is logical that the homeland be established on the standard of one specific nation. But if we ask the location of the homeland of humankind that God has been searching for, the answer is, the whole of planet Earth. The Earth is the homeland for which humanity has longed. Many of our ancestors in past generations have walked the path of sacrifice. Yet what was it they desired and for which they begged Heaven? They cried, "Please quickly bring the era of the homeland we desire!"

Through establishing a nation of God, we are to establish on earth the peaceful Kingdom of Heaven that places good above all else, that eliminates evil and judges the ringleader Satan, who, until now, has been the enemy of Heaven. Please understand that this has been the desire of our ancestors, who contributed enormously to the course of the providence, as well as the desire of God and Jesus. (155-321, 1965.11.1)

The homeland is neither America nor Korea. Wherever it is, there must be a country that encompasses a family, a tribe, and a people. For six thousand years of history God has been following countless nations, longing for and seeking one country that could be established as the heavenly nation on this earth. God has been searching to find Heaven's loyal subjects and virtuous men and women. We must reorganize families, peoples, and nations with God as their center. Let us not forget that we have been called to bring about the day of liberation, the restoration of our homeland. The mission of religious people has been the creation of a homeland, but they often still maintain the selfish desire for personal salvation. (15-280, 1965.10.30)

Unificationists have set the standard on the level of an individual, a people and a nation. Now we have to mobilize all the people in every nation of the world. We must seek the day of freedom, equality and happiness, as well as the day of the restoration of our homeland. Inevitably we must go this way, though it is difficult. This is my perspective and the standard that God is seeking. It was this standard that Jesus was trying to establish up until the time of his death.

We will suffer as we move forward in the process of restoring our homeland. Unification Church members will stand in the forefront. The time will come when everyone will say it cannot be done without Unification Church members, but you must still work hard for three years. We have to establish the tradition, shedding blood, sweat, and tears until all people inherit everything from us. You have to understand clearly that there are still conditions of indemnity to be offered. (15-280, 1965.10.30)

God is a miserable God, a lonely God, and an unspeakably sad God. God's joy will begin when we become standard-bearers for the liberation of God. His joy will begin when we become soldiers on the front line who, even if we are bleeding and fall down from loss of blood, have the conviction that we will keep going until we collapse together. When the ranks of the brave soldiers who are fighting to restore our homeland and bring the world into one gradually begin to increase, God's joy will begin. (64-286, 1972.11.12)

Do you know where the providence has come to at the present time? The first goal is to have the basis on which we can bring about the restoration of the homeland in heaven's nation and liberate God's Kingdom on earth. This must be done even if you have to sacrifice time with your family and relatives. Even if you end up as a refugee, this must be accomplished. (300-309, 1999.4.11)

We have to set up a country under the dominion of God. The time has come for you, as the people with genuine authority who are dedicated to God and working with True Parents, to offer the financial foundation necessary for the restoration of our homeland on earth, the nation that will also bring world unity. I should not help you either as a group or as individuals with the money from my own wallet. We have to follow the will of Heaven. Korea must be responsible for Korea; Japan must be responsible for Japan, and America for America. Providentially, these three countries are one. They are the countries of the parents and the eldest son. (303-157, 1999.8.17)

We need to create an impetus for one unified language. You read the record of everything True Parents have accomplished, but to read this in translation is a disgrace. It will become your shame in the spirit world. When you go to the spirit world, you might have to pay indemnity for thousands or tens of thousands of years. That is how great a problem this is. Even if the homeland has been restored, people who cannot go over this hill will have no path upon which they can return to their hometown. They will have no certificate of residence that enables them to dwell in their homeland as registered citizens. This is a serious problem. (303-157, 1999.8.17) 

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