Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Twelve -- The Pacific Rim Providence
Chapter Five -- All Civilizations Will Come to Fruition on the Peninsula
Section 1. The Peninsular Civilization and Korea

1.1. The trend of world civilization

The ancient civilizations arose from the continents. Human civilization, which came forth from the valley of the Nile River in Egypt, shifted to the peninsular civilizations and established a Mediterranean civilization sphere in Greece and on the Italian peninsula. The peninsular civilization was then transferred to island civilizations, thus creating an Atlantic civilization sphere centering on Britain, an island nation.

Ultimately, the island civilization in Britain crossed the Atlantic Ocean and established the miracle of modern civilization on the American continent, thereafter creating the Pacific civilization sphere. (78-254, 1975.6.7)

The archangelic cultural sphere originated from the Nile River civilization established in Egypt. It then shifted to the Greek civilization, a peninsular civilization based around the Mediterranean Sea, and culminated in the Roman civilization. Why did the development of civilization have to gravitate toward the western spheres? It was inevitable due to the Fall. (79-72, 1975.6.1)

The birthplace of civilization must be in a peninsular region that has four distinct seasons. Such a region would exist. What is a peninsular region? The land symbolizes man, therefore, it symbolizes heaven; and the water symbolizes woman, symbolizing the sea. The peninsula connects these two. That is how it works with all the principles of heaven and earth. In that sense, the Italian peninsula, as a peninsular region, contributed to world culture. This was the first stop for past civilizations. You should be aware that this peninsular civilization, centered on Rome, a region with an integrated civilization, had emerged with the authority of the past ages in history. It had also passed through the Egyptian civilization and Greek civilization to become a comprehensive area. (107-300, 1980.6.8)

As an island nation, Japan was the first in Asia to assimilate Western Civilization. Now it is time for the age of the peninsular civilization. The Korean peninsula is where the oriental and Western Civilizations become one. As the historian Spengler pointed out, the rise and fall of civilizations recur like the changes of the four seasons in a year. The age of the Atlantic civilization has now passed, and the age of the Pacific civilization is being ushered in. (115-171, 1981.11.10)

What kind of people are the Koreans? They are a people who should inherit the global history of the cultural spheres that can restore and indemnify the civilization based on the Italian peninsula. Korea is such a region. The reunification of North and South Korea signifies the unification of the democratic world and communist world. Furthermore, the independence of Korea is a restoration of the failure of the people of Israel. That is why Israel and Korea both regained their nations together in 1948. (139-109, 1986.1.28)

Modern Korea has the shortest history in present-day Asia, and is the only nation that can absorb the global cultures and religions of east and west. From Confucianism and Buddhism to Christianity, Korea has accepted them all. During this short time of forty years, Korea absorbed the products of Western Civilization and bore its fruits. A fruit is something like a seed. The peninsular civilization becomes the base of happiness only when it ascends to the world of love, which becomes ideally established by forming one root that can save the world. Otherwise, there will be destruction in the world. (179-122, 1988.8.1)

Haven't I spoken about peninsular civilization before? Didn't I say peninsular civilization developed as a double culture, and that the Korean peninsula should come to mind whenever a volcano erupts in Japan? That is why I have been telling you to make boats. Have you built them yet? That may happen. For this reason, the Japanese and the Americans should not be arrogant. If they behave arrogantly on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, God will not spare either one. Both America and Japan will be struck. I do not pray for this to happen, but it is reasonable to conclude that such a situation would inevitably happen if Japan were to make a mistake. It is a valid statement when considering the historical judgment between good and evil. (198-237, 1990.2.3)

The world was to be unified centering on the Papal court in Rome, the peninsular civilization. However, since the Vatican did not fulfill its responsibility, the providence was expanded to Britain. When this returns in a circle, it must come through Japan, an island nation. Japan succeeds Britain's cultural sphere. That is why Japan's era of prosperity lasted for 120 years from 1868 to 1988. The 120-year period, covering the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras, is just like the 120-year period covering the reigns of King Saul, King David, and King Solomon. Emperor Hirohito died in January 1989, didn't he? It was exactly 120 years. During this time, Japan completely inherited Britain's cultural sphere. Don't they say in western literature, "If it concerns drama, it has to be from Britain?" Modern research and industrial civilization began in Britain, but its fruits were taken away by Germany. That was inevitable because Germany was on the satanic side. (199-78, 1990.2.15)

Due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, indemnity has been paid throughout the course of history for millions of years. Blood was shed as indemnity was being paid. Rev. Moon today must restore the original state of things before the Fall and go beyond our era by completely uncovering the logical background of history. This requires weaving together everything that was torn apart and patching up everything that was pierced. For this reason, Adam, Eve, and the three archangels must be restored, centering on God. The providence then comes to Korea and bears fruit. Korea and Japan must do this. The failures of the peninsula and island, of the Italian peninsula and Britain, must be restored through indemnity. The peninsular civilization, centering on the Papal court in Rome, ruled the world. To indemnify this, the providence has been developing again centering on America. Since Jesus was killed in Asia, his murdered body must be recovered to help bring about the liberation of all nations, while the trumpet sound of the ideal of the heavenly kingdom on earth echoes throughout all of Asia. (207-270, 1990.11.11)

After that, the providence must go through the Korean peninsula. That is why the peninsula must be indemnified. As in the time of the Papal court in Rome, we are entering the age of the peninsular civilization, centering on the Unification Church, which represents all the authority of the world. Something like the Vatican will appear to indemnify the history of the world cultures and all of religion. That is why democracy emerged, holding its ground against communism. This confrontation arose between the two, with communism on the satanic side and democracy on the heavenly side. (225-30, 1992.1.1)

If the Korean peninsula symbolizes the male sexual organ, then Japan symbolizes the female sexual organ. These two must become one. The time of a unified world comes about when these two are united. That is why Korea is called the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation. (251-147, 1993.10.17)

1.2. The role of the peninsular civilization from the Principle perspective

History as a whole is really interesting. When you consider the birthplace of a culture, you will see that seaports and peninsulas, where the land meets the ocean, became the cradles of civilization. By the same token, when you consider the birthplace of ancient cultures, like the Greek and Italian civilizations, you will see they were in proximity to a large sea, peninsula, or river. It is a historical fact that civilizations developed from such places. Why is this so? It is because such places are merging points. We can generally understand that all things are created through the harmony of coming together. (95-23, 1977.9.11)

When we observe the birthplace of civilizations from a geographical point of view, we see that they developed based on the conditions of climate, during the course of world history. Then what kind of place is most ideal? We can conclude that the ideal location is one that has four seasons and connects the sea to the land. In terms of climate, it should be a region with four seasons. It should be a peninsula, as well as a region where the four seasons are distinct. What is a peninsular region? The land symbolizes heaven, and the water symbolizes the sea. The peninsula connects these two. That is the reality of the world. That is how it works with all the principles of heaven and earth. In that sense, the Italian peninsula, as a peninsular region, contributed to world culture. This was the first great staging-post for past civilizations. You should be aware that this peninsular civilization centered on Rome, a region with an integrated civilization, had emerged with the authority of the past ages in history. It had also passed through the Egyptian civilization and Greek civilization to become a comprehensive area. (107-300, 1980.6.8)

We know that the peninsular nations surrounded by sea are where the important civilizations in history blossomed. Many religious beliefs and ideologies emerged from peninsular nations and guided the spiritual realm of humanity. These include the Greek philosophy that began on the Balkan peninsula; the Christian culture that blossomed in the Italian peninsula; the Hindu culture and philosophy of India; the Islamic culture from the Arabian peninsula; the Buddhist culture that bore fruit in the peninsulas of southeast Asia; the art of navigation from the Iberian peninsula; and the Nordic culture from the Scandinavian peninsula. In this way, we can see that the peninsular nations exerted the greatest influence on the cultural history of the world. (279-208, 1996.8.20)

The earth consists of land and ocean. We see that the ocean has played a motherly role, beginning with the birth of the simplest forms of life. The ocean symbolizes femininity because it nurtures and embraces life, while land can be said to symbolize masculinity. For this reason, the island nations located in the ocean are countries that represent the woman, and the peninsular nations adjacent to the continental nations are countries that represent the man. The people of peninsular nations in particular have a toughness and intrepidness that come from a life of preparing against enemies, both from the continent and the sea. Furthermore, owing to their pioneering, adventurous and progressive disposition, the people of peninsular nations brought forth a brilliant culture and disseminated it to the world. (279-208, 1996.8.20)

The earth that we live on is divided into land and sea. Geographically speaking, peninsulas are situated between these two, in a midway position connecting the continents with the sea. Since early times, peninsulas have always been significant in the formation of civilizations. Greece and Rome, where ancient civilizations flourished, were also located on peninsulas. The civilizations of Spain and Portugal developed on the Iberian Peninsula. However, today these civilizations must expand to the world and bring forth a new civilization in the east and west. The Korean peninsula in Asia is the place for this civilization to emerge. (115-171, 1981.11.10)

Britain is the Eve nation, America is the Abel nation, and France is the archangel nation. The mother should embrace the son, searching for these nations. Since what was lost has been found in this way, following this pattern, the father should be recovered. We are searching for the Adam nation because the Adam nation is the nation of the coming Lord, and that is the Korean peninsula.

Why the Korean peninsula? It is like the Italian peninsula. That which was lost centering on the Vatican must be restored through indemnity. That which was lost in the west centering on the Italian peninsula must be found in the east. For this reason, the Korean peninsula becomes a global concern. The Korean peninsula is the borderline between death and life. The North and South were divided between communism and democracy, with Kim Il-sung in the north and Sun Myung Moon in the south. This is the reality. In the north, don't they call Kim Il-sung, "Father"? Don't people in the south call me "Father" or "the True Parent"? Who will liberate this situation? The president cannot solve the problem. Thus, it rests in my hands. (201-52, 1990.2.28)

Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Rome was a powerful state that enjoyed a one thousand-year history. It is interesting that Rome has also remained to this day without perishing. The Mediterranean Sea and Rome are the like the union between a woman and a man, the union between convex and concave. The Korean peninsula is surrounded by Japan in that kind of position, centering on the Pacific civilization on a global level. It is exactly the same. That location is not Indonesia or Singapore. In Asia, there is only Korea. For this reason, the three nations in northeast Asia are the issue. If you take these three nations, you win Asia. (259-249, 1994.4.10)

In what kind of position is the Korean peninsula? It occupies the same position as Rome. It is in the same position as the Roman Vatican. Then what kind of nation is Korea? It is destined to become a nation that can harmonize all religions and humankind throughout the ages, in accordance to God's will, and also bear the responsibility of building a unified world and unified Kingdom of Heaven. Why? Because the time for the final destination of culture is coming, a culture that can represent the Papal realm that influenced the world centering on the Roman Vatican and Italian peninsula.

When North and South Korea are unified based on a uniform cultural background, they can stand in a position to influence all the religions and peoples of the world. Only then can a harmonious religious sphere manifest itself, conforming to the will of God, who chose Israel. At that point, a harmonious people and nation will be established conforming to God's will. (168-312, 1987.10.1)

Rome had carried on its traditions as a single independent state. In like manner, the Korean peninsula is in the same position in Asia as that of ancient Rome. Although Korea is caught between powerful nations, it has not perished but survived to this day. Yet, for the first time in history, you see the division into North and South Korea. Of course, there was a time when Three Kingdoms existed, but, due to the global trend and involvement of world nations, Korea was divided into north and south for the first time. Why do North and South Korea fight against each other? Mind and body were separated on a peninsula, centering on Jesus. Therefore, in order to restore through indemnity the separation of the mind and body, they must be united once again on a peninsula. That is why, from a geopolitical point of view, we can see that the Lord must appear in Korea. (195-197, 1989.11.15)

Where should Japan return to now? She should go back to a place similar to the Roman peninsula. Then she must connect to the continent. The focal point enabling this connection is the Korean peninsula. It is not the Indochina or Malay peninsulas or even Singapore. There is only one Far East region, and that can only be the Korean peninsula. (204-161, 1990.7.8)

Korea is the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation. Why is Japan the Eve nation? Japan is an island nation. An island always longs for the land. Doesn't the ocean symbolize a woman? Island nations symbolize the woman. Such a relationship is formed centering on the Korean peninsula and Japan. Also, there are nations in the positions of the three archangels. The Asian archangel is China, the western-Christian archangel on the heavenly side is America, and the evil archangel is the Soviet Union. These are the three archangels. (207-270, 1990.11.11)

The age of the Pacific civilization will unfold based on the Korean peninsula. Japan is exactly like a woman's womb. These two must become one. That is why Japan must restore through indemnity all the mistakes of Christianity and Britain. The failures of the Roman Vatican must be overcome, with the Korean peninsula at the center. The Roman Vatican ideal, the Christian ideal, and the ideal royal palace for the returning Lord should be established. Since Jesus' body was lost in Asia, the Christian cultural sphere must be combined, both spiritually and physically in Asia, to create a unified cultural sphere. (226-134, 1992.2.2)

If the Korean peninsula is the Adam nation, then Japan is the Eve nation. Why is Korea the Adam nation? Geographically, the Korean peninsula looks like the male sexual organ. The same can be said for Rome. The Mediterranean Sea is like the sexual parts of a woman and Italy is like the male sexual organ. That is why these two must become one. Culture can never leave this area. When a single culture takes root, it cannot depart because it stands in the same position as of having stood on the foundation of love. When you consider everything from a geopolitical point of view, the Mediterranean Sea looks very similar to the union of a man and a woman. (235-80, 1992.8.29)

Global civilization develops as it makes a circuit around the globe. In other words, civilization moved from the continental civilization of Egypt to the peninsular civilization of Rome and Greece, then to the island civilization of Britain and reached the continental civilization of America. The continental civilization is now moving west, crossing the Pacific Ocean, passing through the island civilization of Japan, and ultimately culminating in the civilization of the Korean peninsula to connect with Asia. The culture consolidated here is of a high degree and will create a new world. (115-171, 1981.11.10)

The flow of history will not stop there on the North American continent. I am fully aware of God's plans to have this civilization cross the Pacific Ocean and blossom as a new island civilization in Japan, an island nation comparable to Britain. This civilization will then become established here on the Korean peninsula, which corresponds to the Italian peninsula. It will be a comprehensive civilization, comparable to that of the Roman civilization in the past, capable of creating a single world and forming a new unified civilization sphere adjacent to the Asian continent. (78-254, 1975.6.7)

In the Pacific, an invasion of the Korean peninsula would be a matter of great concern. That is why the Japanese archipelago is protecting the peninsula in this way. In other words, the woman is like the flesh, and the man is like the bone. The flesh and bone make one body. If they are two, they will be separate entities. To achieve something with love as the center, both are needed. No matter how many Adams there are, without an Eve it cannot work. In the same way, these two should cooperate as a global couple and bear the fruit of cosmic love. (183-164, 1988.10.31)

The reason Japan is blessed is because she is the Eve nation. When Eve fell, everything was lost. It all must be restored, beginning with material things. Japan has been given the material blessing of the world, so where should it go after that? It should go to the Chinese mainland, passing through the Korean peninsula. It should go to the vast Chinese mainland. Originally, when Jesus appeared, China and India were both cultural and religious nations. The cultural spheres centering on Hinduism and Buddhism had the responsibility to absorb the Roman Empire by forming a trinity when Jesus came. If the Jewish nation and Arab realm in the Middle East had become one, they would have naturally connected to India. In terms of race, the people of India belong to the European line. Asia would have connected with India and then India could have connected with China through Burma. If these spheres had combined with China's religious civilization and assimilated Rome on a global domain, then a unified Kingdom of Heaven could have been created on earth. (135-317, 1985.12.15)

Japan is an island rising from the ocean, while Korea is connected to the continent. The larger continent becomes the primary hometown of God's desire. The island can be seen as a secondary hometown. The island always longs for the mainland. You should be aware of these things and know how to establish a bond with the larger hometown not only here in Korea, but also in China, the Soviet Union and the entire continent. By doing so, we should make the world so that God can stay on this earth, in our hometown, and say, "This is indeed the ideal place to live with all people of the world." Those who are determined to live such a life can live in the realm of liberation once they go to the spirit world. National boundaries will disappear. (209-19, 1990.11.24)

Until now, modern civilization has endorsed Rome's authority by representing 1,200 years of history centering on Rome. In the same way, an eternal cultural sphere will be formed through the new millennium world, centering on the Korean peninsula in Asia. That must be substantially indemnified. That is the Korean peninsula. (168-67, 1987.9.1) 

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