Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Twelve -- The Pacific Rim Providence
Chapter Five -- All Civilizations Will Come to Fruition on the Peninsula
Section 2. The Providential Mission of the Korean Peninsula

2.1. The Korean peninsula is an encapsulation of the world

On the Korean peninsula, the Republic of Korea is destined to battle and triumph over communism. When it does, the Republic of Korea will play an active role in the world. However, if it is defeated by communism, the Republic of Korea will disappear without a trace. The Vietnam War is a prime example of the tragic fate that awaits you after defeat. North Korea represents evil, while the Republic of Korea represents good. The devil controls North Korea, while God sides with the Republic of Korea. In this manner, the Korean peninsula is becoming a region in which good and evil are in the sharpest confrontation in the world. All the evil in the world will perish when good overruns and defeats evil in this area. Throughout providential history, God has been eagerly waiting for the Korean people and the free people of the world to come together and achieve a complete victory. (129-331, 1983.12.14)

As a cultural race with a lengthy history spanning five thousand years, the Korean people have from early times led a rich spiritual life, immersed in a tradition of revering Heaven. Our ancestors accepted Buddhism and Confucianism and brought forth a radiant culture.

Although the history of the spread of Christianity has been short, Korea has become an ardent Christian nation representing the world, both in fact and in name. Furthermore, many major religions have melted into the spiritual culture of our people. Having many different religions co-exist is a unique aspect of our culture that has exerted a good influence on the culture and created harmony. Considering the original nature of the Korean people with their inherently strong tradition of revering Heaven, I do not think atheistic communism will take root in the Korean peninsula. If there is a living God, I am convinced that He would show the world the example of defeating communism through the Korean people. (130-13, 1983.12.18)

The tribulations of the Korean people are providential and have significance far beyond the nation. God is eagerly waiting for this race to overcome these tribulations. The strands of world history can be said to combine on the Korean peninsula. It is the place where east and west and north and south meet, and where the confrontation between spirit and material, spiritualism and materialism, becomes dense and confused. The maelstrom on this peninsula is similar to the convulsions of a woman in labor, who is carrying a new age in her womb.

The difficulties the Korean people and nation now confront cannot be resolved apart from God's will and providence. I believe they can be resolved in relation to the world, rather than by Korea on its own. The Korean people should awaken to God's will and overcome hardships by following the one who was sent by God, with the purpose of guiding the spiritual spheres of the world. (135-238, 1985.12.11)

Accordingly, at this time in history, the powerful surrounding nations that have an interest in the Korean peninsula have been gathered together by the Unification Church. That is the case with the Soviet Union, the United States, Japan, and China. They all have gathered and in the future this group of nations can be utilized. A standard bearer of Christian civilization who can connect the world to God's will should have appeared in this place and initiated a movement to unite and bring Christianity together. It was my intention to win over world Christianity within seven years. (135-317, 1985.12.15)

2.2. A unified cultural sphere centering on the Korean peninsula

Just as all the European civilizations became one centering on Rome, today Korea is in a similar position; thus Rome will be reenacted on the Korean peninsula. That is why, without connecting Korea, Japan, and the United States, this global issue cannot be resolved. That is where we currently stand. (166-294, 1987.6.14)

You should all love Korea. God's purpose in raising Korea should be fulfilled and Korea should become our homeland. In the future, the entire Korean peninsula should become a holy ground. Shouldn't we recover the Liaotung peninsula in Manchuria that used to be Korean territory? The people of Israel sold Jesus and then recovered their nation. Then do you believe that I, who live with the title of returning Lord, would not be able to recover our native land? Even if the Soviet Union were to obstruct my way, I would push right through it. I think we should enter negotiations to recover parts of our native land which belonged to us during the former Sung dynasty and which was taken away by the Soviet Union. (168-49, 1987.8.30)

North Korea lies thirty miles north of this very place. Democracy and classical liberalism are in confrontation with North Korean Kim Il-sung's communist regime. It is the most closed society in the world. In this divided territory, one side affirms God, while the other side takes the exact opposite stance and denies God's existence. There is no other place than the Korean peninsula that manifests more clearly and distinctly the differences of these two worlds, which are at opposite poles. The Korean peninsula is an encapsulation of the entire world, where there is conflict between freedom and dictatorship, good and evil, and democracy and communism. (168-234, 1987.9.21)

When you observe the nations surrounding Korea today and consider the situation of the world, you will see that it would be unfavorable for the powerful nations if war were to break out on the Korean peninsula. In particular, Communist China needs to revive itself in order to stimulate the development of its science and technology, and to join the ranks of the developed nations. However, if North Korea were to invade the South, it would create considerable problems for China.

Communist China is thinking of associating with Korea from now. I am fully aware of this. Why not Japan? Because Japan invaded China earlier this century, the Chinese believe Japan will invade their economy. Considering this situation in which Communist China is trying to connect with Korea, an invasion of the South by North Korea is not something China would condone. What about Japan? Likewise, the Japanese do not want this. They want to have exchanges with Korea too. (170-212, 1987.11.15)

The Chinese population is about 1.2 billion. There are 240 million people in the United States, and 270 million in the Soviet Union. There are many developed and prosperous nations leading the world. Yet compared to them, how wretched has Korea been until now. Korea was a weak and miserable nation, even beyond being wretched. However, during its five-thousand-year history, Korea owned large parts of the vast lands of present-day China.

The Korean people do not like strife. They are a peace-loving people. Isn't there a historical record of the Balhae race? So far, hasn't this been an issue in academic circles? They were called the Dongi people and were said to have flowed into the Korean peninsula. They were people who, weary of the life on the barren plains of mainland China, where numerous tribes were in confrontation with one another, sought refuge on the Korean peninsula by crossing the Tumen River and Yalu River. (172-279, 1988.1.24)

On behalf of the virtuous people of the past, you are assisting the reunification of North and South Korea to organize the tribe, people and nation, centering on the ideal family foundation that you have longed for. Thus, you should be aware of the amazing fact that on the day the flower of liberation blooms, a proud time in history will come upon the Korean peninsula! It will be a time when the flag of unification can be raised higher than the summit of the Himalayas in all nations. If you are not aware of this, the achievements I accumulated will come to curse and judge you. What will pass judgment on you? The bitter resentment contained in the tears of blood that emerged beyond the valley of death is intertwined like a crystal with history's achievements here. This is what will pass judgment on you. (173-115, 1988.2.7)

From a geopolitical point of view, Japan is an island nation. In the end, island nations cannot live in isolation. That is why Japan needs to establish ties with the continent. Currently, Japan is keeping ties with the American continent across the Pacific Ocean. These two nations were enemies forty years ago during the Second World War. The uniqueness of these people is that they have fought each other as enemies. But where will Japan go? Should she cross the Pacific Ocean to be carried on America's back or should she connect with the continent? This is the question.

The shortest route is to go through the Korean peninsula. Japan should not connect through Siberia or directly with Communist China. Japan cannot enter Communist China and absorb the chaos there. It cannot digest the 1.2 billion people of Communist China. Japan is also unable to digest the Soviet Union, which is the leading nation in the vast communist world. From this point of view, Japan is in a situation where it has no other way than to connect with Korea centering on the United States. (177-14, 1988.5.15)

As you all are aware, the Russo-Japanese War began due to the Korean peninsula. The same is true for the Sino-Japanese War. If you look into the origin of the great Asian War in modern times, you will see that it began from the incident that occurred at the Marco Polo Bridge. The cause of upheaval in Asia during modern times can be found entirely in Korea, which was the focal point of events. China also needed Korea. Korea is situated in a very interesting place, coveted by both Japan and the Soviet Union. Japan has no way to spread its political domain to the world without first connecting with the continent.

Considering this, if North Korea, backed by the Soviet Union, were to insist on joint elections between the North and the South, and if South Korea also responded by calling for the abolishment of the thirty-eighth parallel, the Soviet Union would be satisfied indeed! What does the Soviet Union need? It needs the Korean peninsula as a stronghold on the Pacific. If the Soviet Union can occupy the Korean peninsula, then it can have Japan by the neck and will also be able to have China at gunpoint. (178-12, 1988.5.27)

Now we have entered the stage where I can recover the nation. That is why the ruling party is not the owner and neither is the opposition party. Surrounded by four powerful nations, the Korean peninsula is being marginalized by these four masters. The center of that nation is the Unification Church. Wasn't I the first to call for the reunification of North and South Korea? We are calling for the reunification of North and South Korea. We are calling for the creation of a unified government between North and South Korea. Considering this, one needs the ability to absorb these four powerful nations if one is to bring about the reunification of North and South Korea. So far, I have been doing such work in America and Japan, as well as Communist China and the Soviet Union. We are now entering the age where they can become one by my lifting the weight that had been fastened to the ground. (178-231, 1988.6.4)

When we speak of the pulse of energy in the Korean peninsula, then this pulse is connected with Korea's fate and destiny. It is connected with heavenly fortune and even national destiny. What is national destiny? I consider it the fate of the nation, the direction the nation is taking. The direction Korea takes for its survival will enable the Republic of Korea to prosper when its pulse throbs with vigor and is well connected. The Republic of Korea should create one world by uniting with the heavenly fortune and pulse of the world and by drawing the support of fortune. (178-265, 1988.6.8)

Communism must collapse. The democratic world should also collapse. The democratic world is based on humanism, whereas the communist world is based on materialism. Both have driven God away. The Vatican in Rome tried to bring about the unification of the world, centering on theism, and establish an ideal kingship. Due to its mistakes, however, the providence has come back here and they must be overcome through indemnity.

Indemnity had to be paid in Britain, centering on the continent, and the mistakes of the Vatican in Rome on the Italian peninsula must be brought to Asia and restored there. Consequently, a peninsula in Asia, like that of Italy, should be restored. That is the Korean peninsula. (188-315, 1989.3.1)

Since the Papal Court on the Italian peninsula could not bring a unified world, then today unification must come through a peninsula. Satan knew the Korean peninsula was to become the place that would bring unification. That is why, in order to indemnify four thousand years, Japan entered an age where it ruled for forty years. You must understand that the country that was under this rule for forty years is the ideal nation to which the returning Lord, in the position of Adam, could appear. The logical basis for the returning Lord to come to the Korean peninsula can be understood by observing the trend of the development of history and considering the principles of restoration through indemnity. Which country should Britain, America, and France seek through their combined efforts? They should seek the Adam nation. They should seek the father nation. They must seek the father. They must seek the father nation. They must seek the Adam nation. (189-93, 1989.3.19)

This is not my individual thought. It is the view of the Divine Principle. The unification of the Korean peninsula will automatically come about. Korea should embrace Eve and they will become one. Only then will the archangels completely dedicate themselves to Adam and Eve. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. (189-104, 1989.3.19)

The Pacific civilization is the prepared culture to create the sphere of influence for the father-centered ideology. This is where the unified cultural sphere arises to bring an end to a single consolidated culture. Consequently, the unification of languages, cultures, and nations will begin centering on the parent culture. Such a time has arrived. This will take place in succession from the Korean peninsula. (193-225, 1989.10.4)

Korea is in a delicate location in terms of geopolitics. Since its distant past, Korea has paid historical sacrifice because it was an important location for powerful nations to expand their influence. Our homeland experienced the whole range of hardships during the polarized age between East and West. Just because we have entered a pluralistic age of harmony does not mean our national interests are ensured or that our national problems are resolved. The four powerful nations surrounding Korea, in other words, the United States, Japan, Soviet Union and China, are intertwined with each other, although each has its own important interests and concerns for the Korean peninsula. From God's providential viewpoint, I discern Korea's situation as the encapsulation of the world and history. For this reason, all the historical situations and present-day global problems are connected, directly or indirectly, with the Korean peninsula. For that reason, Korea is an encapsulation of the problems of the world. Consequently, the solution to global problems has an inseparable relationship with the solution to Korea's problems. (193-317, 1989.10.12)

If the mother is at the western end, the father is not to appear from the west. If the woman is at the western end, then the man must be at the eastern end. The phrase "the Far East" is significant in this light. The Korean peninsula is where man and woman are connected. If the land symbolizes man, the ocean symbolizes woman.

For this reason, island people always long for the land. When they go ashore in search of land, they always arrive at the peninsula. That is why, though a thousand years of history have passed, the Italian peninsula continues to exercise authority as the center of the global Christian cultural sphere, based on its traditional relationships. In the same way, at the other end, the peninsula is taking a position of prominence in the Far East. (196-162, 1990.1.1)

Where should Japan return to now? She should return to a place similar to the Roman peninsula. By doing so, she should connect with the continent. The focal point enabling her to do so is the Korean peninsula. It is not the Indochina or Malay peninsulas or even Singapore. There is only one single Far East region, and that can only be the Korean peninsula.

The history of this peninsula should be similar to that of the Israel nation. That is because Christianity is an extension of Judaism. As a single ethnic group with a long history, Korea should go through hardships and shed much blood. They should be a righteous people. How much blood has been shed throughout the ages because of treacherous people? This is how it was for five or six hundred years during the Chosun dynasty. The number six must be indemnified. Since it was such an age, the blood of many good people had to be shed during that time. (204-161, 1990.7.8)

For forty years, I have walked the path of the Unification Church's miserable destiny, but I have not perished. Why? It is because I knew this is the kind of standard of the family that I desired, the way a nation of my desire should be, the way the world of my desire should be, and the way the God whom I desire should be. I knew the things I desired were also what God desired.

Therefore, if you invest, invest and keep investing, what you have invested will move in a circle and will surely settle down, centering on a certain axis, where a place of settlement for world history can begin. If possible, my wish is for that settlement to be realized centering on the thirty-eighth parallel on the Korean peninsula. Furthermore, I am thinking of settling this based on my hometown and so I am now marching towards the homeland. (208-226, 1990.11.18)

I have struggled on this battlefield that emerged at the intersection between North and South Korea, while longing for the day of Korea's independence. In order for the Korean peninsula to be born as a new favorite child, this nation must face a tragic fate of division in a position where it must go through the hardships of childbirth where North and South Korea intersect, and where the nation becomes an advance base representing the democratic world and communist world.

Who should shoulder the responsibility for this? It must be shouldered by the Korean people. The Korean people are to bear this responsibility, but it should not be a group who is ignorant of the path that Korea should take in the future. Otherwise, this tragedy could have been overcome through Korea's traditional history. There were many thoughtful people and patriots who tried to resolve this tragic situation. But the fact that they were unable to do so means that the miserable situation on the Korean peninsula was not something that human effort alone could resolve. Since I knew this, as someone who was aware of the providential history of the Korean peninsula guided by heavenly will, I had no choice but to prepare to go straight on a pioneering road. (211-135, 1990.12.30)

South Korea and Japan should work together in taking the lead for the reunification of North and South Korea by influencing North Korea. Otherwise, the Korean peninsula and Japan will not be able to unite. (212-140, 1991.1.2)

2.3. The reunification of the Korean peninsula is the model for world unification

Unification must be achieved, centering on South Korea. Then centering on the Korean peninsula, we should unify Japan, the Eve nation, and also unify China while uniting the Soviet Union with the United States. I have already laid all the foundations to achieve that goal. I have done it all. I have come to this nation and have done what was necessary in laying all the foundations in the external Cain-type world. In order to lay the foundation in the world of politics and economics, I have spent money and worked for those people until now. Soon you will see fewer and fewer people who oppose the Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. Some people in established churches oppose us. However, do they not now recognize me as the one person who will unite North and South Korea? (214-306, 1991.2.3)

The Korean peninsula is divided into the North and the South. This symbolizes the division of the world. I must now draw together the fortunes of unification and make a circuit and return. Who is the one that divided this country into North and South? It was Japan. That is why the funds for the reunification of North and South Korea must be supplied by Japan. To do so, we need to educate and mobilize all the people of Japan. I am the only person who can accomplish this. That is what I am doing. Where should the funds for reunification of North and South Korea come from? Japan should supply it. (226-134, 1992.2.2)

In terms of restoration through indemnity, Japan has taken on what Britain failed to do and stands in the position of influencing Asia and the entire world with her economic sovereignty. If Japan fails here, it is the end of her. Since Japan did not welcome True Father, she lost the continent, peninsula, and island. In order to indemnify that failure, she should return to the continent and indemnify this from the other way around. The continent in this case is America, the island is Japan, and the peninsula is Korea. That is why it is coming back to the continent. (227-67, 1992.2.10)

Adam's enemy is Eve and Eve's enemy is Adam. Abel's enemy is his mother and father, and Cain's enemy is his mother and father. These brothers, Abel and Cain, are mutual enemies. They are all enemies. The Korean peninsula is where these enemies fight amongst themselves to find their positions. The Korean peninsula is where the final history is brought to an end. In terms of the cultural history, it is the final point for a showdown between communism and democracy. Isn't that the case with the South and the North? Kim Il-sung in the North is in the position of the father who has returned representing the communist world. And Rev. Moon, the True Parent, is in the position of the father who has returned, representing the democratic world centering on Christianity. Two parents have emerged.

Until now, the Korean peninsula was in a position in Asia that could not be left alone by the United States, China, and Soviet Union. Japan is like Eve before marriage and has become a truly beautiful woman dressed in brilliant colors. That is why the Soviet Union, China, and the United States all want to snatch her away. It is exactly the same situation as when the angel fell. (228-231, 1992.4.3)

God loves the Korean peninsula. He does not just love South Korea. Since North Korea could not stand in such a position, now we must save North Korea. Just as Jacob saved Esau, just as Jacob offered all his possessions he had prepared for 21 years amidst hardships in order to inherit Esau's rights of the eldest son, I also have the responsibility to pioneer a path with the people of North Korea on the frontline, to feed and save them. In order to do so, the government, in the position of Cain, should become one with Rev. Moon, who is in the position of Abel. (228-235, 1992.4.3)

I was the one who saved Kim Il-sung from death. We are brothers, like twins. Aren't we the twins on the Korean peninsula? That is why we shouldn't be killing each other, but saving each other. Weren't Esau and Jacob brothers? After 21 years, Jacob returned and offered everything he had to his elder brother. Esau was not happy to hand over the blessed rights of the eldest son, but by handing over the blessings from the position of a brother, the Israel kingship was established. The Rev. Moon, who belongs to the realm of the third Israel, must unite the nations in Asia through the reunification of North and South Korea on the Korean peninsula. The North and the South are like Cain and Abel. Consequently, the body that Jesus lost in Asia should be brought and engrafted into him. (228-239, 1992.4.3)

You should understand that the Korean peninsula, which was divided into democracy and communism, is the center of the world, and the reunification of North and South Korea is the key to world peace and unification. To this day, I have devoted my entire being and efforts for this task in all parts of the world. Last year, in November 1991, I visited North Korea and negotiated with Kim Il-sung for this purpose. Now the day is drawing near when all the world religions will unite. The day for the reunification of North and South Korea on the Korean peninsula is drawing near. (229-80, 1992.4.10)

The Korean peninsula has been divided into North and South for forty years. In the world today, the two locations with the highest risk of setting off a third world war are Israel in the Middle East and the Korean peninsula. They are in conflict because of their religious backgrounds. Kim Il-sung's Juche ideology is like a religion centered on Satan. It is a completely satanic religion, as well as dictatorship that cannot be described in words. Rev. Moon's Unification Church is the only religion that can unify the world. (229-125, 1992.4.11)

The world is now faced with the religious problem in Israel, in the Middle East, and the problem between North and South Korea on the Korean peninsula based on democracy and communism. That is why if a third world war were to break out due to a collision between these two camps with different religious and ideological backgrounds, humankind would face complete destruction. We are facing such danger. Who will take the lead in bringing a world of peace? (229-125, 1992.4.11)

When Adam and Eve unite, the unity between Cain and Abel can begin. When that happens, a new ideal beginning will take place in Asia, centering on Korea and Japan. The unity of Asia and the west, the unity of East and West, and the unity of North and South will be achieved. This is not about the North and the South on the Korean peninsula. It represents the cultural differences between the East and the West, and the poverty gap between the North and the South. That is why worldwide unity is not a problem. (230-292, 1992.5.8)

Forty years ago, if this nation had supported me, it would have become a palace of the right of the eldest son that could lead the world. It would have become the nation of the right of the eldest son. It would have become the established nation of the realm of the third Israel. Since this did not happen, it was divided into two. Just as Israel was divided and had conflict between the North and the South dynasties, the Korean peninsula was divided. Since this has come back to us again, we should make the conditions for unification favorable, centering on Rev. Moon. But this has not happened yet, so there is no unification at this time. (230-346, 1992.5.10)

The Korean peninsula was divided into north and south, not because our people wanted it, but because of the influence of the surrounding powerful nations, including the United States, the Soviet Union, China, and Japan. Consequently, the reunification of North and South Korea does not come to us just because we sit there on the Korean peninsula and wish for unification. We have to transform the existing situation, where the United States, the Soviet Union, China, and Japan play a leading role in the international order as they keep our nation divided. In other words, we should develop the proactive influence of our people and of Korea so the neighboring superpowers can cooperate in the reunification of the Korean peninsula instead of obstructing it. (231-8, 1992.5.11)

2.4. Providential developments for the restoration of the Adam nation

2.4.1 The providence centered on Japan, the United States, and Germany

Eve, who had received the seed of death, should come forth embracing her two sons, Cain and Abel, centering on Adam in order to receive the seed of life. You must reap what you sow. As the Eve nation, Britain, an island nation during the Second World War, should have embraced France, the archangel, by giving birth to America, an Abel-type son. Britain should have embraced Cain and Abel. The equivalent of that is Japan, an island nation. As the Eve nation, Japan embraced Germany and Italy. It is the same situation.

Hitler of Germany believed in the destruction of Christianity. Hitler's ideology was to destroy everything that was spiritual and ideological, based on his belief of the superiority of the Aryan race. And Italy, which wavered back and forth, was in the position of the archangel. Germany and Italy stood in the position of two sons before the satanic and evil mother. The Second World War was a war to clear this away on the worldwide level. Since it was sown in this way, in autumn the husks should be cut away. The Second World War cut all that away and unified everything into a Christian cultural sphere under the realm of one owner. (207-269, 1990.11.11)

Before the Fall of Adam and Eve, there was God and the three archangels centering on Adam and Eve. In regards to Adam, Eve should have followed him, as well as the three archangels who were also to follow Adam. The ideal was to have Eve and the three archangels enter Heaven after becoming one with God, centering on Adam. That is why I, as the representative of Adam, am now influencing Japan, the Eve nation, the United States, China, and the Soviet Union. Thus, we have returned to the position of receiving the three archangels and the realm of Eve. (199-84, 1990.2.15)

Korea is the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation. Why is Japan the Eve nation? Japan is an island nation. An island always longs for the land. That is why the island nation symbolizes the woman. This is realized based on the Korean peninsula and Japan. There are also nations in the position of the three archangels. The Asian archangel is China, the Christian archangel of the west on the heavenly side is America, and the Soviet Union is the evil archangel. These are the three archangels. (207-270, 1990.11.11)

Britain was the Eve nation. Adam's family was lost due to the failures of Eve and her two sons, Cain and Abel. Since Cain and Abel failed to unite, they fell. Britain, in the form of a global nation, was the fruition of the restoration of that incident. Britain is an island nation. The island nation always longs for the land. This symbolizes Eve, the mother. America is the country born from the Eve nation, centering on the Anglo-Saxon race. That is why it is Abel. France is the archangel. Although France was the enemy, having opposed Britain and America, in the last days there will be unification centering on the allied nations of Britain, America and France. (277-34, 1996.3.24)

Until now, my work in America is to restore the Adam and Eve nations, and then the Cain and Abel nations. Since Adam fell and planted an evil seed, it must be restored through indemnity on the global standard of the nation. Korea is the Adam nation, Japan the Eve nation, and America is in the position of Abel. The Abel nation has emerged in order to restore the rights of the eldest son and restore the sovereignty. Germany was the Cain-type nation on the satanic side, and Japan stood in the position of Eve. That is why Germany became the Cain-type nation on heaven's side.

These four nations should establish the tradition of a single nation on the global stage. That stage is the United States. The Japanese, Germans, Koreans, and Americans should become one, centering on Rev. Moon in America, which is leading the free world of the Christian cultural sphere. America is about to collapse. The Abel-type nation is about to collapse. Unless I restore these things, there will be no place for the Adam and Eve nations to stand upon. Therefore, even though I am in the position of the Adam nation, I am going to America in order to save it because it is about to collapse. I am taking the Koreans and Japanese with me to educate the Americans and to have them unite with the Germans. They are all enemy nations. All these nations are enemies. (141-224, 1986.2.22)

I established Korea as the Adam nation, and Japan as the Eve nation. After going to the United States, I am meeting them all. For twelve years until now, I have been engaged in a movement to unify Adam and Eve on the foundation of unity between Cain and Abel, and Catholicism and Protestantism. (143-132, 1986.3.17)

After the Eve nation and Adam nation fulfill everything, it will be the archangel nation's turn. There are three great archangels. China is the Asian archangel, the United States is the western archangel of the Christian cultural sphere, and the Soviet Union is the archangel on the satanic side. When the three archangels receive the original rights of inheritance by uniting with God and the Adam and Eve nations, then the positions of God, Adam and Eve, and the three archangels in the Garden of Eden on the individual level before the Fall can finally be restored through indemnity on the world level. When True Parents are designated there, the devils' powers and influence will disappear in the places where the True Parents' name exists. Since that time has now come, I am proclaiming the True Parents to the world. History has been flowing in this way. These words are not my own, but come from God. (209-297, 1990.11.30)

From a providential point of view, the United States is a warehouse keeper, not the owner. It has everything: a warehouse of knowledge, armed forces, material and science and technology. She is not the owner, but the manager. That is why America should distribute all this for the sake of the world. But America is making a fuss about keeping it all for itself. Heaven controls this warehouse. This warehouse is being moved to Asia.

At this time, Japan has taken over all this. Isn't that so? Japan is the Eve nation. Therefore, Japan must become one with the archangel to recover what was lost. Eve is doing this for Adam. After doing this, where should it go? It should return to Adam. America will perish now if it abandons Korea. Carter lost the presidency because he did just that. Do you think that just happened by chance? I am doing all this because of that providential point of view. You may be disappointed that America is the archangel nation, but that is what Christianity is. It is relative. When the Lord returns, aren't his people those who center upon the Eve nation? That is what the Christian cultural sphere is. It is to create the realm of the bride. All the other nations are the archangel nations. (210-185, 1990.12.19)

2.4.2. The providence of restoration through indemnity at the time of the Second World War

Britain was the Eve nation and the United States was the son born from Eve. France was the enemy. These three were the Allied Nations. The Axis powers include the Eve nation of Japan, an island nation. It was the same with the satanic side. Centering on the island nation of Japan, Germany was the evil son on the satanic side. After the First World War, Germany saw that during the Great Asian War, Japan had quickly occupied North Vietnam, which was French territory. It also occupied Singapore in a short time. Seeing Japan easily defeat its own enemy, Germany thought that it could dominate the world if it became one with Japan. That is why it established a three-nation alliance with Japan and Italy. As it was the archangel, Italy went back and forth. (228-222, 1992.4.3)

Based on those nations that were determined to exterminate Christianity, nations had to be established as the representative of Britain, which was the original Eve nation; as the representative of America, which was the original Abel nation; and as the representative of France, which was the original Cain nation. Since Satan had taken away those nations representing the Christian cultural sphere, God chose Japan as Eve, placing America in Adam's position. Since Satan had occupied Britain, which corresponds to the head that God favored, God was compelled to grasp Japan, which corresponded to the tail. After that, God grabbed America's tail and then Germany's tail. By doing so, God re-created the modes of the Eve nation, Cain nation, and Abel nation. This steep hill is being overcome by indemnifying four thousand years in forty years. Without doing so, the world would perish. (228-225, 1992.4.3)

Britain was the nation that represented the Eve nation, centering on Christianity. France represented Cain and America represented Abel. America is like a son born from Britain. Since this seed was sown throughout the world, a global nation will bear its fruits. Only when it bears fruit in that way can those who fought on the heavenly side be restored. Therefore, centering on Britain, the United States was the Abel nation, and France was the Cain nation. These three nations became one to form the allied nations. Satan's side was the opposite. Japan was the Eve nation on the satanic side. Isn't Amaterasu-oomikami a female deity? Centering on this, Germany was the Abel nation on the satanic side. The Nazis of Germany slaughtered over six million Jews during the war. They were also intent upon massacring all Christians and devastating the world. (228-282, 1992.7.5)

Japan was the Eve nation on the satanic side. Hitler, dictator of Germany, created the three-nation alliance of Italy, Japan, and Germany. Hitler's ultimate goal was in destroying France and Great Britain. Yet, Japan invaded and quickly overran Vietnam, which was French territory, and then conquered Singapore, which was British territory. Seeing this, Germany believed it could attain victory in Asia if it formed an alliance with Japan. If it could win by forming an alliance in this way, Germany believed it would be in the leading position. Since Japan was an ocean nation and not of the continent, Germany believed that even if Japan were to win, she would have to follow Germany, which was the leading power on the continent. (257-100, 1994.3.13)

Satan's side also organized a line-up similar to that of the allied nations. The three nations of Japan, Germany, and Italy formed the Axis powers. In this alliance, Japan was the Eve nation. In the Orient, the woman initiated war for the purpose of unifying the entire East. And what happened in the West? Germany symbolized the body. Germany tried to unite and occupy the entire West. When you consider all this, Japan initiated a war and Germany also waged war. Italy was like an appendage that followed them around. (235-49, 1992.8.28)

During the Second World War, the allied nations of Britain, America and France fought against the Axis powers of Japan, Germany and Italy. This was about reaping what was sown in the Garden of Eden. These were the mother, Cain and Abel. In God's providence, this was divided into two groups, into the internal and external. That is why these two sides have grown to become the internal and external Eve nation, the internal and external Cain nation, and the internal and external Abel nation. That became the right-wing and left-wing. (239-262, 1992.12.6)

To achieve His will, God does not choose and use something twice. If America were removed, however, the cultural spheres of the Unification Church and Christianity, and the Unification Church and Judaism would be separated. That is why I reluctantly chose America. The reason I have to go and fight in America is because I chose America, and in order to make up for America's failure, I brought along Japan, the Eve nation. Adam's sin that was sown bore fruit in the world. This must all be ruthlessly cast away. Originally there was God, Adam and Eve, and the three archangels. Considering this, Korea is the Adam nation, and Japan the Eve nation. That is why we have cross-cultural "exchange" marriages. Adam and Eve married on their own. As a consequence, the world of death was created. However, the second generation of the Korean people and Japanese people must come into a cross-cultural marriage. Let the government oppose us if it wishes. (197-269, 1990.1.19)

If America had been given up, the free world and Christian cultural sphere would have completely disappeared. I was the one who chose to have America stand in the position of Abel again. It was not God. Once you make a mistake, that is the end. However, since there was a record of the parents' mistakes being redeemed through Abel, I have chosen America to be in the Abel position and Japan to be the Eve nation in place of Britain. I have also snatched away Germany, the enemy nation that was on the satanic side and most loved by the wicked Satan, to replace France. (204-288, 1990.7.11)

Two types of people were assigned to be placed on the satanic side or the heavenly side. The Second World War arose from the confrontation with an Eve nation, an Adam nation, and an archangel nation on the satanic side. After the satanic side had surrendered, America came to represent the Christian cultural sphere, based on Protestantism. If America had united with the Unification Church of Korea and with Rev. Moon, it would not have become what it is today. Communism would not have emerged. That is why America will perish if it lets go of Korea. For this reason, I have raised Japan to become the Eve nation, and America, which opposed the Unification Church, to become the archangel nation. This did not come about because of America itself or because of Japan herself. It came about because of me. (204-164, 1990.7.8)

For seven years after the independence of Korea, I endeavored to fulfill my responsibility of bringing together Christianity. That great man, who can stand proud on behalf of history, has now become a frail man of seventy and has returned by going through a forty-year course of indemnity. That is why, since the Adam nation and Eve nation united, America stands as the archangel on the heavenly side, while communist China stands as the archangel of Asia, and the Soviet Union stands as the archangel of the communist party. When these three archangels that resisted God's will are brought to natural submission, and when they get in line with Korea, then the age of the peace kingdom shall arrive. This will be the time when the lineage of the satanic world can be rooted out of our world and replaced with the lineage of the heavenly nation. (197-271, 1990.1.19)

The unity of China, America, and the Soviet Union centered on me, is like the unity between the three angels centering on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eve. When this happens, God's providence will be completed. What has been sown in that environment will grow on a global level and should be cleared away and restored through indemnity. Therefore, Korea is the Adam nation, Japan is the Eve nation, and the surrounding countries are the three great archangel nations. That is exactly how it is.

The three great archangels are centered on God, Adam and Eve. These three great archangels correspond to the countries of China, America, and the Soviet Union. They will no longer oppose the heavenly side. They have all been connected together, centering on me. (207-327, 1990.11.11)

There were three archangels around God, Adam and Eve. In the same way, the Adam nation should be established, centering on God. Everything that was sown on the individual level must bear fruit on the national and global levels for this to be completed. That is why there is God, the Adam nation, the Eve nation and the three archangels on their side. What this means is that Korea and Japan are the Adam and Eve nations, respectively, and the three archangels consist of the archangel of Asia, the Christian archangel on the heavenly side, and the archangel on Satan's side on the world level. These three archangels come together to take away Eve. If Adam and Eve are ensnared again, it will be the death of the world. If that happens, it will surely be the end. (208-332, 1990.11.21)

With the full authority of the world, the coming Lord should connect all the foundations for governing heaven and earth, and create one world centering on a unified kingship. This was God's will, but due to the opposition of America, representing the Christian cultural sphere, towards Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, this was completely transferred into Satan's realm. In that situation, I have come forth with only my bare hands. I was able to guide Japan, the defeated Eve nation on Satan's side, as well as America. (242-124, 1993.1.1)

2.4.3. The providences for the Adam, the Eve, and Archangel nations

From a providential viewpoint, the question is how to bring together the Adam nation, the Eve nation, and the archangel nation to become like a single nation? What this means is that, from now on, Koreans, Japanese, Americans, and Germans should all live under the same roof. You must prepare for that here if you are to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you think the Germans, Americans, Koreans, and Japanese will be living separately in the Kingdom of Heaven? They belong to one nation. Yet, they are all divided in the spirit world. If they are to be bound together, it should be done on earth. They should all ascend together after being bound together on earth. That is the key point. (173-71, 1988.1.3)

If Jesus had not died, he would have had to embrace China and India as if they were his two sons. Those nations should have behaved in that way. Israel, the mother nation, should have united with Jesus, like Cain and Abel, centering on India and China from a position where they could receive the coming Lord Jesus, the bridegroom, as Adam so the Messiah could establish the sovereignty of the Adam nation. The people of Israel, however, did not accept the Messiah and thus God's providence went to the West, the opposite way. Since it moved to Rome, since it fell away to the peninsula, then it should return to an island nation. (188-309, 1989.3.1)

The responsibility of religion is to lay the historical foundation of receiving the mother. It should be on a worldwide scale. In that sense, I believe God could not help thinking about the providential point of return that would enable the world to become one, centering on the religious spheres. That period was the time of the Second World War. That is why God had to raise the Eve nation, the Cain and Abel nations, and the Adam nation. God's will was for these nations to attend the true father who comes as Adam and endeavor to connect him to the various world leaders in order to create a unified nation. History should be viewed from this perspective. (193-189, 1989.10.4)

The Unification Church is based on an unusual set of four civilizations. In other words, it encompasses the four cultures of the Adam nation, the Eve nation, the archangel nation, and the Cain and Abel nations, which are like enemies. All these nations have very different backgrounds and stand in confrontation with one another. Yet, from this difficult situation, I plan to use them as the basis of tradition and a departure base. Do you realize how frightening this is? You must understand how great a fact this is. You may think it is difficult to make this a starting point, but you should know that it is the base of tradition that we, the Unification Church, can be proud of more than anything else. (129-234, 1983.11.6)

The mistake of Adam and Eve and the archangel that was sown in the beginning should be indemnified on the national level as the fruit in the harvest season centering on the Adam nation, the Eve nation, and the archangel nation. It should come back after going around in a circle. If Britain, America, and France had become one centering on Rev. Moon, then Korea would have become the Adam nation. Korea, as the Adam nation centering on the sovereignty of the heavenly nation, the vertical nation, would have led the way, with Britain as the Eve nation, and America as the eldest son. As Abel, America would have taken leadership over the world and advanced the global dominion. America, which stood in the position of Abel, would have finally secured its leadership over the nations of the world. All the other nations would be in the position of Cain and those nations would have to follow America. That is why all the problems could be resolved if the Lord comes on the basis of the age of a Christian cultural sphere, which has been unified in time with the age for the globalization of the restoration of the realm of eldest son, and connects that to the foundation for the mother-child cooperation. (184-252, 1989.1.1)

Since coming to America, Rev. Moon has drawn the global trend of Western Civilization into the Asian current. Up to this point, Asia has been robbed, but now it can draw everything in. Japan is the first thing it would bring in. Japan was blessed as the Eve nation, but she should come searching for the Adam nation. Due to the Fall of Eve, the creation and all authority had been taken away by the satanic world. In the age of restitution, this global tide has now entered the age of a counter tide. Britain was once called "the empire on which the sun never sets." In the same way, today all the economic rights and authority are concentrated in Asia, centering on Japan. In this way, these things will go from Japan and pass through Korea to find their place on the continent. (184-274, 1989.1.1)

2.5. We should seek the homeland

2.5.1. The liberation of the homeland is the hope of all humankind

How would things have turned out if Adam and Eve, our original ancestors, had not fallen? In the first human family, Adam would have become the patriarch. At the same time, he would have been the clan chieftain. He would also have become the representative of his nation, that is, the king. Thus, the world would have been united under the ideology. All other worthless and good-for-nothing ideologies should be done away with. Such ideologies have appeared over the course of time, confusing the world. We should take them out by the roots.

The only ideology we truly need to know is that centered on Adam. The only language, culture, traditions, way of living and system of government would be those that come from Adam. In fact, everything in this world should have been in accordance with the ideological system of Adam's nation. This ideology is Godism, because we need to become one with God, by way of His parental heart. (20-123, 1968.5.1)

What did God have planned for Adam and Eve, if they had not fallen? God would have married them in holy matrimony with His blessing and would have had them give birth to sons and daughters in whom God could take delight. Adam's Blessed Family would have been a source of great joy to God and would have naturally expanded into a tribe and then a nation. Once this nation expanded further, it would have formed a world based simultaneously on a God-centered and Adam-centered ideology.

The Adam-centered ideology would have been the guiding ideology of the world, as well as the sole view of the universe, cosmos, and even life itself. It would have been wonderful to have five races, all of different complexions, living together in such a heavenly world. After all, skin color is merely a reflection of one's environment, and so having numerous peoples with different skin colors is natural and a fine thing. Then how did these peoples come to have different languages? God separated our early human ancestors because of the Fall. (156-202, 1966.5.25)

There can be no national boundaries in a world created by God. There can be no racial discrimination between blacks and whites. There can be no reason for conflict because only goodness prevails in such a world. Nevertheless, we see that our world today is divided into nations separated by artificial borders.

Not only do we see racial discrimination, but even within the family we can also find discord and disunity between husband and wife and between parents and children. The people of goodness are struggling with those who are evil. Considering the current situation of the world, it can easily be discerned that the coming Lord must unite the world into one, making it a place with no racial discrimination and no barriers between nations. He must reunite all the broken families and establish a kingdom of peace in this world, where even now as we speak, goodness is in conflict with evil. (53-72, 1972.2.9)

What would the ideal Kingdom of Heaven be like? It would be the place where people all over the world would live like Unification Church members. This is the kingdom on earth. The kingdom on earth would be where every person adopted our way of living. What would that world be like? It would be a world where everyone would dwell together with God and where no one would claim that God did not exist or have doubts about God. It would be a world where everyone would unite together under God as our Heavenly Father. There would be no temptations from Satan, because Satan would not be there. The world governed by God would be the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, where He would reside with us. (79-304, 1975.9.21)

There is no doubt that the Kingdom of God is a place governed according to the will of God. It is governed by the sovereignty held by His children of direct descent, centering on Him and following the commands issued by Him. In such a place, democracy or communism cannot exist. Once it is established, the kingdom would remain eternally. Taking all this into consideration, one cannot help but think that it is truly lamentable that we are not citizens of such a heavenly kingdom. You should lament that you are not a citizen of such a nation. In fact, we should all lament that we do not have such an unchanging sovereignty. (72-292, 1974.9.1)

Where would the realization of God's ideal kingdom, that is, the restoration of the homeland, first take place? It will begin with an individual who believes in loving his enemies. That is why as long as God remains in existence, Christianity, the first religion that came forth with the movement to eliminate national boundaries, transcends all the walls of environment and culture. Since Christianity embraces its enemies, by virtue of the power of love, it cannot help but become the most widespread religion in the world. When you sow beans, you reap beans. When you sow red beans, you will reap red beans. And when you sow seeds of red flowers, red flowers will bloom. Similarly, if Satan, who takes vengeance upon his enemies, sows seeds of the devil, trees of evil that take vengeance on their enemies will grow from that place. If, on the other hand, a person who loves his enemies sows the seeds of goodness, trees of goodness that will love their enemies will grow from there. Such is the law of nature. (107-18, 1980.2.21)

What kind of a place would the original nation be? It would not be a place where evil dwells. Instead, it would be an eternal and unified world, centering upon the overflowing, original love. People would be completely free from evil, and they would sing in happiness forever and ever. Has there ever been anyone who lived in such a place? Not even one person has dwelled there. Though many people pursued such a nation throughout the course of history, such a world has not yet been established on earth. There were many who could describe that world with words, but not one of them ever succeeded in actually establishing it. (18-102, 1967.5.28)

We need to go beyond the cultural limitations created by the numerous peoples and the five races of the world, and rebuild those cultures into one single cultural realm. In other words, we need to establish an ideal world governed by a domestic system, a social system, a national system, as well as other institutions that are all based on Godism. This process can also be referred to as the perfected Adam-centered ideology. It is not communism or democracy but Adam-centered ideology. This ideology is the course that leads us to Godism. An ideology is like a walking stick that aids us to pursue a certain purpose. The ideology itself is not what we are after. An ideology is a necessary process that we need to undergo to attain our purpose, and so ideologies undergo change.

Today, the United States is considered the principal nation of democracy. Yet a time will come when America will decay because of money, and her people will no longer care for democracy. The current situation in Korea also reflects this fact. Though democracy itself is a good system, at present many Koreans are engaged in scheming and slandering others because of money. They are even fighting against others to seize power. Can that be considered a democracy? What is currently taking place is a phenomenon resulting from misrule by the privileged class. (21-156, 1968.11.17)

We need to unite divided South and North Korea and eliminate the gap between the rich and poor that exists across the two lands. We have to unify the cultures of the East and West. We must do away with racial and cultural discrimination and become all-embracing people. Then by what means can we come into unity? The world has been deprived of the one absolute love. So, once we are firmly established on earth through that love, the cries of opposition against the Unification Church are bound to disappear. All the peoples of this world, regardless of gender and age, would be enveloped as one body in this great blanket of love, and all the spirits in the spirit world would desire to be wrapped up in this blanket as well! That is why the unification of heaven and earth is not just mere words, but something that will be accomplished! (195-122, 1989.11.5)

Once you truly realize that God definitely exists, you cannot help but follow His will. Then what is God's will? It is to create an ideal world, by transforming the people of this world into His beloved sons and daughters, this earth into His beloved domain, and bringing them all together as one sovereign nation. (56-192, 1972.5.14)

Every person, regardless of who he may be, needs to live in his own nation. This is the absolute condition that all human beings must fulfill. Everyone without exception needs to lead a purposeful life, full of hopes for such a nation and such a righteous goal. In their hearts they need to envision utopia and strive to live for their nation and ultimate goal by establishing laws of righteousness and complying with them.

Do you have a nation of God? Since you don't have one, you need to establish one, don't you? What would that nation be like? It would be an ideal nation, a unified nation. It would be a nation where anyone and everyone can enter.

No one is excluded from the responsibility of building such a nation. Families, tribes, nations and the world have to cooperate in its establishment. That is how individuals, families, tribes, people, nations and the whole world can become united. (18-213, 1967.6.8)

Generally speaking, globalism means to see the world as one nation and all humankind as compatriots. However, the globalism that the Unification Church is referring to transcends all barriers from the family level onwards. It is a globalism for all humanity in order to establish one world with one God as Parent and all humankind as brothers and sisters. How fascinating this globalism of ours is! (98-254, 1978.8.3)

2.5.2. Let us establish the cornerstone for a new homeland

We know that we have reached the point where it is futile to hope to establish a peaceful or unified world, in the true meaning of the term, through human power, wisdom, culture, or any other human qualities. Bearing this in mind, what is the central problem we are faced with in resolving the issue of world culture? Before anything else, we need to clarify the question of whether God exists or not.

On the day when all people are aware of the fact that God does indeed exist, they will subsequently come to understand clearly where His will is heading. Once this is the reality, the world in which they live will become the ideal world of oneness and peace. (56-131, 1972.5.14)

The Unification Church is different from other churches. It teaches us to love our brothers and sisters as we would love our mother and father, and to love our tribe, race, and nation as we would our brothers and sisters. We should be ready to leave our mother and father, if need be, to love our nation. Furthermore, we should be prepared to forsake our nation to love the world. Moreover, we should be willing to renounce the world in order to love God. This is the mainstream ideology of the Unification Church: to seek the path of love that sacrifices what is small and near to us for what is big and far away. (100-80, 1978.10.8)

Would you rather be nationalists or cosmopolitans? Religion is not just about cosmopolitanism. It follows a doctrine that strives not only for the good of humankind, but also for the good of God. Communism and democracy, on the other hand, strive for the good of human beings alone. So, which doctrine would be better, the one that aspires for the good of both human beings and God, or the one that aspires for the good of human beings alone? Which is better, the doctrine that is for both God and human beings, or the doctrine that is just for the servants, leaving out the master? Religion is good because it aspires for the good of God, as well. (41-44, 1971.2.12)

What thought system will remain to the end? The movement that teaches us to love the world more than one's own nation and race and teaches us to love God above all else will be the ideology and way of thinking that remains to the last. Therefore, the issue at hand for us is how to follow the doctrine that will give the world an interracial movement that goes beyond the boundaries of nations and seeks that place where God can freely love humankind and have them practice interracial love. (53-24, 1972.2.4)

The ideology that will guide this world in the future will be the one that teaches us to save the world, even if it means sacrificing one's own nation. When a country follows such a teaching, a nation and people that center upon such a new movement will appear on earth. A new world of hope will be realized, leading to the establishment of a unified and ideal world. Those persons with limited national and historical views who fail to transcend traditional boundaries cannot inherit God's ideal world. (51-44, 1971.11.4)

The yellow race is like the first son, the black race the second son, and the white race the third son. Disagreements and fights between these races can cease and unity can be achieved through Unification Thought, which originated in Korea. In this way, an ideal homeland centered upon God can be established. From there, the world will be transformed into a world of peace, unity and victory.

Thus, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth would be built, and at the same time we would become united with God. We need God to come down to the earth. We need to attend Him as the subject figure of the Kingdom of Heaven, and thus establish one unified Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world. You need to understand that this is the mission to be fulfilled by Unificationists. On such a foundation, we would finally become one with the Parent and be able to live peacefully in the Kingdom of Heaven. (79-83, 1975.6.1)

What is the Unification Church? Where is it heading, with the right and left wings in its arms? It is guiding us to safely pass through this world of struggle and strife, and to enter a world of happiness, the world of utopia. This path is not a level one. It means that the Unification Church should be equipped with a logical system that can take responsibility for all the failures and wreckage caused by various ideological systems. At the same time, the Unification Church should also be able to take these ideologies into its arms and move them horizontally towards unity. It should strive for a transcendent form of existence, based on a spiritual awareness that can move them vertically as well, centering on religion.

The Unification Church should have the capacity to systematically analyze all ideologies from either the human perspective, such as humanism and materialism, or the theocentric perspective, past and present, and integrate them into one. At the same time, our Church members should embody the one theology that incorporates spiritual reality and experience, and connects all religions transcending denomination from the vertical perspective. (162-102, 1987.3.30)

What are the characteristics of the nation that you long for? Such a heavenly nation is dissimilar in every way to the nations you currently live in. You will have to say goodbye to those nations one day. If you are attached to them, then you have to know that you are attached to sinfulness. You know deep in your hearts that you were born as the descendants of fallen human beings who were not related to the original goodness that would have allowed the will of that nation to be linked to the will of God. (37-217, 1970.12.27)

Without a nation, there can be no nationality. Without a nation, there can be no basis upon which you can be registered. We need to create a nation of God and be registered anew. We need to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and, as the citizens who love the kingdom and its people, live on earth together with our tribes and family members as the victorious sons and daughters who have inherited the true lineage of the Parents of goodness. We can enter the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world only after doing so. This is the teaching of Divine Principle. (58-145, 1972.5.22)

Once we establish God's nation, we will be able to see the traditions we should hand down to our descendants for thousands of generations to come. We will see the efforts we have made, shedding blood and sweat, as well as God's monument that celebrates His victory and all traces of glory on the earth eternally. Without a nation, all our work will be in vain. The crucifix, culture and institutions of today's Christianity, which have all been handed down from the earliest days, should be thrown in the river or burnt to ashes if they cannot create a nation desired by God. Christians should understand they are being mocked and ridiculed by Satan. Therefore, you should realize that the real issue at hand is building the nation of God. (55-339, 1972.5.9)

You need to receive love from True Parents and God. However, you cannot freely receive God's love without God's nation. Originally, Adam was just one individual, but he would have been the beginning of a nation. When we have a nation that is better than the satanic nations of the fallen world, only then can we receive love from God. At present, we are receiving love from God by proxy. Until now, we have not been eligible to receive love directly from God. Though we can receive love from True Parents, we will have to establish a nation before we can receive love directly from God. Satan and his fallen nations are still in existence. So, we need to climb high above Satan's world. (90-116, 1976.10.21)

The homeland we need to reclaim on earth is not an existing nation with a certain history and traditions. It is completely different in essence from those other nations. In order for us to be able to inherit such a nation that stands on a completely different level from others, we need to become citizens with a subject nature rooted in ideology. That subject ideology should be in accord with the ideology of the absolute Creator. The Absolute Being desires the creation of His own nation. Then centering on that nation's sovereignty, the citizens should be united into oneness. Therefore, the nation should take shape based on such citizenship. (49-93, 1971.10.9)

For a nation to be established there must be sovereignty, territory, and citizenry. The same is true of the Kingdom of God. Parents are in the place of sovereignty, true sons and daughters are in the place of the citizens, and the Kingdom is in the place of the territory. Of these, none can be left out. That is an ironclad rule. (35-279, 1970.10.25)

To establish a nation, there must be territory, citizens, and sovereignty. Then what is sovereignty? It means fundamentally forming a relationship with God. Therefore, the leaders who rule over the nation should, after the citizens have fallen fast asleep, form a connection with God and conduct the affairs of state. In this manner, the sovereign must be in oneness with his people. Once united with them, he must believe that everything placed before him is there for the sake of the nation, not for his own use. Then his nation will prosper. (30-88, 1970.3.17)

No matter how large a nation may be, it should bear resemblance to the structure of human beings. This is because God likes everything to take after His image. That is why the ideal nation should resemble humankind. It would resemble the ideal person of heaven and earth. (26-183, 1969.10.25)

You should live every day with the thought that you are traveling to and fro and taking part in this great work in the evil world of today as a messenger of God. You should think that you were given the mission to become a loyal subject seeking out God's nation, for the sake of the restoration of the homeland. If you don't accomplish this, you will not be recognized as the dignified citizen of the heavenly nation to come (50-254, 1971.11.7) 

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