Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Twelve -- The Pacific Rim Providence
Chapter Four -- Ocean Civilizations Seen from the Viewpoint of God's Providence
Section 3. Japan's Mission as the Eve Nation

3.1. Japan is the Eve nation

What is the completion of God's providence? It will be completed when Adam and Eve are perfected, and the three archangels surrounding them become one. What has happened now is that America, China, and the Soviet Union have become the three archangels.

Adam is Korea, and Eve is Japan, and this still stands. The original world would be one where Adam and Eve and the three archangels are one. But the angelic world and Eve joined together and expelled Adam. The three archangels and Eve became one, and expelled Adam from the original Eden.

To indemnify this, Japan, America, and Germany should have become one after the Second World War, but this did not happen. That is why this needs to be indemnified again at this time. In Asia, Japan and Korea are enemies. These enemy nations must become one. (201-232, 1990.4.22)

I am in a position to retake these nations of Korea and Japan centering on the Adam nation and Eve nation. With the arrival of the age of restoration, they must be restored centering on Eve. That is why the Eve nation, Japan, holds all the economic power. Consequently, America needs Japan, China needs Japan, and Korea needs Japan as well. In the realm of competition, these nations are at war with each other, vying to be the first to attract Japan. I know about this. That is why I brought them into exchange marriages and completely tied Korea and Japan together. America, China, and the Soviet Union did not oppose this union. (201-232, 1990.4.22)

I have made Japan one with America, with China and with the Soviet Union. Next, I must educate America, Japan and Korea after they become completely one. As the Eve nation, Japan must draw Cain and Abel to her arms and nurse them. She must fulfill the role of nursing twins. She must provide all her milk, blood and flesh. In that way, she is giving her life. It means linking true life, true love, and true lineage. That is what Japan is doing. What am I now planning based on this providential point of view? As I was coming here, I gave instructions to carry out a fundraising drive for 300 million dollars. (201-232, 1990.4.22)

Now you must not think about any success or goal that centers on your own self. The reason I demand Japan's success is to obtain success for the entire world. If you, of all people, can stand together and carry out the heavenly mission of restoring Japan, we would not need even twenty more years. Sacrificial offerings will be needed continuously in order to fulfill that mission. Sacrificial offerings should not be made from their own subjective viewpoint. In dealing with the whole, they should be determined existentially centering on God. That is the mission of a sacrificial offering. To become a sacrificial offering you must absolutely refrain from putting forth your own subjective perspective. (15-84, 1965.9.29)

You should become heroes who can take responsibility for the most difficult places in Tokyo. Furthermore, you should stand in the most difficult position in the Japanese Unification Church and become a person who can take responsibility for difficult tasks. Otherwise, Japan will be placed in the most difficult position among other nations.

We must march forward without resting for ten or even a hundred years in order to reach our goals. If we fail to achieve them in our generation, then we must achieve them without fail even if our effort is extended through the second and third generations. When the global wave comes sweeping in, national victory will be determined depending on the number of people who jump into that wave. (15-84, 1965.9.29)

Unification Church members must think about what the Japanese Unification Church and Korean Unification Church should do in order to transcend the historical and national emotions that still remain between the two countries, to create a realm of heart like that of brothers. This is the most important task. If you stand in a position where countries like Japan or Korea bring divisiveness in your thoughts, you cannot create God's new country, the nation of His desire. In that sense, Korean and Japanese members should become one and agree on the goal of restoring a new nation and push forward until they restore that nation, which God has been seeking in its entirety. That is the worldwide mission of Unification Church members. (40-123, 1971.1.30)

When Korea and Japan, the Korean Unification Church and Japanese Unification Church, become one and restore the nation, this tradition of bonding two people will become the basis hereafter for a tradition that can be a model for all other nations, throughout the course of history. Therefore from now on, Japanese and Korean Unification Church members in some way must carry out the mission of establishing this tradition on God's side as an untainted and true tradition. (40-123, 1971.1.30)

I love the Japanese people more than anyone in Japan does. I have concerned myself with the future of Japan and China. I have worried about what America may become, and what Germany may become. Therefore, I am not someone who just loves Korean people because I was born in Korea. Even the Japanese people need my strength. That is why I believe that Japanese people must also be raised to the standard where they can love me as they would God.

Unless God stands in a position where He can be loved more than any Japanese parent is loved, God cannot become part of any family in that nation. God must be in a higher position. Opposite poles attract. We must carry out such activities. The Messiah is absolutely needed. In particular, if the Japanese people are the first to come together in making a foothold, so that the people of the world can receive the Messiah, the day will come when Japan will be praised in the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, no matter what it takes, we must leave the evil sovereignty behind and assure that the good lineage of Heaven is all that remains. (55-97, 1972.4.23)

In America and the other nations of the world, I am causing Japan to exert itself at my direction. I am also conducting joint operations with Japan. This will support Japan. For three years, you must demonstrate a sincere heart to bring together all the things of creation, the substantial body and the heart as one. Without creating a foundation, to restore the foundation of victory that I, coming from the Adam nation, have established, there will be no condition for Japan to say that it has fulfilled its mission as the Eve nation. On the national level, the task of indemnifying Jesus' being unable to meet his Eve during his three-year course… must also be accomplished by the Unification Church of Japan. (55-170, 1972.5.7)

With regard to Japan's title as the Eve nation, Eve must breast-feed her sons, Cain and Abel. She must feed and nurture them. In this way, Eve must manifest a loving heart toward the father, and the father must demonstrate love, with the heart of the loving God. She must stand in a position of loving God with greater intensity than she loves her own son or daughter. Through that systematic bond, she must receive the father's sperm, the baby seed, and engage in the process of giving rebirth. But one cannot be born again after being fully grown. This is why one must be engrafted. (122-44, 1982.10.31)

3.2. The reason for choosing Japan as the Eve nation

It is a mystery that Rev. Moon of Korea chose Japan to be the Eve nation. There are many scholars in Japan who respect Rev. Moon. Famous scholars in places like Tokyo University have asked me, "Why is Japan the Eve country? This displeases us." I told them to wait a few years to see whether it becomes a reality or not. (255-244, 1994.3.11)

There is no principle dictating that Japan must be chosen as the Eve nation. Since Satan had taken the most precious thing, God had no other choice but to grab Satan by the tail and wrestle back from him what was His, and return it to its original state. That is the way of indemnity. Indemnity takes the reverse course. That is why there is God, Abel, Cain, Eve, Adam and Satan. If humankind had not fallen, the order would have originally come from the top down. But since all of this was lost, and because Satan dominated everything, God had no choice but to go up the other way centering on Abel. (246-192, 1993.4.16)

Such circumstances were created because the Christian cultural sphere was unable to fulfill its responsibility after the Second World War. Then who will take responsibility for that? I must take responsibility for the troubles God went through while preparing for me. That is why I chose Japan, which was in ruins when she became the Eve nation. The reason Japan was able to become a global economic empire in just forty-seven years is not because Japan excelled in some way. It was because she was chosen as the Eve nation. Since Eve became a comprehensive base for recovering all creation that was lost, Japan came to wield worldwide economic power. That is also how it was with Germany and America. (242-212, 1993.1.1)

Satan had in his grasp what God loved most: Great Britain, America, and France. These countries in the satanic world came to stand in the lowest position of the servant of servants. Since I could not abandon these nations, I had no choice but to restore them. I had to go and find the tail of the devil, Satan, who played the part as the leader who opposed the heavenly way and kingdom. Since Satan had the head in his grasp, I had to search at the very bottom. That is why I went to the wilderness and chose Japan, which Satan loved the most, to be the Eve nation. There was no other way. (242-201, 1993.1.1)

I represent the heavenly kingdom, and I am the representative of the Adam nation that stands as God's representative. If I stand in such a position, then I must seek the representative of the Eve nation. I had to find a nation that could display absolute obedience. Which one was that? It was Japan, which took the place of Great Britain. Since Satan had taken away what God loved, I am taking away what Satan loves most. That is Japan and Germany. (195-205, 1989.11.15)

Since Satan had taken away Great Britain, there was no choice but to take away the Eve nation that Satan loved most. Restoration must occur through indemnity. Just as God took Abraham, the eldest son of the idol maker whom Satan loved most, Japan was taken away as a replacement for Great Britain, and America was taken away as a replacement for Abel. Who put them in their positions? It was not God, but me. Since I put them in their positions, I have to recover them. Since I chose Japan, I have to make her into the Eve nation that Britain could not be. This is why these four nations, which include Germany and France, former arch enemy nations, must be made into one. The mother and father have to become one. The son and mother have to become one, and the older brother and younger brother have to become one. (191-122, 1989.6.24)

In the future Japan, not America or Germany, will have the world's economic power in her grasp. Why? Because Japan is the Eve nation. That is why America, the archangel nation, should follow Japan. Germany is the archangel and Cain, on the satanic side. Germany must also be under Japan's influence. Therefore, in the future all the money in the world will gather in Japan. (204-289, 1990.7.11)

If I had not designated Japan as the Eve nation, Japan would have been beaten down flat. Are they not a people who believe in a motley group of spirits and even worship the head of an Alaskan Pollack? In light of the Christian tradition, which believes in the one and only God, the worship of numerous gods does not even fall under Satan. Yet, I chose Japan to be the Eve nation. That is the result of the standard of God's restoration and love. Otherwise, the Japanese would have become a miserable people. That is how it is with Germany and Japan. Is this not strange? How could these people, who caused so much harm to humanity, be blessed again in such a short period of time, becoming the envy of all people? There is no way to answer that question without knowing my teachings. Even the Japanese people do not know this. (190-238, 1989.6.19)

In terms of the Second World War, Japan was the Eve nation in Asia. She was the Eve nation on the satanic side. "Yaoyorozunokami" or numerous gods has nothing to do with the one and only God. They are a people who even worship the head of an Alaskan Pollack. Do they not call it the "yaoyorozu" or "numerous in number"? They are a people on the satanic side, and the Eve nation on the satanic side. Who is "Amaterasu-omikami," the mother goddess of Japan? She is a female. That is why Japan is the Eve nation. She represents the Eve nation on the satanic side.

Satan realized that this Eve nation was the first stepping-off point to Asia, from where the results of Western Civilization can return to the providential sphere. Satan knew that it comes back from the island -- from England. Japan inherited everything from England. Japan inherited from Western Civilization and from America. Did she not inherit from two locations? The present economic problems have been completely inherited from America. This happened right after the Second World War. Before that time, Japan and America were enemies at war. Satan, the satanic side, is fully aware of this. (188-168, 1989.2.19)

If the nation of Korea is to be saved, there must be an Eve nation for the Adam nation. Who will become that Eve nation? Since Christianity opposed God's will, Britain could not become the Eve nation. Therefore, God had to choose an enemy nation that was most loved by Satan. Satan had America well in hand. Japan corresponds to the end part of the tail. Since Satan had brought the Christian cultural sphere under his influence, and because the Christian cultural sphere on the satanic side prevented the heavenly side from acquiring anything, there was no choice but to choose Japan as the Eve nation. She was just like Britain.

Although I do not have a nation, as the representative of Korea -- the Adam nation that is the land of the coming Lord -- I as an individual, must go forward with the Eve nation under my command. Japan, the Eve nation, is an island nation just like Britain. I cannot return to Korea without establishing the condition of having recovered what was lost in America by making America the Abel nation, and Germany the Cain nation, and organizing these four nations in order to bring them before Heaven. (188-151, 1989.2.19)

Japan was able to gather money worldwide in order to restore what Eve had lost. That money is not for the sake of Japan alone. Japan will be flattened unless she invests for the sake of the world throughout Asia. This year is the border line. I am doing these things because I do not want Japan, which is on this border line, to be destroyed. Money is flowing into Korea not because I need it, but for the sake of Japan. An amount of 2,400 trillion worth of money is lying around in Japan, with nowhere to spend it. They do not know how to use the money. Japan only knows how to make money. She does not know how to use it. Since Japan is a woman, she should make a handbag and save up all her money. Would she not then get married and share everything with her husband's house? That is how it is, for Japan is literally that Eve nation. (183-83, 1988.10.29)

Before Japan was chosen as the Eve nation, did not her women go through the most hardships in the world? Throughout history Japanese women were raped and beaten by men, and had to undergo a course of absolute obedience in which they were not even free to assume a comfortable posture. It was miserable, in particular, for the women of warriors. They were miserable beyond description. First of all, the Amaterasu-omikami of Japan, a symbol of the Eve nation, also refers to Eve. Was Oomikami a woman or a man? That is why this nation is female, both in spirit and flesh. The Japanese people only look at one side of things. Women only look at one side. When they get married, they do not think of anyone else other than their husband. Their eyes, nose, ears, lips and antenna are all pointed toward their husband. (183-25, 1988.10.29)

America, which should follow Japan, the Eve nation, cannot lose Japan. That is how it is. Were not all the rights of ownership of the Eve nation lost due to unfavorable trade conditions? America has come, bringing all the material possessions of the world. These go through Abel, through Cain, through Eve, through the mother, and through the father to return to God. (182-228, 1988.10.23)

The West is the archangel. Since the archangel took away what belonged to Eve on the heavenly side, then Japan, which represents the Asian cultural sphere, has taken back all the products of Western Civilization. (168-69, 1987.9.1)

If I had not chosen Japan as the Eve nation, she would not have become that kind of nation. She would have become a miserable nation. If the Christian culture had accepted me, Great Britain would have become the Eve nation. The Adam nation is Korea. In Europe, Britain would have been the Eve nation, France the archangel nation and Germany the Adam nation; they all would have automatically become one. Yet these nations disobeyed and rejected God. Thus, you should not forget that God took what was most loved by the enemy, the Eve nation, and also took away Germany, the male nation, to reestablish His will by making the Adam nation, the Eve nation and the archangel nation centering on the Unification Church. Therefore, Japan was not blessed for her own sake; it was for the sake of the world, for the Unification Church and Korea. If Japan does not use those blessings for the unification of Korea, she will be destroyed. (186-116, 1989.1.29)

I am thinking of binding together the greatest intellects of the world centering on Japan. Both the left-wing and right-wing are to perish in Japan. America is the representative within the religious spheres centering on the spirit, but that spirit is now completely missing. The Soviet Union sought an ideal material world, but that material world has become completely empty. So, the opposite has happened. God made it that way. For the sake of the external body and internal life, the Eve nation has the responsibility to nurture those areas where the material and the spiritual are falling into ruin. The mother should connect these two. She should revive America and the Soviet Union. (201-219, 1990.4.19)

There is no owner today in Korea's social and political affairs. There is no owner in the satanic world. America does not have an owner, and the Soviet Union does not have an owner. There is no owner in the communist world, China, or Japan. Who is the owner? There should not be many owners. There is only one. That is why, after Eve unites centering on Adam, these two should become vertically aligned with God, and the archangel should become horizontally united centering on Adam. In this regard, I am Adam and the three archangelic nations, the representative nations of the world, are America, China, and the Soviet Union. And in the course of restoration, the country with the most money is Japan. She is the Eve nation. The money that the Eve nation possesses does not belong to her. Yet, Japan tries to live comfortably with her great wealth for her own sake. This is wrong. (200-338, 1990.2.27)

In the last days, an age of restoring the rights of ownership will come. Consequently, this world must be united centering on the Unification Church. That is why the Unification Church talks about the Adam nation, the Eve nation, and archangel nations. Since Germany belongs to the democratic world, it is the elder brother of Abel within the satanic realm. Then present day America is the elder brother of Abel on the heavenly side. Since Japan is the Eve nation, she belongs to the Adam nation. The world is now moving into the economic sphere of these three nations: Germany, America, and Japan. This then goes through America, and then through Japan to enter Korea. (182-150, 1988.10.16)

At the time when Adam and Eve fell, there was one woman centering on Adam and three archangels. It was the same as having four men around one woman. Japan is the Eve nation and is in exactly the same situation. Korea is the Adam nation, while the Soviet Union, China and America are the three archangels. As the Eve nation, Japan was naked and has just been making money for forty years. She was only interested in making money. She started the war and just made money. (259-249, 1994.4.10)

Japan is the Eve nation. It is a nation that worships a female deity on the satanic side. Is not Amaterasu-omikami a goddess? This female deity, representing four thousand years of history, ruled Asia for forty years until the coming of the Lord. Since the Japanese had to build a defense in order to prevent many difficulties, they came to dominate Asia for 120 years. (197-267, 1990.1.19)

Adam and Eve should become one. Isn't the Adam nation the elder brother, and the Eve nation his younger sister? This is a vertical relationship, but horizontally they are in a conjugal relationship. Horizontally they have a conjugal relationship, but vertically they have a sibling relationship. That is how it is. (181-310, 1988.10.3)

As an invading nation, Japan shed the blood of many innocent people in Korea and China. How can a nation that killed so many people be liberated and become the prosperous nation it is today, during the forty years after the war? It was because I chose Japan to be the Eve nation. Japan stands in the position of the worldwide Eve nation, as a substitute for Great Britain. (256-270, 1994.3.14)

Eve should embrace and feed Cain and Abel, and have them unite so that they do not fight each other, and offer them as God's children in front of True Parents and God. Without doing so, there would be no responsibility for Eve to bear. That is why she was given this mission. All economic things that were lost because of Eve must be restored by Eve. Therefore, at this time of exchange between Asia and the realm of world culture, I have chosen Japan to be the Eve nation, so that she is inheriting the traditional culture of Britain and all the benefits of the age in which Great Britain, as the Eve nation and island nation centering on the Christian cultural sphere, was able to rule the world. I am teaching these things so that Christianity welcomes Abel and goes the path of inheriting the standard tradition of the parent. You should understand that this is the path that the Japanese and Korean members are taking at this time. (146-34, 1986.6.1)

Why is Japan the Eve nation? After the Second World War, Great Britain was unable to fulfill its mission as the Eve nation and was occupied by Satan. Therefore, the weakest Eve on the other side was recovered, along with Germany, the wicked nation at the time. They were nations that were devastated and in ashes. They had nothing. The returning Lord had to bring them into order again and restore through indemnity the standard of a unified world, established by Britain, America and France that had won victory during the Second World War. Otherwise, the new history could not be set straight. This is what I have been doing for forty years. (251-147, 1993.10.17)

3.3. Japan's mission as the mother nation

Since Japan was chosen as the Eve nation, she must give birth to Cain and Abel again. That is why there are two types of Korean residents in Japan. They are the North Korean residents and the South Korean residents, who are like Cain and Abel. The North Korean and South Korean residents are in conflict like Cain and Abel. They must be made one. Since I have chosen Japan as the Eve nation, Japan's responsibility for this situation is inevitable. Without it, Japan cannot become the Eve nation. She must make these two sons unite in her womb. Eve must draw both the right-wing and left-wing worlds into her embrace. (244-326, 1993.3.1)

Japan's position was just like that of Britain, because Japan had taken on the mission of the Eve nation. In the British Isles, Protestants and Catholics, Ireland and Scotland even now are still in conflict. This conflict must be resolved. Japan must be in the exact same position as Britain or she cannot become the Eve nation.

That is why there are two disparate children within Japan. They are the pro-North Korean Jochongryeon and pro-South Korean Mindan. They are heterogeneous twins within the womb of Japan, the Eve nation. The Japanese government and people have regarded this fact unfavorably. In order to fulfill her mission as the Eve nation, Japan must give birth to them and make them one. I am directing you to organize activities focused on making the Jochongryeon and Mindan in Japan one, because such a time has come.

As a woman, Japan must love the Korean Jochongryeon and Mindan. The only people in Japan who know about this are our Unification Church members. No matter what difficulties may arise, without cutting the ribbon that announces the unity of Jochongryeon and Mindan, without restoring the children, Cain and Abel, and making them like brothers with one mind, Japan cannot fulfill Eve's mission.

Eve can return to the Adam nation by making them one. When the mother who is one with her children unites with the father, the worldwide Cain and Abel realms, the democratic world and communist world will be harmonized. This depends on Korea and Japan. It is like Rebecca and Tamar. Didn't their twins fight within their wombs? Without giving birth to them and making them one, the mission of the Eve nation cannot be fulfilled.

No matter how difficult it is, there is no way for Japanese women to return to their nation without winning over the 600,000 Koreans in Japan, the same number as the people of Israel. This is why you should not trouble yourself with witnessing to Japanese people. You should first give birth to the twins in your womb and successfully make them one. When you can do that -- when Jochongryeon and Mindan become one and unite with me -- Japan can be brought to order as the Eve nation. (255-159, 1994.3.10)

The Eve nation cannot stand without making Jochongryeon and Mindan one. When they all welcome me with open arms, they can become one with me. That is why Adam and Eve must become one. If South Korea and North Korea, the substantial entities of South and North, become one through the unity between Jochongryeon and Mindan, then the false parents in North Korea can be conditionally changed into the true parents in South Korea. Therefore, if Eve can automatically embrace this goal and connect that tradition to the Korean peninsula, the unified realm between Korea and Japan will unfold. (228-233, 1992.4.3)

The mother must embrace the children of the left-wing and right-wing. Japan is the Eve nation. Where should Japan, as a replacement for the island nation of Britain, go with a man and woman in her arms? She should enter the original nation and establish the condition of giving rebirth through the father and mother who are the Parents of all people. They should be born through the mother, after being embraced in the mother's love. (226-134, 1992.2.2)

There are three archangels centering on Adam and Eve. Among them, the archangel on the satanic side is the Soviet Union, the Asian archangel is China, and the Christian archangel on the heavenly side is America. The three warring archangels have, for the first time, become one and united. The six entities -- God and the three archangels who started off as individuals centering on Adam and Eve -- should become vertically unified as one.

The Korean peninsula is divided into North and South. This symbolizes the division of the world. I must now draw together the fortunes for unification and make a circuit and return. Who is the one that divided this country into North and South? It was Japan. This is why the funds for the reunification of North and South Korea must be supplied by Japan. To bring it about, we need to educate and mobilize all the people of Japan. I am the only person who can do so. That is what I am doing. Where should the funds for reunification of North and South Korea come from? Japan should supply them. (226-134, 1992.2.2)

It is good for a woman to be married into a family and be loved by them. But on the other hand, she must give birth to sons and daughters. She should resolve all the economic problems and issues of education within a household and establish a realm of heart. If the legacy that has come down from the ancestors for generations is not right, then it should be converted to the original realm of heart and taught accordingly. Do not forget that women representing the Eve nation of Japan have this mission. That is why extraordinary activities have been carried out centering on the Japanese women. There were such miserable situations in history, where women shed tears or were kicked by a man, or beaten by their parents. Now, the suffering must take place in the streets.

In this way, there is no place of ease or repose for their internal realm. That is the situation even today. Are there not many women in Japan? That is why the Blessing this time will become an issue. So you must witness and bring three people each; at least one of them has to be a man who is older than you. (228-167, 1992.3.27)

Japan was the one that divided the Korean peninsula into the North and South. For this reason, Japan should go to the source and influence it. This is why I am uniting the left-wing and right-wing to return to the position of the bridegroom. I must come back and even turn around Kim Il-sung. The left-wing and right-wing are like sons. After restoring the right of the eldest son, in order to restore the right of the parents, I even have to involve Kim Il-sung. Hence, once a unified realm unfolds here on the Korean peninsula, the Western Civilization of democracy and the Asian civilization, left and right, will become one. They will become one because communism will have disappeared completely. (228-233, 1992.4.3)

You should create an environment where you can quickly fulfill the mission of the Eve nation by investing everything you have with a heart of repentance while thinking about everything in Japan. Japan is in a position where she must return, allowing North and South Korea to go ahead of her. Without doing so, Japan cannot return to the place where the father dwells. Together with me, Japan must create a unified frontline. The Japanese government does not know about this mission. Japan was able to accumulate money because, through me, that money must be used for the sake of Asia. (229-154, 1992.4.11)

In the past, Japan was an enemy to many Asian nations. Since she invaded Manchuria and other nations, she does not have any condition to land in Asia at this time. As an invading nation forty years ago, Japan ruled with an iron hand. People who are alive today witnessed that harsh reality, and because people remember, the nations in Asia hate it when Japanese come ashore. But if Japan places Rev. Moon and the Unification Church in the lead, she can go anywhere in Asia. That is the path of life Japan should take in the future. There is no other way. Alone, Japan is nothing. (229-154, 1992.4.11)

In order to become the Eve nation, Japan must fulfill the mission of Eve. Who will embrace the left-wing and right-wing? The bride and wife of Jesus must embrace them. Originally, the Israeli nation and Judaism were supposed to attend Jesus, but they could not fulfill their mission. That is why the bride church, the bride nation must now embrace them.

Israel and Judaism thought that when the Lord comes they would trample the world and become number one, standing in the highest position. That was a mistaken belief. In terms of God's providence, as a female religion, they should have received the husband, and fulfilled their heavenly mission by embracing Rome and nurturing it together as a couple. However, instead of thinking in this manner, they thought that when the Messiah and coming Lord arrived, he would destroy Rome in an instant, subordinate it to his country and rule over it. But they thought wrong. It is the same with Japan. Since Japan is now the Eve nation, she should embrace the left-wing and right-wing. Japan should have that within herself, not only externally but also internally. Those are the characteristics of the Eve nation. (237-200, 1992.11.17)

Lineage and ownership must be converted to God's side. Japan has inherited Satan's ownership. Adam must become the master ahead of Satan. Before Adam becomes the master, God must become the owner. But God has not yet become the owner. Adam has not become the owner. In order to recover the ownership that Eve lost, she must go out to the world and put everything in order. That is why ownership must be returned to God's side. In order to have that ownership returned, it cannot be brought to me directly. It must be brought through my children, through Mother. It must be done in reverse, the way it is done in restoration. (229-154, 1992.4.11)

When a woman marries into a family, she does not go there empty-handed. A woman should go, after gathering together her possessions. A family who sends their daughter to marry hopes that the parents and the entire family of the other household have the desire to expand the ownership of that bride, who enters their household and becomes dependent on them. It is the same for those Unification Church families who send their daughters for marriage in the Kingdom of Heaven. The clan would wish for the ownership to be in the custody of the eternal owner of the tribe, and to be given a sturdy foundation that would not bring shame within that realm. That is the same goal, which they themselves desire. There is no doubt about it.

In order for Japan to fulfill her mission as the Eve nation, she needs to connect a new tradition of the Eve nation to the women of Korea. Otherwise, there is no way for Japan's realm of Eve to connect with Korea's Eve. Mother's proclamation rally for the liberation of women on April 10 enabled that to happen.

Centering on Mother, Japanese women and Korean women are like Cain and Abel. From the position of having restored the right of the eldest son, Korean women are in the position of the elder sister. Yet in the course of restoration, they are like the realm of Abel. That is why Japanese women should be absolutely obedient to Korean women while going through hardships. That is the realm of liberation for the satanic world. Therefore, Japanese women should become good examples in the Unification Church and establish a tradition of becoming a model for those women that return. Otherwise, they will not be able to fulfill the mission of the Eve nation in the last days. (230-281, 1992.5.8)

Japan's mission is the mission of the Eve nation. Since Eve symbolizes the mother, Japan must embrace and digest communism even though externally she shows herself to be a democracy. For this reason, God bestowed the economic rights of the world on Japan. Due to the Fall, centering on Eve, the realm of the children's heart, along with creation, fell into the satanic world. That is why Eve's mission is to embrace the children and all of creation with God's heart, and come back with them. However, Eve does not have the realm of God's heart. It lies with the perfected Adam, who is the coming Lord. Consequently, they must become one. That is the Adam nation and Eve nation. (237-188, 1992.11.17)

You understand what Eve's mission is, right? You have the mission of unifying North and South Korea. Until now, there was not one person who knew that Japan's mission is to unify North and South Korea by sacrificing herself economically. (237-214, 1992.11.17)

This is my conclusion. Japan must digest her enemies and completely change the lineage, ownership and realm of heart to fulfill her mission, without shame, as the Eve nation. In order to do so, centering on the family, Japan must surpass the standard of the family household that can shoulder the world in front of God. You should not forget that you are destined for this solemn mission. So you must be prepared.

The Eve nation must fulfill her mission in terms of economic matters. Since you have all heard what I have said, you must now take action. I have clearly told you how to accomplish it, based on sound theory. Therefore, you must now practice it. I hope you all take responsibility and lead the way. (237-255, 1992.11.17)

Japan should stand on the side of the restored Adam, and help to clean up fallen Adam. But instead, political circles in Japan are thinking about the economic advantage they can gain through their trade with North Korea. That is an absurd idea. Japan will meet her destruction if she does not invest her economy for the unification of North and South Korea. If Japan fails to fulfill the mission of the Eve nation, she will disappear without a trace.

That is why you, the brave soldiers of the Unification Church, must fulfill your responsibility, no matter what sacrifices are made. You should exert yourself for the sake of unification of North and South Korea, even if you have to abandon your family or even if your clan goes to ruin. That is the mission of the brave soldiers of the Unification Church. It is not my mission. (240-156, 1992.12.11)

If the Christian cultural sphere, which is the bride, had become one with me after the end of the Second World War, there never would have been this kind of course of indemnity. Consequently, North and South Korea never would have been divided. I have gained the victory by transmitting completely to Mother the victory I attained as a man. That is why I have to re-indemnify the failure of the Christian cultural sphere -- the failure forty-seven years ago to receive the bridegroom caused by the failure of the Eve nation in fulfilling her mission. That is why all the Korean women and Japanese women are involved with Mother, who is Eve. (240-156, 1992.12.11)

Japan has the mission as the Eve nation. Japan's assets are not for the Japanese people. Japan has the title of the Eve nation, so that she may restore the substantial realm of Jesus in Asia centering on the Adam nation. The Eve nation must restore Jesus' body. (249-137, 1993.10.8)

At the turning point of the Fall, a woman will long for two men. She will yearn after the archangel instead of Adam. History set up the archangel as husband and ancestor, so Japanese women, who stand in the position of the Eve nation, should follow and yearn after me more than anybody else and become one through me. They are to become the younger sister. Since the younger sister fell, I am saving the younger sister and training her to become the fiance and future wife. In that way, my mission is to educate them to become a mother, grandmother, and a queen. (304-227, 1999.11.8)

From a providential viewpoint, Japan and Korea are one nation. Japanese people should learn the Korean language. That is how it is providentially. From a geopolitical point of view, Korea is like Italy. Italy failed in its attempt to unite the world centering on the kingship. Consequently, the Korean peninsula was chosen instead of Italy, and Jesus' body that was lost through his death must be unified at this place. In that way, centering on the perfection of the world-wide historical Christian cultural sphere, the total unity of body and mind must be achieved together with the Unification Church. By going forth in that manner, and advancing into the realm of world civilization from a unified Asian continent, we will enter the age of the Pacific civilization for the first time. (227-340, 1992.2.16)

How did Japan become such a powerful nation? Satan knows what happens during the course of fulfilling God's will. Since Satan knew that in the last days God's providence returns centering on the Korean peninsula, he did horrible things to the Korean people for forty years.

That is why he brutally murdered Queen Min, the Empress of the Chosun Dynasty. In that way, Satan completely occupied Korea. This is why the Japanese proclaimed, "Japan-Korea Unity!" signifying that Japan and Korea were one nation. Since Satan knew that God's providence was to unfold centering on the Korean peninsula, he captured it and tried to swallow the nation. Using that strategy, the Korean peninsula was ruled by Japan for forty years. (229-25, 1992.4.9)

Why was Japan blessed economically? It was because she received the support of nations from around the world. On the worldwide level, Eve lost the land, people, and love. Therefore, in order to restore that, since Japan is the Eve nation, she should enter into a position where she can attain a world-class economy. This is how the principle of restoration unfolds. I am placing the Japanese in the lead, because Japan is in a position to fulfill the mission entrusted to her. Even then, they should be in a higher position in terms of heart, more than anyone else. That is how Japanese people have to be in terms of heart. (62-324, 1972.9.26) 

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